Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Block Plane Reviews- Which Is Better

A professional woodworker must own a block plane to do his job perfectly. Block planes are a great addition to woodworking tools. They are extensively versatile and a true workhorse. They make wood pieces fit cutting end grain within no time. Also, these hand planes are the best go-to solution to have a quick touchup and perfect finish.

Nonetheless, block planes come in pocket size. till now many brands are offering the best of them. Lie Nielsen and Veritas are two of them and many fell in confusion about which company has the best one. Therefore, today, we are covering an article on Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Block Plane for your convenience.

Needless to say, both block planes serve the same purposes yet there are slight differences between this two. Let’s talk about everything about them.

Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Block Plane

Lie Nielsen Block Plane: Tradition and Technology Altogether:

Since the first thing you should consider while buying a block plane is its brand, you certainly give it a try on Lie Nielsen. This is one of the best and reputed brands around the world. They are reigning in the woodworking tool sector for quite a long time now with their exceptional block plane creation.

Most of their products are manufactured following the traditional designs and block planes are not any exception. Being the claim-to-fame tools, the Lie Nielsen block planes are everything you need right now.

Lie Nielsen
Lie Nielsen Block Plane=>

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Key Features of LieNielsen:

Certainly, the LN block plane offers a lot of benefits and advantages because of its top and key features. Let’s point out them one by one.

Great Angle Distribution:

Mainly there are two types of a block plane. One is the standard angle block plane and the other is the low angle block plane. Lie Nielsen comes with both types so that your wood crafting never fails. However, its low-angle block planes are till now the best ones. Like any other low-angle plane, they also gave blade bevel up.

The blade of the tool is bedded at 12-degree. It works well for perfect end grain and other related works. On the other hand, its standard angle planes come with blades bedded at about 20-degree. These are no less than a bench plane since summing the bevel angle, the standard angle planes offer an angle of 45-degree. Thus, it shaves even difficult and flat grain and delivers an excellent finish.

Moreover, the Lie Nielsen block planes are manufactured with powerful technique technology. The technology enhances the efficiency and performance of the blade. They are also easy to hone. At an angle above 25-degree, the blade of the block planes can be honed.

Evil Sharpness:

Lie Nielsen block plane blades are sharper with their extra 1/8-inch-thick feature. The blades are made from A2 steel that is Cryogenically treated and hardened and tempered to a Rockwell rate of 60-62. This allows the blade to last long. The manufacturers carefully process the blade with the heat treatment procedure. It provides a fine and excellent grain structure to the blade. Thus, the blades have a finer edge.

Moreover, the blade has a grinded surface, cutting edge, top, and back. Its smooth surface does not require much time for honing. Also, the LN block planes come with standard blade length and wide. The Lie Nielsen No. 102 low-angle block plane comes with a blade of 5 ¼-inch long and 1 ¼-inch wide.

Perfect Size:

Block planes are supposed to be small and pocket-sized. Lie Nielsen block planes are not different from that. Though all of their block planes vary a bit in size. But they are all compact and fit in hand very well. The best block plane never comes with a size more than 7-inch.

Likewise, the Lie Nielsen 60-1/2 comes with a body size of 6 ¼-inches. And the LN No. 102 block plane comes with a one-inch shorter body size than its 60-1/2. Read Also: 7 Best Picture Frame Clamps 2021 Reviews – Durable & Reliable.

High-quality Material:

To talk about the material, all the Lie Nielsen block planes are made of the best material possible. The LN No. 102 low-angle comes with a manganese bronze body. It makes the block plane a bit heavy so that the woodworkers and carpenters make the best advantage out of the feature.

Moreover, the 60-1/2 is equipped with large-cap iron made of bronze. The feature provides a velvety glove while holding in hand. Again, its optional sleek leather holster makes it higher in quality.

Adjustable Mouth:

A block plane with the adjustable mouth is the best choice. The adjustable mouth allows decrease or increase the space between the leading edge and cutting edge of the mouth. Undoubtedly, the Lie-Nielsen Low-Angle Adjustable Mouth Block plane is the best for this purpose.

What we Liked (Pros):

  • Their block planes are ready-to-use out of the box.
  • Come with completely adjustable mouth features.
  • Offer precise and easy adjustment.
  • Featured with adjustable throat for working on finished projects.
  • Made of single-piece base and quality material.
  • Equipped with slots for adjusting angles of the blade.

What We Didn’t Like (Cons):

  • Getting a straight blade takes time since it has several moving parts.
  • You may accidentally adjust the depth due to the weak nobs’ area.
  • Objects get hot quickly because of metal construction.

Veritas Block Plane: Premium Tool in Hand:

Veritas is another renowned company producing the same kind of tools. This brand is also arguably one of the best for manufacturing block planes. They are mostly famous for their premium quality and materials. Moreover, the brand has a variety of collections for block planes. Even they also have miniature low-angle block planes.

Also, the Veritas Skew Block Plane, Pocket Plane + PM-V11 Blade, Standard Angle Block Plane, Apron Plane + PM-V11 Blade are some of its best collections. Each of the planes offers some innovative and unique features. To look for the best premium tool right on your hand, you just need a Veritas Block Plane.

Veritas Block Plane
Veritas Block Plane=>

Key Features of Veritas BlockPlane:

Veritas has introduced some of the best key features to its customers. The features are made only for the users’ convenience. Let’s get to each feature.

