Remove Glued Down Outdoor Carpet from Concrete Floor: 4 Effective Ways

It becomes hard when you try to renovate your home and gets into trouble when comes the time of renovating the floor. If the concrete is warped with carpet from the beginning, then the trouble is even double. One of the most painful reasons behind it is the remnant adhesive of the carpet.

When you try to remove the several years old lying carpet from the concrete floor, it will leave behind some sort of stubborn glue.

Then it becomes important to know how to remove glued down outdoor carpet from the concrete floor. If you follow certain tricks and ways, you can save some of your hard toils for sure because the adhesive of carpet never listens to any product easily. You have to careful both in choosing products and adopting ways to get rid of the glued-down outdoor carpet.

Therefore, we took the chance to enlighten you with the right paths and ways to get into the solution for the grim problem.

How to Remove Glued Down Outdoor Carpet from Concrete

What will Dissolve Carpet Glue?

Carpet glue comes with excessive asbestos which makes the work of removing the glue from a certain surface very hard. This glue of the carpet abolishes the natural beauty of the concrete and affects the concrete floor with the disgusting stain.

The glue also attracts dust and helps to put several layers of debris on the floor. Therefore, knowing how to remove carpet adhesive from concrete and what products will help to dissolve the carpet glue is useful.

Floor Stripper:

Floor Stripper

Floor stripper is a very strong and useful chemical that works hilariously on the concrete floor to abolish the sign of glue. But floor stripper comes with a high range of VOCs. This amount is harmful to the environment and for the user as well.

Therefore, before applying the floor stripper, the important amenities of the house should be warped properly with plastic. Also, the applier should wear a safety suit before starting the work of applying the floor stripper. The floor stripper helps to strip the massive part of stubborn adhesive leaving behind some residue only.

Floor Scraper:

If you are wondering how to remove glued down carpet pad from concrete floor, then there is a very maneuverable tool for you and it’s a floor scrapper. This tool comes with an extension with the scraper to pull out the glue from its very root. It also helps to cover optimum leverage on both concrete floor and wall.

The extended handle of the floor scraper helps to reduce back pain and bending for a long time. Though this tool is very user-friendly, you’ll still have to count a lot of labor. From a thin layer of glue to mastic adhesive, the floor scraper is very good assistance.

Concrete Floor Adhesive Remover:

Among the concrete floor adhesive removers, we found some extraordinary removers that work instantly and effectively to break down the mastic adhesive. These removers are easy to found and offer great help in solving the problem. Let’s check them out.

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a) Acetone:


Another powerful assistant for the job of stripping carpet glue is acetone. Acetone is used as a degreaser to degrease deep-rooted grease from surfaces like metal, concrete, and so on. Therefore, this chemical is completely safe for the determined job.

As acetone carries ingredients to wear down the cured adhesive, it is considered a wise and fast solution to remove glue from the surface. It dissolves the glue finely taking almost 5 to 10 minutes and loosens the relation of the bonding of the glue.

b) WD-40:

WD 40 is a very popular substance for its availability and effectiveness in the determined work. The dedication of the product is really praiseworthy as it can be easily applied on the affected floor and make the floor cure.

WD-40 has the capability to tackle with super and mastic glue of the carpet. Besides, you can get the substance anywhere from the hardware store. Also, for its fast workability, this household solution is one of the mainstays of many houses.

c) Goo Gone:

Goo Gone, with its massive ability to tackle mastic adhesive, is another best adhesive remover. This remover works magically both on soft and hard surfaces. No matter the glue is on a soft surface like a carpet or a hard surface like concrete, this solvent dissolves glue without putting any bad impact on the surface at all.

This product has a great ability to dissolve chewing gum, carpet glue, stickers, crayon, and other stubborn glue from their nip and takes very little time to accomplish its job.

How to Remove Glued Down Outdoor Carpet from Concrete Floor – In 8 Steps:

It’s already tough to strip indoor carpet from the concrete floor that has been glued down for years and it’s more difficult when you try to strip glued down outdoor carpet from concrete floor. The adhesive of the carpet becomes filled with dust and debris and creates several layers of germs.

This takes a lot to go back to its normal phase and several ways need to be followed to achieve the goal. Let’s check the steps we are taking for the job at once.

Step 1: Gather your Materials:

This is the most important segment before you start to do the job. Peeling off the glue requires materials that can be easily got from Amazon or any hardware store near your home. Let’s see the materials:-

  1. Floor scraper
  2. Boiled water
  3. Hand gloves
  4.  Knee pads
  5. Face mask
  6. Elbow grease
  7. Towel
  8. Hard bristle brush
  9. A glue remover
  10. Floor cleaner

Step 2: Wear Your Safety Suit:

After collecting the important materials, it’s time you wear your safety suit at once. From dodging any injury, wearing hand gloves and knee pads is a must. And a face mask will work as a shield to protect your sinuses from dust and allergies.

