How to Round The Edges on Wood [without Router]

As we know, rounding on wood is essential for protection and overall look to the furniture. Right?

But how do you do it? Well, there are some easy ways that you can follow. And in this guide, we bring a complete overview on how to round edges on wood in detail.

Therefore, if you want to know them, then scroll down and continue reading the guide!

This is A Complete Guide on How to Round The Corners on Wood. Before getting deep into it, let’s see why you should round edges on the wood:

how to round edges on wood

Reasons for Rounding:

Well, the first reason is to give you protection. Either for your child or pet, you need to round edges on wood. For sharp edges furniture, your child or pet can get injured anytime.

Also, sharp edges furniture can get damaged while moving it on a place to another. Isn’t it?

The second reason is it offers your furniture a stunning look. As a result, your furniture will have a gorgeous design after painting. Cool, right?

Now, let’s jump into the main point. Here’re some accessories that you may need:

Accessories you will need:

No matter how talented a craftsman you may be, you will never produce great works without proper tools.

The good news is, most of the tools you might need for rounding up your edges are most likely already in your possession.

There are multiple ways to round edges on wood using different types of tools. But most of the methods require some standard tools.

  • Protective gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Templates
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Hand Plane [5 Best Low Angle Jack Plane Reviews]
  • Woodworking file/ chisel/ router
  • Sanding paper
  • Clamps

Steps on How to Round Wood Corners on Wood  [by Hand & 5 Methods] :

Well, this way is effortless, but you have to be passionate about and be patient while doing it. Here’s what you need to do:

a) First, mark the right radius of the corner you want to round. After marking the corner, use your hand plane to cut the marked corner. Remember, you have to set the hand plane angle in 45 degrees.

b) Keep your aim straight and control every move. After doing this continuously, you will succeed in cutting the corner.

c) But works aren’t done yet. Now, take sandpaper or a blocking plane to polish the corner. After polishing the corner, you will find the final result. And the corner will be round entirely!

hand plane cut wood corner angle 45 degrees
hand plane cut wood corner=>

Guide on how to Round Without Router:

Most of the workers prefer a router to round edges on wood. A router can indeed give you an excellent assist to your work and also boost your work speed. However, there’s a problem that exists in it, the price!

There’s no doubt that a handy tool can make your work so easy, but there are many who can’t afford to buy it.

The price of a router is so high even though there are different ranges of price. And as expected, the good one costs the higher!

On the other side, a low-grade router is not good enough to work. So, what do to? Well, the only choice is to do your work without a router. Isn’t it?

Let’s be honest: Tt’s not a big deal to work without a router. And here’re some ways that you can follow:

  • Round wood edges with a Dremel
  • Round wood edges with a sandpaper
  • WoodWorking File to Round wood edges
  • How to round wood corner with a chisel
  • Fast method to round wood with a woodworking Router

Now, let’s have a look at them:

1. Round Wood Corner with a Dremel:

A Dremel can be used for rounding wood edges. Though it’s a very aggressive way to round wood edges, you can do that.

The steps are straightforward, but the hard thing is you have to be a near-professional Dremel user to control it. Or you have to practice a few times before doing giving it a real try!

Again, you need to be more patient cause the task will be slower. Got it, right?

You can also get some gear to help you control the Dremel, but the reason we are not suggesting is it will cost you extra money.

But, if you can afford it, you should get those gear. Why? Cause those will make the job easier!

Round furniture Corner with a Dremel
Dremel for wood curving=>

2. Round with the help of Sandpaper & Sanding Block:

Using sandpaper to round wood edges is the easiest way to do it. Besides, it’ll help you in finishing the wood perfectly.

However, to round wood edges by sandpaper, you have to round the corner with other tools. Or you can use sandpaper if you do not have to make around the edges too much.

To remove the sharpness from wood edges, sandpaper can be handy. However, you can’t cut thick edges, can you?

Though if you do it with a sand block instead of sandpaper, it can make good pressure on the wood edges and make the edges round.

You just have to rub the edges in 45 degrees angles with the sanding block. Once you get the desired face, you can stop and then use sandpaper to round the edges slightly.

After doing these things, you will get the desired round edges of your wood. As simple as that!

Round wood corener by Sandpaper Sanding Block
Sandpaper & Sanding Block=>

3. Round edges with woodworking file

Are you curious to know how to round wood corners by hand? By using a woodworking file, it is pretty easy, actually.

Using a woodworking file to round wood’s edge is pretty safe and needs only medium-level strength. Moreover, This method is perfect for making a smaller radius.

a) First, select the template of your desired shape and place it on the woodwork you want to round.

b) After that, carefully mark the edge for rounding using the template and a pencil.

c) Use a small saw to cut away the excess wood. Try to make the cuts as close to the marking as possible.

d) Now use a woodworking file to grind the edges. Just keep rubbing it against the edges of the wood.

Patiently continue the procedure until you achieve the desired shape. Now, for a lovely finishing, use sandpaper to rub the edges carefully to make it smooth.

If you don’t have sandpaper, you can use the file. But make sure to rub very lightly.

use a woodworking file to grind the edges
woodworking file to grind the edges=>

4. Round wood with a Chisel

A chisel is a popular tool among woodworkers. But be aware! This method is not for novices. You should use this method only if you are an experienced woodworker.

Using a chisel effectively requires strength and precision. But the entire procedure of rounding the wood edge is very similar.

Like the first method shown above, use the template plate to mark up the shape at the edge. Then like the method of using the woodworking file, carefully cut away the wood using a saw.

Done? Now use your chisel to cut down and carefully round the edges vertically. Remember not to rush and be patient.

After you get your desired shape, lightly give it a quick finishing by sand down the wood corner.

chisel to cut down wood carefully round corner vertically
round corner vertically with chisel=>

Now, let’s have a look at how you can round edges with a router:

5. with the Help of a Router:

One of the most popular modern times for making a round wood edge is using a router.

Using a router means that you will have to exert less physical strength than when you are using a chisel or woodworking file.

using a dewalt woodworking Router
Dewalt Woodworking Router=>

7 Steps for using a woodworking Router to make wood corner round:

a) First, chose the template of the desired shape.

b) Then mark the edge of the wood with a pencil.

c) Use a saw to cut away the excess wood.

d) Use clamps to attach the template with the wood’s edge you need to round.

e) Now, set up the router by inserting your choice piece of round-over-cutter in the router’s collet.

f) Now position it on the edge of the wood and adjust the cutter’s height to determine the cutting depth. Make sure to make the bearing is aligned with the template’s edge.

g) Continue until you get your desired shape.

Now for the finishing, lightly sand it down and make the edges smooth.

Moreover, you can move-in an anti-clockwise direction when rounding over the outside. Do the opposite for the inside. Read Also: Radial Arm Saw vs Miter Saw: Which One Is Ideal For Your Use

Ending Remarks!

Now you know how to round edges on wood, and we hope you understood the methods we shared above.

If you are a beginner to do this job, use Sandpaper initially to round the wood corner. And if you are a professional, then no worries, you can follow any of these two ways. So, have you found this guide as beneficial? Then let us know your preferred method by commenting below!

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