Soundproofing Condo Apartment Ceiling Impact Noise & Footsteps

Suppose, you are going to take a nap and suddenly you hear some sort of loud music or some hassle on the upstairs. How would you feel? Well, we all know this kind of situation is very irritating and unpleasant. Yet we have to face it almost every day. Especially, when our neighbourhood is not co-operative.

So, we come with a good guide for Soundproofing your Condo Apartment Ceiling to reduce the Impact and Footsteps noise that comes from upstairs neighbours.

It is a matter of great sorrow that we have to face this kind of neighbourhood often. In a condo apartment, where the owners of the apartments are different, we often face this situation as they don’t care about other people. Though, not every apartment owners are ill-mannered.

Though condo apartment has some problems like this one, still people go for condo apartments. Because these apartments are cheap and yet so secure. This is obviously some kind of golden opportunity for middle-class people to buy or rent a condo apartment.

soundproofing condo apartment ceiling

So, if you really gonna stay in your condo apartment peacefully then you have to find some way to get rid of this problem as you don’t wanna hear what your neighbours are doing or talking about all the time.

First, you can just ask them politely to decrease their voice and also, to put some carpet on the floor. So, the footsteps can’t be heard.

But the problem is, in most cases the one that makes noise will ignore or forget about your problem. Also, some of them just can’t lower their voice as it is a matter of habit. So, it is necessary to do something of your own to get rid of the ceiling impact noise that comes from noisy neighbors.

You should know about the types of noises in order to soundproof your condo apartment.

Types Of Noises In Buildings

1. Airborne Noise

Airborne noise is despatched by air and atmosphere. For example, the sound of barking dogs, people having conversations, loud music, etc.

The sound wave travels through the air and hits your ear and because of this, you feel like you are in the middle of a party while the party is on the next door.

2. Structure-Borne Noise

Structure-borne noises created when sound grows from the actual impact of an object on a building component. For example, suppose, the neighbor from your upstairs is walking inside the apartment and you are listening to the footsteps from your apartment. This is called structure-borne noise.

Both noises are unpleasant and we don’t want to face this in our daily life. This is very irritating and we all want to prevent this unpleasant sound. Well, there are some solutions which will stop the noise from coming. Such as foam panel ceiling soundproofing.

So, here is the same process that can prevent this sound. You can soundproof your apartment ceiling by using these methods. Take a look!

Soundproofing Condo Apartment Ceiling Footsteps & Impact Noise:

1. Check For Holes [and Fix with Green Glue]

It is very rare to find holes in new apartments. But you can find it sometimes. Especially in old apartments.

Though normally it is not usual to find holes in apartments sometimes there are little holes. The holes are usually between the floors. Generally, the cables pass through the holes.

Noise Come upstairs neighbors Pass through Holes

The holes are the result of the owner’s carelessness. Some owners don’t care about the noise that is coming from the holes. But if you are irritated because of this, then you can fix it easily.

Also, this will not be expensive and will not take much time if you use glue to seal them. This is one of the best possible solutions.

green glue adhesive reduce sound transfer
Green Glue=>

You can use green glue to solve this problem. This is very helpful and fills up the holes at a cheap cost. But the colour of this glue is a bit awkward. It might not suit your apartment or room color.

Here is a piece of good news. We have some solutions to this problem too. You can paint anything you like on it. If you paint something nice on it then it will look nice.

2. Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are one of the best solutions to your unpleasant ceiling sound. This is the safest solution and the price of the panels is not expensive at all. Also, this is very easy to install.

decorative Acoustic Panels
decorative Acoustic Panels=>

There are different types of acoustic panels. You can easily find them on the market. Some acoustic panels are good for the home wall, some are for recording purpose and some are for the ceiling. You have to buy the right one for your apartment.

Different types of acoustic panels cost different. Some acoustic panels are so cheap but not long-lasting. If you want a good quality product then you have to pay a bit more. As the acoustic panels are for long use, it is better to buy a good quality product.

Also, acoustic foam panels have many colors. You can choose the one you like.

3. To Install Foam Panels Use Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive is very useful as it helps you to fix the foam easily and strengthen the foam panels as well. Also, this spray adhesive itself provides a defense layer.

Though, adhesives usually come along with foam panels. But, sometimes that is not the case. In those situations, you can easily go for a spray adhesive.

Acoustic Foam panels reduce ceiling impact noise
Mount the panels using spray adhesive=>

Adhesive can also be used for other things. Soundproofing is not the only main purpose. If there are leftovers then you can easily use it as a glue.

Also, you can easily take off the panels whenever you need it if you use this one. You can also re-use it necessary and this is so powerful that the foam panel will not drop off.

So, one of the best solutions one can have.

4. Acoustic Foam Egg Panels

Acoustic foam egg panel is one kind of foam panel. Both belong to the same family but there is a small difference. Acoustic foam egg panels are made for only the ceiling while foam panels are made for wall, ceiling, recording purposes.

The name of this panel seems odd but in reality, these are normal panels just with egg looking surface. The egg surface is very effective. Also, the effectiveness depends on the edge.

reduce ceiling footsteps noise Acoustic Foam Egg Panels
Acoustic Egg Panels=>

The acoustic foam egg panels are very thick. Thus, it will prevent the ingoing sound as well as the outgoing one.

This panel has a huge collection of redesigns, you can perfect one for your room and make your room look beautiful.

5. Mass Loaded Vinyl

If you are concern about the appearance of your room then mass loaded vinyl might be your thing that you are looking for your apartment as this is not heavy and bulky like acoustic panels and also looks good. If you don’t wanna ruin the interior and design then you should use this mass loaded vinyl. Also, this mattress is good for soundproofing.

Mass Loaded Vinyl noise block good looking
Mass Loaded Vinyl=>

Mass loaded vinyl is not only for the ceiling. You can use it on floors and walls too. It protects your room from low and high-frequency noises if you place it under the ceiling.

The process of installation is also very easy. Just cut it based on your room’s ceiling measurements with a sharp knife. You can do it easily at home without any help from experts.

The quality of the product is very good and the installation process is very easy. But the product is quite expensive. But you are buying this for a long period, right?  So, I guess a little investment is worthy of this.

6. Be The Good Neighbor

All these methods of soundproofing your apartment need some effort and investment. But you can have an apartment without any noise if you just follow the basic rule and be a bit more sympathetic to your neighbour.

Just think, if some of your neighbours do the same thing such as talking loudly, walking recklessly and you hear it from your house, how would it feel? Of course, you won’t like it. It is just the same case with others. So, if we all just maintain the basic rules and behave ourselves then the problem of unpleasant sound can be solved without any expense and effort as well.

So, just be the good neighbour and follow the rules.

Final Words

Now you already know about the methods of soundproofing your condo apartment ceiling. All you have to do is go through the basics again to know it from the core. Also, let us know if you find this useful. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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