How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete Patio & Driveway

Even after taking the highest precautions, your sealed or unsealed concrete floors of the garage, patios, or sidewalks can get affected by wood stains. The beautification of these areas can get ruined by wood stains.

At this point, you might be wondering about removing the wood stain from concrete but don’t know how to do that.

Depending on the severity of wood stains, you can follow several methods.

This tutorial will review the most common method of how to remove wood stain from concrete. Let’s learn more.

How to Remove Spilled Wood Stain from Concrete – 7 Step by Step Process:

The process is pretty straightforward. Overall you will need to spend 30 – 60 minutes to accomplish the whole process.

how to remove wood stain from concrete

Required Ingredients:

  • Soft and fresh cloth or paper towel
  • Regular household cleaner
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Brush
  • Hand gloves
  • Goggles
  • Bucket
  • Mop

Step 01: Act Quickly

Concrete is a type of porous component Liquid spills can quickly soak into porous materials. So, it is advisable to remove any liquid spills from concrete before soaking in. For this, you should use a soft cloth. Removing them will become effortless when you act quickly.

Step 02: Buying the Ideal Cleaner

Surfing in the local or hardware or home improvement stores, you will find several types of a concrete stain cleaner.

Simple Green Concrete Driveway Cleaner
Concrete Cleaner=>

You can choose concrete cleaner, degreaser, deglosser, stone stain remover, etc. from the market according to your preference. Out of all these cleaners, the concrete cleaner is the best because they are specially formulated for removing wood stains from concrete. Most cleaners work effectively to remove the wood stain, grease, oil, or dirt.

Degreaser works well on wooden surfaces and stone stain removers are suitable for stone stain removal.

Before buying a wood stain cleaner for concrete, read the remover’s label carefully. You have to make sure that the particular type of stain remover is suitable for fulfilling the requirement.

Step 03: Do a Spot Test

A few concrete stain removers are available that can create a stain of their own when applying. It happens mostly on those concrete surfaces which have tinted stain coat or print. So, how to know about this type of stain remover? A spot test is the only solution at this point.

Before starting a larger project:

  1. Make as much as a little mixture of the stain remover and select an out-of-sight location to apply it.
  2. After applying, give it a rest for 15 – 20 minutes.
  3. If it creates a spot or other problems, select another cleaner instead of solving the stain problem.

Step 04: Preparing the Surface

Use a paper towel or a fresh and soft cloth to remove the wood stain if it is still wet. Wipe off the stain as much as possible.

Clean the whole surface to remove any dust or dirt. Also, if there is any item near the wood stain, keep them aside because rinsing the floor is a part of the process. While rinsing, these items will be saved from getting wet.

Step 05: Preparing the Wood Stain Remover from Concrete

You can’t prepare the wood stain remover of your method. Read the instruction from the label and prepare it accordingly.

Ensure wearing safety gear such as goggles and skin protectors. You may need to wear chemical-resistant gloves when working with wood stain remover. The product label has every instruction regarding safety precaution, don’t forget to read it intently before starting the work.

Step 06: Applying the Concrete Stain Remover

Applying concrete Stain Remover with pressure Washer

Pour the concrete stain remover on the stained area. Use a soft brush to scrub the area. Do your best when scrubbing the stained area as much as possible. Give the cleaner a rest for 15 – 20 minutes.

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner
Pressure Washer=>

Note: A Pressure Washer is more effective to clean the concrete floor with the help of a concrete cleaner solution. It helps to remove tough oil types stains, rust stains, automative grease, automotive fluids, car tire marks, etc from driveways, walkways, patios, and masonry.

Step 07: Rinsing the Floor with Warm Water

After 15 – 20 minutes, use a hose to clean the floor thoroughly. Using a hose is not mandatory, and a few water buckets will also be beneficial at this point. Then remove water using a push broom or squeegee. In the end, let the floor dry.

Step 08: Follow the Same Process, If Required

Don’t be sad if you find that the wood stain is still found on the concrete. It is common when the stain is old. Cleaning the surface many times is necessary when you are unsatisfied with the outcome. Since the process is not a difficult one, continue the same process. Remember to add less water when preparing the cleaner and give the cleaner a rest for 25 – 30 minutes after applying on the concrete.

