7 Best Sealer for Saltillo Tile 2023 Reviews [Beautiful & Durable]

After installing the new Saltillo tile, whether in the shower, kitchen, or other floors, one thing is inevitable, they must be sealed. Mexican Saltillo is a handmade tile made of clay. The other name of Saltillo tile is Terracotta Tile. Many homeowners prefer it over other tiles for its beautiful appearance. But these tiles are highly porous if not sealed and maintained.

So, when using a particular type of tile like Saltillo, you have no other choice except selecting the best sealer for saltillo tile. In this write-up, we will be helping you find the ideal sealer to use for Saltillo.

Best Sealer for Saltillo Tile

Top 7 Saltillo Tile Sealer – Comparison Table:

Sealer Name=>



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1# Glaze ‘N’ Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer

Glaze ‘N’ Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer
  • Offers High Gloss Protection & Beauty to the Tile

  • Durable High Gloss UV Resistant finish 4 indoors outdoors

  • Waterproof & Resists Oil, Food Stains, Grease, etc

2# Armor AR350 Acrylic Concrete and Paver Sealer:

Armor AR350 Acrylic Concrete and Paver Sealer
  • Highly Durable Acrylic-Based Wet Look sealer

  • Brings out Natural Color of the tiles & gives a Wet Look

  • Non-Yellowing and UV resistant

3# Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus:

Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus
  • Creates an Invisible barrier protection to Saltillo Tile

  • Protect Against Water, Stains, UV and slippage

  • Covers up to 1,000 square feet per qt

4# AQUA Mix Sealers Choice Gold Stain:

AQUA Mix Sealers Choice Gold Stain
  • No-Sheen, Natural look & penetrating Sealer [water base]

  • Very Clean and Provides a Vibrant Look to Saltillo tile

  • Ensures maximum stain resistance

5# Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT High Gloss Finish Sealer

Miracle High Gloss Finish Sealer
  • Enhance Natural color of interior floor surfaces

  • High Gloss sealer provides beautiful shine, not yellow

  • Covers up to 200 sq. ft. per quart

6# Trewax Professional Gold Label Stone and Tile Sealer

Trewax Professional Gold Label Stone and Tile Sealer
  • Acrylic Urethane finish provides exc. protection

  • Seals and Protects making surfaces scuff, stain and water resistant

  • Enhances the look of the stone.

7# StoneTech High Gloss Finishing Sealer for Natural Stone

StoneTech High Gloss Finishing Sealer for Natural Stone
  • Enhances the Natural color of the tile, High Gloss

  • Leaves a high sheen & protects against water & oil stains

  • Coverage: up to 300 sq ft. per gallon

Which Types of Stain or Sealer is Best to Seal Saltillo Tile:

Saltillo tile sealers can be 2 main types: wet look tile sealer and natural-look tile sealer. Both types have their pros and cons.

a) Wet Look Tile Sealer:

Wet look tile sealers come with a solvent-based formula. They create a coating over the tiles to give a wet look. The consistency of this type is quite similar to wood varnish. It creates a barrier on top of the tile to prevent the build-up of moisture. Thus, the tile becomes moisture-resistant.

However, this sealer type blocks the tiles from breathing. As a result, water seeps in from the tile beneath, creating a white haze on the tiles, which is quite impossible to remove.

It would be best to choose a wet look tile sealer for Backsplashes and feature tiles and places where heavy traffic is unavailable.

b) Natural Look Tile Sealer:

Natural look tile sealer is water-based, and it is the best and safest option to be used on Saltillo tiles. It is odor-free and safe to use.

This type of sealer protects a surface from stains, oils, grease, water, etc., by creating an extra layer on the floor. Also, it resists the build of mildew over tiles. Although some customers find the natural-looking a bit dull, the advantages outweigh it so far.

Moreover, because of the water-based formula, natural look tile sealers coverage capacity is also high.

7 Best Saltillo Tile Sealer of 2023 Reviews:

With the best sealer, your Saltillo tile will remain shiny, glossy, damage-free, and stain-proof for many years.

