Die Grinder vs Dremel – Which One is Best-Suited for Your Project

The die grinder and Dremel rotary tool both look similar in terms of appearance. Even both are compatible with doing plenty of grinding, polishing, cutting, etc. tasks. But many of us look to buy only one tool and are in a dilemma which tool to pick.

This article will guide you to the right path in picking the best-suited rotary tool with an in-depth discussion on die grinder vs Dremel. So, let’s dive in.

Die Grinder vs Dremel

What is Die Grinder?

A die grinder is one of the most underappreciated small and handheld power tools. It contains a rotating spindle and a cutting bit that is held by a collet. It is a useful power tool to remove the workpiece from a working surface with a high speed rotating grinder bit.

What is Die Grinder
DEWALT Die Grinder=>

In terms of appearance, rotary tools and die grinders are quite similar. The significant difference is in their power source. A die grinder is either electrically or pneumatically-powered, while a rotary tool runs with only electricity.

With the correct attachment, a die grinder will allow you to complete a wide range of tasks. A die grinder is specially designed to work with metallic objects, but you also can use them with other materials such as wood and plastic.

Uses of Die Grinder:

makita cordless die grinder uses
Makita die grinder=>
  • Reworking dies
  • Polishing metal, wood, and plastic materials
  • Smoothing out wooden surfaces
  • Removing excess welds
  • It eliminates rust greatly
  • Sharpening blades
  • Creating rough textures on the surface

Types of the Die Grinder:

Die Grinders Are of 2 Types:

1.Bench Grinders:

Large die grinders are known as bench grinders. They are suitable for sharpening tough materials like carbide and tungsten. These grinders need to be positioned on a workbench, which is why they are called bench grinders. They consist of large motors (1/3HP – 1HP) and large wheels (6” – 10” diameter).

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2.Angle or Straight Grinders:

An angle or straight grinder is a portable power tool. Compared to bench grinders, they have small motors (0.4A – 15A). 4,000 – 11,000 is their revolutions per minute range. Some models are available with adjustable speed features.

What is a Dremel?

Uses of Dremel Tools
Dremel Tools=>

Actually, Dremel is not a power tool; it is a brand. When people talk about dremels, they usually have a particular type of rotary tool in their minds. The truth is Dremel is a manufacturing company that is well-known for manufacturing a wide range of rotary power tools. Dremel made a whole class of power tools known as Dremels, a wide range of brands are now selling this type of rotary tools.

Regardless of who manufactured them, Dremel has unique characteristics. It comes with a high RPM option from the 5,000 – 35,000 range. Dremel tools can be powered by electricity. It is a handy power tool that is easy to use and manage. The Dremel tool is suitable for small and light projects.

Uses of Dremel Tools:

dremel uses ingrinding polishing sanding
GOXAWEE Rotary Tool uses=>
  • Grinding and cutting metal
  • Sharpening
  • Engraving
  • Sanding
  • Drilling
  • Cleaning and polishing

Die Grinder vs Dremel: Key Differences:

You have already learned the basics; let’s look at the key differences between these 2 power tools.

1. Size

Looking at both tools, you will easily understand the size difference between a die grinder and a Dremel tool.

The overall size of a Dremel is compact, and this is why it can accomplish a detailed task efficiently. At the same time, a die grinder is an enormous tool compared to a Dremel. Its compact size allows you to do any crafting task in the most challenging corner quite comfortably.

However, you will find a compact die grinder in the market, but they are still larger than a Dremel tool. A die grinder bit, discs, attachment, everything is long. Being a larger tool, a die grinder is bulky too. Working for an extended period will become tough with a die grinder because of their large size and bulky feature.

2. Power Source

The power source is one of the key differences between die grinders and dremels.

Die grinders are electrically and air compressor powered. Generally, pneumatic die grinders are commonly found in the market. Although electrical die grinders aren’t rare, manufacturers produce them few in number. In recent times, cordless options are gaining much popularity.

In contrast, Dremel tools run with electricity. Due to their compact size, they don’t require additional power to run, which is why they are not air compressor powered. Dremel tools are available in both corded and cordless models.

