How to Sand Spindles on Different Wooden Parts

Imagine, a day you wake up early in the morning and rubbing away your chair using a piece of sandpaper. It takes a lot of time and effort, isn’t it? Thanks to having the spindle sander that will bring a smooth and flat finish to the wood pieces. But did you ever come to know how to sand on the spindle?

Sanding is more than practice than art, and to know how to do it, you must know the process. Let’s find out below and make some notes, hopefully, this will make sense to you.

How to sand spindles

How to Sand Spindles on Chairs, Deck, Railings, Staircase & Table?

Sanding on spindles is a versatile process and this process comes with different hacks at different circumstances. Here are the following scenarios, and each of them has different ways to sand them as well. Let’s educate you on how to sand on spindles in versatile wooden parts below.

Sanding Chair Spindles:

Sanding Chair Spindles low grit sandpaper

  1. First off, be mindful that a wood chair is a delicate substance and it tends to scratch out. For that, low-grit sandpaper would be handy while attempting to smooth out.
  2. After that, try not to apply excess pressure while sanding. You can wrap up the sandpaper across the spindle or arm then do some sanding work across in a vertical motion. Go with this easy process, until you see the results.
  3. At the end of the sanding process make sure you use a nonabrasive cloth to wash out the dust.

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The Best way to Sand Deck spindles:

This is done when the deck has some risen splinters.

best way to sand Deck edges of railings stairs
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  1. Inspect all the surfaces where you need to sand like the edges, railings, and stairs.
  2. Then, unscrew the old one or replace them carefully, also ensure repair, if necessary.
  3. Now you step ahead to sand the surface and your goal is to make the surface as smooth as you can. Here, you also need Sandpapers and the grit should not rougher than 80.
  4. Finally, you can start sanding with the outer edges of the deck board, and it seems tough from one deck design to another. You may go through the hard time when the railings would have low bottom along with the baluster rail. In that case, a small sander would be effective to reach every area.

How to sand on Railings:

After the board edges, you should come to know the steps of sanding railing spindles. It is quite visible to us and so it should sand first.

sanding railing spindles with orbital sander
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  1. Over there, the handrail part is the most important place to sand as it leads to injured hands.
  2. Using sandpaper now you can raise the grit up to 100, and make sure you sand on every crevice across the surface.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, different sanders for different situations, so here you can use an even sander for the most smoothen result. Once, you are done with this wipe out all the dust or debris. Read Also: Orbital Sander vs Dual Action Sander

How to sand Staircase Spindles:

Do you have stair parts that falter? Then here you need to know staircase spindles sanding. Normally, the sanding is important due to the circular lines, and it comes visible after staining the spindles. In that case, any hand-held portable sanders would come effective. As you know Sandpaper is a must so you will need two grades of them, light to heavy.

  1. Take 100 grit of sandpaper and fold it thrice. After that, wrap it around that spindle. Hold it with sandpaper, grab it from the top, and use another hand.
  2. Now, rub it back and forth, and simple twisting the spindle would be great when encircling it. If you do the process, I mean several strokes of back and forth, a new shape comes to it. Continue with the process, until you see the sawdust that falls from your sandpaper.
  3. For round spindles, you need to know how to sand round spindles. For that, cut it the sandpaper according to the shape of that round areas then continue with the regular process like number 2.
  4. Now, wipe out all the dust or debris with a non-abrasive cloth, take a deep breath as you are done!

NOTE: Sanding spindles on the staircase would be just like the process of how to sand banister spindles. The difference comes with the banister sanding is with spraying the aerosol varnish. Besides, you need to sand it twice using 100-grit sandpaper then use the spray and then again use 180-grit sandpaper, and then spray over there for the final time.

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How to Sand Spindle Table Legs

Table legs are one of the most difficult places for sanding especially for tight places and grooves. But still, there is a way to sand it perfectly. If you don’t know that then follow my tips on how to sand table legs. Make sure you have a paintbrush and you bring chemical stripper and apply it. It is available in the maximum home improvement stores so bring it at home.

Here are some ways that will help you out from sanding on table legs.

  1. Follow the instruction on how to use them from the chemical stripper instruction.
  2. As you have read the instructions, apply that certain amount of chemical across the legs. Afterward, take your time some around 20 minutes. Now the time comes to remove it using mineral spirits after that wait like 24 hours.
  3. Once you see it dry, now you can go to the sanding process. Here you need sandpaper with 120-grit. After that, brush the shallow grooves especially where it is hard to reach.
  4. Now, you need the real heavy sandpaper-like 220-grit to smooth them out.

What is Spindle Sander?

Let me tell you what is a spindle sander? Any handheld spindle sander looks like the regular sander; besides it comes with spindles. It deals with the rough curved edges, and smooth the saw marks. Therefore, experts say sanding is more than art which comes from years and sweat.

sand rough curved edges Spindle Sander
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May be the operation of any spindle sanders more or less are the same, but there are differences. So, you will find it in variable sizes. Some are like the floor machine that easily stands alone without support, others do fit and sit on the bench, and portables are normally hand-held. Floor models come with larger shapes for commercial use and thus it is pricey. On the flip side, bench-top models require less room, and you can use it for residential use, so it is easy to use.

Final Thought

Every way to know how to sand on spindles, then every tip comes to accomplish how we explained here. As a result, our write up ended up successful. Make sure you choose the right sandpaper based on different sanding parts and do some practice with another piece of wood. Finally, start your first sanding work, and save your time and effort from it.

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