1# Glaze ‘N’ Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer:

Glaze N Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer

The Glaze ‘N’ Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer provides a high level of protection to Saltillo tiles after applying. With its water-based formula, it makes the Saltillo tile damage-proof from stains or moisture. Another important thing is, it is suitable for terra cotta tile as well. Besides, the sealer preserves the original color of the tile, making it an excellent fit for Saltillo tiles.

After using this sealer, it creates an invisible barrier on it, allowing the tile to resist water vapor, moisture, oil, etc. Surfaces where this tile sealer is used will become less slippery. One of this product’s best features is that you can use it for both interior and exterior purposes. In fact, it is suitable to be used on different surfaces.

In addition, it is easy to use and apply. Even if you are a beginner, you will not face any trouble applying it on the surface. You need to grab a coating stripper and apply it when the grout and tile are thoroughly dried. Then leave it for 24 hours to cure. Two coats are enough to get a beautiful sheen. Most testimony claims that it has a lasting power of at least 1 year.

The Benefits:

  • Super easy to apply and water cleanup
  • The sealer is not slippery at all
  • Each coat dries very fast
  • The water-based formula works well and makes Saltillo tiles complete waterproof
  • It resists oil, food stains, grease, moisture, etc.

The Drawbacks:

  • The product smells a bit when you pour it out of the bottle

2# Armor AR350 Acrylic Concrete and Paver Sealer:

Armor AR350 Acrylic Concrete Paver Sealer

The Armor AR350 Acrylic Concrete and Paver Sealer is well-known for its long-lasting hold and durable performance. It penetrates pavements and provides reliable protection from different weather elements. Moreover, the sealer enhances a dull and faded surface by offering a low gloss finish and a darkened wet look. You will be utmostly pleased with the performance of it.

This solvent-based sealer is made of non-recycled US-manufactured resins. Characteristically, it is breathable and contains low VOC elements. As a result, it delivers better edge retention during drying. At the same time, the sealer is non-flammable. It is resistant to some chemicals, water, salt damage, and stains. A single gallon will let you apply 2 coats of 500 sq. ft.

This sealer’s resistance to UV is another worth-mentioning feature, ensuring that the tile will not fade due to sun rays. Also, you don’t need to spend so much time maintaining the sealer because of its low maintenance feature. Overall, you can apply this sealer on unsealed surfaces or previously sealed surfaces without much trouble. Finally, you will get a non-yellowing, long-lasting result.

The Benefits:

  • Easy to apply and recoat as it is a maintenance-free sealer
  • A reliable sealer that offers long-term protection from weather elements
  • It brings out the natural color of the surface and gives a wet look
  • Highly durable acrylic-based sealer
  • Corrosion resistance and resists water, stains effectively

The Drawbacks:

  • The application process can be challenging for beginners

3# Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus:

Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus Sealer

The Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus Sealer is a lifesaver as it provides an additional layer of must-needed protection to porous surfaces like Saltillo. It creates a barrier between your valuable materials and the weather elements. It is one of the best and most effective penetrating sealers on the market, suitable for a wide range of surfaces like tiles, grouts, Saltillo, masonry, natural stone, etc.

QT 511 Porous Plus is a favorite sealer for many homeowners since it protects surfaces from water, moisture, etc. This sealer is specially designed only for porous surfaces. Simultaneously, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor porous surfaces. Different tests claim that it is much better than its competitor. It doesn’t get yellow over time; in fact, it retains the tile’s true color for long days.

In terms of application, the sealer is straightforward to apply. Using a soft towel, you can effortlessly apply it on different surfaces. After applying, cleanup is easy as well. It significantly darkens the counter. If you are looking for added protection with no more color enhancement, you can use the 511 Porous Plus over the Seal and enhance.

