Build a DIY Vocal Booth in a Corner from Scratch at Home

There are several noises we have to tolerate each day. For example, children making noise, neighbourhood noise, various industrial noises, traffic noise, and construction noise, outer people noise, and so many more.

For an average person like me, this sound is not going to create a more prominent issue, right?

But if you are a vocal artist, you mandatorily have such a room or corner where you can prevent any sound incoming and can install your vocal recording device efficiently. For recording vocals at home, you should soundproof the voice recording place.

So, therefore, I am today with my new article- The DIY Vocal Booth: learn how to build a Vocal Booth in a corner from scratch.

It is going to help you to describe the details process to build a DIY microphone isolation shield in your room corner.

Let’s start the description-

Build a Vocal Booth Corner

Why do you need to use the vocal booth in a corner?

You need a soundproof vocal booth to remove the background noise from your recorded voice. Your voice is the prime thing a listener pays full attention to which.

Whatever you have recorded, if it cannot gather the full attention of the listener, it will go into the vein.

Voice recording in any home studio has to face two drawbacks.

a) Disturbing noise from the surrounding:

Some domestic noise may ruin your voice to take the perfect recording. You cannot stop children’s fighting, or perhaps you even cannot prevent the loud noise created due to electric countertops are running into your home.

However, a little bit of presence of the outside noise into your voice will force you to record your voice repeatedly.

b) Disturbing to others:

If you do not use a separate space or a vocal booth, whenever you are going to record some energetic voice, it may irritate the old and child present into your home.

Some voice artists may give suggestions to work on your voice record at midnight but believe me, it will not going to resolve your problems.

A vocal booth works to remove all reverb surrounding the voice artist and absorb all unnecessary sounds except your voice. It also makes your vocals totally dry and very clear.

Without a vocal booth, it is impossible to get the PRO graded voice quality for the voice-over artists.

However, a voice-over booth in a corner is a semi-portable vocal booth. Customers can easily make this booth affording few expenses within a short time.

Tools and Materials requirement list:

Which tools and materials you want to use to build a recording booth depends on you.

However, if you have the general idea of how to build a DIY mic isolation booth in a corner, you can complete it at your own choice.

Here are some general things you will need to build the booth.

  • Power drill machine.
  • Wood screws (one and a half inch).
  • Utility Knife.
  • Hammer.
  • Seizure.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Pen/pencil.
  • Staple gun.
  • Wood frame.
  • Thick blanket/ R13 Fiberglass Insulation.
  •  Door Hinges.
  •  Polyester Fabric (black coloured).

How to Build a Vocal Booth in a Corner – 4 Steps to DIY isolation booth:

1. Choose the soundproof booth location:

It is a critical concern, which you need to decide before you build your booth in a corner.

A room made with concrete floor and ceiling will increase the efficiency of your vocal booth corner.

A separate room which has a different partition from other room also best to make your vocal corner.

microphone isolation shield diy

2. Make two side panel of the Voice booth corner:

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a) You can make a triangle soundproof corner using some cheap materials.

For this, at first, make two wood frames or panel (measurement depends on your desired height and width; make sure the height of the panel is more than average man height and lower than your home ceiling height.)

wood frames voice over booth

You can use a pine board to make the triangle corner of your booth. Another important thing is that if you use the R13 Fiberglass Insulation as the base item, the width of the pine panel should be 30 inches in dia.

build diy recording booth wood frame using blanket

This is because; the width of the insulation is 15 inches. Therefore you can use either 15×2 inch pine width or 15×3 inch wood width.

b) In this step, lie down your wood frame, and put the blanket or the insulation filling into the wood box. If you use a blanket, cut the blanket according to the wood frame measurement.

Use a pen or pencil to mark the blanket according to the frame measurement. If you use the insulation, place the paper portion of your insulation at the upper side.

c) Once the filling of the wood frame using the blanket or the insulation is done, cover the paper side of the insulation with the black fabric and staple all the four sides very well using the wood stapler.

soundproof blanket voice over booth

d) Make two soundproof boards or panels at the same measurement using the above instructions.

e) Once both the board is ready, make them stand to push close each together. Use two or three-door Hinges and attach the back joining of the two panels.

Make sure you have made a triangle look before you have joined the booth panel.

3. Make the ceiling of the voice over booth:

Make a little bit of larger triangle booth panel using the same process you made the booth side panel.

Place the triangle on the top of the booth corner you just made some time ago.

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Make ceiling diy vocal isolation shield

4. Decorate the inside of your Microphone Recording booth:

Now you can set a microphone, microphone holder, including other necessities, lighting, and instrumental setting in front of both corners.

Final verdict:

There are lots of options available to build a soundproof booth in a corner. All these options depend on affordable user capacity, using construction materials, and also on the user test and choice.

voice portable booth pvc pipe acoustic foam

use PVC Frame Blankets Foam reduce sound echo

However, a vocal booth in a corner is the semi-portable setting, which gives you the recording on the go, sometimes professional sounds as well. So this is all about- The DIY Voice Recording Booth: learn how to build a Vocal Booth in a corner. Moreover, it will remove the background noise of your mic. If you find this article beneficial for you, please don’t forget to share it. Thank you.

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