How To Fix Hairline Cracks In Drywall Ceiling

In the USA, drywall is the most useful indoor building material. The drywall is made up of gypsum. Gypsum is a very leaky material. For this, it is easy to handle and work.

Generally, we can see two types of cracks on the drywall. One is minor cracks or hairline cracks, and the other is serious cracks. Let’s know the reason for drywall cracks and ways to fix hairline cracks in drywall ceiling.

What Causes Cracks in Walls and Ceilings?

Drywall cracks mostly occur above the doors and windows. It develops on the weakest part of the wall. Also, the minor cracks are due to the weather condition too. If you want to fix hairline cracks, follow the instructions below.

6 Steps To Fix Hairline Cracks In Drywall Ceiling:

How To Fix Hairline Cracks In Drywall Ceiling

1. Put a sheet of plastic down under the drywall crack:

At first, select the crack area. Then, the plastic sheet lay down under the selected crack area. When you are clean the debris, Mud applying, and other work, the floor will dirty. But now the floor won’t dirty, because the first time you lay down the large sheet of plastic on the floor of under the selected area of ceiling crack.

2. Set up an A-frame ladder or table:

It would help if you had a ladder or table, which helped you reach the ceiling crack. You can put your necessary instrument on it and use this. While you climb on the table or ladder, don’t make a sudden movement.

3. Scrape away any loose material with a drywall knife:

6” inch drywall knife
drywall knife=>

Now you need a 6” inch drywall knife. Use this knife to slide up any loose, unattached materials of drywall paper and other unnecessary things. It uses to position 150 angles near the ceiling crack area. Be careful; don’t slide up to another ceiling area.

4. Apply mesh drywall tape (adhesive) directly over the crack:

Apply mesh drywall tape
mesh drywall tape=>

Finishing the slide up, add to the mesh drywall tape. This tape is adhesive, so it attaches to the stick firmly on the ceiling. The long mesh drywall tape covers the entire crack that adds a layer of mud to the ceiling.

5. Mix the mud powered and applies the mud to the crack on your ceiling:

Mix of skim coat

you have needed for mixing the mud powered as:

At first, take out to like quantity dry mud powered in the plastic container, and then put low warm water into it and mixing it with the putty knife. Continue the mixing process until the mud is roughly the consistency of mayonnaise.

Now, you are ready to apply mud to the crack. Use a broad edge of the putty knife to apply the mud, a single layer, and smoothly. Make sure to cover the mesh tape with mud fully. While applying the mud, a single direction of applies the mud, parallel with the crack. The mud dries very fast, so apply the mud as fast as you can.

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Apply skim coat on ceiling
Wallboard Knife=>

After 30 minutes, the sanding sponge uses the mud layer to look smoother and more professional mud surface. First, use a sanding sponge lightly. It would be best if you used a sanding sponge by back-and-forth motion.

Again, mixing the mud powered, to apply the crack area. The second mixer should be thinner than the first mixer. A thinner mixer makes to layer on the first coat of mud area. Continue mixing until the mixer will sour cream.

Now, applies the second mud to the crack area of the ceiling by using the same method. Ensure that the mesh tape is fully applied with the mud, for it won’t be visible the mesh tape. It takes 30 minutes to dry.

6. Sanding and printing the layer of mud:

Sanding and printing the layer of mud

After 30 minutes, the layer of mud dries fully, but it doesn’t look smooth. Now, make to smooth the layer of mud to use a sanding sponge or a wall sander. Be careful at sanding time; continue sanding on the mud until the mud will flush and smooth as the other ceiling area.

Look at the repaired area. It is different from other rest area colors. So this area needs to print the same colour as the rest area. Collect the same color in the hardware store or mixing the colors to make the same color. Then, print the color on the mud of the ceiling. Now, the repaired area and the rest area are looking at the same.

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I tried to get to know you that how to fix hairline cracks in drywall ceiling. Now, you can easily solve the crack in the drywall ceiling by following the above steps. Skim coating is the most effective way to repair the drywall ceiling.

Hope this article helps to fix any type of hairline crack. Please, write to your any questions, tips, or suggestions in the comment box. Thanks for your participation.

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