The Benefits:

  • An ideal solution for most porous surface
  • After applying, the surface becomes rougher and less slippery
  • Effectively resists water, oil, grease, UV, etc.
  • Safe for use in food areas
  • Leaves an invisible barrier between surfaces and weather elements

The Drawbacks:

  • Coverage is less compared to its rivals

4# AQUA Mix Sealers Choice Gold Stain:

AQUA Mix Sealers Choice Gold Stain

With a water-based formula, the AQUA Mix Sealers Choice Gold Quart is well-known for its high resistance characteristics. If you are looking for an efficient sealer for Saltillo and Porcelain tiles, this would be a great choice for sure. It is a no-sheen, natural look and penetrating sealer that maintains the original look of different porous and stone tiles. The sealer delivers many years of service when appropriately applied.

It is so versatile, which makes it exceptional from other sealers. Regardless of the surface type, you can apply it on low to dense-porosity surfaces. It penetrates deeper into floors to ensure more protection. More importantly, it features rapid cure technology that helps the sealer begin its protection within 4-hours after the application process.

Additionally, it is much more efficient than other sealers as it comes with the upgraded micro-blend technology. Generally, sealers are smelly, and wearing safety gear is necessary. The good news is that, when applying, you don’t need to take safety precautions like wearing a face mask or respirator since it is not smelly at all. The product is easy to apply and dries quickly.

The Benefits:

  • Very clean and provides a vibrant look to different surfaces
  • It seals all the grout quickly and easily
  • The sealer offers the same efficient result with both pre-grouting and after-grouting sealing
  • An effortless cleanup process with a towel
  • Ensures maximum stain resistance

The Drawbacks:

  • Expensive price tag

5# Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT High Gloss Finish Sealer:

Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT High Gloss Finish Sealer

The Miracle Sealants HGFS6QT is a professional-grade surface sealer formulated for interior use with Saltillo, Terra Cotta, brick, clay pavers, unglazed porcelain tile, etc. It enhances the beauty and gloss while providing resistance to chemicals, stains, and dirt. Also, this sealer helps protect the surface from day-to-day foot traffic.

Compared to other sealers, its coverage capacity is also significant. You will be able to cover 200 sq. ft. / quart. More importantly, within 1 – 5 hours, it dries to the touch. It is designed with an odorless formula which means you will not feel disturbed due to odor when applying. More concentration means excellent results. Additionally, it delivers a weather-resistant surface that will not be yellow.

This sealant brings the tiles back to life. It makes the tile slip-resistant; walking on the treated tile floor will not be a worrying one. Moreover, the additional protection will also keep dirt away from the building, preserving the actual look of the surface. With proper care, you don’t need to reapply for any coat within 2-3 years. Overall, the floor will look great for many years to come.

The Benefits:

  • It won’t change the original look of the tile
  • Suited for use on different surfaces
  • Provides outstanding protection against water and stains
  • Coverage capacity is high
  • The odor-less formula will not disturb you

The Drawbacks:

  • Unsuitable for exterior use

6# Trewax Professional Gold Label Stone and Tile Sealer:

Trewax Professional Gold Label Stone Tile Sealer

When talking about versatility, the Trewax Professional Gold Label Stone and Tile Sealer would undoubtedly be the best choice. This sealant is best for grout joints, surfaces made of stone, tile, masonry, concrete, Mexican Saltillo, etc. Due to its versatility, it becomes a multipurpose sealer. The water-based formula brings an effective solution to grout and stain problems.

With this sealer in hand, you will get an ever-shining and brand-new-looking tile. This product will leave a glossy finish which is what we wanted. At the same time, it performs as a cleaner. By applying this formula to different types of tiles, your floor will get a good-looking surface. In fact, cleaning becomes a straightforward task with the Trewax Professional Gold Label Stone and Tile Sealer.

It is an excellent sealer for the utmost porous surfaces. The application process is straightforward with a roller. Also, its acrylic urethane finish confirms that surfaces are fully penetrated and protected. In terms of safety, it is an excellent sealer for its no Volatile Organic Compound, which means it is safe to use indoors as the sealant doesn’t release odor. All in all, it gives lasting protection to different surface types.

The Benefits:

  • It is formulated for multipurpose uses
  • Low VOC formula makes it suitable for use indoor
  • It can be used as a cleaner
  • So simple application process using a roller
  • Quick-drying time

The Drawbacks:

  • It doesn’t deliver the same performance with all surface types.

