How to Sand Table Legs -In 7 Effective Ways [Like a Pro]

The most challenging sanding task is to sand the chair or table legs. It is easy to sand when the surface is flat. But the table legs are not usually flat. Thus, you cannot sand the table legs easily because of its round and irregular shape.

Though the process of sanding table legs is a bit difficult it is not impossible. If you use some modified techniques and tricks then you will be able to sand them easily. Well, follow this article to know how to sand table legs.

How to Sand Table Legs

Table legs are difficult to sand because of its grooves. You cannot sand them like a flat surface. But, don’t worry. You can still sand it perfectly. Make sure that you have some chemical strippers and paintbrush and then follow the under mentioned process.

6 Ways to Sand Table Legs Spindle Perfectly:

Well, you cannot sand grooves with a regular sander. If you want to sand groove then you have to follow the steps that you already know by now. There are also some tricks that might make groove sanding easier for you. Take a look.

1. Use Rubber Contour

You can use rubber contour sanding for sanding grooves. These tools are very handy and you can use them both for concave or convex surfaces. These are kinds of rubber pads.

The rubber contour sander has many different sizes. You can choose the one that you need. This tool is amazing for sanding grooves. Moreover, They prevent radius distortion and hand fatigue. It is very is to sand grooves with rubber contour sander. Just that the pad that fitted in the groove area and keep sanding.

Contour Sanding Grip for sanding grooves
Hand Sanding Easy with Contour Sanding Grip=>

2. Use Radiator Hose

You can use a radiator hose for curvy places and grooves. It is also very easy to make.

First, grab a radiator hose and search for the horizontal part. After that, take a hacksaw and chop it off. Then clean it properly. Now, take a piece of sandpaper and stick it with adhesive. Your radiator hose is ready! Now you can sand the grooves easily with the help if this.

Use Radiator Hose wit sandpaper

3. Modify Your Sandpaper

You can modify your sandpaper a little by using duct tape to sand grooves of the table legs easily. There are some places that cannot be reached easily. For this, you can make a combo of sandpaper and duct tape. This is a very easy trick also.

You just have to attach some duct tape behind the sandpaper. After attaching, cut them in smaller stripes. Well, it is ready to use now. Use it to sand narrow places that are hard to reach.

modify sandpaper with duct tape

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4. Using Power Tools [More Faster Method]:

There are many sanding tools available on the market. You can use power tools to decrease the time of sanding. Moreover, Power sanders can be used in a large area as well as tight spots. It’s a faster method of sanding than using hand sanding tools. Take a look!

a) Dremel Tools

Dremel tools are the best for sanding tight spaces as various shapes and types of sanding accessories can be attached to the tool head. It can have three types of heads such as oscillating head, rotating head, and saw-like head. Also, they can have custom heads. This tool reaches almost every tight places that are hard to reach. No other power sanding tool is as effective as Dremel tools to sand in tight places.

sanding tight spaces as various shapes dremel tool
Sanding with a Rotary Tool [Dremel]=>
Dremel tools play an important role in sanding table legs. There are many tight spaces in table legs that cannot be sanded through the normal sander. That is why a Dremel tool is needed because you can attach any suitable head for sanding chair legs to the tool.

b) File Sander [Mini Belt Sander]

File sander (also known as mini belt sander) is one of the best sanding tools to sand hard to reach areas. Usually, it is used for accurately detailed sanding. You can reach a tight spot through its narrow belt. This small sanding tool is very amazing as you can also do powerful sanding with the belt sander.

As we know there are many tight places in the table leg that’s why file sander is also helpful for sanding legs. You can use its narrow belt to go to tight places and get accurate detail work.

sand hard to reach areas with mini belt sander
Mini Belt Sander is Useful for Spindle Table Legs Sanding=>

c) Detail Sander

The detail sander is usually used for sanding the corners. It has a triangular sanding pad. There are many similarities between the orbital sander and detail sander. But detail sander is better when it comes to sanding tight corners.

Detail sander can be used in sanding table legs. You can get the corners done by using this tool.

detail sander uses
Detail Sanding Dining Table’s Leg=>

5. Hand Sanding Tools & Tips

There are plenty of products in the market that can help you to sand the grooves easily. If you are able to buy products from the market then you can buy sanding disc or emery boards.

a) Emory Board

The Emory board is very narrow. Thus, it can reach the grooves easily. But the problem is the emery board takes too much time. If you try to do it fast you might ruin the design.

sanding hand tool Emory board

b) Sanding Disc

The sanding disc is better for this as it doesn’t take much time and gives you the desired finish. You can use a 3M roloc sanding disc. But do it slowly for better results. Don’t’ know what is the sanding Disc or block read here.

hand sanding with Sanding Disc
hand sanding made faster with Sanding Disc=>

6. Tricks to Sand Round Table Legs:

It is easy to sand a flat surface. But when it comes to a round surface it is not that easy. Well, the reason for this is the size of the sanding paper. Most of the sandpaper or sanding pads are flat. That’s why it is easy to sand a flat surface.

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Though sanding round surfaces such as table legs are difficult if you change the techniques a little bit then it will be easier than you can imagine.

First, take a knife and sandpaper. Cut the sandpaper carefully into stripes. Then move the strip back and forth to shape the round table legs or any other round object. If the sandpaper tears then get a new one or use some duct tape to the back of the previous one to make it work again.

duct tape with sandpaper modified tricks

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7. Sanding with Liquid Sander Deglosser & Sandpaper:

1. First, grab a paintbrush and apply a layer of coating of chemical stripper to the legs of the table. You can find chemical strippers at any home improvement store. Also, you can buy it online. Make sure that you buy the right one as the application process might vary. Follow the instructions on the package.

2. The chemical stripper that you applied has to set on the legs of the table. If you don’t give time then it will not set on the legs. Thus, it is important to give it the exact time that has been written on the instruction. Usually, 20 minutes is enough to set it on.

3. Now, take some water or mineral spirits. Then, dispel the chemical stripper by using these. If you get confused about water and mineral spirits take a look at the instructions. It will let you know which one is better to use. After removing the chemical stripper let table legs dry for 1 day or 24 hours.

4. Take a 120 grit sandpaper and sand away the remnants from the stripper. You will find some areas that are hard to reach. In that case, you can use a brass toothbrush. The brass toothbrush can be used for the grooves also.

5. Now, take a 220 grit sandpaper and sand the legs of the table again. The reason for sanding them again is to make them smoother. Don’t sand much. Try to sand lightly and do not give much pressure.

Final Words:

The sanding table might look easy but after you start doing it you will realize that it is not that easy as you will face many problems. But if you follow some process and trick it will be a lot easier. You already know what the process and tricks are.

counter grip chair leg moving tips
Sanding Turned Table Legs: Made Faster & Easy

Now, you can easily sand table as you know how to sand table legs which is the difficult part. If you have any question then you are always welcome to ask it. We will try to answer you. Also, if you find this article beneficial let us know in the comment box.

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