How to Stop Fridge Rattling Noise Problem: In 5 Effective Ways

if your refrigerator producing a loud noise, you can know in detail about the causes of the loud noise and can proceed to repair your noisy refrigerator.

Moreover, Fridge making rattling noise may not be so critical you are thinking about. So let’s know in detail on my today’s article to stop the refrigerator from making a buzzing noise; identify the causes and repairing processes.

Fridge making rattling noise

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What causes a Refrigerator to Rattle?

Some fundamental mechanical problems for which your refrigerator may produce rattling noise are-

  • A loose drain pan.
  • A faulty Compressor.
  • Dirty condenser fan blades.
  • Malfunctioning condenser fan motors.
  • A faulty defrost timer.

How to Fix Fridge Making Rattling Noise Problem?

Rattling noise from your fridge not only produces due to one or two reasons, sometimes it may generate due to several different reasons.

So let’s know the possible cause and repairing process of rattling noise producing from your fridge.

a) Locate the origin of the noise:

At first, try to locate the source of the rattling noise you hear from your fridge.

If the noise comes from the bottom of your fridge, it may due to the misplacing of the drain pan of your fridge.

Placing of the drain pan at its previous position will reduce the rattling noise effectively. Rattling noise coming from the refrigerator backside, you need to check the defrost timer, the condenser fan, and the Compressor of your fridge.

If the rattling noise is due to the noisy defrost timer, most probably, you have to replace it. Ratting noise due to the condenser fan gives you some scope to resolve it.

Cleaning of the accumulated dust and debris in between the fan blades using a soft brush may repair the rattling noise. A too much noisy compressor is not any usual case.

It may happen if you have an old refrigerator with a too old compressor. Though replacement of the Compressor is too much costly, you have to do it in that case.

Rattling noise from the inside of the refrigerator may be for the inside fan that circulates the air into the fridge. Sometimes you may reduce this noise by simply shoving the light switch present in the fridge.

If this process is not going to help you, you have to replace the fan immediately.

b) Clean the Condenser Fan:

If your refrigerator has a condenser fan, it will locate at the backside of your fridge.

However, if you can be sure your condenser fan is creating the noise, you have to clean it properly to stop the rattling noise.

I am indicating to clean the dust and debris accumulating on the condenser motor and remove the obstacle to run the fan motor smoothly.

c) Replace the Evaporator Fan:

This portion is located on the backside of the refrigerator. If you want to reach for this portion, you have to remove the freezer portion and the inside panel by removing the holding screws.

Use a screwdriver to remove the inside panel and see if the Evaporator fan is spinning correctly or not.

An improper spinning of the fan blades may cause any wear and tear of the wires or other components connected there.

If there any corrosion of the wire or rubber grommet connects with the fan blades to causes the rattling sound, you have to replace the total Evaporator Fan to repair the noise.

d) Let the professional check the Compressor:

Rattling noise due to the compressor problem is a complex issue and should use a professional to diagnose and repair it.

You can primarily identify whether the sound is produced due to Compressor or not.

Disconnect the power supply of your refrigerator; disconnect the power supply of the motor of the condenser fan.

After then reconnect the refrigerator. If still, you hear the rattling noise that means it is creating due to a problematic compressor.

In that case, call for the professional aid and let them resolve the matter.

e) Also, do the Following things to Reduce the Refrigerator Noise.

  1. You can use an Alcove to place your fridge inside of it.
  2. You can keep your fridge inside of the wooden cage.
  3. Use mass vinyl and make soundproof of the inside portion of your fridge.
  4. Level the lower portion of your fridge.
  5. Reduce the fridge vibration using an anti-vibration mat.
  6. Fill the belly of the fridge with the food item.
  7. Using any soundproof booths or partitions also will help you to reduce the high refrigerator noise.
  8. It seems a little bit off-topic to the user, but it is an effective method. Cleaning the outer parts of your refrigerator on time will increase your refrigerator durability also reduce a loud noise.

Materials Need to Repair the buzzing noise:

Several materials you will need to reduce your refrigerator rattling noise. Some of them are-

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl materials.
  • Wooden Booths or chambers.
  • Rubber Mat.
  • Soft metal Brush.
  • Soundproof Partitions.
  • Vibration lowering mats.

Safety Tips while you are working to  quiet a noisy refrigerator:

  • Before you are inspecting to identify the noise or working to repair it- you must have to disconnect the power supply of your fridge.
  • Use a soft metal brush to clean the fan blade, wire, or other metal parts. A ruff brush will make corrosion on the metal parts.
  • Don’t use water or other solvents to clean the inside of the motor parts of your fridge.

 Final Verdict:

There are several reasons which may cause your fridge to rattle noise. If you could diagnosis the core origin lies behind the rattling noise, you will able to repair it.

I have written here several techniques to reduce the excessive noise created by your fridge. If you find useful any one of them, my effort will not go in vain.

If you like my article on- Fridge making rattling noise; identify the causes and repairing processes, please don’t forget to share it into your timeline. Thank you.

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