Remove Black Mold on Shower Curtain [3 Ways to Clean]

Molds and mildews are so common fungi that you will always witness them here and there. They find it so easy to choose a space and breed with joy. A little bit of moisture in the weather, shabby or damp surface, lack of ventilation, and you will next see the greenish stuff showing off themselves gradually and spreading their unruly infestation in an epidemic form. If they are not enough taken care of and abolished from the nip of the bud, then there are pretty much chances that they will rule of the space and eat up the protoplasm of it.

Along with shabby spaces, your shower curtain can be also the victim of the same disease. Black mold on the shower curtain is not even an unordinary thing. Rather, molds and mildews find their favorite places on shower curtains because most of the time the curtain doesn’t get enough ventilation to dry out the excess water on it, and thus, the moisture on the curtain attracts molds to the greatest extent. These molds and mildews don’t even take time to infest on a greater range and their gradual tendency of darkening the curtain seems more disgusting overall.

Black Mold on Shower Curtain

Therefore, we thought of getting rid of this unsightly picture of your bathroom and came out with great ideas to call a battle against them. As the breeding of bold is a sign of an unhygienic situation, you also might suffer mentally seeing those disgusting mold resting on your shower curtain. That’s why, for your own hygiene need and mental satisfaction, we are going to provide you with the process of removing those fungi from the shower curtain with some bonus segments. So, let’s dive into the segments at once.

Is Black Mold on Shower Curtain Dangerous?

If you ever wonder thinking what are those black spots on your shower curtain, then know that these are molds and they are just contributing to look your bathroom look dirty and uncleanly. Just because they are not coming towards you like a bug to attack, doesn’t mean you are safe from molds. Molds are not to be appreciated at all. You are supposed to take steps against it because they bring danger to some extent. They might seem very silent, but the disease they spread might be very risky for your health.

Black molds on shower curtains can be dangerous if you just let them rest on it forever and don’t do anything to abolish them. You can get affected by the black molds if you remain indifferent to them. For several reasons, black molds on shower curtains can be very dangerous for sensitive skin and they can make you utterly sick on some particular range. If you don’t clean black mold on the shower curtain, then your bare skin can be exposed to several allergies and diseases that are not suitable or helpful to live a longer life.

Can Black Mold Make You Sick?

Though most of the danger issues regarding black molds are described exaggeratedly, you must not show indifference to them. These molds are able to make you suffer in the long run. Besides, they can make you sneeze, cough, or have allergies, body odor, and nasal congestion to the greatest extent. Too much mold and mildew exposure can bring more serious diseases like increasing the asthmatic problem and several types of mold allergies.

Besides, they are able to lessen the power of your immune system and affect your lungs greatly. Breathing in front of a curtain that is infected with molds will cause you a serous headache, foul odor from the mouth, lungs problem, fatigue, and this will attack your sinuses too.

How to Remove Black Mold from Shower Curtain – In 3 Ways:

Cleaning a moldy shower curtain can be troublesome to some extent. Bringing up the right substance to get rid of black mold and mildew from the shower curtain is what you need to do to get a satisfying result. As shower curtains can be of many materials like vinyl or plastic, you need to choose a process that will get along with the material of the shower curtain.

Besides, there are some ways with which you can get rid of the black molds of your curtain. These processes are based on different products or substances that are known or hugely recommended for battling molds and mildews no matter if they are on the shower curtain or drywall. So, let’s get into those several processes at once.

Way 1. Use Vinegar for Effective Cleaning:

Use Vinegar for Effective Cleaning

White vinegar is the popular and most available substance to speak the real truth. This substance has a great ability to fight dirt and work as an effective cleaning agent. Therefore, most people wonder thinking “will vinegar remove mold and mildew from shower curtain?” Well, it does not only limit itself to cleaning dirt but also white vinegar has great versatility to abolish mold from your curtain or drywall. That’s why you can just try out the effectiveness that this cleaning substance will provide. You need to know the process of using white vinegar so you don’t get a disappointing result.

Step 1: To prepare the solution made with vinegar, you need to have a spray bottle, the right amount of water, and of course, white vinegar.

Step 2: Take one part of white vinegar and the same part of the water in the spray bottle. And then shake the bottle properly to the components of both white vinegar and water get mixed properly and come up with the right consistency.

Step 3: Spray the mixture through the sprayer of the bottle to the black spots of the curtain. Target the darkened spot and spray the mixture on them more and fairly. Then give the mixture some minutes to react with the black molds. Don’t wait too much because that will not help the situation. And then, give a vigorous rub to the moldy spots.

Step 4: If you see the black moldy spots have not entirely gone after one vigorous wash with the white mixture, then do the rubbing process again spreading the mixture twice. You will see the great amount of the black moldy spots has been removed.

Do this cleaning process every now and then so the residue of black molds gets removed as well with time. You can always keep this mixture in a spray bottle in corner of your shower room and give your curtain a regular cleaning with it in order to prevent further invasion of molds and mildews.

Way 2. Use Bleach for a Vigorous Cleaning:

Use Bleach for a Vigorous Cleaning

If you are want to try something different other than vinegar, bleaching is another solution for you to remove black mold from your curtain. You can actually have less trouble using bleaching because with it you can clean molds while the curtain is still hanging. But it would be better if you just take down the curtain for a better result. Now, you need to go through several steps to make your bleaching solution fruitful for the job. So, here you go.