Isn’t the process so simple? Hopefully, you can successfully accomplish the project following the above instruction.

2. Soda Blasting Process:

Soda Blasting Process

It is an entirely new method of removing paint from concrete. The working process of soda blasting is similar to sandblasting. But it is not rough on the concrete surface.

In this process, a soda blaster and NaHCO₃ (Sodium Bicarbonate) are the main components. When working with the soda blaster, you have to be very careful. After preparing the blaster, evenly spray the NaHCo3 from a safe distance. Also, ensure wearing a respiratory mask during the entire process.

If you don’t want to buy a soda blaster, you can rent it from your nearest hardware store.

Also, professionals are available to do this job. So, if you don’t feel confident, take assistance from professionals.

Important Note: Sodium Bicarbonate has a high pH level. So, don’t keep any plants in your surroundings when working with soda blasters.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Regular cleaning and quick action will help you to keep the concrete surface free from wood stains.
  • Use a squeegee or soft cloth to soak up liquid spills and act to it as early as possible.
  • New wood stains on concrete can easily be removed without taking help from concrete strainers.
  • Don’t leave the concrete surface with water for a long time. The stain will go deeper into the concrete if you do so.

3. Will Paint Thinner Remove Oil Stains from Concrete?

Paint thinner is normally put together with oil-based paint to make it light and getable to apply. Minera spirits, white spirits, turpentine, toluene, or xylene are the paint thinners normally used.

Besides diluting paint, it can also be used for removing the stain, ink, glue, grease, or wax from concrete, cement, brick, or stone. So, don’t worry if you accidentally spilled some paint on your driveway or patio, some paint thinner will save the place.

paint stripper or Paint Thinner
Paint stripper & Paint Thinner=>

How to Apply Paint Thinner for Wood Stain Removal:

It’s a very easy process to go for. Pour some paint thinner on the paint stain and sprinkle some absorbent like baby powder. Let them stay like that for at least a day and clean the surface. Hopefully, you will find no stain onwards. Repeat the process again if needed until the stain has vanished.

For oil-based paints, paint thinner is alright but what to do if it’s latex paint? Well, you have to use normal soap and hot water for this kind of paint instead of paint thinner. You cannot use the thinner here. Working with this material is risky as it’s highly flammable and hazardous. Working in an open place carefully is needed.

4. Removing Wood Stain with Muriatic Acid

uses of Muriatic Acid
Muriatic Acid=>

Removal of wood stain on concrete isn’t easy when the color is stubborn to go. That’s when you need to choose the most corrosive material in this manner. Hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid is the component I am telling you about. As this one is harmful to your skin, you have to wear rubber gloves to handle it.

This strong material needs to get diluted with some water. Initially, a 1:20 ratio of muriatic acid and water is fine. But if it doesn’t work accordingly, you can change the ratio to 2:19. If it still doesn’t work, you have to make it strong by changing the ratio.

Wash the stain normally with this mixture and continue until the stain is gone. A powdery residue is found on the surface after washing that can be removed by rinsing. I bet; it will work properly. To obstruct further stain, seal the concrete properly.

What to Do If the Stain Is on Pavers or Driveway?

Oil Stain Grease Remover Concrete Garage Floors Driveways
Oil Stain Grease Remover=>

Using chemicals on your driveway and pavers can be harmful to the grass and plants around the area. So, is there any solution? Of course, there is. Before the stain treating process, soak the plants and the lawn with water for about half an hour. Once they are filled with water, there will be no space for the chemicals to go in.

Anyway, don’t take any risk as some plants may be very sensitive. Try to wash the whole place after the treatment also.

5. Removing Wood Stain by Homemade Poultice

We don’t always have chemicals or a particular product ready at our home when needed. If you carelessly stain the concrete while painting your wooden stuff, you can remove it by following some easy steps with the available ingredients at your home. The steps are given below.

