How To Stretch Woven Wire Fence

Are you looking for a bright method that you can use to stretch your woven wire fence? Is this going to be a farm fence for your animals? Or a home fence to secure your house and property? Or even just a fence you’re putting up to serve as part of your decoration for your property? Whatever your reason or plan is, you want to make sure that you can stretch your fence up to the exact size that you want.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some interesting ways that you can try out. These tricks should be able to help you stretch any wire fence to its limits. Before we go ahead, you need to know that there are different types of fences.

There are some that are made based on long term needs, those ones stay long and stay solid. You have to apply care and caution when using them. The other ones are temporary, although you still have to apply caution, it wouldn’t be as serious as with making the permanent ones.

How to Stretch Woven Wire Fence

Getting The Plans Ready

You have to make sure you have a real plan. This should include how you’re going to get the pool to hold the wires; the pulling equipment, are you using your bike, horse, tractor, or bare hands (this isn’t advisable, you’ll not be able to achieve so much in one day).

You’ll also need to get the proper measurements of your farm. Check out the shape, the size, and the area that you want to cover. Remember that your fence also helps you create a demarcation between your property and that of your neighbours.

Now that we’re clear about your planning and you know how far and how long you want to stretch your fence, you can now move on to the simple steps as would be listed right here in this article.

Before starting those procedures you will need:

  1. The woven wire fence stretcher => [Check on Amazon]
  2. Any vehicle [bike, horse, tractor, or bare hands]

4 Steps For How to Stretch Woven Wire Fence: The Procedures:

You know that your fence doesn’t get delivered to you all stretched out, so what do you do when you want to install it? Stay calm and follow these steps.

1. Install the polls for starting:

This is the first and most important step. Before you can begin anything about stretching your woven wire fence, you must first make sure it has something holding it down at the starting point.

If you cannot find something to hold it down firmly, you would be stuck with dragging it around when you’re already halfway into the installation process. This can greatly impede your work. [You May Also Like: Nails or Screws for Fence: which is more Preferred]

2. Staple the wires to the polls:

Staple wires to fence polls
Different types of wire fence staples=>

The next thing after you have installed the background poles is to firmly staple the edge or tip of the wires to the poles you have installed. You can decide to coil the wires to the polls, this should make it a lot stronger.

3. Place your woven wire in between the wire stretcher:

you are getting really closer to achieving the goal. Depending on the kind of wire stretcher you’re using, you should be able to have the entire roll inside the stretcher and clip it so that when you begin to move the stretcher, it automatically creates a solid and straight shape.

Hook the stretcher to your vehicle: it is advisable to use a tractor. Tractors cannot get hung on the road. They have the force needed to drag the stretcher anywhere.

Place woven wire in between wire stretcher
Fence Stretcher=>

4. Using the woven wire fence stretcher:

This obviously is the champion in the whole work, well, except you for sure. Installing your wire fence can be a terrific job to do if you don’t have the appropriate tools for the job. I once had a colleague who wanted to build a tall wire fence around his farm and wanted to pull the wire all by himself without any machine.

Well, as you have already guessed, he made a complete mess of his expensive wire and was forced to eventually get a wire stretcher. Get one for yourself and make your job a lot easier and quicker.

Using woven wire fence stretcher
woven fence stretcher=>

Pro Tip:

Pro tip: as you build the fence make sure all that you have poles along the line you’re trying to build a fence on. This is going to help you keep the wire stronger and firmer. It is going to be too easy to break into if the wire is merely standing on its own so to add an extra security level and firmness to your fence you have to install pools from the beginning down to the end of your farm or land or property. [guide to the wiki]

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