3. Speed

Let me ask you a question – which one is faster, Dremel or die grinder? I believe your vote will go to die grinder. Unexpectedly, the rotational speed of a Dremel is more than a die grinder.

It turns out that these compact devices direct their rotational speed directly from their motor power. Thus, the average rotational speed of a Dremel is 5,000- 35,000 RPM. It means Dremel tools are not designed for those tasks that require low speed.

On the other hand, a die grinder also has remarkable speed. But it is less than Dremel. The maximum RPM of a die grinder is 25,000, making it compatible with working with high torque tasks.

4. Resilience

As you already know, Dremel is easy to use and being a lightweight tool, you can comfortably work with it for an extended period. But Dremel is prone to overheating when it is used for a long time. The motor can burn because of the overheat. Cordless models are more prone to heating up.

On the flip side, die grinders are less prone to heating up. It is because most die grinder models are air compressor powered.

5. Versatility

Both die grinder and Dremel can be used for accomplishing a wide range of tasks. Polishing a surface, cutting materials, wood sanding, smoothening metal surface and many other tasks can easily be finished with both tools.

But because of the compact size of Dremel, it is less useful than die grinders.

Since die grinders are available in both medium and large sizes, they can help you accomplish small to large tasks precisely. In comparison, you will face problems handling a heavy-duty project with dremels.

6. Price

For some, price is the deal-breaking factor.

A die grinder is less expensive than dremels. Many manufacturers produce quality die grinders, which will cost you between $30 – $100. Moreover, if you have an air compressor in your workshop, a die grinder will be the best.

On the other side of the coin, dremels will cost you $70 – $120. A larger set of components will cost you more.

However, you may need to rethink the cost if you don’t own an air compressor in your garage. At this point, you will need to add the cost of buying an air compressor. And the whole equation will change then.

Rotary Tool vs Die Grinder: Which One Should You Choose?

Reading the above basic information and detailed differences between die grinder vs Dremel, you might be facing a challenge to choose your project’s tool.

You Should Pick A Rotary Tool That Is Best Suited For Your Project.

  • Choose a die grinder if an air compressor is available in your garage. Pneumatic die grinders are easy to use because they are smaller than die grinders without cord.
  • Cordless die grinders are easy to carry. The portable feature makes them an ideal pick for industrial and heavy-duty projects where you will need to carry your die grinder.
  • Dremel rotary tool is specialized in delivering a precise result. So, it is best suited for small to medium-sized tasks.
  • If you require fine details working such as carving on wood or stone, making jewellery, working with glass, etc. pick Dremel rotary tool.

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Top 5 Brand of Dremel and Die Grinder:

Many manufacturers are producing premium quality die grinders and Dremel rotary tools. Some of the leading manufacturers are

For Die Grinders

  1. Makita
  2. Ingersoll Rand
  4. Astro
  5. Chicago

For Dremel Rotary Tools

  1. Dremel
  3. Black & Decker
  5. Milwaukee


Question1.: Is a Die Grinder The Same as a Dremel?

Answer: Both are rotary tools. Dremel tools are compact in size, whereas die grinders are physically larger. Though there can be found compact die grinder in the market, they are still bigger than dremels.

Question 2.: Can You Use a Dremel as a Grinder?

Answer: The answer to this question is, yes, you can use a Dremel as a grinder. All you need to do is, you have to pick the right attachment for grinding work. You will need to keep in mind that Dremel rotary tools can help you complete small to medium tasks because of their compact size.

Question 3.: Can I use a Drill as a Die Grinder?

Answer: A drill arbor adapter will allow you to fit a ½” arbor grinding disc on your cordless drill to act as a grinder with a suitable corded wheel. A cordless drill with a grinding disc will help you to grind hard-to-reach areas.

Top Brand of Dremel dewalt and dremel 4000
DEWALT Rotary Saw=>

Last Words

Hopefully, this article will help you get a clear idea on the topic “die grinder vs Dremel.” Now you can make a precise decision when picking a rotary tool for your project.

However, both rotary tools can be used for a wide range of tasks. You also can buy both tools if you are handling small to heavy-duty tasks. Dremel will help you do light jobs while a die grinder will allow you to accomplish a heavy-duty task. Let us know which rotary tool you have picked for your project. Feel free to comment in the below comment box.

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