Xbox One Not Reading Disc: Problem And The Way To Fix

The gaming console of Xbox not is a good one and usually, doesn’t have a lot of issues. This gaming console is a kind of heaven for a gamer because of its smoothness and it is used by people over the world. But we know that even the amazing things usually have some small issues and Xbox one is also one of them.

Though, issues such as Xbox one not reading disc is easy to fix and also not so expensive. Also, you can fix it by yourself at home if you have the proper guideline. That’s why, here, we are going to show you the process of fixing it. So, stay tuned!

Reasons Why Xbox won’t Read Disc:

Normally, Xbox one s won’t read disc issue implies the following things. When the disc is inserted into the console, it cannot recognize the game or it won’t play this.

There are some common reasons for this issue. You will find them here.

Xbox One Not Reading Disc

(a) Defective Laser

The defective laser is the most common problem which creates disc error. The laser needs to be cleaned often, otherwise, it will get dirty and create disc errors. Though, most of the time it requires replacement. Because, even if you clean it probably, there will be a chance of damaging it in the future.

New Laser or Xbox Disk Drive=>

(b) Hair, Dust, And Debris

Hair, dust, and debris create disc errors. Your gaming console will pick up the hair, dust, and debris from the disc if you put a dirty disc into your console. It will make the rollers dirty and you will not be able to pull off the disc fully. Also, the laser can be dirty because of this which will create disc problems.

Hair, dust, and debris are very harmful to your gaming console. If the environment where you live in dusty or if you have any pets then take extra care of your gaming console. So, it doesn’t get dirty.

(c) Defective Internal Components

Xbox ones’ disc drive is produced of levers, rollers, screws, and gears. The console will not be able to read the disc if any of these parts break.

(d) Other Objects

Many kinds of things can be entered into the disc drive by mistake such as coin, clips, notes, etc. The drive will not be able to read the disc If something entered into the drive which is not a part of this. Read Also: Xbox One Fan Loud: Reasons & Fixing Guide with Fan Replacement.

How To Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disc- 5 Easy Ways To Solve:

If your Xbox one can’t read the disc then there might be some problem with your disc or the disc drive. But if your Xbox one can’t read one specific disc then it might be the problematic disc. In this case there some things to do to fix this issue.

First of all, check the disc carefully and find out if there is any scratch or not. Minor scratches are not a big deal but it might be serious if the scratch is deep. Sometimes, it could not be fixed. Use a mild and slightly wet cloth to clean the smudges if there is any. For this, the best option is a microfiber cloth. Sometimes, fingerprints can cause trouble. So, clean it properly.

Now check if the Xbox reads the disc or not. If not, then try to put it into another console. If it works then there is some problem with your driving disc and you need to fix this as soon and possible.

To get rid of this problem there are some amazing solutions. Take a look!

1.Initial Tweaks

If your console can’t read one particular disc then it’s your disc that is problematic. Maybe there are some hair, dust, or debris. Clean the disc properly if that is the issue. Microfiber cloth is the best option for cleaning.

Don’t touch the top or base surface while cleaning. Then, recheck and see if its working or not.

Also, check the backside as well. If there are any deep scratches, smudges, or other damages then the disc won’t be read.

If you cannot find any problem then it’s your disc drive that is problematic and needs to be fixed. To fix the problem, follow the undermentioned solutions.

2. Change Of The Power Cycle And Instant On Power Modes

Sometimes, the disc drive cannot read the disc because of the instant-on power setting. So, change the power cycle and mode of your console. Here is the step by step process.

First of all, press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Go to the “settings” and choose “power and startup”.

Then go to “power mode and startup” and you will find “window”. After that, press the “energy-saving” button.

Finally, press the “Xbox button” and hold it for 10 seconds. A hard power cycle will be performed and this will cause a complete shutdown of your console. Restart your Xbox again. Read Also: How to Fix Xbox One Turns On By Itself

3. Change The Position Of Your Console

The position of your console can also be the reason why your Xbox is not reading a disc. Make sure that the console is in a horizontal position. Also, it should be on a flat and static surface. Because the console won’t work if it is in the vertical location.

