6 Best Spray Bottle for Bleach Solution 2023 [Chemical Resistant]

leach, as a chemical, is very harsh and corrosive. Therefore, it requires storing nicely. Not all material-based bottle carries the ability to store the bleach because it reacts harshly on them. The normal bottles can be used to store normal cleaners that don’t carry corrosive or toxic chemicals in them. But for the storage of bleach, a strongly built bottle is needed.

As bleach affects some materials, you cannot just store them in any material-based bottle. There are some specific spray bottles for bleach available in the market. And from them, we’ve picked the best spray bottle for bleach solution that will do the storage properly.

Best Spray Bottle for Bleach

These spray bottles are hassle-free and resistant to the reaction of bleach. Also, they assure of storing the bleach solution for a long time without creating any toxic reaction in it.

So, let’s check out the 6 best chemical resistant spray bottles at once so you can choose one of them for convenient storage of bleach solution.

Top 6 Heavy-Duty Spray Bottles:

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1# Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels

Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels
  • UV protected and Resistant to Harsh Chemicals Glass

  • No problem of Leakage and Clogging

  • Durable & High-end sprayer with tune setting in it

2# Sally's Glass Spray Bottle

Sally's Glass Spray
  • UV protected glass for preservation of the bleach

  • Can be used for Versatile purposes

  • Perfect size for holding up a lot of bleaching solution

3# 16-Ounce Amber Glass Spray Bottles

16-Ounce Amber Glass Spray Bottles
  • Heavy duty sprayer has 3 settings with mist, stream, & off

  • Amber color protect from UV Rays years service

  • Multi uses & Heavy-Duty Sprayers

4#Glass Spray Bottles Kits, Roller Bottles

Glass Spray Bottles Kits, Roller Bottles
  • Provides everything that a spray bottle would require

  • Great reviews for the money-worth spray bottle

  • Totally free from ultraviolet rays

5# BAR5F Plastic Spray Bottles

BAR5F Plastic bottle
  • Compatible with many liquid cleaning solutions

  • Leak Proof, heavy-duty, impact-resistant, plastic

  • Reliable, hassle-free and lightweight

6# BAR5F Empty Plastic Spray Bottles

BAR5F Empty Plastic
  • Very lightweight and sturdy spray bottles

  • Chemical Resistant Bottle and Sprayer

  • BPA-free & Serves its purpose

What Kind of Chemical Resistant Spray Bottles to Use for Bleach?

Some aspects should always be remembered when you are up to do the storing job of bleach solution. As bleach is harsh, it reacts easily on any material. Thus it can cause a lot of trouble when you think of storing it in any spray bottle. A specific bottle that fulfills the aspects of storing bleach solution is better to adopt for this job. And you should insert the following aspects before you invest money in them.

UV Ray Protection:

If you buy spray bottles that come with UV ray-protected glass material, then you’ll have a lot of advantages. As UV ray is supposed to degrade the quality of bleaching solution, you’ll need to protect the quality of it by storing them in a UV protected glass spray bottle.

Otherwise, your bleaching solution will not provide an effective result. Besides, a glass spray bottle comes with transparency and thus it’ll be easier to recognize the content, and its amount. Read Also: 8 Best Degreaser for Heavy Equipment.

Chemical Resistant Material (HDPE or Glass):

Material is the most important thing that you should check while buying a spray bottle for bleach. A metal-based bottle is not safe for storing bleach because it corrodes the material and leaves terrible stains on it. However, a specific bottle that is supposed to store bleach only is made with High-Density Poly Ethylene.

Besides, glass is a very sturdy material along with HDPE plastic that is meant for storing bleaching solutions. This plastic and glass withstand the harsh reactions of the bleaching solutions. Therefore, check the material quality and know which material withstands the harsh chemical swiftly before spending money on it.

Good Grip:

As bleach is a toxic chemical, the spray bottle that carries it should come with an accurate grip. Otherwise, the bottle can slip away from your hand and get all over your hands. An accident like this causes little damage and if it continues like that then the damages will never recover.

Therefore, a good grip saves you from happening many hassles and accidents. Besides, it helps you do your job quickly when you have a good grip on the spray bottle.

Reliable Nozzle Sprayer:

Another important aspect is the nozzle sprayer of the spray bottle. A reliable nozzle sprayer assists you in accomplishing your job by spraying the bleach on the determined space. Therefore, it should be efficient enough and should come with an easy-pressing feature. Besides, it should carry different options for spraying bleach.

