Simple Green Vs Purple Power Degreaser: Which One is Better?

You must be acquainted with cleaners because they are of great use. But what is more important is a cleaner with a heavy-duty formula for multiple purposes. You cannot expect a normal citric cleaner to provide strong action in rough situations like cleaning a hardened greasy spot. Several degreasers in the market come with the amazing capability of deep cleansing any spot properly and magically to some extent.

Simple green and purple power are two kinds of degreasers that have impressive quality and most people want to learn more about them. As they are immensely good at cleaning and abolishing grease from the car and other expected spots, the comparison between simple green Vs purple power is what people ask for.

Simple Green Vs Purple Power

The powerfulness of these two cleaners is worth mentioning. Both these cleaners go deep into the layered greasy spot and help to loosen their bond in order to remove them from the hard floor. A degreaser can be oil-based or water-based. You need to choose one examining the condition of the stain or grease that you tend to remove.

Both these types of degreaser vary in range while performing. But once you learn about simple green and purple power cleaners in detail, you can understand easily which one to choose. Though they don’t differ that much from each other, you can observe the slight differences between them and get to a conclusion afterward.

But before that, let us give you a comparison table chart between simple green and purple power for your utter convenience.

Comparison Table:

  Simple Green Purple Power
Versatility Immensely versatile Immensely versatile
Purposes Provides deep cleansing, removes hardened grease, lowers bad odor from the surface Offers intense cleaning, abolish deep layered grease
Can be Applied on Several parts of automobiles, engine, upholstery, metal surfaces, carpets, dashboards, painted surfaces, and so on Interior of cars, driveways, sidewalks, plastic materials, tires, and so on
Formula Comes with concentrated condition Comes with concentrated condition
Environment-friendly Positive Positive
Smell Intense Mild
Manner of Usage                  Dilute   Dilute


An effective degreaser comes with several potentials. It not only saves the floor of your house but also leaves a huge impact on industrial factories and so on. Therefore, we can easily assume the heavy-duty task that a degreaser has to fulfill. The right one leaves no residue and rather cleanses the floor and restores its freshness like before. Their efficient performances actualize their formula and fruitful components within.

However, not all the cleaners and degreasers might work as per your desire. You need to be a little careful while choosing one from the available ones. But for the time being, as we were already speaking about two valiant cleaners – purple power Vs simple green, we should just stick to these two degreasers and pull out some significant features about them one by one.

What is Simple Green Degreaser & Cleaner Used for?

Amazing Formula for Versatile Uses:

Simple Green uses on metal

If you are searching for a tremendous solvent-based cleaner that will not only fight the stubborn stain but also leaves a clean floor behind, then this simple green degreaser and cleaner is your call for sure. This degreaser is an expert in cleansing the concrete or solid floor using its powerful components and amazing formula. We are mainly mesmerized by its ability to provide all-purpose talent to abolish dirt from the surface at any cost. Even you don’t have to think about buying a cleanser or refresher to get rid of the residue because you won’t face any such thing.

Intense Cleaning Ability:

Not only for concrete or solid surfaces but this simple green degreaser and cleaner is a worthy product also for automobiles or vehicles. You can enable this cleaner to go to places where an ordinary cleaner would not put an effective result. From breaking down stubborn dirt, brake dust, transmission fluid, and whatnot! It can also fight the road grime that gets stuck in the narrowest parts of the vehicle. Besides tackling the dust problem of your car, this cleaner is a great substance for cleaning several parts of your car including tires, wheels, camper shells, aluminum vinyl, carpeting, oil stains, dashboard, and so on.

Easy Instruction:

Because it is a solvent-based cleaner, you can dilute it to a great extent. And then you can apply it to clean some tough parts of your automobile like engine parts or wheels vigorously. As simple green carries sodium citrate along with elements f phosphate, you will get the full advantage of the power of battling greases even from the hardest surfaces of these components. Apart from these useful components, the cleaner carries mixed alcohol ethoxylate. This element is the savior of the environment as it is biodegradable.

Filled with Gentle Components:

Though the effect on vehicles and hard surfaces after using this cleaner is miraculous, it is not harsh at all. You will not have to fear getting scratches and rough marks on the surface even after vigorous cleaning. Its gentle components know how to act with the delicate parts of your vehicles. After a thorough shine, you will get a polished and bright surface and no residue in return, unlike other ordinary cleaners and degreasers. Another important fact about this cleaner is it is filled with deodorizing formula. You can now get rid of places from where bad odor is coming with its strong cleaning formula.

Things We Liked about Simple Green:

  • Comes with industrial components that will provide 100 percent service
  • Cleans both hard surfaces and your desired vehicle reaching the narrowest space
  • Leaves no residue, rather leaves a bright and polished surface in the end
  • Environment-friendly cleanser and able to remove bad odor from places

Things We Didn’t Like about Simple Green:

  • Comes with a strong smell that might affect the nose

What is Purple Power degreaser and Cleaner Used for?

Purple Power Degreaser cleaner uses

A Promising Cleanser:

If you want a serious kind of cleaning then choose purple power. This cleaner is no joke as it comes with a heavy-duty formula that is filled with some serious molecules and components. You need to be more careful while using this cleaner because it is not approved by FDA. Its heavy and efficient features might not go along with the environment.

Besides, we have some terms and conditions to follow before using this very useful degreaser and cleaner. There is no doubt that this cleaner is a promising cleaner that goes deep into the hardened grease and makes it loosen its bond.

