Gold Ferrous Vs Titanium Drill Bits – Which is Better for you

Drilling is the job that a construction worker, a carpenter, or even a DIYer has to perform to accomplish the final state of that job. From wood to metal, you never know what kind of drill bits you are going to need. The strongest drill bits fit for the strongest and tough material and the less strong drill bits fit for the fragile material. Buying a kind of drill bits totally depends on the kind of job you intend to do.

However, for a serious job of tough materials, most people cannot decide to pick between gold ferrous Vs titanium drill bits. As both drill bits come with reliable features and extraordinary toughness, their characteristics are almost alike. Apart from the similar features, there are some certain changes that might help you to decide one from them. And to find out the little changes we have to lead a discussion on them.

Gold ferrous and titanium drill bits are the true definitions of advanced technology and their super capability of drilling hard materials cannot be denied. Therefore, these tools create both high expectations and confusion among people. Let’s have a clear discussion.

Gold Ferrous Vs Titanium Drill Bits

About Gold Ferrous Drill Bits:

About Gold Ferrous Drill Bits
Gold Ferrous Bits =>

Where drill bits are greatly used for their versatility and strength, other kinds of drilling bits are hardly noticed by professionals. With time, the manufacturers are becoming able to find out the strongest material that will make the best drill bits with precision. From high carbon stainless steel to high speed still to carbide, every tough material has been used to give the shape a perfect drill bit.

Gold ferrous drill bits are one of the drill bits that also come with the feature of precision and perfection. From material to its shape, everything is made for the sole purpose of drilling with the right bits. The high construction of gold ferrous bits is demanding especially in the area of professionals.

For the sharp and accurate spinning ability, without affecting delicate areas of the material, lead this kind of drill bit to stand out in the market. You haven’t met with the perfect drill bits until you meet the feature of these gold ferrous drill bits.

a) Pilot Point:

Gold ferrous drill bits come with a sharp point which is generally called the pilot point. This pilot point performs and gives its best in initiating the piercing on materials like wood or authentic metal. The tip is so pointy and sharp that it knows how to create the perfect hole in the right space. Must Read: 7 Best Brad Point Drill Bits Set for Wood 2021 Reviews.

b) Gold Oxide:

The three times extra speed that you can have using the gold ferrous drill bits is because it comes with a gold oxide feature. It not only fastens its workability but also assures great durability for the long services. Also, the look gold oxide provides enhances the beauty and strength of drill bits to a great extent.

c) Twisted Shape:

Drill bits that come with a twisted shape offer some extra assistance to the speed. It also helps to reduce the extra energy it requires to drill metal or any tougher materials. However, the best thing about the twisted shape is it maintains and balances the required pressure in order to avoid accidents like cracking up the whole material.

d) No-Spin Shank:

It is definitely a very technical feature of golden ferrous drill bits. Because of this feature, you will get extra support handling materials that have severe breakage issues. By spinning, it eliminates the high risk of drilling more than the need or actual measurement. And for minimizing fatal situations, the tapered web is there.

e) 135-Degree Split Point:

This 135-degree split point feature is one of the most convenient features of gold ferrous drill bits. It knows where to stop and how smoothly the job should be done. By starting the job faster, it puts a smooth end to the job by reducing obstacles and skating.

Among the several usages, gold ferrous drill bits are normally used for drilling metals with dense surfaces and have definitely some downsides as well. These downsides can be halt as long as you have made your mind to buy gold ferrous drill bits.

Things We Liked about Gold Ferrous Drill Bits:

  • Comes in great shape and a long enough to drill sufficiently
  • The speed of the bits is top-notch and praiseworthy
  • Minimizes the problem of breakage and cracking
  • Quickens the drilling job to a great extent and less expensive

Things We Didn’t Like about Gold Ferrous Drill Bits:

  • The durability of the drill bits needs to be upgraded a little more than black oxide bits
  • Requires a lot of attention when drilling moderate materials or less hardened materials

About Titanium Drill Bits:

If you want to learn what remarkable part the technology has brought, then definitely the different types of drill bits will be on the list. In manufacturing the drill bits, manufacturers have always tried to improve their materials and tried almost all kinds of tough materials to make the perfect ones for the drilling job. Among those materials, titanium has always been a standard choice of the manufacturers.

About Titanium Drill Bits
Titanium Bits =>

There are huge demands for the titanium drill bits because they come with an excellent coating and tremendous features. From drilling aluminum to drilling brass, copper, or mild steel and wood, these titanium drill bits work just fine and fabulous to some extent. These drill bits assure you of their service being done perfectly and without any hassle. The steel alloy that the drill bits are made of is quite top-notch and speedy. The detailed features will explain it more justifiably.

a) High-Speed Steel:

This high-speed steel (HSS) provides a great deal in titanium drill bits. This steel is the alloy steel perfect for making tools that can endure wears to a great extent. Besides, this alloy steel is even superior to the high carbon stainless steel. The usage of high-speed steel is growing so fast that it justifies the superiority of titanium drill bits.

b) Titanium Nitride Coating:

The titanium nitride coating over the high-speed steel alloy makes the titanium drill bits more rich and reliable. It also enriches the capability of the drill bits. Thus it can endure and resist more wear and tear. Besides, because of this coating, these drill bits become capable of tolerating high temperatures as well. By enhancing the durability power, the coating appears beautiful.