Mostly, a spray bottle for bleaching solution comes with two important options in the nozzle – jet spray and mist spray. That’s why check out the quality and features of the nozzle sprayer before you buy the spray bottle. Avoid buying a nozzle sprayer if it carries a metal spring inside it.

Leak-Resistant Caps:

Many spray bottle caps come with leakage problems for many reasons. Sometimes it’s the fault of the manufacturer and sometimes it’s the fault of the quality of the bottle. A tight and adjustable cap resists the leaking problem of the bottle.

Therefore, as a conscious customer, check the bottle and its cap properly if you see any kind of leakage problem there and then decide to splash money on it. After all, you don’t want a harsh chemical to affect the surface of your storage room with filthy stains because of the leakage problem of the spray bottle.

6 Best Spray Bottle for Bleach Solution – Reviews of 2023:

While choosing a chemical-resistant spray bottle for bleach, it requires a stable material that can resist the bleaching solution properly. HDPE plastic and glass are those kinds of materials and are even more powerful than metals in the case of storing bleaching solution. They resist the reaction of harsh bleach firmly and do not degrade the quality of bleach.

1. Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels:

Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels

This 16oz Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels is our top pick because of its amazing strength, powerful resistance to bleach, and sturdiness. This item is a must for storing bleaching solutions if you are searching for a handy, top-notch quality and lead or cruelty-free spray bottle. While most of the spray bottles are plastic-made, this one is made with high-end amber glass.

The UV protection glass is translucent so you can have a better view of the amount of bleach in the bottle. The shape of the bottle is maneuverable. It’s also large enough to carry a satisfying amount of bleach and relieves you from the trouble of refilling the bottle within a short period. The spray pipe of the bottle is so extended that you can use every drop of the liquid finely without any hassle.

The black ergonomic nozzle spray makes it easier to do your job. You can tune the nozzle from mist to jet spray as per your wish. Besides, the bottle comes with a PBA-free reliable cap as well. It’s a good piece of news for those who worry about the environment because this bottle is reusable and made from recycled substances.

However, though the material of the spray bottle is durable, you still need to be careful to resist the tendency of the breakage of the glass. Apart from all the positive reviews, some people avoid this spray bottle because of the glass material.

Things We Liked:

  • UV protected and resistant to harsh chemicals glass
  • No problem of leakage and clogging
  • Translucent bottle for easy recognition
  • High-end sprayer with tune setting in it
  • Exceptionally durable and hassle-free journey

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Requires attention for the glass shatters easily
  • No labeling system on the body of the spray bottle

2. Glass Spray Bottle:

Glass Spray Bottle

This Glass Spray Bottle is so transparent and awesome looking that we’ve picked this as our second-best choice. This spray bottle is 100% lead and cruelty-free. Besides, the size of the bottle is so convenient that you can easily grab the bottle and spray it on the destined place. The ergonomic nozzle spray also comes with transparent color.

This good-looking spray bottle not only preserves the bleaching solution but also works as a great display on your storage shelves. The nozzle spray and the cap of the bottle are completely PBA-free for your safety. The cap of the bottle ensures the tight preservation of the bleaching solution. And the pipe of the bottle is large enough to prevent you waste any drop of the solution.

Furthermore, the spray bottle carries no bad odor with it and provides a fresh look no matter what kind of material it is carrying. There is no scope that the harshness of bleach leaches into the bottle and makes it filthy. The users can control the nozzle sprayer to get the right amount of bleach on the determined place.

However, if you are not a fan of plastic, you can simply choose this fresh-looking spray bottle for bleach. This spray bottle also comes with some disappointment as some people do not find the bottle as convenient as it seems. Therefore, the spray bottle gets a mixed reaction of positive reviews and negative reviews.

Things We Liked:

  • UV protected glass for nice preservation of the liquid
  • Perfect size for holding up a lot of bleaching solution at a time
  • Can be used for versatile purposes
  • Bad odor-free and reusable glass
  • Get a modern-designed bottle to make your display beautiful

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The material tends to break down
  • The nozzle spray doesn’t work properly sometimes

3. 16-Ounce Amber Glass Spray Bottles:

16 Ounce Amber Glass Spray Bottles

16-Ounce Amber Glass Spray Bottles come with many likable features. These 2-pack spray bottles are made with amber glass. This material makes the bottles look qualitative enough. Besides, these bottles are the best for preserving the essence and effectiveness of the liquid. Therefore, the bleaching solution never gets affected by the toxicity of the air or UV ray.

