Xbox One Fan Loud: Reasons & Fixing with Fan Replacement

Xbox one is the eighth generation video game console, that is designed, developed and launched by the tech giant Microsoft. It was first announced in the middle of 2013. And till now it is still a viable option for the gamers out there.  It uses an x86 architecture in its development stage.

Even though the number of pros is overwhelming on the side of Xbox One, there is an issue that a lot of its user’s face. And that is the Xbox one fan being loud when starting a game. While you are enjoying a soothing game or fully involved in an action-packed moment, the x box one making loud fan noise can really ruin the experience for you.

But no need to worry anymore. Today we will go through some easy repair tricks to get rid of the distracting Xbox one fan loud noise and make the user experience much more enjoyable.

xbox one fan loud

When Xbox can be a little annoying:

Xbox one brings your friends near as you can stay connected to your favourite gaming community.

Microsoft released Xbox one in November 2013. It is an extraordinary gaming system that entertains people. You can find all kind of entertainments here. It has many abilities besides gaming console. You can watch television or listen to music while playing. Also, via skype, you can chat with other people.

Though Xbox is a very pleasant and important thing for gamers sometimes it can be a little annoying because of its loud fan noise. It won’t be pleasant for you if you can hear grinding noise of death while playing.

Also, there remains a little chance of flaming from overheating. That’s why it is very important to solve this problem. But first, you need to know the reasons behind it.

Causes of  the Fan Noise Of Xbox One:

The main cause of the fan noise of Xbox one is the temperature of the motherboard. The fan rev up when the motherboard gets too hot. So, it gets cool and this causes the grinding noise of death.

How To Reduce the Xbox One Fan Loud Noise:

The noise of Xbox one fan is loud sometimes which is very irritating. You can not enjoy your game if all you hear is the loud sound of the fan. That’s why you must fix it as possible as you can.

The most effective solution is fan replacement. It is very easy to install and you can do it by yourself if you know the system. Although, there are some other techniques too, such as cleaning your Xbox one and its fan and so on.

If you want to reduce the loud noise of Xbox one, then you can go through the tips given below.

1. Clean Your Xbox One

If you want your Xbox one in good working order then you should clean it regularly. You should clean the console and controller as they are the vital part of your Xbox one. Also, it will reduce the loud noise if you clean it properly and regularly.

There are some supplies that will be needed while cleaning. So, collect them before you start cleaning. For instance:

clean electronics with Rechargeable Air Duster cleaner
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Before start cleaning there are some don’ts you should be aware of:

  • Don’t clean while your Xbox one is plugged in.
  • Don’t open the console when cleaning.
  • Never use water or liquid for cleaning.
  • Don’t let the water get into the battery or controller area.
  • Never use damp wipes.

How To Clean the Fan of Xbox:

a) First of all, unplug your Xbox one and remove the battery of the controller. Keep the console in a dry place. Also, you must ensure that the top area is flat.

b) You can use a dry cloth to clean your Xbox from the outside. It will remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges from the surface.

Try to use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. This is better for this. This cloth is similar to the lens cloths which is used for eyeglasses. Their special cloths are usually called “dust cloths”.

If you clean your Xbox one regularly it will prevent dust build-up. For this, you have to wipe it carefully. To clean the full device you might need multiple cloths.

  • You should focus on the inside of the ports after cleaning the outside. You can use compressed air to remove the additional dust from the inside of the ports.

During the cleaning process, you have to place a pin through the gap. This will restrain the fan from circling which is very important for the cleaning process. Also, do not push if so far otherwise, it won’t be retrieved.

Also, you can use a compressed air can blow low burst into the vents so that, the dust of your Xbox one fan removes easily. You can also use a vacuum. It will suck the dust-out.

You can also use the compressed air to remove the dust from the other parts such as disc tray and USB ports.

  • After doing these, check if there is any dust over the exterior or not. If yes, then remove it again with a cloth.

2. Xbox One Fan Replacement

Xbox One Fan Replacement
Xbox One Internal Cooling Fan=>

If your Xbox one fan sounds loud, then maybe it’s the right time for replacing it. It is the perfect solution for the noisy and unfunctional fan. You can do it all by yourself if you know the basic rules.

Follow the guide below to replace your Xbox one fan easily.

  1. First of all, you have to open your Xbox. Thus, you need to peel the evident tape up. You might worry about your warranty, but here’s the good news. If you don’t damage anything, Microsoft won’t throw off your warranty.
  2. Dispel the plastic vent by using a plastic opening instrument.
  3. To remove the plastic vent slide the small plastic tab straight back.
  4. There is a firm plastic between the halves. Enter the end of the spudger between them. A small force will be helpful. Hold the spudger until the case opens fully.
  5. Place a plastic opening instrument again. You have to put it between the cases. This process will disconnect the clip.
  6. Keep moving the backside of the Xbox one. Keep the clips moving otherwise the Xbox might shut down. The top will be prepared to come off when the clip will get to the edge. Now, raise the upper case.
  7. You will find a loop over the connector which holds the plastic. Lift it by using tweezers. You can use the tweezers to pull the cable of the connector.
  8. Remove the upper case of the Xbox.
  9. Disconnect the speaker connector from the panel board gently. This process is very risky. So, do it carefully. Otherwise, you might pull off the entire board. After that, detach the antenna cable.
  10. Remove the screws from the wifi table. Pick up the Wi-Fi table from the upper case which is made of metal. Shift the wifi table aside.
  11. Remove the screws from the peak of the upper metal box.
  12. Lift the upper metal case. Don’t remove it.
  13. Disconnect the wifi cable from the motherboard. Then, Disconnect the hard drive and data cables.
  14. Lift the hard drive tray and remove it. Also, detach the optical drive power from the motherboard and remove it from your Xbox One.
  15. Now, the fan cable should be detached. Disconnect it from the motherboard.
  16. Use a plastic opening tool to pry the right clip up gently and evenly. Repeat it for the left.
  17. Implant the spudger when there is a sufficient gap between the sink and the fan. Implant it between them.
  18. Finally, you can remove the fan.

You can remove the fan by following the elaborated process. This will definitely reduce the loud noise of the Xbox one fan.

3. Simple Tricks To Reduce The Noise

There are some simple and easy tricks which can help you to reduce the noise of the fan. I hope these tricks bring peace to your life.

a) Turn Up The Volume On Your TV

You can ignore the loud noise of your Xbox one if you turn up the volume on your television. Though it’s not an ideal idea, it helps sometimes.

b) Noise-Canceling Headset

Noise cancelling headphones toshiba

A noise-cancelling headset is a great solution to this problem. You can use this to ignore the noise of the fan. But it is not a good solution for others. Because not everyone will use them.

But, for players, it is a good solution. You can enjoy the game more while wearing a headphone. It will add some extra thrill.

c) Place Xbox In Another Room

You can place your Xbox one in another room. It will reduce the loud noise and you will be able to play peacefully. The main problem of this idea is cable. You have to buy some extra cable to place your Xbox in another room.

Final Verdict

Now you already know what to do when your Xbox one fan is being loud. All you have to do is go through the basics again to know it from the core.

Also, let us know if these tricks helped you to reduce the loud noise or not. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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