Edge Pro Apex Vs Wicked Edge: Which Knife Sharpener is Better

A sharp knife is one of the primal and useful utensils of your kitchen arsenal. The pleasure of cutting vegetables with a sharp knife is enjoyable, risk-free, and effortless. But what if the knife gets dull with time? You don’t certainly throw away an expensive knife when it becomes dull as long as there are multiple versatile sharpeners available in the market.

Some of the sharpeners are really up to the mark but most people are interested to know which sharpener is better in between edge pro apex Vs wicked edge. Only a passionate chef understands the value of a precious knife.

With the amount of help an expensive branded knife provides in a busy kitchen, no other utensils are capable to reach the range. To sharp the valuable knife you must be searching for knife sharpeners like edge pro apex or wicked edge.

But if you are confused about which one you should pick then, read the article thoroughly because we are going to discuss these sharpeners. Thus, you’ll be helped in choosing one, we hope.

Edge Pro Apex Vs Wicked Edge

About Edge Pro Apex Sharpener:

As a sharpener, edge pro apex is a very renowned tool that provides optimum and satisfying sharpness to a knife. The edge pro company manufactures different updated versions of edge pro apex sharpeners for the benevolence of the users. Among them, edge pro professional, edge pro apex 3, and edge pro apex 4 are much popular.

Though the edge pro apex comes with significant advantages, it’s not beyond any defects and disadvantages. Let’s confront the good and bad of edge pro apex sharpener.

Edge Pro Apex knife sharpener
Edge Pro Apex =>


Extraordinary Accessories:

Edge pro apex sharpeners are suitable for knives because they come with extraordinary accessories to cover up every harsh situation. These accessories are long-lasting and make the knife sharp magically. The accessories are made with the top-notch nylon plastic component so that they never get broken and stay sturdy for a long time.

This material also restrains from damaging sensitive stones like water stones. This special feature is given to edge pro apex 4 only. Though most of the accessories are based on plastic material, the feet of the device is not made of the same material.

To prevent any unnecessary danger and slipping, they are made of 304 stainless steel. Among the accessories, you’ll get several water stones, grit polish tapes, a towel made of microfiber, essentials, and so on.

Different Ranged Angles:

A knife sure requires sharpening from different angles in order to be fully sharpened. Therefore, the sharpener also needs to carry different angles for sharpening. The kits of edge pro apex provide different angles to ensure the perfect sharpness of every knife.

Also, the system of the device is featured in a way that it will work efficiently on every type of blade no regardless of their manufacturers.

As most of the best knives come with angles 15, 18, or 24 degrees, you will get these angles sharpened by the product easily. Besides, you can sharpen blades that carry 10 or 21 degrees of angles and you can sharpen them with the same kit as well.

However, if your knife carries any other angles in between 0 to 24 degrees, you can also get the same help with this sharpener kit just by adjusting it.

Ensures Utmost Safety:

Another greatness about the edge pro apex sharpener is it ensures safety to a great extent. Sharpening a knife requires some basic skills and professional hands. Otherwise, accidents might happen. But if you are an amateur in this, then there is a chance that you can have less risk using this edge pro apex device.

Though this device comes with sharp tools and kits yet it manages to cause less trouble. The plastic material helps to have a fine grip on the feet so that it doesn’t slip away and cause accidents. Besides, the blade of the knife is canceled by the plastic of the rod of the device. This helps in saving your hand from getting cut.

Maximum Portability:

Many sharpeners come with a huge burden and therefore they lose their popularity very easily. The edge pro company, on the other hand, knows very well how to build compact-sized sharpeners. The kits of the sharpener especially the sharpening rods are compact and not more than 20cm and easy to hold.

Besides, the feet can be folded and the water stones are only more or less 6 inches long. With all the kits, the sharpener is only 3 pounds. Therefore, a professional man can carry the sharpener easily to his destined place and do his job without any difficulties.


Water Stones:

As the edge pro apex comes with water stones only, you cannot sharp all material-based blades with it. The whetstone of this device requires water instead of oil. Therefore, you’ll find it reasonable while sharpening a stainless steel-based knife.

But for ceramic blades, there is less chance that the blade can survive the pressure of sharpening with the whetstone. A diamond-based sharpener is required for this kind of material-based blade. Therefore, we would suggest you take note of this disadvantage of the sharpener and don’t approve your ceramic bladed knife to get along with the edge pro apex sharpener.

Pros and Cons:


  • Provides a fast performance and long-lasting effect
  • Different ranged sharpening angles to sharpen various angled blades
  • Versatile sharpener for stainless steel knives
  • Maximum portability for optimum use
  • User friendly and provides proper instructions


  • Cannot sharpen ceramic blades

About Wicked Edge Sharpener:

Wicked Edge knife sharpener
Wicked Edge =>

The sharpening system of wicked edge sharpener is a blissful incident to any knife for sure. This sharpener is one of the famous creations of the USA knife market. The capability of the sharpener is beyond any questions. Therefore, most professionals choose this sharpener to impress their clients by sharpening costly knives.

When the device sharpens a knife, it leaves no error and brings back the newly sharp edge. But it also comes with disappointing facts. So, let’s talk about both.


An Easy Device:

The most interesting fact about the wicked edge sharpener is, it is made as convenient as possible for all walks of people. No matter how amateur you are in sharpening blades, you can easily get along with the device and make a huge improvement over time with it.

As the sharpener comes with understandable kits and protective clamps, you will not end up getting yourself hurt or anything.