7# StoneTech High Gloss Finishing Sealer for Natural Stone:

StoneTech High Gloss Finishing Sealer for Natural Stone

Are you looking for a heavy-duty sealant? Don’t look further and buy the StoneTech High Gloss Finishing Sealer for Natural Stone. It is recommended for textured limestone, Saltillo tile, concrete, flagstone, sandstone, bluestone, etc. The surface will be protected from oil and water-based stains. Simultaneously, your indoor floor will receive deep colors and a brilliant shine.

This sealer is a pH-neutral solution, allowing you to maintain the floor’s natural color for several years. More importantly, it comes with a no-rinse formula. As a result, going over the floor twice is entirely unnecessary. This product was relatively easy to use, and it left a beautiful gloss seal, which continued to shine despite daily uses.

It doesn’t leave residue on the floor, making it suitable for unsealed concrete, wax floor, etc. You will not have a hard time while applying. Use the cleaner on the area where you want to, next scrub it and clean the surface easily. The sealant provides coverage a maximum of 300 sq. ft./ gallon. To make a long story short, the application of this product improved the area by 200 percent!

The Benefits:

  • It enhances the natural color of the tile
  • One gallon goes a very long way with 300 sq. ft. / gallon coverage
  • Leaves perfect sheen
  • It comes with a neutral pH level
  • The sealer never leaves residue

The Drawbacks:

  • Quite expensive

Buying Guide – Choose the Best Stains for Mexican Terracotta Tile:

When buying the best sealer for Saltillo tile, what are your requirements? You need to get the answer to this question first. There are some other variables that you will need to consider as well.

Read below to learn more.

a) Application Type:

Saltillo tile sealers are available with gallon size, container, and spray bottle. Choose any of the options as per your preference. At the same time, you need to keep in mind your selected sealer’s coverage capacity.

Sealers in gallons or containers are suitable for a larger area. Also, these options are worth the money. While achieving the required consistency is easier with spray bottle options.

b) Treated Surface:

Do you need the sealer for interior or exterior or both surfaces? The good news is that you will find different sealers for different uses, and there are so many options available in the market.

When selecting the sealer for exterior use, ensure it is weather resistant because the exterior surface will continuously get exposed to sun rays and water. You will get many years of service from a weather-resistant sealer.

On the other hand, Saltillo tile sealer for interior surfaces has to be safe to use. Chance is there that you have Saltillo tiles in your dining room. If the sealer is unsafe to use, you must avoid applying it on dining room floor tiles. Remember to choose a safe to use Saltillo tile sealer.

c) Smell:

Breathing issues may arise during the application process if your selected sealer has a strong smell. Always choose a sealer with a low VOC formula. Thus you will not face breathing problems.

However, the pungent smell won’t last long.

d) Durability:

Durability is essential because you can’t apply sealer on your Saltillo tile too frequently.

Generally, a quality Saltillo tile sealer offers a 2-year of service if it is appropriately applied. In contrast, an expensive item offers at least 5-years of service.

To learn about the durability of your selected sealant, read the product description carefully.

How Do You Seal Saltillo Tiles & Outside?

Saltillo tiles are porous, and because of that, they need to be adequately sealed with the best exterior Saltillo tile sealer. Otherwise, the damage will happen.

The sealing process is not a difficult task. Follow the below step-by-step method carefully.

Required Items:

  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Tile Sealer
  • Saltillo tile stain
  • Grout float
  • Penetrating grout
  • Tray for paint
  • Grout Sponge

Step 01: Tiles Cleaning:

cleaning Saltillo Tile

Cleaning dust and dirt from the tile is a mandatory part before sealing Saltillo tile. Grab a broom and use it for a heavy-light sweeping. Then get the vacuum cleaner so that all dust goes away. If there is any tough dirt, eliminate it using a stripper. Finally, get some warm water and use it to clean thoroughly. Let the surface dry fully before proceeding to the next step.

