Fix Squeaky Car Door Hinge Noise [In 4 Effective Ways]

The squeaking noise of the car door is one of the most annoying things one could ever experience throughout their journey.  Because you have to deal with this noise every time you get in. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest automotive maintenance problems. You can get rid of it easily.

It is also very easy to repair because you don’t need any tools. You just need to give your noisy hinge some grease.

But first, you need to know why your car door squeaks. Then we will discuss how to fix squeaky car door.

How To Fix A Squeaky Car Door

Reasons – Why Does Your Car Door Squeaks?

If your car door squeaks while driving and also front door makes a popping sound then it needs lubrication. To slide them effortlessly, the hinges of your car were coated in grease when you bought them.

But that wears away over time and picks up dirt. The jam into the mechanism causes noisy friction. The noise starts when the grease is gone. Because the metal of your car door rubs up against dry metal. Must Read: 6 Best Lubricant for Door Locks [2024 Reviews]

apply white lithium grease
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Find The Location Of Creaking Sound:

Search and find the exact location from where the noise is coming. It could be the hinges, the seal, or the door. Check all possible areas.

Find Location Of Creaking Sound

Clean The Following Area:

First, you should clean the specific area from where the noise is coming.  Then, clean it properly.  Sometimes,  cleaning reduces the squeaking sound. Because it removes rust and dust. If there is still noise then use high-quality grease.

To clean dust you can use commercial dust blowers which are easy to find online. In case of grease, it’s advised to use wipes. But be careful of using wet wipes in places where forming rust is a possibility.

Types Of Lubricants [That Works Best]:

There are many types of lubricants. You have to know which one is best for your car. Some lubricants are for metal parts and some are for non-metal parts. Some give high coverage. On the other hand, some lubricant gives very light coverage.  Here are some basic information about different lubricants. Take a look.

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a) White Lithium Grease:

Water can cause rust and corrosion. White lithium grease is so thick that it prevents water. It also keeps rain and snow away. This can be used on hinges and latches.

spray White Lithium Grease in car
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b) WD- 40:

WD 40 lubricant gives light coverage. It keeps rust and dust away. Also, it can be used for household items.

lubricants wd 40
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c) Silicone Spray:

Non-metal parts can be lubricated by Silicone Spray. It gives light coverage. You can use this on plastic,  nylon, etc.

Silicon Spray lubricant
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d) Graphite Lubricant:

Dust and dirt can damage the locking mechanism. This lubricant keeps dust and dirt away. [more about graphite Lubricant wiki.]

Graphite Lubricant
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How To Fix A Squeaky Car Door Hinge:

If you want to get rid of this problem then follow these steps.

Step 1

Open the door that squeaks. Then Lift the open car door upwards so that you can make sure the hinge is not wobbling. If the car door hinges are broken or weak then the pressure they will apply on the hinge pin of the door will be imbalanced. In the case of the compromised hinge, the most obvious symptom seen is misalignment. In this case, you can the door can’t be easily closed

Step 2

You must know in which area of the hinge the squeaking takes place. To know this you have to swing the door of the car back and forth. There are usually two hinges on a car door. They are the upper hinge and lower hinge. You should lubricate both hinges even if only one squeak.

Step 3

It is very important to shake the can of white lithium grease. Do it very well and then place it into the sprayer.

Step 4

There will be two points of contact on the upper and lower hinges where the car door hinges meet the hinge pin of the frame. A proper spray of those points is advised. Often a slight gap between this connection can be found where the tube of the spray used can easily fit into. Spray the grease on the top and bottom of each hinge contact. For example, the upper hinge will have an upper and lower connection for the top part of the hinge in addition to an upper and lower connection for the bottom part of the hinge. The same maneuver is applied to the bottom hinge.

Step 5

There’s a metal bar that is positioned between the upper and lower hinges called car door stop. Carefully spray that doorstop.

Step 6

Swing the car door repeatedly to pass the grease inside. You can apply more grease if needed but don’t forget to swing again.

Step 7

Repeat this process for the other doors as well. All car doors need to be lubricated. Even if they are not squeaking anymore, repeat it. If other doors don’t squeak that doesn’t mean they are properly lubricated. They just don’t get used often.

Is It Possible To Prevent It From Coming Back?

Lubrication is not a permanent solution. You have to lubricate your car door hinges now and then to keep it noise-free. If you don’t want squeaky door hinge problems to be a chronic one then you must follow some steps. You must avoid expositioning the car door or hinge to moisture. Do not keep your car door open for a long period. Snow and rain can damage your car door. So, keep your car door closed when it’s raining or snowing.

A squeaky car door hinge can irritate you very much. But it is easy to fix it. You can do it yourself. Sometimes, some parts of the car need to be replaced. Rusted car door hinges are one of the common issues. You may clean it if there is a small amount of corrosion. But if the amount is huge then it should be replaced.

Another culprit of the squeaking car door is the bushing on the door. Check them often and if they seem loose, tight them.

When Do Car Doors Need Lubrication:

Symptoms of door hinges in need of lubrication include:

  • The car door squeaks while driving
  • Makes popping sound
  • Couldn’t open the door easily
  • Couldn’t close the door easily


You can use a hairspray to eliminate the squeak. Also, you can rub a bar of soap. Both of these work well.

The door hinge is an important part of your car. It is actually the part that closes and opens the door. Without this, you can not use your car. The hinge can be rusty over time. Thus, this needs proper lubrication from time to time. So, it can not make any annoying sounds.

So now, you have noted the process and know how to fix the squeaky car door. All you can do is try this out as soon as possible and get rid of your squeaking car door. Also, let us know if this is enough useful or not. Share your thoughts in our comment box.


why does my car door click when I open it?

A car door may click when opened due to worn or damaged door hinges, latch mechanism issues, or misalignment of the door. Dirt or debris in the hinges or latch can also cause a clicking sound. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating the hinges and latch, can help prevent this issue. If the problem persists, professional inspection may be necessary to identify and fix the underlying cause.

how to fix a car door popping when opening?

To fix a car door popping when opening, follow these steps:

  • Inspect Hinges and Check Strap: Look for wear or damage on the door hinges and the check strap (door stopper).
  • Clean and Lubricate: Clean the hinges and check the strap to remove any dirt or debris, then apply a high-quality lubricant.
  • Tighten Loose Bolts: Check for and tighten any loose bolts on the door hinges and check the strap.
  • Adjust Door Alignment: Ensure the door is properly aligned. This may require adjusting the hinges or having a professional align the door.
  • Replace Worn Parts: If the hinges or check straps are excessively worn or damaged, replace them with new parts.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, seek professional assistance for a thorough inspection and repair.

How do you know if a car door squeaks?

To determine if a car door squeaks, open and close the door slowly while listening for any squeaking or creaking sounds. Pay close attention to the hinges, latch, and seals. Perform a visual inspection for signs of wear, rust, or dirt, and feel for any resistance as the door moves. Lack of lubrication on hinges or latches is a common cause, so check these areas and apply lubricant if necessary.

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