This device has clear instructions. Therefore, if you just follow them accordingly, your work will be half done without any hassle. To complete the job properly, you need to practice thoroughly and get used to conducting the device now and then.

Multiple Sharpening Angles:

Like edge pro apex, wicked edge sharpener is also versatile in many ways. As both the tools are the creations of the USA, there are some significant similarities you can find. However, the wicked edge can also sharpen knives that come with various angles. As the clamp of the sharpener can be adjusted at different angles, any superior knife can be sharpened with it.

Most of the popular branded chef’s knife comes with an angle from 15 to 30 degrees. Wicked edge sharpener is well aware of the fact. So it comes with a feature that can be adjusted to any angle from 15 to 30 degrees. You need to adjust it using your hands as it is a manual project.

Durable and Sturdy Kits:

Wicked edge sharpener comes with various kits made of stainless steel. With the material, 6061 T6 aluminum is mixed as well. This unique combination ensures the safety and durability of the sharpener to a certain extent. The clamping system of the sharpener comes with a jaw that is parallel.

The sharpener also carries a pivot rod and it’s not more than 8 inches. It comes with the shape of the letter “L”. Also, you are going to get 8 effective stones. These stones are from coarse to fine in nature. Besides, they are mostly diamond stones. That means you can sharpen a huge variety and material-based knives with these stones.
Provides Safety Guide

Wicked edge sharpener is popular because you can get your knife 100 percent sharp by using it and you will not have to be in danger for that. Within the fastest timetable, you can adopt the most precise edge of your knife by using the sharpener. This is possible because the device makes you be on guard whenever you tend to conduct it.

Danger can come any moment. But this device makes it easier for you to concentrate on it properly so that it doesn’t cause any accidents. The sharpener is designed to reduce the chances of causing danger to protect the amateurs and professionals as well.


No Base:

It is an inconvenience for the wicked edge sharpener users that the device does not carry a base. As a base is a very significant part of a sharpener, you cannot avoid using it while sharpening a knife. Many popular sharpeners provide this kit, but wicked edge finished its duty by providing a template only.

To tackle this inconvenience, you need to buy a base separately. Make sure you are buying an aluminum base for a wicked edge sharpener because it goes well with the other kits of the device. Besides, a granite base will go with it as well.


Many quality sharpeners come with a huge price range because of their incredible material and workability. Wicked edge sharpener is no different from them. It rather comes with an unexpected price because it ensures 100 percent healing and a sharp edge of your knife.

Many people find the price range unreasonable. But we think there is a reason that the price range of the tool is so unexpectedly high and that is its high-quality performance.

Pros and Cons:


  • Fast sharpening and immense durability
  • Ensures hundred percent sharpness to the knife
  • Evade dangers tactfully for the amateurs
  • Comes with 8 diamond stones to sharpen all kinds of knives


  • Comes with a template but no base
  • Pretty much expensive

Edge Pro Apex Vs Wicked Edge: Which Knife Sharpener is Better?

Choosing one from edge pro apex and the wicked edge is not an easy task because they both are efficient. Still, there are some differences which make it hard to choose one. A comparison between these two might settle a solution. But still, it is up to the users, their choices, and budget limits. Let’s witness their similarities and dissimilarities at once.


Both edge pro apex and wicked edge have great portability. If you want to choose a sharpener measuring how portable they are, you are good to go with both of the sharpeners. As they weigh not more than 5 pounds, you can carry them around without any trouble.


It’s a notable point since not all people possess the skill of sharpening knives. If you are an amateur then the wicked edge is your option. But for a professional, the edge pro apex is pretty convincing.

Price Range:

If you are set with the features of both edge pro apex and wicked edge sharpeners, then take a look at the price range. Most people avoid wicked edge sharpeners because of their unreasonable price. On the other hand, edge pro apex comes with a tolerable price range which ordinary people can afford.

Angle Measurement:

Edge pro apex can sharp any angled blades from 0 to 30 degrees. On the other hand, the wicked edge can sharpen from 15 to 30 degrees angled-blades. If you have various knives with various angles then go for edge pro apex sharpener.


In the term of versatility, edge pro apex wins because it comes with several kits with useful effect. You don’t have to buy anything separately. But for a wicked edge sharpener, you need to buy the base differently and there is less diversity in the accessories.

So, it is almost evident that edge pro apex has more benefits than a wicked edge. But you cannot deny the greatness of wicked edge sharpener as well. If you are an amateur then you should choose the wicked edge sharpener to ensure your safety. Apart from that, you are good to go with an edge pro apex sharpener.


Question: Is Edge Pro Apex worth it?

Answer: Edge pro apex sharpener comes with a 3 pounds weighted bag. In this bag, you will find extraordinary kits and they are made with fine plastic. These kits for sharpening knives are durable and sturdy. Besides, it costs very little than other sharpeners. It ensures safety, sharpness to the knife, and long-lasting effect. Therefore, we think edge pro apex is totally worth it.

Question: Why is wicked edge so expensive?

Answer: Wicked is so expensive because it comes with stainless steel material and is made in a way that it can be user-friendly to amateurs. Besides, it comes with diamond stones. Also, it offers less trouble and a great result at the same time. Any person can start their journey with this sharpener without fearing any accidents.

Question: Which wicked edge sharpener is best?

Answer: Many of the wicked edge sharpeners are qualitative and reputed. But we found Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 the best for its amazing features and versatility. Though it comes with an unreasonable price tag, this sharpener is able to amaze you with its diamond stones and other useful kits.

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