Silicone Spray Vs WD 40 – Uses & Differences

Silicone spray and WD-40 both can be used as lubricants. Though WD-40 is mostly kerosene with a little amount of oil, it is also used as a lubricant.

Lubricants hold a very important role in our life. We often face squeaking noise which is very annoying. Lubricant helps us to get rid of this sound. Thus, you need to choose very carefully which one you are going to use. Both of these lubricants are good and have their own uniqueness. But you must choose one of them. So, here, take a look between Silicone Spray Vs WD 40.

Silicone Spray Vs WD 40

Silicone Spray Vs WD 40 Differences: Which Lubricant is best?

WD-40 Lubricant Uses and Benefits:

“WD” in WD-40 stands for “Water Dispersant”. WD 40 is not an actual lubricant. But it can lubricate. It is kerosene with other petrochemicals. Since WD-40 uses various oil-based compounds. So, could be qualified as a lubricant.

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WD-40 is good for squeaky door hinges. It vanishes the squeaking sound very fast. It works to loosen and rusted nuts. Also, it protects metal from rust. It is a good product which solves various problems.

WD40 lubricant uses car door
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The button of WD-40 is a little bit harder to push. It has a little red straw. This straw helps to spray into a small area. You don’t always want to spray a large area. In this case, the straw allows the liquid to deliver to places that are hard to reach. Thus, this is very useful.

WD-40 is very useful. It is used to clean the rusted areas and to lubricating. Also, it gives a protective coating to metals. It protects hinges from accidental humidity. Thus, you don’t have to be worried about rusting. Also, this one removes grease and is great for cleaning.

This one lasts forever. But you have to keep it protected if you want it to last forever. You can keep it in a place that does not freeze.

The price of WD-40 is reasonable. But it is not permanent. You have to lubricate squeaky door hinges often if you use WD-40.

Silicone Spray Lubricant Uses and Benefits:

You can use silicone spray on the car doors, garage doors, etc. It is one of the best lubricants for door locks and door hinges. It lessens the squeaky door sound.

Silicon spray causes some problems in coatings such as pinholes and fisheyes. This is also very dangerous around electronics. The data path can be altered by this which ruins the circuit. Also, you can not clean it successfully.

Silicon spray is water-resistant. It can protect things from moisture. Also, silicone spray protects the outside paint and goes into the hinges which makes it work smoothly.

Basically, Silicone Spray is best for door locks and to use in plastic.

Don’t use silicon spray direct. Instead of applying directly spray it on a cleaning cloth. Then wipe it away.

silicone spray uses car hinges
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diffrent types of lubricant

Now you already know about both of the lubricants. So, it will be easier for you to choose from. WD 40 is mostly kerosene with a little amount of oil in it. It works great as a light lube. But there are many better lubricants around such as Silicon lubricant. Now, the choice is yours. Also, let us know if this is helpful or not, and share your thoughts about ‘which is best: Silicone Spray Vs WD 40’ in the comment box.

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