How To Secure a Chain Link Fence at the Bottom-Protect Your Yard

If you are a gardener or a landlord, then you might not allow livestock animals to come into your property. Because you know they will ruin all of your decorations, right?

Well, if you have all those annoying experiences, then we are pretty sure that you have used a chain link fence to get rid of this hazard.

But, maintaining a chain-link fence isn’t a simple step. It would be best if you repaired it, especially at the bottom part.

No worries, your struggle is in the end. As here in this article, we will guide you on how to secure a chain link fence at the bottom. So, stay tuned!

Secure A Chain Link Fence at Bottom

Firstly, Let’s Have A Little Brief

As you know chain link fences are familiar with farmers, resellers in the early 19th century. But over time, it has become an essential security fence for residential areas as well as commercial boundaries.

Most importantly, it can keep your yard safe from dogs and many other animals. Even it protects your building from robbery and any goons attack.

Though, nowadays the manufacturer use galvanized wire, rustproof metal but still now most of the users are happy with the age-old materials. That’s why it is a must to maintain these fences properly.

Why Use Chain Link Fence

why use Chain Link Fence

  • The essential benefit of the chain link fence is its advanced security purpose. A durable chain fence link can give you years of protection.
  • It is also an excellent option to separate your space or property at a limited cost. You can also make the best use of your open space. ,
  • This wire mesh fence is familiar in the sports arena if you notice you correctly will find them in the wrestling stage/ baseball or basketball fields.
  • Avoid free access to animals.

How To Secure Chain Link Fence At Bottom-In 11 Steps:

Securing a chain-link fence doesn’t contain any complicated steps. But before going to these steps, find out for what reason you are trying to fix it.

a) First, identify the area of the bottom part where you need to fix. If your site is more expansive, then divide into small section. Then start the next procedure.

Don’t forget to keep attention to the structure of your fence. Figure out your area. If you are using it for the residential area, then a lightweight tube will be ok.

use a mesh or bottom wire wire at the lower part of fence
Best Fence Mesh=>

b) Sometimes cats or dogs try to dig around your fence and try to come in. It is usual in a home or apartment. To eradicate this problem, you can use a mesh wire or bottom wire at the lower part of the fence. Use a tension wire of steel material. The length of this wire should be 9-11 gauge.

c) Increase the height of the fence and use razor coils.

galvanized coated fence kitties can’t come in
Galvanized Fence Mesh=>

Use galvanized one because the kitties can’t scratch it or come in. Nowadays, galvanized coated fence has fewer gaps.

d) However, you can knit the wire between the gap. It will reduce the space of the opening and lock the entering points.

e) When you install a new fence, try to place in a muddy place. Please avoid grassy filed. Because animals cant deals with muddy areas. But if you install it in any grassy pointed, then it is much easier for them to cut these with teeth.

f) It is good to fix the fence deeper in the bottom part. Don’t knit it loosely. It will lessen the Security.

Use 10 12 truss rod to enhance fence Security
Ground Rebar Stakes=>

g) Use 10/ 12 truss rod to enhance the Security. They should be of 18”. The maximum time it comes with the fence kit. Dig the rod into the field with a hammer. Try to make sure that you fix the rod near the fences if you place these rods in 8 inches gap. It makes the base or bottom part more substantial.

chain link fence anchor
chain link fence anchor=>

h) Add a sensor to the bottom part along with lighting. You can identify whenever someone new comes closer to it. Moreover, you can connect internal Security with it. This facility will help you to regulate the fence gate.

Double row fencing security
Double row fencing security=>

i) Double row fencing security s also helpful for securing the bottom part. Install an additional fence around the basic one.

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Use Ground Stakes For More Security [2]

Ground stakes is used to secure the bottom part fence

Ground stakes are more practical to secure the bottom part of a fence. The stakes strengthen whenever you tie them with the borders. There are different types of stakes.

cate fencing dog dig prevention guard fence stake
dog cat guard fence barrier black=>

You need to choose the stakes based on what kind of your soil. If you have a  concrete area you need a J hook stake, on the other hand, kinked stakes are suitable for the everyday use. However, try to use galvanized ones because they are durable and user friendly.

Galvanized Fence Stakes Weed Barrier Fabric Ground Cover Jardinage
kinked stakes=>

Most used stakes are of 12/18 inches. But the central fact is that you need to install it without any professional help.

So it is wise to use 5lb sledgehammer. And try to dig these in every 5-8 feet distance. It will be tough for pets to untie these stakes.

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Guide On How To Fill The Gap To Strengthen The Security [3]

Fill Gap bottom of fence To Strengthen security with bottom wire

Usually, there are gaps in a chain-link fence. If you want to make your fence more secure, try to fill the gaps. You should take care of the bottom part, especially. To fill this gap, you can use :

  1. Plywood;
  2. Metals;
  3. Terminal post
  4. Chicken wire.
  5. Hardware cloths etc.

The primary concern of gap filling is more Security. That’s why don’t go for how it looks after using the plywood or chicken wire.

Dog Pet Barrier chain link fence bottom gap filler
Dog Pet Barrier for fence=>

But the terminal post is the best FOR professional use. If you want to make it more decorative, then go for multipurpose stone. Measure your gaps and then fill these with the stone.

Re inforcement Chain Link Fence With Round Fence Post

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How To Make The Fence Dog Proof [4]

dog proof animal barrier extension chain link fence

  • Create a fence under the fence, So that the dog can not dig the hole around the leading chain link fence.
  • Burn chicken wore to give it an illusion of fire-making near the wall. If YOU continue it for a long time, your pet won’t go ahead to there.
  • Create a dog-friendly bush around your apartment. You can make a false sandbox with its food.
  • The bared wire can also be a sound barrier for your pets. These types of wires have strong protectors. The animals cant break it. So try to feel the gaps of the fence with barbed wires.
  • Places the Multipurpose stones( which you have used in gap-filling) in the base of the fence to keep the dog away from the fences.

extend a post extension for chain link fence dog jump proof

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Final Words

Here we have discussed the materials of the fence and how to secure a chain-link fence at the bottom. You can try these, and see the result.

Let’s have a tip; The most sensitive part of the fence is its bottom part. So, be careful about it!

On top of that, YOU can fix the weak part of the fence before installing it. Thus you can get more extended service.

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