Radial Arm Saw vs Miter Saw: Which One Is Ideal For Your Use

Owning a perfect wood saw for any of your wood cutting projects can become a blessing sometimes.

You may wonder why I am saying the term blessing! It is because; only the perfect saw can help you to complete the job effectively, accurately, and smoothly. However, a perfect saw indicates knowing the saw in detail, knowing how it is work, and why it is better for.

So today, the selection between the Radial Arm Saw and Miter Saw may become an overwhelming process for the beginner.

Therefore to solve the dilemma of our user, we are here today with the details on- Radial Arm Saw vs Miter Saw: which one is ideal for your use.

In this article, we discuss the difference between features, uses, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of both tools.

Let’s Go In-Depth-

Radial Arm Saw vs Miter Saw


What is Radial Arm Saw:

Radial Arm Saw

This saw has a circular saw which is mounted on the sliding horizontal arm of the device. This saw was primarily intended to cut the large wood log or limbs.

However, this saw becomes the less popular woodcut device now a day. But this device has a versatile property, which still makes this machine available into many professional woodcutters’ working place.

A Radial Arm Saw is Ideal For:

A radial saw is ideal for many types of cuts. Some of them are

-Crosscuts Miters

-Bevels and Compound Cuts

-Dadoes and Rabbets

-Ripping etc.


  • This saw features a circular blade as the cutting device.
  • This saw can progress its cutting operation using 12 to 22-inch blade dia.
  • Users can add a new fence with the existing fence of this device.
  • Can rotate accordingly.
  • Safety features can incorporate externally.


Ideal for crosscutting your thicker limber: The most advantage side of using the radial arm saws are, you can use this saw to get any crosscuts of your limber. Though the user has to face some difficulties in adjusting the saw, once it is complete successfully, it can give the superb work efficiency to cut a rough board or any thicker limber.

Provide versatile use: This saw not only give you simple woodcutting, rather than you will able to do some others work like,


-Drum sanding

-Levelling the board

-Horizontal boring and so many more.

Can cut heavy and harder wood: Unlike a milter saw or a table saw, you can use this saw to cut any heavy and harder wood effectively. Even you don’t have to push your wood log towards the saw blade to cut it.

The most comfortable thing is that only pulling the wood log towards you will make you capable of cutting your wood pieces successfully.

Need a relatively smaller space: Another advantage of this saw is that you only need a smaller space to place this device. When a table saw need a more significant place in your work station, radial arm saw will take merely a small area.


  • Don’t contain enough Safety features.
  • They become back-dated.
  • Highly expensive.
  • Not as versatile as the table saws.

What is Miter Saw:

Miter Saw

A Miter saw is a wood cutting device, which is portable and contains a circular blade to cut the wood preciously and quickly. Including the Hinged arm, an attached workpiece with the slit and side fence, make this saw unique and effective than any other power tool available into the market.

A Miter saw is Ideal for: A milter saw is ideal for trimming and all angular woodcuts. However, a milter saw is ideal for-




-Compound cut etc.


  • Miter saw machine is run on a motorized system.
  • Featuring several blade sizes ranging within 8 to 12 inches.
  • Featuring a depth stops.
  • It has an in-built system for locking the rotation angle.
  • It contains a safety blade guard.
  • Clamps are available with this device.
  • It is featuring the side Fence.


It provides an angular cut of the wood: Using this saw makes you capable of obtaining an angular framework cut for your DIY project or to make your door and window frame.

Provide very precise work: Only a milter saw can use to cut an accurate meter or bevel cut. The exciting thing is that this saw can cut even some softer materials like plastic very efficiently.

It is a portable saw: A miter saw can easily use as a stationary wood cutting gadget. It is a mobile device and can move as per user demand.

Safest Saw: Unlike the radial arm saw, this saw contains some safety features like, including a blade guard with the saw. Therefore it is the safest saw available in the market.

Affordable: Moreover, you can afford it. It is relatively less expensive saw available now a day.


  • Heavy wood cannot cut through this saw.
  • Not so powerful.
  • It takes a relatively more extensive space.

Differences of Miter Saw Vs Radial Arm Saw:


Radial Arm Saw

Miter Saw


Complex design

Simple and compact design.





  • Rip Cuts. 

  • Crosscuts.

  • Miter& compounds cut.

  • It can cut the thicker limb.

  • Crosscuts. 

  • Milter cuts.

  • Compounds cuts.

  • Cut angles.

  • A 90-degree woodcut.


Sometimes dangerous.

It contains a safety blade guard, therefore safe for the user.


  • Powerful

  • Give an accurate crosscut.

  • Vast actions.

  • It is featuring a higher cutting depth.

  • Precise action. 

  • Easy to use and low maintenance.

  • Safe for the user.

  • Compact design; need low space.

  • Light in weight.

  • Portable.

  • Suitable to cut angles.

  • Suitable for crown molding, picture frames, door frames, window casings, and more.


  • Dangerous. 

  • Heavy in weight.

  • Not portable.

  • Rarely expensive.

  • Backdated.

  •  Larger pieces cannot cut. 

  • Some types are expensive.

  • Not as powerful as a radial arm saw.

Radial Arm Saw vs Miter Saw: which one is the Best?

Radial arm saw has only one advantage over the miter saw, and that is, using the dado blade, it can crosscut the wood. This is now a day become the most dangerous weapon for causing the injury of the user.

Anyway, you may need to use the radial arm saw to crosscut and to cut across the wood log. You cannot find any alternate of using the Radial arm saw if you want to shape and trimming the lumber.

Though one single company of USA, still now manufacturing radial arm saw, actually there is no alternative of the miter saw.

Miter saws are one upgraded wood cutting device, featuring the most precise engineering technology.

The TCT safety guarded blade, blade ranging capability within 8 to 12-inch dia, makes the saw worthy of cutting several accurate dados.

A miter saw can bring some significant advantage to cut all types of moldings like the frame of the window and the door, baseboard, etc.

This saw also use to quickly cut any cross cut for any selected angles, slopes, a 90-degree cut, and a compound cut.

So which saw is ideal for use, totally depends on your choice, the types of your needs, and affording ability.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

FAQ-1: Why Radial Arm Saws are dangerous to the user?

Answer: Generally, a radial arm saw contain fewer safety features than the other upgraded saw present in the market.

However, you can purchase several safety items and can incorporate them into your saw to minimize the saw danger.

FAQ-2: What are the limitations of the Miter Saw?

Answer: A miter saw has some upgraded safety measures; thereby, most of the saw user shows their tendency to use this device.

However, you must not use this device if your wood timber contains any loose part attached.

A free wood part, or any foreign parts connected with the wood, may through to the user at high speed, which may cause serious injury to the body.

Some Safety Tips Related To Your Saw:

  • Do online or offline research elaborately before purchasing the saw. Compared each saw regarding their safety features, functions, and upgraded technology incorporated with.
  • Do not forget to read the leaflet or user manual before you start to run your saw.
  • Wear all the safety gear before you start to run your saw.
  • Saws are expensive devices, and most probably, you cannot buy it in each month. So do frequent maintenance to prevent any premature wear and tear of your saw.
  • Once you have complete you one operation, let your saw blade totally off and then start the next activity.
  • Place the saw out of reach of the children. When your saw is in the resting stage, don’t forget to cover the saw blade adequately.

Final verdict:

So this is all about on- Radial Arm Saw vs. Miter Saw: which one is ideal for your use. If you liked our article even a little bit, please don’t forget to share it with others.

Happy sewing!

Thank you.

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