How to Seal Metallic Spray Paint – 3 Effective Ways

You must have used metallic spray paint on your stuff on purpose. Also, once you use the paint, you must want it to be highly visible. Well, this is what metallic spray paints are meant for. But there is a but. You have to ensure a perfect finish to make the paint brighter and more visible. Otherwise, you will end up having a depressing look at your favorite stuff. That is why proper sealing after applying metallic spray paint is the only way to go.

We are assuming, if you are on this site then most probably you are looking for the answer we are serving today. Many average DIYers out there want to know how to seal metallic spray paint. Sealing metallic paint delivers a professional look to the object. It is the easiest and fastest way to apply as well. However, getting to the process of sealing after applying metallic spray paint can be a bit tricky.

You will know about it only when you read the article till the end. To have the best finish, you have to be careful from the very beginning of applying the spray paint.

How to Seal Metallic Spray Paint

Should You Seal the Metallic Spray Paint?

In most cases, objects after being painted with spray paint do not require extra protection. But if you are applying metallic spray paint then you must want it to be super glossy and highly eye-catchy. Therefore, to obtain that look sealing the object after the painting is the ultimate and at the same time wise idea.

These days, metallic spray paints are mainly used for decorating metal materials and projects. They are also used on wheel wells to give them a new shiny color. Even to protect grill surfaces from rust and all environmental odds, using metallic spray paint is on the trend now. So, you certainly want it to last long and that is exactly why you should seal metallic spray paint. It also helps in bringing a deeper color to the applied paint.

However, it is kind of okay if you do not use a sealant after applying the paint. Also, if you want a semi gloss or high gloss finish, using only metallic spray paint is enough. Yet, to make your metal resistant to crack and brittle, sealants are a great option. Applying a clear coat can be a good idea as a sealer. It will act as the protection measure of the paint as well.

How to Seal Metallic Spray Paint – 3 Best Ways are Described:

There are several ways that you can use to seal the metallic spray paint. These are given below –

1. Spray Wax:

Apply Spray Wax to seal

Spray wax is a great option for sealing metallic spray paint. There are many commercial brands out there that offer spray wax worldwide maintaining the best quality. Spray wax is also easy to use. To apply this wax first, spray the metallic paint over the object or piece you want. Then let the paint dry. When it dries completely, apply the spray wax to the entire surface. After applying the spray wax, wipe the object with a paper towel.

When it dries, you can go for Poly application. Be a little bit careful while applying Poly. Spray it maintaining a distance of about 12-inch away from the object. Do not take the spray bottle too close to the working object. Make misting coats of about 2 or 3 layers. Spray the wax in between the coats as well to have a pretty bright finish.

2. Clear Coat:

apply Clear Coat over metallic paint

We have already mentioned clear coat earlier as one of the metallic spray paint sealers. A clear coat is basically a substance that does not come with any pigmentation. It is transparent and is applied over the spray paint once it is dried. If you do not use a high gloss or semi-gloss spray paint and instead use a lower sheen paint, you can apply a clear coat over the paint. It will bring a shiny finish to the working piece. You can also use clear spray paint as a sealer for quicker application. But, make sure you buy one that comes with the right formula.

Having a clear coat is a must especially when you are painting your favorite car. Most modern cars of today are sealed with clear coats. It provides an attractive appearance to the vehicle. Also, it offers great protection to the paintwork you have just done using metallic spray paint.

3. Acrylic Paint Sealer:

apply Acrylic Paint Sealer over metallic paint

If you are wondering about how to seal metallic acrylic paint, then acrylic paint sealer comes this way. It is basically applied when a varnish over acrylic paint is required. It is a protective seal or coat for applying over finished painting. An enamel or varnish spray is a go-to solution for most DIYers out there for sealing purposes. This is the most affordable option as well.

Though it certainly won’t deliver an ultra-finish of high gloss. But it is worth the money. You cannot expect a quick turn around from the sealer yet, in some ways, it is the best. Just read out the instructions properly before using them thoroughly.

How to Seal Metallic Acrylic Paint Using Acrylic Paint Sealer:

You can simply seal metallic acrylic paint with the help of an acrylic paint sealer. For this, you will need a foam brush and an Acrylic paint protective finish. Take a small amount of the finish and then pour it on the working object. Now, rub the sealer over the piece using the foam brush. When it is covered evenly with the sealer, let it dry.

Metal Sealant:

Use Metal Sealant to Seal

Metal sealants are another great option. These are mainly manufactured for metal surfaces. They are good at holding up the spray paint that is done on the surface. The ingredients in a metal sealant help to work well with various metals including steel, zinc, copper, aluminum, and all. So, for painted metal surfaces, metal sealants are undoubtedly excellent.