Industrial Ability:

Thus pulls out the strongest and most stubborn dirt and grease from the surface leaving no residue or remainder behind. Because of its toughest and most concentrated chemicals and vigorous workability, you cannot just apply this fabulous cleaner on any surface. You need to examine the range of acceptance of the surface in the first place and then you are allowed to apply this purple power cleaner. It carries huge industrial strength and therefore most factories have chosen this one to fight the oil stains, greasy spaces, stubborn metallic scales, and so on.

Effective on Larger Space:

To clean a larger space there is no alternative to purple power cleaner in a factory. It offers a cleaning surface on a larger scale and comes with a satisfying result. Also, it can get along with different types of surfaces and that’s why big industries find it easy to use this purplish-green liquid. One great fact about this cleaner is it does not carry any abrasive and thus your floor is now secured from getting harsh marks or scratches.

Besides coping with concrete, this cleaner can cope with porcelain, ceramic, metals, and other many types of surfaces. It does not come with phosphate chemicals, toxicity, or any flammable components.

Less Toxicity:

Rather you will find the cleaner is filled with organic chemicals that are 100 percent biodegradable. Also, it is approved by the SCS. With its concentrated formula, you will get more effective results. With water, this cleaner assists the user to cover almost all the large space in order to give a full coverage cleaning advantage.

As the cleaner comes with components that create a barrier, it offers immense help while removing oil stains or other stubborn stains from the surface. From deep penetrating to breaking down hardened grease forcefully, this cleaner knows how to serve its purpose properly.

Things We Liked about Purple Power:

  • Abolishes the strongest stain from the floor using its industrial strength
  • Comes with heavy-duty formula and concentrated chemicals to fight every tough situation within minutes
  • Provides cleaning advantage to a larger scale in bigger industries and factories
  • Copes with several types of surfaces and can be diluted to get a more effective result and carries biodegradable and organic stuff within

Things We Don’t Like about Purple Power:

  • Requires more attention while using and must keep it away from children

Simple Green Vs Purple Power Degreaser – Differences & Uses:

Everyone wants to learn about what’s better – simple green or purple power. As per our previous segments, we are acquainted with the fact that both simple green and purple power cleaners are efficient and promising. But when you try to differentiate for real in-between purple power Vs simple green, some important aspects will pop out.

For example, some people will show interest in purple power Vs simple green engine, while others will show interest in simple green pro HD Vs purple power. Thinking of all these significant aspects, we brought about some major similarities and dissimilarities for your convenience.


Formula and Components:

As a cleaner and degreaser, both simple green and purple power carry components that work alike and efficiently. Both have heavy-duty formulas and highly concentrated chemicals. Also, they both can pull out stubborn stains from the toughest surfaces and provide a brighter surface afterward.


Cleaners and degreasers tend to come with abrasives mostly. They bring several downsides to the surface. For deep cleansing, many manufacturers uphold cleaners with abrasive components. But these simple green and purple power are free of abrasives and therefore they don’t affect your sensitive surface and leave any harsh marks.

Non-Flammable and Eco-friendly:

Another similarity that we found important is the non-flammable quality of these cleaners. Some toxic cleaners come with huge toxicity which causes flaming and thus occurs unnecessary accidents. This negative feature also leaves terrible marks and streaks on the floor. However, they are eco-friendly and that’s what matters most today.

Safe Cleaning Process:

We are glad to inform you that both simple green and purple power is safe to use. You can use them with water for a long coverage of the floor and do your job quickly. They don’t ask for much to do the whole job rather give an effective finish within minutes.



In terms of workability, both simple green and purple power varies from each other to some extent. Though they both have immense workability, purple power wins the race for its heavy-duty cleansing formula. For deep cleansing and removing hardened or 50-year-old layered grease, choose purple power. And for cleaning delicate parts of your vehicle choose simple green. You can also use simple green pro-HD, as it is as heavy-duty and efficient as purple power.

Penetrating Ability:

We find a slight difference between purple power Vs simple green in their ability to penetrate. Purple power is the promising one in between them as it penetrates deeply into the old layered grease and comes with a barrier so the surface does not get affected by the penetration process. On the other hand, simple green is able to remove newly cured grease and adhesion from the surface with ease.

Types of Surface:

As purple power comes with a heavy-duty formula, not all types of surfaces can stand this cleaner. Stainless steel or any metal surfaces like copper or chrome cannot withstand purple power, as it works reversely on them and leaves marks and streaks and tarnishes their quality. In cases like that, simple green works perfectly without the fear of doing reverse action.

Toxicity and Odor:

Both purple power and simple green come in low toxicity yet you can see some differences. Purple power is not FDC certified and therefore they are not safe around kids and pets. You need to be careful while dealing with this cleaner. On the other hand, simple green is safe to use inside and children will not get affected badly around. But they spread a strong odor while purple power spreads a mild odor.

So, What is Better – Simple Green or Purple Power?

You can already tell that both are suitable based on the condition and situation of the surface. If you want to clean vehicle parts like, interior parts, engine, undercarriage, upholstery, aluminum, and steel, then go for simple green cleaner.

But if you want to clean hardened and old layered grease, walkways, driveways, plastic surfaces, tires, and other tough surfaces, then go with purple power and make your decision easy.


Question: Is purple power as good as super clean?

Answer: Mostly purple power and super clean can be used as one another’s alternatives because they both are promising and capable. But super clean is more effective in cleaning out grease than purple power. That doesn’t mean purple power is less effective. They both almost provide the same vibe to the surface so they both are good to the greatest extent.

Question: What is the best degreaser on the market?

Answer: The best degreaser depends on the intensity it carries to penetrate deeply to break down any highly cured grease on the surface. From that aspect, we found purple power is one of the best degreasers that can fight vigorously with greasy surfaces.

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