Get a Glass Like Finish on Wood: 7 Steps to Make Shiny Furniture

There are lots of ways you can get a glass-like finish on your wood surface. Most of the time, a layer (or several layers) of the polyurethane causes the shiniest and glass-like appearance on the wood finish.

Adding a layer of the polyurethane coat onto the wood piece is the easiest way to make the wood shiny and glossy. Though this process is easy, it needs a long time and substantial hard-working to acquire the best high gloss wood finish successfully.

So now the question ishow to get a glass like finish on the wood? Follow my article; the total description is written details in there.

So let’s start the guide on7 steps to make wood glossy and smooth.

How to Get a Glass Like Finish on Wood

What will you need to make wood Shiny, Glossy and smooth?

Getting a glassy wood using the polyurethane coat will need to-

How to Get a Glass Like Finish on Wood:

1. Take Preparation:

  • Place your wood onto a spill cloth. It will keep your floor clean from any wood debris.
  • Open all windows and doors in your workstation.
  • A well-ventilated area is mandatory for varnish your wood. As the wood finishing process involves using several chemicals, they are risky in a suffocated area.
  • Wear all safety gear. Safety goggles and a face mask is must to prevent any wood dust and any chemical contact into your breathing.

2. Sand down the wood:

Use medium grit sandpapers to sand the wood

  • Use medium-grit sandpapers and sand the wood to remove scratches (if any).
  • If the wood has a damaged area, sand it making a circular like figure around the damaged portion.
  • Once you have sanded the damaged portion of the wood, use fine-grit sandpaper and sand the total surface.
  • Use a soft and dry cloth to remove the sanded dust onto the wood surface.

3. Clearcoat painting (two layers):

apply clear coat polyurethane on wood surface
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  • Do a light coating of some clearcoat paint (polyurethane) onto the wood surface. The spray is the better portion in that case.
  • Let the coat dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Again spray the second layer of the same painting onto the first coat.
  • Let the second coat dry for two hours.

For better Finishing, you can try the Oil Modified Water-Based Polyurethane =>

Minwax Water Based Oil Modified Polyurethane

4. Sand down the clearcoat layer:

  • Use 400-grit wet or dry sandpaper and sand the polyurethane wood finish. Smoothly remove materials or sags if any created due to the clearcoat layers.
  • Use soap water to saturate the sandpaper.
  • Wrap the sandpaper using a sponge.
  • Use this sponge wrapped sandpaper to sand the layer of the clear coat.
  • Wipe the soapy sanded left over from the wood surface. Use a damp cloth to do it.
  • Let dry the wood surface.

5. Continue Sanding:

  • Use finer wet or dry sandpaper (600-grit sandpaper).
  • Smoothly sand over the wood surface.
  • Raise the sandpaper grit to 800 and sand again.
  • Gradually increase the sandpaper to 1000-grit to 1200-grit and sand the whole surface.
  • Make the surface smooth and shiny.

6. Final step:

high gloss wood finish Polishing Compound
high gloss Rubbing Compound=>
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  • Take a microfiber cloth. Keep it at the centre of the wood surface.
  • Make a pool of rubbing compound onto this microfiber fabric.
  • Apply this compound onto the wood surface in a circular way. Cross-section the total wood surface into 1 to 2 square feet circular portions.
  • Then go for a gentle rubbing out of the polyurethane finish.
  • Cover the whole surface and rub it accurately.
  • Rub until the compound gets dry totally.
  • This compound will make your wood a glass-like finish on to the clear coat.
  • You can use spray polyurethane to get a flawless appearance on the wood.
  • Once you have sprayed polyurethane onto the wood surface, let it sit overnight.
  • Use a soft polishing pad and automotive wax paste to buff the wood shine. It will highly shine the wood even further.
  • If still, you find some scratches over the wood finish, fill it with the automotive wax towards the grain direction.
  • Remove the excess wax using a cotton rag or a soft polishing pad.

7. Repeat:

If you are still thinking about how to get a mirror finish on wood, this step is for you.

  • If you want more glossy at your wood surface, go for a recoating with the polyurethane layer.
  • Let the layer dried completely.
  • Repeat the sanding steps.
3 steps to get a beautiful wood finish
3 Steps to Get a Beautiful wood Finish, Polycrylic? =>

Pro Tip:

a) Smoothly sand the wood furniture using a paper sander. Start with a medium sander and gradually increase the grit size of the sandpaper.

b) Always sand towards the grain of the wood.

c) To gain a super shiny finish, use a mixer of polycyclic, polyurethane, along with some automotive wax onto the wood surface. It will act as a protective layer of your wood finish.

Minwax wood finishing wax paste
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d) Simply the process is sanding-cleaning-coating-drying. Repeat the process as per your demand.

e) The more time you spent involving the process, the more favourable result you will obtain.

Safety Precautions:

  1. Use a vacuum to remove the wood dust from the wood surface.
  2. Don’t forget to wear the safety gear before starting the wood varnishing process.
  3. If accidentally any chemical goes into your eyes, immediately wash your eyes with portable water and go to visit the doctor.

Final verdict:

Making the wood shiny like a mirror is a complex process and needs a longer time to accomplish the demand glossiness.

So, do not lose your hope in the middle of the process; keeping patience is mandatory to make the wood furniture shiny like the mirror.

It is all about on- 7 steps on- How to get a glass like finish on wood. If you like this article even little a bit, please shares it on your timeline. Thank you.

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