How To Fix Xbox One Overheating and Turning off

You may classify Xbox One as an elegant and prominent video gaming brand that launches Microsoft in May 2013. However, Microsoft declared it an “all-in-one entertainment system,” but you may experience eye-catching issues while using the Xbox One. Occasionally you are willing to play here Red Dead Redemption or other high-graphic games like Grand Theft Auto.

Nevertheless, it gets temperate when playing, and as a result, your Xbox one overheating and turning off immediately. In this blog, I might show you why Xbox one overheating and freezing, concerning possible solutions to conquer. Please keep your continuous reading.

Xbox One Overheating and Turning off

Reasons Why your Xbox one turns on then off instantly:

Before fixing all the issues, you need to know why your favourite gadget acts strangely, right? Here are the top 13 reasons for your Xbox one console overheating and freezing given below:

environmental temperature High: It occurs when the environmental temperature turns into severe high.

Dust Block the Cooling Fan: Severe dust will block the cooling fan, which grounds overheat.

Chip Saftey: In reality, CPUs are designed to shut down due to protect the chips. That’s why to preventing severe damage infrequently, and it is turning off.

Lack of Maintenance: The reason for playing almost graphically intensive games and lack of maintenance, your device might eventually overheat.

Ventilation System Problem: The appliance’s ventilation system needs to be replaced or repaired when it is out of order at times.

Drying up Thermal Lubricant: Your CPU is drying up from time to time since to save a couple of bucks, Microsoft uses cheap thermal lubricant. It happens if the thermal paste is required to put back.

Lack of Airflow: If you lock them away in Cupboard, overheating comes about due to a lack of airflow.

Exhaust grills are blocked by Dust: It took place when the surface panels and exhaust grills became blocked.

Cooling Fan Not Working Properly: The disintegration of the cooling fans is the reason for overheating.

TV unit barricades Ventilation: At the time when your Xbox is pushed upright against a TV unit as it barricades the ventilation fans.

Covering with Blankets: If you cover your device with heavy things like a blanket, also cradle overheat.

Please don’t smoke tobacco that gets in the interior part. Read Also: Xbox One Not Reading Disc: Problem And The Way To Fix.

10 Ways to Fix Xbox One Overheating and Turning off Instantly:

1. Reset or Replace the Power Supply:

You have already learned under the above circumstances why your Xbox One is overheating and turning off. Besides that, the discontinuation of power supply might also bring the system to a standstill. Consequently, your power supply became congested or being extremely hot. If your console is not turning on, I recommend you rearrange your internal power supply. You might follow these straightforward steps below to reset the domestic power supply:

Replace the Power Supply
Check Power Supply=>

Firstly, unplug the power switch from the device.

Secondly, wait for 10 to 20 seconds.

Thirdly, plug the cable reverse into the system console,

Finally,   push the Xbox One knob on the front of the console.

2. Make Sure cooling system works Properly:

As long as the cooling system works, the console will heat up to about 60°C without concerns. If it detects becoming excessively hot, then the system screen will acknowledge you. In that case, it will strangle the processor to let it cool down routinely. I am now blissful to set up various consequent methods to assist you in fixing all the mentioned issues.

repair replace Xbox One X fan 2020
Xbox One Internal Cooling Fan=>

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Check the Power Supply Fan Works Properly: You have to be definite that the power supply, which includes built-in fan, affords sufficient ventilation.

3. Remove Xbox from very hot heat sources:

If you put your Xbox One near the very hot heat sources like an amplifier, radiator, stove, or register, it can damage it.

4. Add some thermal paste into Processor:

x box one thermal paste replacement
Add thermal paste=>

Xbox One provides its cooling system and Xbox One thermal paste for preventing overheating. If they are blocked by dust and do not work correctly, you need to clean and replace the thermal paste to a new one. On the contrary, you may remove the weaken Side Panels and Grill.

5. Upgrade your Xbox one heat sink:

Sometimes Xbox’s heat sink and cooling fan do not work properly to cool the processor. so you need to replace the cooling system or heat sink.

Xbox One X Heat Sink Thermal replacement
More Heat Sink=>

6. Give Proper Aeration:

You are exceedingly discouraged from setting the console any soft surface like sofa, bed, etc., which may block aeration. Even in a confined place such as the stereo cabinet, bookcase, or rack, you need to avoid proper ventilation.

7. Keep Away Dusty Environments:

Keep away your console from greatly dusty environments. Using a dry and sanitary microfiber cloth, you may eliminate dust and smudges from it.

Replace Xbox one Fan:

If the built-in fan is malfunctioning next, you need to substitute the new X-box one fan. Here are the guiding principles in detail.

8. clean the exhaust grill:

Most importantly, you have to clean the exhaust grill and side panels recurrently.

x box one clean exhaust grill
clean exhaust grill: Air Duster cleaner=>

9. Clear Persistent Storage:

Similarly, due to a shortage of storage, Xbox turns down while streaming. Fixing the issue, you are highly appreciated to clear persistent storage. I am providing you with the significant instructions given below:

  1. Push the Xbox button and select the system.
  2. While navigating the settings, select Disc & Blu-ray.
  3. In your Blu-ray options, go to Persistent storage and clear it.
  4. Turn off your device and unplug the console.
  5. Please wait for 5 minutes.
  6. Plug-in over and turn on your gadget.
  7. Continue your tasks and check while it is working smoothly or not.

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10. Scan with Eminent Repair Tool:

Another imperative thing is to run a PC Scan with eminent Repair Tool such as Xbox One Software Repair. It will discover errors that are the sources of slowdowns or frequent security problems. Conclude the repair process of your Xbox One, and the damaged files are replaced with new Windows files and components.

Therefore, you might place a fan next to the console to work flawlessly in the power supply unit. Otherwise, you may take to pieces the brick or pierce extra holes where the air intake.

Indeed, the Xbox One will offer you the paramount and pragmatic gaming visuals, storytelling, multiplayer, battles, or gunplay. It is an incredibly polished gadget. Those who are fond of horror and action games, I will hint it for them. Nevertheless, it helps you to move the virtual fantasy very smoothly for a long time.

But if your Xbox One overheating and turning off, unfortunately, you might instantly lose all your celebrations. In this article, I discuss the foremost reasons, symptoms, and potential solutions to your problems elaborately. If you think it might be helpful for you, please leave your practical experiences or priceless opinions.

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