Removing counter stains with DIY poultice

  • The first thing you should do is to take an old rag or a paper towel to blot out the stain. In this way, the extra color on the cement or concrete will be soaked up. It will stop the extra stain to go deep into the porous surface. After soaking, dispose of it in the garbage bag.
  • After cleaning the surface, you can put some absorbents on it. I usually use baby powder and it works great. You can also use kitty litter if you have it at your home. Leave it for 24 hours by wrapping it with plastic wrap. Clean it up when the time is over.
  • Now, only the minimal stain exists and you need some liquid soap, water, and nylon brush to make them disappear. Spray some soap and water and brush it until the stain is gone. After finishing this job, you have to use some absorbent to soak the soap up. A paper towel will do the work to remove them all. A finishing wash with hot water will do the rest. If the stain is too stubborn to go, repeat the process all over again.
  • If these don’t work, you may need to make a poultice with the absorbent and acetone. You can use nail polish remover as it contains enough acetone. Mix them together until a thin paste is formed. When the paste is ready, spread it on the stain, cover it with a plastic wrap, and let it dry thoroughly. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves before working with these ingredients.

Acetone takes time to work on the stain. So, have patience and when it’s dry, use a spatula to remove the poultice. After that, clean it with a wet paper cloth and your fresh concrete is ready to shine.

6. Removing Concrete Stain by Using Bleach

When it’s time to remove any kind of stain, the first thing that comes to our mind is bleach. I usually use this on my clothes but the regular household bleach won’t work on the wood stain. A different bleach named wood-bleaching agent is needed to accomplish this removal. The main ingredient is oxalic acid of this bleach that you will get as a crystal powder in the store.

Precautions such as eye protection, rubber gloves, nylon scrub brush with a long hand are needed as it is quite a toxic material. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for mixing it. A well-ventilated place will be okay to do the job.

After that, apply the mixture to the stain and wait for 15 minutes. Cleaning the area afterwards will give the result you wanted to see.

7. Removing Dried Stain by Using Sandblast

remove paint concrete dustless sandblasting

If you are worried about how to remove spilled wood stains from cement, you need to follow this process carefully. It also helps to remove the dried stain from concrete. Well, I am talking about sandblasting. It surely does sound harsh but believe me, it works.

You can rent a sandblaster from any local store and get the instructions on using it. By following the instructions, you can get an effective result. It creates quite a mess with all the sands. Cleaning after the process is a must.

How to Remove Paint Stain from Concrete?

Removing paint stains from concrete is quite similar to removing the wood stain from the concrete process. I used the word “quite similar” because you will need to use different ingredients to complete the process, and the steps are similar.

Instead of wood stain remover, you have to use a paint stripper. And using respiratory is mandatory when stripping paint from concrete.

However, I will share a natural process of stripping paint from concrete. This process will help if you don’t want to use chemicals.


Question: Can you remove oil from concrete with baking soda?

Answer: Yes, you can do it. Sprinkle a large amount of baking soda on the stained area and use a brush to scrub the area. Wait for 24 hours, then wash it and see the magic.

Question: How to remove wood stain from unsealed concrete?

Answer: Using specialized wood stain remover will allow you to remove wood stain from unsealed concrete.

Question: How can I remove wood stain from porous concrete?

Answer: Following several methods, you can remove wood stain from porous concrete. Methods are:

  • Using wood stain remover
  • Applying paint stripper
  • Taking assistance from soda blaster

Final Words

It’s not easy to get rid of the paint stain within some minutes. But if you know how to remove wood stain from concrete, it would be easier for you to carry away the stain. With the methods I have mentioned above, you can do it by yourself. Pick the handy material you have and start the procedure; the stain will be gone for good. Varnishing and painting anew will give the concrete a new and fresh look too. If you want to know more about removing paint stains, you can feel free to ask.

The process of removing the wood stain from concrete is tricky yet straightforward. Whatever approach you follow regarding how to remove wood stain from concrete, ensure taking proper safety precautions.

Hopefully, following the above steps, you can sweep off all the wood stains from the concrete surface. Feel free to comment in the below comment box if you have any queries. I will be happy to reply to you.

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