Best Sealer for Redwood Deck & Fence [Maximum Wood Protection]

Redwood is one of the most widespread fencing materials to protect your house. You may define the fence as the safeguard of your home that calls for consideration of its style, design, and purpose. However, direct sunlight on it may turn into a wrap or crack or gets dry as well. Therefore, Stain, Paint, or using a sealer on Redwood are the possible solutions that fabricate an obstruction between the wood and giving moisture.

This handy guide about the Best Sealer For Redwood Deck and Fence, that might help you to pick suitable products from among the hundreds of wood stain and sealers.
Best Sealer For Redwood

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Top 7 Red Wood Sealer Comparison Table:

Sealer Name

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1 # Ready Seal 520 [Exterior Stain Plus Sealer for Wood]:

  • Requires No Primer

  • UV Blocking, waterproofing & Mildew protection

  • With the Goof Proof”

2# Thompson Waterseal [TH 041821-16] for Waterproofing:

Thompson Waterseal
  • Transparent to allows the Natural Beauty

  • Stains and Seals your Redwood

  • Can Resist Color Fading

3 # Olympic Stain 56504 5 [Maximum Strength Wood Stain & Sealer]

Olympic Stain 56504
  • Provides Advanced UV-ray protection

  • offers all Weather-Ready application

  • Enhanced Waterproofing

4 #SEAL-ONCE MARINE [Penetrating Wood Sealer, Waterproofer]

  • Water-based,  Non-Toxic; Safe for all

  • Easy application

  • Protect wood from water, mold & decay

5# TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy

  • Penetrating Sealer to protect mold, mildew, moisture

  • Wood ROT Repair formula with Hot & Cold Weather

  • Paint last longer

6# 100% Pure Tung Oil Finish [Wood Stain & Natural Sealer]

100% Pure Tung Oil Finish
  • Zero VOCs (pure tung oil)

  • All Natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly

  • Easy to repair dents and scratches

7# Roxil Wood Protection [Waterproofing Decking, Fences, Furniture, Sheds]

Roxil Wood Protection
  • Formulated with a semi-silicon material

  • Instant waterproofing with Just One coat

  • Reduces mould and algae growth

Reason for using Redwood Stain or Sealer:

The Redwood finishes fall into two types of Stains and Sealers, and both are prepared to seal out the Fence or Deck. You have to ensure to apply high-quality sealers or stains on your Redwood deck or fence. These protect your appliances from the sun’s pigmentation, rainfall, snowfall, heat, insects, yeast, or moisture simultaneously.

The sealer is naturally a transparent or clear finish entering the wood and forms a transparent film on top. The stains have water-resistant qualities, like sealers essentially resist the Ultra Violet light of the sun, which prevents the Redwood from turning grey. The deck stain has the same convenience as a deck sealer does.

Yet, stains have added pigment or tone, which offers the paint some color, and equally clear sealers are non pigmented finishes. The Redwood fences ought to be sealed with an oil-based stain as they soak into wood effortlessly and endow with a superior water-wicking seal than surface healing.

Types of Sealers & Stains to Protect the Redwood:

The supreme sealant for the utmost defense of any redwood deck is a semi-transparent redwood stain. Redwood is opposed to decomposing in nature. Subsequently, it can still be spoiled by steady moisture, icy in colder climates, dry and wet conditions.

It would be best if you used either a patent preservative or semi-transparent stain for your outdoor Redwood.  Many trusted manufacturers formulate the best clear Sealer for redwood decks and Stains for outdoor Redwood. The following options might be good choices for finishing your Redwood deck, fences, or other appliances :

a) Wood Sealer:

The wood sealer covers the wood to give a coating of shield and cleanly submits to a finish applied to the wood. Wood sealers are widely used to furnish or seal the wood. After using wood stain or raw wood, you might use the wood sealer.

The wood sealer affords supplementary protection against weather and water damage. It also penetrates right down into the wood fibers for long-lasting defense alongside moisture damage and mold growth.

Waterproof Sealer: It expands your deck’s life longer and fortifies its overall permanence by protecting wood from moisture that causes mildews.

b) Wood Stain:

Wood stain is a form of paint that is used to color wood. Paint sits on the wood surface and covers it while stains immerse into the wood and color it. Picking the specific brands of wood stain, you might get your desired redwood deck color. Wood stain facilitates to shrink the redwood fading from UV rays. Perhaps in high-traffic areas, the stain could wear away rapidly.

why you should use a Clear or Semi-Transparent Stain?

It does not peel or flake off on the wood surface, and if you are looking to cover your deck temporarily, this is the best option.

c) Apply Epoxy for Waterproofing:

Actually, Epoxy Waterproofing is a two-part epoxy system that dries to a lasting, waterproof bond for an inclusive seal. It repairs that it is nearly more potent than the original surface. However, you can’t use it directly. For stability, you can apply it after using the Wood stain.

d) Tung Oil & Other Types of Oil:

Wood Oil, such as Tung oil or other oil types, is one of the widespread ways to finish wood. They are straightforward to apply or maintain, made of natural products. They tend to bring out the character of the wood better by defending them from rain or sun. Conversely, the security delivered by oils is not quite as vigorous and productive as modern-day wood finishing products like sealers, stains, or varnishes.