c) Carbide-Tipped Drill Bits:

Titanium drill bits come with carbide-tipped for their amazing way of controlling high speed. Besides, carbide is the toughest material and best for making tips on titanium drill bits. It’s effective and reduces corrosion and friction largely. Keeping with the right pressure, it provides a great service.

d) Speedy Shape:

Titanium drill bits come with a fit gesture to do the drilling purpose nicely. Their shapes tell a lot about their speed. The fast speed is controlled by the tip and coating of the drill bits. Minimizing the high tendency of friction, these titanium drill bits can endure frustration to a large extent.

e) Versatility:

This feature of titanium drill bits is praiseworthy as it can be used on every moderate material. Though like other drill bits, titanium drill bits cannot be re-sharpened, it comes with great durability than many other ordinary high-speed steel drill bits.

Because titanium drill bits come with a logical coating, re-sharpening it would cause corrosion and friction. Therefore, you need to deal with these drill bits carefully.

Things We Liked about Titanium Drill Bits:

  • Come with a coating that resists wear and increase the durability power
  • Perfect for drilling moderate materials of different kinds
  • Suits best for the professionals as it comes with the kind of versatility
  • Superfast speed quickens your job tremendously

Things We Didn’t Like about Titanium Drill Bits:

  • Not suitable for hardened materials like stainless steel or cast iron
  • They cost a lot regarding other types of drill bits

Comparison Between Gold Ferrous Vs Titanium Drill Bits:

Though from the elaborated segment of both gold ferrous and titanium drill bits we came to know a lot of things, their changes will be more crystal clear in the next segment. People somewhat get confused between these two types of drill bits because their purposes are the same. But little do some people know that they can actually choose one according to their budget, work condition, the range of workability, and so on. Therefore, we are here to provide the best treatment of the two drill bits by representing their comparison.


In the comparison of hardness, both gold ferrous and titanium drill bits can win your heart. With the feature of hardness, you cannot judge the ability of the two kinds of drill bits. It’s because though the gold ferrous drill bits come with more hardness than titanium drill bits, they both are useful for different fields of work.

If you want to drill some hardened material like cast iron or stainless steel, choose ferrous gold drill bits for your job. As it comes with the high endurance feature, you can have the best out of the drill bits. It even can drill titanium material to some extent. Then again, if you want to drill moderate materials that are hard to an extent, then titanium drill bits are your wise choice for they are not fatal for wood or mild metals.


Durability is one of the features that most buyers consider before buying that particular product. Both gold ferrous and titanium drill bits come with reliable durability. As gold ferrous come with the coat of gold oxidize, it considerably elevates the versatility of the drill bits.

On the other hand, the durability of titanium drill bits comes with the steel alloy that they are made of. This alloy increases the tolerance of the tools and makes them ready for tackling every hard situation. Besides, titanium drill bits come with this titanium nitride coating which enriches the durability without any doubt.


Knowing the materials with what the tools are made of is another important point in the comparison list. The chance of buying a tool greatly depends on what material it is made of. Gold ferrous drill bits are made with this gold oxide material. In some cases, it is coated with cobalt which enriches its high-end features.

On the other hand, titanium drill bits are made of high-speed steel. This alloy steel is firm and perfect to give shape to a metal tool. But both materials are great. Therefore, it depends on consumers’ choice that they might want anything between HSS and gold oxide material.


Budget is a very big issue when you intend to buy some advanced tool for your project. Knowing the budget before buying the product is more promising and wise. However, in buying drill bits, gold ferrous is really budget-friendly. Though it serves a great purpose, it comes with a somewhat reasonable price.

But titanium drill bits are more expensive, even though they are not capable of tackling hardened material. The reason for their expensiveness is because they are made with HSS alloy which is globally known as a highly durable material.

In the final verdict, it can be said that both gold ferrous and titanium drill bits will serve you at the range of their capability. It is you who have to choose one wisely perceiving your range of work and budget.


Question: What are gold drill bits used for?

Answer: Gold drill bits are becoming one of the finest tools that drills with passion and without any hazard. Basically, the hard material of gold ferrous drill bits allows them to drill hardened material. So, it is used to drill cast iron, titanium, and other many hard materials.

Question: Is black oxide stronger than titanium?

Answer: Black oxide is the cheapest drill bit though in measuring the hardness, they are pretty much hard. In the comparison with titanium, titanium always wins. It’s because titanium is harder than black oxide. Besides, where titanium drill bits can drill through metal and wood perfectly, black oxide drill bits hardly can go through metal.

Question: Is gold ferrous or black oxide bits better?

Answer: Gold ferrous definitely has the courage to tackle heavy and hard material where black oxide can tackle some limited types of material. But, black oxide comes with an impressive durability feature. Also, black oxide drill bits are used for drilling wood and plastic. However, for durability, you can depend on it as well. On the other hand, for great service, your wise choice is gold ferrous.

Final words:

we have already discussed Between Gold Ferrous Vs Titanium Drill Bits with the key differences. if you want to get cheap-priced drill bits, then choose gold ferrous drill bits, gold ferrous is budget-friendly. but when you want more durability, you should choose titanium drill bits.

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