4. Reset The Operating System

If your Xbox one is not reading the disc after doing all of this then the operating system needs to be reset. Be careful while doing this because there is a chance you might delete the entire data including the game and apps. So, backup your data before resetting the operating system will be a wise decision.

Now, here is the process, take a look.

First of all, press the Xbox button to start and go to the “settings” and then “all settings”.

You will find the “system” on the left. Choose the “console and info update” button. After that, go and press the “reset console” button.

Then you will find a “reset and keep my games and apps” option. Choose that if you don’t want your whole data to be deleted. Now, check if the problem is solved or not.

5. How to Fix Disc Drive Error

If none of the aforementioned solutions can fix the issue then it must be erratic disc drive. In this case, you should clean the disc drive. If cleaning the disc drive doesn’t solve the problem then your disc drive needs to be replaced by a new one. In my point of view, Xbox one disc drive repair is not possible if the laser of the disk drive is being weak to read disk properly. So, it’s better to replace the Xbox 360/one disk drive with a new (Liteon) Disk Drive.

6. How To Clean Xbox One Disc Drive

Clean Xbox One Disc Drive
Clean Xbox One Disc Drive easily=>

First of all, remove the Xbox 360 drive from the Xbox and turn over the drive so that it shows the belly. You will find four screws and a warranty sticker. Cut the warranty sticker carefully.

Take a screwdriver to unscrew all the four screws and put them aside carefully. Then, remove the upper case carefully so that, it reveals the PCB. After that, use the tiny screwdriver to dispel the drawer bezel.

Then, turn over the drive again and dispel the other case as well which will uncover the drawer and laser. Don’t palp the laser because it’s very dangerous. Keep in mind that you cannot touch the laser.

Now, take a close look to see if there’s any dust or debris or not. If you find any then clean it with the help of a brush. Remember, the laser need not be brushed. Just brush the dust away from it.

You will find an area underneath the black plastic where you will find ridges. It will help you to open the drawer. Now, open the drawer gently and see if there’s more dust or not. If yes, then brush them away again. Also, check the machines carefully. They can be greasy and dusty as well. Remove if gently so that, the worse part removes only. Now, put it back altogether and build the console again. If the cleaning doesn’t help you out then your disc drive must need a replacement.

7. Xbox one Disc Drive Replacement Step by Step:

Replace Xbox One Disc Drive
New Xbox Disk Drive=>

First of all, turn it over like before so that the top of the case faces upward. Enter a plastic opening device between the gap of the top side and the bottom. After that, find the hook and keep up the case in the natural place.

Then, pop out the hook by using the opening device. You will hear sounds clicking when the case opens. It might be a little difficult to remove. Dispel the lower part after opening all the hooks.

There are six green screws levelled as F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, and F6. You have to find and remove them. You can use the T10 Torx screwdriver to remove them. After that, dispel the interior case by using the proper method.

Then, turn over the interior case so that the fan comes above. Gently take the metal panel up so that the hardware can access it. After that, you have to dispel the screws to replace the hard drive. Disconnect the drive carefully from the motherboard. Lastly, dispel the silver screws carefully to remove the disc drive.

After that, separate the connectors by pulling off the disc drive from the motherboard. Then, you will find a flat, black screw. Remove that screw from the optical drive. After that, disconnect the wires of the disc drive. You can use a plastic opening tool for this.

You can replace the disc drive of Xbox one by following this aforementioned procedure. It will surely solve the problem and your Xbox will start reading the disc. Read Also: How To Open A Squeaky Door Quietly

Final Verdict

Now you know the reasons why Xbox one not reading the disc and the solutions as well. All you have to do is go through the basics again to know it from the core. Also, let us know if you find this article helpful or not. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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