Step 1: After taking down the shower curtain, first brush away the existing and loosened molds from the curtain. Use hand gloves when brushing them away as they are dangerous fungi to some extent. And your skin will not get unnecessary allergies and rashes due to the flying back of molds on your skin during the brushing process.

Step 2: Then you need to take the curtain where there is the advantage of well air-passage. As bleach has got abrasives in it, they require some carefulness and ventilated space. Then collect a middle-sized bucket, hot water, and non-chlorine bleach.

Step 3: After collecting the necessities, take 4 tablespoons of bleach and mix it with hot water of 2 quarts of amount. After mixing the properties, you will notice a good texture of the mixture. Then, let the curtain soak the mixture in that bucket.

Step 4: The curtain needs to be soaked properly for about an hour. Within this time, the mixture will loosen the bond the molds created and efface their infestation gradually. After the soaking process, press out the excess bleaching solution from the curtain. And at last, you need to rinse the curtain with fresh warm water.

Some people want to remove mold and mildew from the shower curtain without using bleach as it comes with abrasives. In that case, you can avoid using bleaching solutions and adopt the solution of vinegar and baking soda. The mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water is also applicable in the process of abolishing molds and mildews.

Way 3. Clean Mold with Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax:

Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax

This solution of hydrogen peroxide and borax has great implications on molds. Besides, they work directly to kill the mold spores immediately and leave a transparent shield so no further attack of molds can ruin your beautiful shower curtain again. The solution has almost got the same procedure of being made as to the bleaching or vinegar solution. But for your convenience, we are going to out the process of the solution at once.

Step 1: To accomplish removing molds you need to collect the materials at first. Bring hydrogen peroxide, warm water, and a brush.

Step 2: For the next step, you need to mix hydrogen peroxide with the right amount of water. And then put the mixture in a spray bottle. Later, spray the mixture where you see the unruly molds, and then let the curtain soak the solution for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: After the time has passed, brush those black spots from the curtain. Rinse it with fresh water and you will witness some residue or remainder of black molds afterward. At this point, you need to make a borax paste.

Step 4: To make a borax paste, take the same amount of water and borax and mix them properly. Then spread the paste on the remainder and rub the place efficiently. When you feel enough of the rubbing process, rinse the curtain with fresh warm water again.

This process is very effective because both hydrogen peroxide and borax carry serious cleaning agents and they are more than efficient and promising to their job.

Apart from these solutions, you can bring citric cleaning formula. Lemon and salt will do together the best job to abolish and ruin the infestation of black molds and mildews. Baking soda, with a mixture of water, is also very efficient in the whole process of getting rid of black molds. Depending on your choice and situation, adopt any of the solutions.

How to Prevent Mold & Mildew on Shower Curtain Liner:

There are certain ways following which you can save your curtain liner from the invasion of molds and mildews. As prevention is better than cure, you should take some major precautions to prevent mold from its unruly infestation. Without beating around the bush, let us straight get to the points adopting which you can let your shower curtain liner look as beautiful as before.

a) Know the Standard Size of Shower Curtain:

The best way to prevent mold is to select the best shower curtain with an accurate size for your shower space. We recommend the ideal size which is 70-72 inches, but it can vary according to the length and width of your bathroom. There is always an option for customization in some shop stores.

Now, the point is, don’t let the curtain touch the ground because that’s where the growing of molds can start and it will eventually affect the curtain liner as well.

b) Keep the Moisture away:

install exhaust fan shower room

Another significant way to prevent black mold is to keep your shower curtain dry all the time. For this purpose, you can install an exhaust fan in your shower room. As moisture is one of the major causes of the happening of black mold, either you need to wipe out the excess water from the curtain or switch on the exhaust fan to keep the moisture away. This way you can save your drywall from black molds as well. Or, use an expensive way to control moisture by buying a quality dehumidifier.

c) Keep Your Bathroom Clean:

The primal fact about the attack of the black mold is the unhygienic and uncleanly environment. Like your bedroom or living room, your bathroom also requires cleaning. The unclean environment is the perfect place for the growing up of different types of fungus including black mold. If you clean your shower room on a regular basis using the extraction of tea tree oil or citric acid, the molds will not show up. You can also spray mixtures of vinegar, baking soda, or any bleaching solution.

d) Use Disposable Curtain:

Another way to save your shower curtain liner from black molds is to use a disposable shower curtain. Disposable shower curtains are mostly inexpensive and they can serve you for a long time. Bring a disposable vinyl curtain and dispose of it when you see the necessity every month. In case, you want to please any visitor, you can alternate the disposable one to a fashionable shower curtain and put it off again when the visitor is gone.

e) Ensure Good Plumbing:

A leak in the pipe of the water source can be the cause of the growth of fungus. Therefore, you need to make sure there is no leakage or crack on your shower taps. If you find any, call a plumber to fix those things at once. Otherwise, you will see the instant growth of molds and mildews surrounding your shower curtain.


Question: Should I throw away a moldy shower curtain?

Answer: Throwing away your moldy shower curtain is not the best solution until you are trying out some of the best curing solutions. First, try out the bleaching or white vinegar solution for a wide range of mold infestations. This process should work effectively. If the curtain is old enough and mold has already eaten up all the space, then you can think of throwing it away.

Question: How to remove mold from shower curtain in a washing machine?

Answer: First, set the washing machine on the largest load and then pour warm water into it. Pour the right proportionate of detergent and white vinegar in the setting. Then put your curtain in the setting. Make sure you turn on the gentle setting of the washing machine for the washing of the curtain. After, the cycle is fulfilled, pull out the curtain from the machine and hang it on a rod to dry.

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