The airtight caps and nozzle sprays of the bottles are BPA-free. The glass of the bottle allows you to use a chalk marker to label the bottle. You can erase the chalk labeling and re-label the glass if you wish. The heavy-duty nozzle sprayers of the bottles offer you 3 different settings for your convenience.

You can mist spray, jet spray, or tune the nozzle sprayer in between the two to have the perfect stream of bleach. These spray bottles are also easy to clean because they are dishwasher safe. Also, they are microwave safe. But don’t put the nozzle sprayers into a dishwasher or microwave because inside it carries a stainless steel spring.

The translucent characteristic of the spray bottle helps you to know about the content of the bottle. These bottles also carry precise straws to give a nice flow when you trigger the sprayer. However, with marvelous reviews, many people have been adopting these spray bottles with joy.

Things We Liked:

  • Do not degrade the quality of the material inside
  • The colors of the glass prevent the UV ray
  • Spray nozzles stay right in the position while spraying
  • 100 % reusable and manufactured from recycled materials
  • Heavy-duty sprayers do the job comfortably

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The glass tends to shatter
  • Sprayers are not dishwasher or microwave safe

4. Glass Spray Bottles Kits, Roller Bottles:

Glass Spray Bottles Kits Roller Bottles

If you want a complete package with the advantage of getting spray bottles, try Glass Spray Bottles Kits. This package carries 2 spray bottles that come with two black caps and three black trigger sprayers. The bottles are dark shades in color. Because of this color, the bottle sprays don’t let the content be degraded anyway.

The plastic-made sprayers and caps are BPA-free like other top-notch materials. The glass of the spray bottles does not get affected by the toxicity of the bleach as well. Therefore, the durability of the glass is confirmed. The size of the spray bottles is also satisfying.

The package carries mist bottles with mist sprayers individually. So now you don’t have to take the trouble of tuning your nozzle sprayer to get the accurate flow of the bleach. The package is filled with different kits, for instance, to fill the bottles with the content, it offers plastic funnels. Also, you’ll get droppers, cleaning brushes, bottle openers, and many more.

If you are passionate about spraying and want a huge facility for storing cleaners or bleaching solutions, then this package is made for you. The glass is translucent and reusable for the sake of the environment. People review this package because it is worth the money.

Things We Liked:

  • Provides everything that a spray bottle would require
  • The thick glass of the spray bottle holds the durability
  • Totally free from ultraviolet rays
  • Comes with cleaning brushes for easy cleaning
  • Great reviews for the money-worth spray bottle package

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Need to handle nicely and carefully
  • Does not come with labeling

5. BAR5F Plastic Bottles:

BAR5F Plastic Spray Bottles

The BAR5F Plastic Spray Bottles are so handy and comfortable to use that we decided to put them on our list anyway. With crystal clear characteristics, the spray bottles are super maneuverable. From home use to industrial use, these plastic spray bottles can withstand every tough chemical including harsh bleaching solutions.

The heavy-duty functionality of the spray bottles wins the hearts of the users and they choose to make it one of the mainstays in their arsenal. You’ll not find any leaking problems because these bottles are inspected by the eyes of professionals. These refillable spray bottles come with precision. The sprayers of the bottles carry a Mixor trigger.

They are adjustable as you can set the stream from mist to jet spray. For the best performance, apply the best use of the Mixor trigger. However, by using this product, you can have an ergonomic grip. The ergonomic comfort reduces all the chances of fatigue and strain on the hand.

Besides, there is no chance of the breaking down of the spray bottle when there is a little lack of carefulness. Many people pick these spray bottles because they look nice and suit almost all kinds of environments. Also, the plastic material is toxic-free and does not affect the ecosystem much.

Things We Liked:

  • Crystal clear look for easy labeling
  • Mixor trigger for a satisfying stream
  • Very much hassle-free and lightweight for easy carrying
  • Offers no issues in spraying at any angle
  • Ergonomic grip for fatigue-less experience

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Offers no measurement labels

6. BAR5F Empty Plastic:

BAR5F Empty Plastic Spray Bottles

These BAR5F Empty Plastic Spray Bottles are our best decision if you choose plastic material over glass. The heavy-duty features of the spray bottles are quite mind-blowing. The shape of the bottles is convenient and looks professional as well.