Step 02: Tiles Staining:

Saltillo Tile staining

Applying stain is a necessary step before you use a Saltillo sealer. The stain brings the original color of the Saltillo. For applying the stain, you will need a sponge. Use it and apply a stain throughout the surface. Start from the corner, not from the middle. You will need to apply at least 2 coats. Give an hour break between 2 coats.

Step 03: Tiles Cleaning for the Second Time:

Leave the stain for 24 hours to dry. Again use the vacuum cleaner to clean the surface. Get a sponge and warm water to remove all dust. Before going to the next step, make sure no saturated water is available on the surface and give it the required time to dry.

Step 04: Apply the Sealer:

Buy the best  Saltillo tile sealer according to your choice. Saltillo tile sealers are available with 2 finish types: matte and gloss. Choose any type as per your requirement.

A grout sponge would be a good choice for applying Saltillo sealer. Apply the sealer following circular motion and don’t surpass 6 sq. ft. area at a time. Also, read the instructions mentioned in the label of your selected sealant. Once you finish applying the sealer, give it time as recommended by the manufacturer. After the recommended time, provide another coat following the same process.

Step 05: Grout Tiles:

apply grout between the spaces tiles grout float

Undoubtedly, we all want to provide the best protection to the Saltillo tiles. In this case, a strong grout would be best used. To apply the grout between the spaces of the tiles, use a grout float. Push the grout into the gap between tiles. Give it rest to set. Then excess grout needs to be wiped away.

Step 06: Apply More Coat of Sealant if Necessary:

Once the grout is set and dry, wash the surface with warm water again to eliminate all debris. If you need to apply more coats of the sealant, use it without hesitation. Don’t forget to follow step # 4 and manufacturer instructions. This way, low spots, and imperfections will be removed.


Question: Does Saltillo tile need to be sealed?

Answer: Saltillo tiles are made of clay, which makes them porous compared to other tiles. Also, it is prone to wear and tear if not sealed properly. Unsealed Saltillo tiles get damaged when exposed to sun, water, moisture, stains, oils, grease, etc. When perfectly sealed, Saltillo tiles will surely deliver long-lasting service. Also, they are beautiful once sealed.

Question: How do you clean Saltillo tile before sealing?

Answer: Cleaning is a mandatory step before sealing Saltillo tile. If you don’t do so, dust and dirt can ruin the final appearance.
First, you need to provide a heavy-light sweep using a broom. Next, get a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and dirt. Then wash the floor with warm water.

Question: Should I seal the Saltillo tile before grouting?

Answer: Yes, you should seal Saltillo tile before grouting, at least 2 coats are required. After grouting, provide another 2 coats of the sealer to enhance the final appearance.

Question: How often should I seal my Saltillo tiles?

Answer: The frequency of sealing Saltillo tiles depends on factors such as the tile’s exposure to moisture and foot traffic. Generally, it’s recommended to reseal every 1 to 3 years for interior tiles and more frequently for outdoor tiles, possibly every 6 to 12 months.

Question: What are the different types of sealers for Saltillo tiles?

Answer: There are various types of sealers available for Saltillo tiles, including penetrating sealers, enhancing sealers, and topical sealers. Each has its unique characteristics and purposes. Choosing the best one depends on your desired outcome and the specific needs of your tiles.

Question: How do I maintain sealed Saltillo tiles?

Answer: To maintain sealed Saltillo tiles, regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and debris. Clean them with a pH-neutral cleaner and avoid harsh chemicals that can degrade the sealer. Periodically check for wear and tear and reapply sealer as needed.

Question: Can I change the appearance of my Saltillo tiles with a sealer?

Answer: Yes, you can alter the appearance of Saltillo tiles with specific sealers. Enhancing sealers can deepen the color and provide a glossy finish, while natural finish sealers maintain the original look. Discuss your preferences with a professional to achieve your desired result.

Final Thought:

Whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, the best sealer for Saltillo tile will ensure that the floor will be damage-free for many years.

So, before buying, you should be attentive to read the product label. Some sealers are suitable for interior use, some for exterior, while others for both. Learn your requirements and make a buying decision only when the sealer meets your requirements.

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