How to Grind 1 Inch of Concrete: In 3 Steps [Effectively]

Characteristically, concrete is a robust and strong substance. Due to these characteristics, concrete is widely used in making garage, basement, or subfloors.

The method of concrete grinding is typically used to take out 1″ high or less “stub toes”. For average homeowners, learning how to grind 1 inch of concrete is one of the easiest and straightforward projects.

While it is not the most daunting task to do, buying the right tool is the key in this regard. Moreover, proper vacuum equipment is necessary since grinding concrete is a noisy and dusty process.

However, we will be discussing what tools to be used when grinding 1” of concrete. Also, step by step process is shared for your better understanding.

So, let’s dive in.

How To Grind 1 Inch Of Concrete

Which Concrete Disc to Choose to Grind 1 Inch of Concrete?

Concrete grinders are 2 types, which are walk-behind concrete grinder and hand-held- concrete grinder.

1. Walk-behind Concrete Grinder:

These grinders are powerful and come with more speed options compared to hand-held concrete grinders. A range of choices is also available for concrete grinders. For example, restricted or small areas require single-disc models. While for larger areas, you can choose between dual, triple, and even four-disc configurations. More disc configuration means more areas can be covered in a short amount of time.


2. Hand-held Concrete Grinder:

Hand held Concrete Grinder

It is best suited for smaller areas, home projects. You can use them for industrial work also if the surface is tight. The standard diameter range of the grinding disc of a hand-held grinder is 5 – 12 inches. Another worth-mentioning thing is, a variety of disc attachments is available for hand-held tools. One additional benefit of hand-held grinders is; dust control will be much easier when you can hook them up to an industrial vac.

Both concrete grinder types are available with the corded and cordless option. Additionally, some models come with a built-in water-mist mechanism for dry and wet applications, dust-free grinding system.

What Disc Attachment Type to Choose to Grind 1 Inch of Concrete?

Ideally, more investment will allow you to choose between more versatile disc attachments. The most commonly used disc attachments are:

  • Diamond-segmented.
  • Silicone-carbide stones.
  • Tungsten-carbide.

It would be best to choose the disc attachment according to the required finish and material to be grinded. Let’s learn about the functionality of each disc attachment.

a) Diamond-Segmented:

diamond segmented disc attachments for gridner

If your project is to handle proofing work or thin-film coating removal, diamond-segmented disc attachments offer the best result. This type of disc attachment comes with various grit levels and ranges from fine to coarse.

You are advised to discuss your requirements with the workshop owner when trying to choose an add-on. As per the advice, you can pick the best-suited attachment to the job.

b) Silicone-Carbide Stones:

grinding with Silicon Carbide stone

Silicone-carbide stones are the most cost-effective way of grinding concrete surfaces. Using it, you can get fine to coarse finishing.

But one problem with this attachment is, it clogs soon. As a result, handling a commercial project is of utmost frustration with it. Also, silicone-carbide stones are not efficient in delivering satisfactory results on a large surface.

silicon carbide Concrete Grinding Wheel for Cutting Masonry Stone Brick Block
1/2 inch Grinding Wheel=>

c) Tungsten-Carbide:

It is more expensive than silicone-carbide stones. These are well-known for their incredible speed and efficiency, thus offering significant results while grinding a large concrete surface of 1 inch.

This attachment performs using carbide-tipped blocks. It features beveled edges, and this way, grinding thicker coating is a matter of time when you have a tungsten-carbide tipped concrete grinder in your hand. Another great feature is; you will never experience any scratch on the concrete when you use this attachment.

Step by Step Process on How to Grind 1 inch of Concrete:

Equipment Required:

These are all basic tools that will require before starting the grinding 1” concrete floor project. If any of these tools are already acquired by you or someone can lend them to you, buying them will be unnecessary.

  • Hand tools gloves.
  • Goggles.
  • Hearing Protection.
  • Eye Protection.
  • Hand-Held Concrete Grinder. => CheckonAmazon=>
  • Measuring tape.
  • Pencil.
  • Steel-toed boot.
  • Mop

Step 01: Locating The Area:

Firstly, locate the area of the concrete floor where you will be grinding. Ensure that no plumbing or electricity line is not running beneath the located area. Moreover, have a look at the concrete to evaluate the concrete surface.

Step 02: Preparing The Surface:

Make sure to wear protective gear. Also, ensure proper ventilation of your area. Undoubtedly, there will be dust and dirt on the surface. Use a mop to clean the whole surface.

Step 03: Grinding With a Concrete Grinder:

Concrete grinders consist of rotating discs, and in the disc, you will find tiny bits of diamond embedded in its metal matrix or resin. These diamond bits rotate horizontally to grind and polish the concrete floor.

As stated earlier, concrete grinders discs are available in 3 major types, different friction levels, bond hardness, size, and diamond density to perform different activities. Depending on your project requirement, choose the right kind of attachment.

After inserting the right type:

  1. Turn the machine on.
  2. Start with a small area, don’t rush, go slowly and steadily.
  3. Continue until you finish grinding the whole concrete surface.


Question: How tough to grind down 100 sq. ft. of concrete floor 1/2 inch?

attach a diamond segmented grinding wheel

Answer: Grinding 100 sq. ft. of concrete floor ½ inch will not be a challenging task when you have the right tool and attachment in your hand. Pick a hand-held concrete grinder and attach a diamond-segmented tip to grind down effortlessly.

Question: Can I grind concrete with an angle grinder?

Answer: Undoubtedly, an angle grinder is powerful enough to grind concrete surfaces. But the performance will be poor compared to a walk-around concrete grinder. A walk-around concrete grinder has a built-in water spray system that keeps the blade cool and produces less dust when cutting concrete. They are also suitable for heavy-duty handling tasks, while an angle grinder is less efficient in handling grind concrete tasks.

Final Thought:

When the question comes to how to grind 1 inch of concrete, the key factor is picking the right tool with the best attachment. With the best-suited tool, grinding 1” of concrete will be effortless for sure.

Since we discussed the type and attachments of the concrete grinder depending on the project, hopefully, you will not face the hassle of picking the right tool. Always ensure wearing protective gears when dealing with a concrete grinder because it is a powerful tool. If you are inattentive during a project, any unwanted situation may arise.

Safety should get the top priority always.

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