How to Protect Wooden Dining Table

Wood furniture is popular because of its’ elegant look and durability. Almost everyone lives with wood furniture. But the main problem with having wood furniture is the maintenance part. You have to protect wood furniture from scratches, temperature, weather, dust, etc. Otherwise, in no time it will lose its’ elegance and look dull.

However, in this article, we are focusing on how to protect the wooden dining table. You might think that protecting a wooden dining table is a hard task. But it is not. You don’t have to give a lot of time for this purpose. You just need to be regular. That’s all. Now, let’s dig into deep.

6 Ways to Seal and Protect a Wooden Dining Table Top:

It is essential to seal the top of the wooden table as it will protect your wooded tabletop from many things such as scratching and scraping. Also, it highlights the beauty of your table. So, it is wise to seal the tabletop if you want a beautiful and long-lasting one. There are many products out there in the market, which can give you a perfect sealant.

How to Protect Wooden Dining Table

Tung Oil:

apply tung oil table top
apply tung oil to tabletop=>

Most woodworkers value the finish created by tung oil because tung oil conjoin subtle visual warmth to your tabletop. The main benefit of this sealant is, it does not become darker when it becomes aged.

The best way of applying tung oil is by rubbing it into the periphery with a cloth. If you want to protect the table cloth, two or three coats will be sufficient. But, when it comes to a tabletop, six coats of tung oil will be needed, especially if you want a water-resistant sealer coat.

Traditional Shellac:

Shellac traditional penetrating sealant tabletop
apply Shellac to tabletop=>

Shellac is a traditional penetrating sealant that has been used since colonial days on American tabletops. You can see the wood details with tremendous clarity if you use traditional shellac on the top of your wooden table, which is impressive.

Amber shellac also provides kind of the same clarity. But the difference between these is, amber shellac puts warmth to light-coloured woods. However, you can apply traditional shellac by using a wiping cloth or brush. Three thin coats of shellac are perfect for a moisture-resistant tabletop.

Polyurethane Finishes:

Polyurethane Finishes give a transparent film over a wooden tabletop. It protects the wooden table against scratches and dents. It also provides a moisture-resistant barrier.

Polyurethanes works great as sealants for wooden dining tables or gaming tables as they block milk, spilled water, alcoholic beverages, and greasy food from infiltrating through to the wood beneath.

How to Protect Unfinished Wooden Table with Tung Oil:

Oftentimes, we have to use unfinished wooden tables due to many reasons, which are fearsome as unfinished furniture tends to ruin easily. But, if we seal the unfinished table with tung oil, it will last longer than you ever thought. Tung oil will not change the color of the wooden table. It will just add some gloss or shine. Also, it will protect the wooden surface from pollen, dirt, scratches, and other airborne soils.

Generally, oil finishes are one step process unless the finish is worn or damaged. Now, take a look at the process.

First, clean the unfinished wooden table’s surface and make sure that there is no trace of dust and dirt. You can use a dry cloth for cleaning the surface. After cleaning with a cloth:

a) Clean it again with 150 grit sandpaper.

b) Sand the surface lightly to remove marks.

c) Clean the surface again with a damp cloth and let it dry.

After that, take a small amount of tung oil onto a dry, clean rag and apply it to the table. You have to rub the oil gently so that, it goes into the wood. Don’t forget to apply oil on any exposed surface.

After applying the oil, let it dry properly. It might take up to 72 hours. You can also add a second coat of oil for further durability.

Things to Avoid that Ruin your Table Top Surface:

A wooden table gives your home an elegant look. But, it is necessary to protect your wooden table from things from certain things to maintain a beautiful look. Otherwise, it will lose its’ elegance with time. Many things such as scratches, liquids, temperature, weather, etc can cause trouble to your wooden dining table. Thus, it would be best if you protected it. Let’s see the problems and the way of protecting the wooden dining table in detail.

a) Scratches:

Many things can give scratch on the top of the dining table such as keys, watches, forks, etc. Sometimes, it leaves scratches when you directly move something perched on the surface or when the base of a laptop, pot, or any other item has pads underneath them. Scratches make your table look dull. To prevent your wooden dining table from scratches, try to use table cloths or placemats.

b) Liquids:

Liquids are hazardous for wooden furniture, including the dining table. If you unexpectedly spill any liquid on your wooden table, the wood will soak it unless you clean it properly. It is very harmful as liquid damage, both the wood and the finish.

To avoid damage, you can use Glass on the top of your dining table, or you can also use placemats. Glass on top is the best option as it will protect the entire tabletop.

c) High Temperature:

Temperature can cause damage to wooden tables and other furniture as well. Hot pans, dishes, or pots can cause the surface to bleach or fade when you place them on the table. Don’t place hot dishes or cookware on the wooden surface directly if you really want to avoid this problem. If you need to put hot things anyway, place a thick cloth or protective pad under it. You can also use a protective pad on the entire tabletop. It will give you more protection.

Try not to expose your wooden dining table directly to sunlight as sunlight makes the wood dry, leading to cracking. Also, high sunlight can cause fading and bleaching on the wood surface. Read Also: How to Paint Trim without Brush Strokes: In 5 Ways Easily

How to Take Care of Wooden Table:

Here, we are going to discuss things that will help you to keep your wooden dining table perfect. Let’s dig more.

a) Use Tablecloths:

clear plastic dining table protector tablecloth waterproof
Use Tablecloths=>

Tablecloths are a great and inexpensive way to protect your wooden dining table. It protects your table from sun damage and scratches. Thus, it became an essential part for people who want to take care of their wooden table properly. Cotton and linen tablecloths are very budget-friendly and do the job correctly. It also looks elegant. But, it might not be sufficient for a large spill.

b) Install a Glass Tabletop

gleaming glass top wooden table top
Install a Glass Tabletop=>

Installing a glass tabletop is the best way of protecting and taking care of your wooden dining table. It will cover the entire surface, which is excellent as there will be no chance of spilling liquids directly on the wood. It also gives the dining table an elegant and glossy look. So, install a glass tabletop as soon as possible if you want your wooden dining table to last long.

c) Place at the Right Place

Make use of blinds and curtains to prevent sun damage
blinds and curtains=>

Placing your wooden dining table is very important as high temperature and heat can damage the wood. That’s why always place your dining table away from the windows so that direct sunlight cannot reach the table.

Moreover, Make use of blinds and curtains to prevent sun damage to your dining table.

Window Films are the best ways to pre-empt sun damage issues into your wooden furniture.

d) Clean Regularly

The important part of taking care of your wooden dining table is cleaning regularly. Nothing can beat cleaning. If you do not clean your dining table properly and regularly, no matter how many precautions you take, it will look dull. Here are some tips about cleaning a wooden dining table that might help you.

weiman wood cleaner polish furniture
Using a good wood cleaner polish=>
  1. Use a lint-free or soft cloth for cleaning purposes
  2. Find a good wood furniture polish to dispel dust, dirt, and grime.
  3. Clean your wooden dining table before it buildup an excessive layer of dust, dirt, and grime. Clean regularly to avoid the excessive layer.
  4. Always use a dry cloth for cleaning the periphery of your wooden dining table.

Final Words:

These are all that you need to know if you have a wooden dining table or planning to own one. If you follow all of these and take proper care of your favorite wood dining table, it will surely last long. Just be patient and give some time on this, and it will be fine. If you have any other inquiries, let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to give you a solution.

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