Premium Quality Blade:

Surely, a blade is the most important part of tools like this. For Veritas it is more important and that’s why they bring the utmost quality here. They come with standard and freshly sharpened blades. Also, the blades are highly efficient and performative. They have a keen edge that is far longer compared to other plane blades. Hence, the blades are less likely to chatter, jump, or skip while running.

Moreover, the blades are premium and way stiffer. The blades are, however, as thick as the Lie Nielsen plane blades. They are 1/8-inch thick and made of the same A2 steel. Also, its DX 60 model is built with a blade made of PM-V11 steel. The blade is durable and also easy to sharpen. Nonetheless, the blade is equipped with a screw instead of a cam lever. This feature makes it more convenient to use. Again, the two blade-guide screws of the low-angle planes prevent the shifting of the blade.

Great Angle Feature:

The Veritas low-angle block planes are great for their excellent angle distribution. They are featured with a 12-degree bed angle with a 37-degree low cutting angle. This design allows the block plane to excel at the end grain work.

Extraordinary Blade Adjustment:

The Veritas block planes especially the low-angled ones come with an adjuster feature. This feature can set the angle and depth of the blade. Also, it aligns the blade well and side to side. The planes are designed with thumbwheel locks as well. It ensures a secured lock without slipping.

Moreover, the adjustable mouth allows ultra-fine shavings and cuts by closing up the tool tight. Also, you can open it if you want to use it abusively.

Solid and Stable Body:

Flattening the plane base is the hardest task but Veritas owns it. The block planes do not require any flattening since their housing is already done solid. They have a ductile body made of cast iron. Hence, they tolerate any abusive use and can hold up any hard knocks. It DX 60 and NX 60 are some of the best ones with great materials. NX 60 is, however, way more polished and housing is done with nickel-resist ductile iron.

So, they are suitable for heavy-duty. Surprisingly, despite their iron body, the Veritas block plane does not feel bulky on hand. The beefy structure allows it to go through tough and rough cuts. It won’t even strain while dealing with tough jobs.

Other Convincing Features:

The Veritas planes come with a rock-solid frog. It supports the blade in a great way. It is designed with a larger machined surface. Hence, it has a large face. Its bedding is also solid thus it reduces the chattering of the blade.

Moreover, the planes also have an adjustable nosepiece. It does not allow shifting the body unnecessarily and even when the tool is dropped. Again, the adjustable throat makes it easier to use.

What We Liked (Pros):

  • Offers great versatility and an extraordinary finish cut.
  • Comes with a comfortable plane heft.
  • Provides numerous easy adjustable features.
  • The throat comes with safety features including set screws.
  • Made of high-quality steel blade including PM-V11.

What We Didn’t Like (Cons):

  • Some of the block plane models of Veritas are highly expensive.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Block Plane Review & Comparison: Which One to Choose?

Now that you know, both branded block planes are reputed and well-known around the world with their own distinctness, both of them are worth trying. Yet, there are some slight differences between these two planes that might help you with decision-making.

Needless to say, both LN and Veritas have numerous options to offer to their buyers. Since we are talking about their overall block plane quality, let’s compare these two.

According to Building Design:

Both Lie Nielsen and Veritas block planes come with metal bodies. The materials ensure a solid and ductile body of the planes. Yet, there are some differences in their internal constructions. For example, the Veritas planes come with set screws for added safety on the sides. It is convenient for quick adjustment of the blade and also putting it back in.

Unfortunately, Lie Nielsen does not offer this feature. Moreover, Veritas provides another side-to-side adjusting feature that comes in Norris-style. This design is more comfortable to get a cutting with consistent thickness. So, if you want these features in your plane, you should go for the Veritas ones.

According to Users’ Experience:

According to users’ opinion, block planes from both brands have managed to have a 4.5 or 5-star rating. That means the buyers are happy with their product. But if a customer owns both of them, they compare these tools. And according to their comparison, people find the Veritas fitter in hand.
Veritas block planes have small concavities. These little features are great for fingers while working. Moreover, they allow instant shaving.

However, lie Nielsen block planes also have grind out but not like the Veritas ones. Sometimes they feel way smaller for people with larger hands. But you won’t feel this problem with Veritas.

According to Blade Sharpness:

In this very case, both LN and Veritas are worth claiming the trophy. Users can’t be happier with the blade’s sharpness. However, if to compare the LN 4 ½ and Veritas 4 ½, the LN plane has the best cryogenically treated thicker blade. Hence, the tool is a bit heavier than the Veritas one. So, in this case, Lie Nielson is a great choice.

According to Price:

The premium Veritas block planes are highly expensive than the Lie Neilson ones. Hence, only professionals go for Veritas planes. Whereas, Lie Nielsen planes are not cheap either. They are priced enough but less than Veritas. Also, they are compatible with both beginner and professional uses. So when it’s a question about the price of Lie Nielsen Vs Veritas Block Plane, both plane’s price is high. So you need to think about which block plane is best suited for you, then buy any one of them without any hesitation.

Final Verdict:

Long story short, both Lie Nielsen and Veritas offer some of the best block planes in the world. Claiming one the best and the other the worst is not a good idea at all if you go through their features, pros, and cons.

All you need to do is to select the one that will meet your need. Hence, know what you and your job require and then select either Lie Nielsen or Veritas block plane. Whatever it is, quality performance is guaranteed.

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