How To Open A Squeaky Door Quietly

You all must have heard the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

I am an early riser and I follow this one but my family doesn’t. It doesn’t make me feel good to know that I am disturbing my husband’s sleep when I open our damn squeaky door early in the morning.

So, I spend a lot of time searching for methods that will help me to stop a door from squeaking. And finally, I got them! Here, I am going to tell you how to open a squeaky door quietly so that your family can have a sound sleep and also, you can have some privacy!

How to Open A Squeaky Door Quietly – 7 Ways to Stop Hinges  Cracky Noise:

The Most Effective ways to open a Squeaky door quietly is to Lubricate the doorknob and door hinges with a Teflon-containing lubricant. I suggest you for using the DuPont Teflon Lubrican or any Silicon Lubricant. Let’s know the other ways also:

how to open a squeaky door quietly

1. Oil The Door

Oil The Door

The easiest and most effective way is to oil the door. But sometimes we become too lazy to oil it. In that case, here is a technique. Put pressure on certain parts. Yes, it works. Try this out as soon as possible and see the result!

2. Turn The Door Knob

Turn The Door Knob
Visit for Replacing the Door Knob=>

Generally, the squeaking noise is made by friction. The noise produces when you rub the hinges. In this case, turn the doorknob. Then, pull straight up. You just have to press it against the top of the hinges by lifting the door.

3. Be Careful

Be careful! Some doorknobs are too noisy. When you turn the doorknob, try to be careful as much as you can so that, the least sound is heard. Turn the doorknob very slowly. Also, let go of it very slowly. And don’t release it until it is back in its original position.

4. Use A Teflon-Containing Lubricants

Use A Teflon Containing Lubricants
Teflon Containing Lubricants works best=>

Lubricate the doorknob mechanism and the hinge will help you out. The best lubricant for door locks & hinges are GT-85 and other Teflon-containing lubricants.

For quitting the Squeaky noise of the car door, You should use a White Lithium Grease Lubricant, It works fast.

5. Chose The Lubricants

There are two additional lubricants for doors. They are graphite and soap. Graphite is used for lubricating locks while rubbing with soap. This stops the door from sticking.

6. Chapstick On The Hinges

 chapsticks on te hings

You can also use chapstick on the hinges. Push it into the gaps between the two hinge leaves.

7. Do The Following

  • Mystify your footsteps
  • Bend the doorknob
  • Turn clockwise if hinges are towards the right.
  • Turn anti-clockwise if hinges are towards the left.
  • Lift the door
  • Turn against the knob.
  • Also, add some water to lessen the noise chance.

How To Fix Squeaky Door Hinges without wd40:

How To Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

The squeaky door is a cause of major irritation to our general existence. The sound of the door creaks when the opening is very annoying. If you are delaying fixing the door because of the absence of handy lubricants then today is your lucky day! Here, you can see plenty of household items that can be used to lubricate those hinges and make your existence peaceful. Let’s Know some alternative ways to Lubricant the door hinge without the silicone or wd 40 Lubricant.

a) With Hairspray

Hairspray creates a polymer seal that prevents squeaky door hinges from moving around. This is a very easy process. you just have to spray a strong-hold hairspray straight on the hinge. Then you have to open and close it once or twice.

Hairspray is the fastest working solution among all. You can see the result immediately. But it is also the shortest lasting. The first round of spraying stays for 5 days only. The second one lasts longer. The second one stays around 10 days. Hairspray is a good and easy way to fix a squeaky door. But you have done it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you can switch to a long-lasting solution.

b) With Rub A Bar Soap

with a rub bar

Soap usually greases the metal fixing as it contains animal fat. Rub a bar of soap until they are lubricated. Organic soaps work better because they have a higher fat quantity. Do not use soaps that contain glycerine as they can cause metal hinges to rust.

This is the least effective method. This is hard to get a solid bar of soap into a small space. It takes a lot of time and effort than the other methods. The result is not so good also.

c) With The Help Of Cotton Mob And Olive Oil

Olive oil is a little tricky to apply but effects the most. This will ease the hinges and make them move more smoothly. You just need a few drops of olive oil. You have to apply this to each hinge. Use a cotton mob to apply olive oil. This method could be a little messy.

Though this process is a bit tricky and messy but works the best! The durability of this process is high ( 4 or 5 months) and also, it works fast.

d) Petroleum Jelly

This is also a quick-to-apply lubricant. You just have to put some petroleum jelly on the outside. A small amount of petroleum jelly works for many days.

This process is also a bit messy. Often, petroleum jelly got stuck to the wooden door. Though, it is easy to clean. It takes 30 seconds to stop and lasts around 10 days.

e) Paraffin Wax

paraffin wax
Paraffin Wax=>

You can find paraffin wax in candles. You can also find the raw form of it at many craft stores. Also, beeswax can be used as an alternative.

First, melt your candle and then apply the hot wax onto the hinge pins. After that, put them back in the door hinge.

Among all the methods, my recommended solution is olive oil. Because this one is

  • Easy to apply
  • Works fast
  • Effects the most
  • Durable

So, now you know all the techniques of open a squeaky door quietly. You can use these handy and useful techniques in your regular life and make your life irritation-free. Also, you can have some privacy which is very important. You also know some methods which will help to fix your squeaky door. So, don’t be lazy and apply them to make your life smoother. Grease wiki

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