How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood

Acrylic paints open a vast field for roaming around that unleashes a world of creativity and imagination. With paint, you can color your dream and wander in your mind’s eye will go with shades, tones, strokes. Acrylic paint flourished in a vibrant way when you sealed the painting on wood. Moreover, it is also essential to protect the acrylic paint that you have sealed on wood.

Varnishing is the fundamental need to give your acrylic painting long durability. To rescue your acrylic painting on wood from dust, UV rays, and Yellowing sealing is a must. To make a unique and picturesque painting, you must know how to seal acrylic paint on wood. Let’s learn a bit more about it!

How to seal acrylic paint on wood

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood & Craft – In 8 Steps:

Sealing a painting is the essential part of the painting event. There are many easy and simple ways to seal acrylic paint on wood.

The procedures are given below –

  1. You may use any old or new frame and a piece of wood that will be useful for sealing a painting. Use a wet cloth to clean the wood so that the particles or wood clean up.
  2. Now, cut the wood by using a scale to adjust it to the frame you selected for your painting.
  3. After getting the desired shape, Polish the wood with a dry microfiber cloth so that the wood becomes smooth .a smooth wood could absorb the painting entirely.
  4. Now, have some PVA glue in a pot and prepare a mixture with a small amount of water with it .the ratio should be precisely 1:1. Now blend it well so that the bond and the water mix perfectly.
  5. It time to polish the wood with glue. You need to coat the wood with a glue mixture several times. It will give a natural shine to the wood.
  6. Again, polish the wood very lightly with some sandpaper. But it is vital to keep in mind that it doesn’t make the wood rough.
  7. A sealant is a vital element for sealing a block of wood. But Clean the wood before applying sealant by wiping it down with a damp cloth. You can use some sea-sol and mix it carefully with some marvel dust to make the composure thicker.
  8. Now, paint the mixture in the wood piece entirely with a dampened sponge very carefully and left the wood to dry and cure to get an ideal surface to paint.

The sealed wood should leave to dry. The sealer takes several hours. Once the primer is dry to the touch, it will be ready for applying your paint.

1. How to Seal Painted Wood Crafts?

Acrelic seal painted on wood crafts

Acrylic paint on wood crafts is not as simple as slapping regular acrylic paint on some wood. You have to prepare the wood carefully and ensure that the acrylic paints work on the wood.

There are some essential things you have to keep in mind when using acrylic paint. It is not an act of intelligence that of priming before painting. You should know “How to seal painted wood crafts.” Here, we will learn about sealing painted woodcraft. You create a foundation layer of paint during the sealing or framing of something like wood or canvas.

Liquitex acrylic stain, high gloss varnish
Liquitex High Gloss Varnish=>

The foundation layer makes the tinted color get fixed to the wood. This way, the colored paint sticks to the primer, and the primer attaches to the wood. A sealer always protects what you are sealing. In the case of wood, you should choose to seal up. Most wood species have wood pores. Sealing is essential because if those holes remain open and they will suck up the paint when you apply it.

So your wood may get thicker due to excess moisture. The wood will also absorb the color, and then you need to put another color on top of your wood.

2. How to Protect Painted Wood?

polyacrylic sealant for seal your picture

A sealant is an essential thing to protect an acrylic painting. For safeguarding your image:

  1. You need to choose a wax-based or polyacrylic sealant to seal your picture. It will protect your artwork from sundry wet weather.
  2. You may use a sponge, cloth, or paintbrush to apply the sealant all over the wood. It will remove the pore of the wood.
  3. After drying the first coat, you may apply the second coat of sealant. It will help to give a stable texture to the surface.
  4. Now, it’s time to allow the sealant to cure for 2 to 3 weeks. Though The procedures are lengthy, your painting will get a new dimension once you have to go through them.

3. How to Seal Painted Wood for Outdoor Use?

polyacrylic provides a gloss on wood
water-based polyacrylic finish=>

The wood should be adequately prepared so that the paint on the wood surface can’t get peel and chips over time. To save the color from moisture and coercion, it is mostly very vital for the wooden color. These are placed directly under sunlight or outdoor use.