Otherwise, if you are an asthma patient and don’t adopt the requirements before starting the job then your lungs will be greatly affected by the dust and debris of the old glued down carpet. It will also make you suffer in the long run. Therefore, better wear the safety suit properly.

Step 3: Scrape the Concrete Floor:

Scrape the Concrete Floor adhesive

This third step will teach you how to remove glued down carpet pads and even yellow carpet glue from the concrete. With the floor scraper, you can attain what you want from the floor. The tool cooperates in stripping the glue padding to a large extent.

You can defeat a massive part of the glued-down outdoor carpet with the help of the floor scraper. The scraper is also safe for concrete surfaces as the surface possesses the hardness to withstand the depression of the floor scraper. Still, a certain amount of carefulness is required.

Step 4: Pour Boiled Water:

scraping the floor with floor scrapper

The floor scraper works so fantastically that it participates in abolishing most of the glue from the floor. But for the entire removal, more significant steps should be adopted. And pouring hot water on the affected floor is another important step so far. Some stubborn glue is so hard that they require to be softened before it breaks down.

And boiled water serves the job by loosening the strength of the hardened glue. Before hitting the floor with hot water, place towels on the floor to protect it from the direct heat. Then while pouring hot water, make sure you are not splashing it on your skin. Lower the bowl of hot water and pour it gently.

For an alternative to boiled water, you can also use mineral spirit. But because it’s costly, use it when the space is not large enough.

Step 5: Wait for Some Minutes and Scrape Again:

To let the hardened glue soften, it will take some time after spreading hot water on it. Give it at least 30 minutes so the boiled water can deeply penetrate through the stubborn glue and destroy the bonding and release the molecules from it.

After 30 minutes, scrape the floor again. Make sure the boiled water doesn’t get cooled by the 30 minutes due to immense ventilation. Start scraping the floor again as soon as the time’s over.

This time the scraping with the floor scrapper will be more effective, as it will remove the remaining glue to a great extent if you repeat the process of applying boiled water and scraping several times.

Step 6: Apply Elbow Grease and Brush the Place:

apply elbow grease and brush on the concrete

The next step is for the situation if there is a residue of the glue on the floor. The elbow grease can withdraw the little amount of stubborn residue perfectly from the floor. Mind that, elbow grease is for the use of removing hardened residue and it takes a little labor.

Mix the degreaser with warm water to make it even more useful. Take a rag and dip it into the solution. Wrinkle the rag and make it damp. Then sweep the floor properly. Take a hard-bristle brush and rub the place where the residue is with it. Then wipe the place with clear water. Try to do the same process until you get rid of the residue from the place.

Step 7: Apply Glue Remover:

Apply Glue Remover on concrete

If there is still some glue lingering on the concrete floor, it’s time to adopt a quality glue remover. You can choose any of the glue removers that we’ve discussed in our earlier segment as they are reliable and heavy-duty. But these removers contain toxic chemicals to defeat the stubbornness of the glue and therefore, you need to careful while using them.

However, you can use acetone for the removal of carpet glue. If acetone is absent, you can use nail polish remover for the job. This substance is safe and secures your floor tremendously. Spread the product on the glue-affected area. Make sure it covers the area properly. Then give it 5 to 10 minutes to set.

Step 8: Scrub the Remover and Clean the Floor:

This is the last step of the whole process. After you let the remover set on the floor for some time, you need to scrub the glue-affected area. To scrub the area, you can use the same old hard-bristle brush. Then rinse the place with clear water.

The remover should abolish the lingering glue and if not then apply the remover and scrub the floor again till the glue is completely gone.

Now it’s time to get a quality cleanser to give a final cleaning to the floor. Mop the whole floor with the cleanser and make the concrete surface look as fresh as before.

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Question: Will vinegar remove carpet glue?

Answer: Vinegar is a very strong substance that helps in household chores and it certainly helps in removing carpet glue to a large extent. You need to mix white vinegar with hot water to complete the whole remedy. This simplest remedy serves its purpose amazingly on any type of surface.

From wood to concrete, you can use the remedy to dissolve the hardened adhesive on them. Let the remedy soak the adhesive for some time and it will then wear down the strength of the glue and dissolve it eventually.

Question: What is the easiest way to remove glued down carpet?

Answer: The easiest way to remove glued down carpet is to scrape the floor with a floor scraper till the massive part of the glue is stripped. Also, boiled water or spirit can do the job within some minutes. As glued-down carpet makes the floor devastated, the easiest way even evokes a large amount of labor.

However, you can use concrete floor adhesive remover and a scrubber to minimize the labor. It will also require hard labor though the way is easier enough.

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