Skim Coat Over Paint: is it a Good Idea? with Full Process

No matter how well you had been painted your house, you will always face some major tear and wear over time. They get wallpapered, repainted, hammered, stripped, and scraped.

But you don’t have to be worried about these as there is a perfect solution to all these problems and that is skim coat your walls. No matter what happened, you can always rely on a skim coat. It will provide you with a smooth and plain surface.

Skim coating is a simple and quick way of repairing torn and damaged walls. The procedure of skim coating requires a fine cover of the joint compound. It goes into the wall and covers and fills the imperfect area. This process is well known for repairing drywall.

But it can also be used on surfaces that are painted already and need to be treated. You just have to be patient and apply some extra steps in order to get the right periphery for a smooth and mic skim coat.

In this article, we are going to dig deep and learn things about skim coat over paint. Don’t do it anywhere.

Skim Coat Over Paint

What is Skim Coating?

Skim coating is a procedure in which one fills and smooth’s out injured and damaged drywall and make the wall better. Skim coating a wall is very easy to do. You can do it easily by yourself. As you don’t need to pay anyone, it will save a lot of money.

If you think skim coating wall is the same as painting them, then you are wrong. This coating is different than normal painting. You will need some extra tools for skim coating the wall such as a paint roller.

Can You Skim Coat Over Painted Walls? Is it a good idea?

Many of us ask if it is possible to skim coat over painted walls. The answer is, yes. You can skim coat over the paint. But you need to consider some factors.

Yet, checking the circumstance of the wall is necessary before you decide to skim coat over any painted walls. If you find that the condition of the wall is not good or the wall or surface has been recently painted, then it is wise to avoid skimming over the paint.

How to Skim Coat Over Paint

As we know, you can easily skim coat over wall paint on your own. But, to achieve the best result you should know the process well. Here is the process of how to skim coat over the paint. Go ahead.

Step 1: Remove molting paint

The first step of this process is to notice if there is any molting paint on the wall or not. If you find any molting paint on the wall that you are planning to skim coat, then remove it gently before starting.

Step 2: Sand the surface lightly

sanding wall with medium grit sandpaper
Medium Grit Sandpaper=>

After that, take medium grit sandpaper and sand the surface lightly with it. This step is necessary especially if there is a gloss or semi-gloss finish. It will form the surface a bit rough. For a faster sanding process, You can also remove wall paint with a drywall sander.

Step 3: Clean the wall properly

Now, take a damp rag or cloth and clean the wall properly. This step will remove all the dust from the sanding. Also, it will remove other derbies and dirt, if there remains any.

Oftentimes, the wall becomes so dirty that only a piece of damp rag cannot be able to clean it properly. In that case, you can use a mild but effective dish detergent. It will surely clean the wall perfectly. But, don’t forget to let the wall dry before stepping into the next one.

Step 4: Applying the joint compound

Applying joint compound
Taping Knife=>

Now, it’s time for spreading the associated joint compound on the wall. You can use any broad knife for this purpose. If you are planning to paint a large wall then an 8 or 9-inch knife will be the best option. You also can use a 4-inch knife in order to handle smaller imperfections.

Dap Wallboard dry wall mud Compound

Step 5: Drying and Sanding

Sanding dry wall
Sanding with sander=>

After applying the joint compound, wait for 30 to 60 minutes so that, the compound can dry easily. After drying, take a grit paper and sand the periphery lightly to dispel ridges and other imperfections. Then, apply a second coat of skim and wait again till it dries and sands the wall again if needed.

After applying the second coat of skim, wait the whole night so that, the wall can dry properly. Then, take a damp rag and wipe down the whole area to remove the dust. Read More: How to Smooth Plaster Walls Before Painting [Fix Rough Uneven Walls]

What type of Primer-Sealer is best after skim coat?

zinsser primer for wall

A primer-sealer is an important object in the case of skim coating. It is vital to apply primer sealer after you finish the skim coat. Always try to apply the primer-sealer before you paint it with the topcoat. There is plenty of Primer Sealer after Skim Coat out there in the market. Thus, people get confused easily about which one to buy. Therefore, we suggest one of the best primer-sealers which is Rust-Oleum Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer.

Can you skim coat over wallpaper?

A Skim coat over wallpaper would be a terrible idea for most of the projects. If you are going to paint or skim coat over the wallpaper then, it will just increase the burden and create future problems. And trust me, this decision of yours will haunt you down for sure.


Can you skim coat over painted concrete?

Yes, it is possible to skim coat over the paint. But you should consider some factors first, such as the condition of your concrete wall. If the paint seems okay and the concrete wall is in a good condition, then you can skim coat over it without any second thoughts. The “good condition” term means a wall without any crack and damages.

Can you skim coat over a painted ceiling?

If the paint remains in a good condition, then it is possible to skim coat over the painted ceiling. For the amendment of a painted ceiling, a skim coat is an easy solution. A skim coat is used to recover the walls and ceiling once and again. It is also used to repair areas that are already painted.

Can you skim coat over a painted textured wall?   

The answer is yes. Skim coat over a painted textured wall is contingent as well. Just ensure the proper state of the textured wall.

Now that you know, that skim coat over paint is possible, it surely decreases the burden on you. You can skim coat your wall now without any second thought. So, go for it without any delay as the process is well known to you. If there’s anything on your mind, then leave a comment.

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