Moreover, most of these are not adequately prepared and are not painted at first. During Painting Wood, Properly prepare your wood before painting and sealing the wood. Your painted wood items will maintain their quality for the next few years if you retain the filling procedures.

After clean and sand the wood, wipe down the wood. Though polyacrylic provides a gloss, you may use Wax-based sealants to get a more flat finish and wooden surfaces. But the Water-based polyacrylic glues are the most versatile. If you use wax-based adhesives, have a soft cloth to polish the wood surface.

Now Dip applies a thin layer of the sealant to the wood with the fabric or paintbrush. The adhesive should be dry to touch so that it could absorb the paint. The sealant has to be dried after each coat repeatedly. It will ensure the full protection of your painting and extend durability. As the procedures take much time, you should have the patience to prepare the wood. By covering the wood, keep it at rest for 15 to 20 days after application.

Sometimes it takes more period to get dried In hot or humid weather. But a perfectly prepared wood can safe your painting intact for years after years.

4. How to Use Mod Podge to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood?

Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer for wood
Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer=>

Mod Podge is an outstanding painting instrument. It provides not only a glossy look but also extended protection from damage to your artwork. Also, it is used as glue to adhere to the fabric. It holds the acrylic paint tightly as a sealer so that it can save the art.

To use Mod Podge, you need to seal the print with a matte acrylic sealer. Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer will be a useful one for it. First of all, you have to spray a very light coat on the painting. Now repeat the action.

The incredible feature of Mod Podge is outdoor, and it is water-resistant. Moreover, it is the most durable when used on projects that are in a sheltered area.

5. How to Apply a Waterproof Acrylic Sealer for Crafts?

waterproof acrylic sealer for wood crafts

Acrylics painting is severe pain. So it should not be harm by the water. To make a picture waterproof, a painter should add a sealer over the acrylic paint. You have to prepare a surface for your painting so that it may become waterproof. Besides, you can protect all decoupage creations with water-resistant spray finishes.

For that, you can use mod podge sealers on top of water-based and oil-based paints, glazes, and varnishes. These are clean, dry, waterproof, and non-yellow in color. A painter may Apply Mod Podge to make the surface waterproof and smooth. The procedures are the same as using the Mod podge or any other sealer.

You need to ensure the fact that the texture has been dried carefully. After confirming the consistency of the surface, the wood and the painting get prepared for future use.


Question: How to prime wood for acrylic painting?

Answer: Raw wood should always be primed before painting as its High-solids content covers the wood pore.

You should Pour some primers into the paint tray and apply them around the edges of the wood with a paintbrush. after using the primer around the wood, you can switch to the paint roller.

Question: What is the best sealant for acrylic paint?

Answer: There are many famous brands of sealant for acrylic paint. The painter suggests different types of adhesive for their painting, and the most prominent of them are :

  • Golden Polymer Varnish
  • Liquitex Acrylic Polymer Varnish
  • Lascaux UV Varnish.

Question: Can you put a sealer over acrylic paint?

Answer: The simple answer is yes. To protect your painting, you have done this several times. The procedures are elementary, and they will make you confident in applying your coats evenly.

Question: Does acrylic paint stay on wood?

Answer: Acrylic paint stays on wood. There are different sorts of acrylic paints that serve wonderfully on wood. Moreover, oil, acrylic, and mixed media paints can also be painted onto wood.


If you want to draw with quick-drying paint, acrylic paint has no substitute for it. Though Acrylic paints are water-soluble, they become water-resistant after dry. To create a masterpiece with acrylic paint on wood, you have to more careful about the color’s consistency and how much it is diluted with water.

You will face problems if your wood has medium density. So, in that case, the only solution to overcoming the problem is to seal the surface with an appropriate sealer and dry it properly.

Then the wood gets ready to paint, and you can make a painting, wooden doll, frame, and so on!

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