The plastic material of the spray bottles is strong enough to defeat any kind of chemical reaction. Besides, the spray bottles are not heavy and can be easily moved from one place to another. Though the bodies of the spray bottles are not so transparent, you still can check the amount of the bleaching solution through it.

With the sturdy structure and material, the spray bottles can be used without any fear of being damaged. However, the sprayers of the bottles come with red borders for an attractive look. The nozzle of the sprayer is black and it creates a little problem with the content inside the bottle according to many users.

Therefore, cleaning the nozzle before filling the bottle with content is important. However, you are supposed to preserve the plastic spray bottles in a safe place away from UV rays.

Things We Liked:

  • Very lightweight and sturdy spray bottles
  • Resist the chemical reaction with great efficiency
  • Great shape with a color combination of the bottles
  • BPA-free and Serves its purpose
  • Durable spray mechanism

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The black nozzles can make the content look dirty
  • Doesn’t work properly when you hold the bottle at an angle

How to dilute bleach for disinfecting Viruses and Bacteria?

Dilute bleach for disinfecting Virus and Bacteria

Bleach is a very effective disinfectant if it is diluted properly. To kill viruses and bacteria, using bleach can bring a satisfying result, especially in this Corona-infected air. If you dilute bleach with cold water, it will destroy the dwellings of the virus, bacteria, and fungus effectively.

To make a proper dilution, first, take one-quarter cup of bleach. Then mix it with one gallon of cold water. And then it will form a perfect thinning of the bleaching solution. However, following the label of the bleaching solution always gives you a better idea about dilution.

make disinfectant solution


Question: What kind of container do you use for bleach?

Answer: Glass spray bottles are safe enough to store bleach. It also cannot affect the glass material. But glass is prone to breakage if you are a little unaware. Therefore, using glass spray bottles for bleach is not everybody’s cup of tea.

In this situation, you can adopt an HDPE plastic container for bleach. This material is odor-free and lightweight. Besides, it can resist the harshness of the bleach properly.

Question: Does bleach ruin spray bottles?

Answer: It depends on which material-based spray bottle you use to store harsh bleach. Metal can never be an option to store the bleaching solution because it affects the material instantly. It is corrosive to metal and leaves unnecessary stains on it.

Bleach ruins some plastics as well. Not all type of plastic is favorable for this solution. However, HDPE plastic is exceptional as it withstands this chemical with fineness. But if the nozzle sprayer carries a metal spring then the bleach will ruin the bottle.

Bleach can ruin spray bottles because it is corrosive and can chemically react with certain plastics, causing them to weaken, become brittle, or crack over time. Additionally, bleach may release harmful fumes and weaken bottle seals, leading to leakage. Using bleach-resistant materials and rinsing bottles thoroughly after use can help mitigate this damage.

Question: Can you put bleach in a Ziploc bag?

Answer: Ziploc bags are mostly made with HDPE or LDPE plastic. Bleach can be corrosive to some kinds of plastics. But they are less corrosive to HDPE plastic bags. You can put bleach in a Ziploc bag but you cannot store it for many days.

Question: Is the Size of the Bottle Matter?

Answer: When you tend to buy a spray bottle for bleach solution, you should first notice the size of the bottle. Buy a size that will carry all your bleaching solutions. Don’t buy too small a size because that will not carry much of it. And if you buy the extra-large size, then you might have to face the hassle of handling a large bottle around to do the spray job.

Therefore, buying medium-sized ones will fulfill your motif properly. And if you have more bleach to store then you can go for the large ones.

Question: Why a See-through Bottle and labeling is Convenient?

Answer: A transparent bottle is more convenient because it lets you know the amount of bleach solution the bottle is carrying. Though it depends on the choices of the consumers, yet adopting a translucent bottle makes it easy to recognize the content inside the bottle correctly.

If there is clear labeling in the body of the bottle, then you can consider adopting a non-transparent bottle. Many people choose colors over transparency. Therefore clear labeling is a must to avoid any accidents.

Final Thought:

A quality spray bottle is always safe and sturdy enough to store harsh chemicals. This also helps in sustaining the effectiveness of the chemicals for a longer time. Glass spray bottles are sturdy, UV rays protected, and look great on Display. But if you want to avoid the breakage problem of glass, you can buy HDPE plastic spray bottles instead.

We’ve already mentioned all of our 6 best spray bottles for bleach solutions (reviews of 2023). You can choose any of them according to your mood, situation, and budget range. These chemical-resistant spray bottles are efficient and serve their purposes properly.

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