Moreover, metal sealants come with some extraordinary properties. They are extremely efficient in withstanding odd weather conditions. They are also resistant to UV rays. Therefore, it confirms sustainability even when used for the exterior purpose. Again, the metal sealants are compatible with the change of weather and temperature. They are able to contract or expand according to the demand. Thus, you can say they are highly flexible.

How to Use Metal Sealant to Seal Metallic Paint:

Using metal sealant does not require any special or extra equipment. You can simply apply it with the help of a brush or sprayer. However, to start with the process, first, prepare the surface properly.

Make sure the surface is free from all kinds of rust, peelings, dirt, grease, oil, or corrosion elements. When the surface is ready apply the sealant. However, it is suggested to apply a primer before you apply the metal sealant to make it more resistant to rust and corrosion.

However, you will have to maintain some caution if you use metal sealants. You have to store this sealant at room temperature. Also, make sure that the environment is well-ventilated while applying this sealant. Otherwise, you might feel irritation. Moreover, do not forget to wear a mask and other protective gear as well.

3 Types of Primer to Seal before Applying Metallic Spray Paint:

Well, there are a lot of options available to seal before you actually apply the paint. This process also helps to make a strong bond between the working object and metallic spray paint. Let’s get to know the ways.

1. Epoxy Primer:

epoxy primer spray can

Till now epoxy primer is the best hand-down primer that works as a great sealant before painting. Sealing the metal, epoxy primer works as a barrier to several odds and protects from the atmosphere. Epoxy primer can work on almost anything. You can apply it even on newly repaired welding or panel. You can choose any color of this primer. However, professionals suggest going for lighter color ones.

2. Polyester Surface Sealer:

Polyester Surface Sealer use metal

If you want to try something new for a good deal you can go for the polyester surface sealer. For use on bare metal, this sealer is ideal. It comes with excellent adhesion properties. It is also versatile with the ability to offer a perfect surface. Its build qualities allow it to be a great sealer. Nonetheless, using an epoxy primer before using the polyester surface sealer will provide a better result.

3. Self Etching Primer:

Self Etching Primer uses to seal auto body

Self etching primer is mostly used in auto body shops or industries because of its great properties. For use on metal bare under the spray paint job, this sealer is good. It has aggressive solvent properties that provide a strong bond. It also has a quick-drying formula and is easy to apply without requiring any activator. In a word, this primer will make your job done faster. Nevertheless, you will know how to use it properly by following the instructions.


Question: What is the best sealant for metallic spray paint?

Answer: The best sealant for metallic spray paint comes with the best color and shine. Choosing the best color is the most important and critical factor in a sealant. However, looking for a color that will match the color of metallic spray paint is a bit tough. Therefore, professionals suggest going for a completely clear coat. It does not contain any pigmentation and is also hassle-free.

However, in case you are using a clear coat, make sure that its transparency is worth using. Nonetheless, metallic clear coats are also available in the market. And they can also be considered as best if you know how to use them properly. Just select the right brand that provides the best quality.

Question: How do you keep spray paint from chipping on metal?

Answer: If the piece does not have a proper finish and going to face a lot of use then there are chances the paint will chip. It happens when the surface preparation and the application of primer are failed before applying spray paint on metal. Again, it can happen because of using low-quality spray paint. So, if you want to protect the paint from chipping, you have to apply the spray paint carefully maintaining all rules. Also, use a primer before applying the paint or seal the paint properly with the best sealant possible.

Again, if your metal is already a victim of paint chipping then you have to go for the ultimate solutions. First, remove all the paint loose by peeling them down and then make the surface clean. make sure there is no dirt or oil left on the surface. Rinse the surface with clean water and let it dry. Then apply metal and galvanized primer. When it dries, repaint the surface with the best quality spray paint.

Question: How do you protect metallic paint?

Answer: Metallic paints are extremely sensitive to everything. Thus, they require extra care. If you are doing jobs with metallic paint make sure the surface gets enough polishing and waxing. Polishing will help in removing dirt and oxidation. Waxing on a regular basis along with polishing is also important to protect your metallic paint. It seals the paint properly providing it with a shiny appearance.

However, polishing two times a year is enough while waxing regularly can make your piece evergreen. So, polishing and waxing can lift up the entire look of a piece protecting metallic paint.

Question: Can you use polyurethane over metallic spray paint?

Answer: Yes, you can certainly use polyurethane over metallic spray paint. Even you can use both oil-based and water-based polyurethane over metallic spray paint. But before applying polyurethane make sure the spray paint on the surface is fully clean and cured. Otherwise, discoloration may occur, and eventually, it will be a mess. Especially when it is oil-based polyurethane, you have to be extra careful.

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