How To Dispose Of Wood Stain and Paints: 7 Easy Methods

In the era where pollution is at its peak, proper waste management is a mandatory obligation we have to this planet. It’s not only to ensure safety for us but for the generations to come.

Wood stains, oil-based paint or water-based paint, whatever they may be, they tend to have a great amount of chemical in them. And if not disposed of correctly, they may put a bad impact on the environment and create pollution easily.

As human beings, we always like to be on the safe side, by nature. Buying more stuff than we may need is a survival instinct. As it’s better to have more than to have not enough is how our brain works. From a survival point of view, that’s a great strategy. But when it comes to wood stains or paints, it’s not so much of good policy at all.

Because we can’t throw them away in any place we like, as the disposal of wood stain or the disposal of oil-based paint or water-based paint is usually regulated by some environmental laws for every country.

So let’s dive right in and find out all the easy steps you can follow on how to dispose of wood stain or paint rag.

dispose wood stain

7 Ways to Dispose Of Wood Stain and Paints Fast:

1. Checking The Label

In the container of your wood stain or paint, there is a label included. Go through the label carefully to get an idea of the materials used to make it. As recycling or disposal procedure depends on the materials used, it is highly advised to check out the label. So you’ll be able to gather a bit of information on what you are dealing with.

2.Making a Call To The Officials

Making a call to the officials

Every city usually has its own waste management department. They deal with all the waste disposal and knows all the regulations on the matter. Call the waste bureau or a similar office in your city and let them know what kind of material you’re dealing with. They will give you a protocol regarding the disposing of wood stain or the disposing of paint based on the material used.

Now all you have to do is simply follow the guidelines given and you’ll be able to dispose of your paint and stain easily.

In case you weren’t able to reach them or your city doesn’t have a department of such kind, here are some ways you can do it yourself.

3. Drying It Out

If you are dealing with a large quantity of oil-based paint and don’t know how to dispose of oil-based paint or wood stain then you are in luck. Because the stain or oil-based paint is only hazardous when it’s in liquid form. If you can only dry them out, they are no longer considered as toxic waste.

a) Using Cat Litter

Drying the paint may be a simple yet very time-consuming process. But to boost up the speed you can use any regular cat litter to do the job for you.

cat Litter quickly absorb all the paint
Cat Litter quickly absorb all the paint=>

All you have to do is get some litter and drop it inside the paint container. As litters are very hygroscopic in nature, they will quickly absorb all the paint. Add more if necessary until all the paint is absorbed. Then you can just dump it out and wait for them to dry out. The soaked litters get dry very quickly.

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b) Using Newspaper

If the amount of waste is higher in quantity, using the newspaper will be a better idea. Even though the newspaper takes more time to absorb the paint, it will save you a ton of money.

4. Throwing The Dry Waste (Empty Cans) In The Dump

Throwing Dry Waste (Empty Cans) Dump

Firstly make sure all the oil-based paint is fully absorbed and dried. As it is better to be safe than sorry. Now if you have an area to dump all the trash then throw the dried out waste (empty cans and rags) in that place. Otherwise, you can simply put them all in a bag and throw them in the trash, as they are no longer hazardous.

5. Contact A Non-Profit Disposal Organization

Nowadays there are numerous nonprofit organizations, which deals with the disposal of paint thinner, disposal of wood stain and other kinds of paint and paint solvents. These are considered as hazardous household waste (HHW) and many organizations collect them for free.

All you need to do is find out the nearby organization and give them a buzz. They will come to your house and take them out of your hands. There is no charge whatsoever. But if you want, you can usually make a donation to the organizations.

The oil-based paints are in most cases mixed with other fuel and used as an energy source to run various kinds of plants. Read Also: How to Fix Wood Stain Mistakes.

6. Dropping Off At The Recycling Company

Dropping off at the recycling company1

If you are thinking about how to dispose of water-based paint or latex paint,  then you should consider dropping them off at the nearby recycling company. If your paint is not degraded by any means then chances are, they can be used once again.

In some cases, the paint you give to nonprofit organizations is in good condition. So they give it away to other Charitable groups so people in need can take them for free.

7. Disposing of Paint Rags With Caution

Paints are a visual differentiation when it comes to the looks of it. But we often forget how dangerous oily paint rags can be. Most of them are highly flammable and can cause spontaneous combustion, if not disposed of properly.

To dispose of paint rags, firstly, you should pick a safe area, preferably outside your house. Then hang the rags outside before they are completely dried off. Try to spread them out as flat as possible for quicker drying time. After the drying process, oily paint rags can be disposed of without the risk of catching a flame.

For more safety, put all the rags in an airtight metal container. This prevents any kind of accidental oxidation and spontaneous combustion. Now you can dispose of the container easily as they are safe to handle.

Always make use that oily paint rags are far from any source of fire or direct heat.

Final Verdict

Right now, learning how to dispose of wood stain or paint is a big challenge for our society. Every time we dispose of these waste materials in a non-regulated manner, we take a step back to create a pollution-free planet.

If not handled correctly, such liquid wastes are slowly but surely going to the groundwater. So the amount of natural drinkable water is gradually decreasing. Aquatic creatures are dying and plants are getting infected with various diseases.

Paints having high VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) are causing long term damage to the human body and the environment around us. So following the guidelines to dispose of paint and wood stain and other paint solvents is a must. Read More: Best Outdoor Concrete Stain for outdoor Patio & Driveways.

To help create more pollution-free and safe plant Earth, follow the steps described in the article for your disposal. And together we will create a better planet for us to live freely and safely. If you have any more queries regarding the disposal, comment down below.

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