Tung oil offers a lovely matte finish that attaches depth to wood grain and also fabricates an antique-style finish on any surface.

7 Best Sealers for Redwood Fence & Deck [2021 Review]:

This blog will show you the Seven top-notch Sealers for Redwood fence and deck according to 2020 reviews. I am with you here; this tutorial might support you in picking a suitable sealer in 2021. While selecting a sealer, it’s vital to consider the type of wood. You might have seen that the majority of wood fences will be stained effortlessly. Conversely, specific wood types required an amount of stain, color, and particular time for preparation work.

1 # Ready Seal 520 [Exterior Stain Plus Sealer for Wood]:

Brand Name: Ready Seal

Ready Seal 520 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood

The Ready Seal is a very resilient wood sealer that might give the wood surfaces a comprehensible finish. It restrains all the indispensable elements of a quality finish for outdoor wood projects. The environment-friendly sealer will give your front porch deck a natural look. It looks after the fences against UV radiation, moisture, fungi and allows the wood to last longer. There are no streaks, runs, or laps; hence no back brush is needed to use it.

In comparison, the first application colour seems to darkest than natural. You will get the original color within 10-15 days. According to most users, Ready Seal has proved their supremacy over other similar products in terms of maintenance, the finished project’s beauty, and ease of application. As sealed surfaces inhibit penetration, I suggest you not applying Ready Seal over painted or newly blemished surfaces.

Pros :

  • UV Blocking, waterproofing, Mildew protection to Protect wood
  • It is applicable at any temperature.
  • With the Goof Proof” application
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Provides smooth application using the brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • Primer is not needed.
  • Linseed-oil free
  • The product is blended itself, so you don’t need a wet-line application.
  • Required no reduction or thinning earlier toward spray applications.

Cons :

  • May leave the thick and pasty dark color if misapplied.
  • The Oil of this product might not evaporate within one month. Accordingly, it might be slippery on some areas of your deck.

2# Thompson Waterseal [TH 041821-16] for Waterproofing:

Brand Name: Thompson’s Waterseal

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH 041821 16 Transparent Waterproofing Stain Maple Brown

Thompsons Waterseal is an admirable sealer that will defend the wood from water damage, mildew smash-up, and UV protection. It also beats Industry Standard ASTM D-4446 for Waterproofing Wood. You know what moisture is the most critical factor to origin decomposing in your pressure-treated wood. Moss, plants, parasitic, algae, and molds feed water and imitate promptly. Thompson-Waterseal aids the water beads falling on the wood’s surface might not get deep into the pressure-treated lumber.

Happily, you might do the overall sealing procedures within three days. I found one of my acquaintances washed the deck Friday and let it dry. He applied the sealer Saturday with a wide brush, and Sunday splashed water on it. Then it beaded up like it was thought to in place of soaking into the wood. I am honest here as his deck was looking horrible before sealing because he did nothing to it in more than eight years.

The sealer darkened the wood; in fact, the color now looked kind of like a red-tinted wood on his deck. And surprisingly, it looks brand new at present. You might do the sealing after cleaning the same day that the wood is treated. However, it is applied to pressure-treated wood for external usage or the front porch. You can use it for your interior woods when you have adequate ventilation.

Pros :

  • The coating resists ultraviolet rays, mold, evaporation.
  • Recommend outstanding waterproofing for the wood.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The stain will look entirely fresh and pleasant after winter rains, snow, or winds.
  • Compatible with dry and damp wood equally.
  • It dries very fast.
  • It has improved polymers that offer Fade Resistant Color.
  • Ease of using. Brush the dirt off the wood and apply the stain right to it.
  • To get a significant result, perhaps you have to use a single coat.
  • Offer durable protection.

Cons :

  • Perhaps re-stain needed after severe rainfalls.
  • It might be too dull to use a paintbrush.

3 # Olympic Stain 56504 5 [Maximum Strength Wood Stain & Sealer]:

Brand Name: Olympic Stain.

Olympic Stain 56504 5 Wood Stain and Sealer Transparent Redwood

Olympic Stain is a fantastic and durable product compared to many others and highly recommended for exterior wood-sided houses.

I have seen to use Olympic Stain sealer for very weather-damaged wood, decks, or fences that had not been renovating for a long time. Notably, in my prior experience, my contractors had insisted me to substitute my previous worn deck. Nevertheless, I realized later it’s structurally okay and only needs cosmetics to look more appealing. Hence I preferred the Olympic stain for its unique color and durability. Furthermore, it’s also easily prevented decomposing from moisture and even protected my wood deck from damaging versatile weather conditions.

However, Some critics discourage using it when the rain in the forecast takes much time to dry.

Pros :

  • It blends easily and goes on well.
  • This product is dried up with ease.
  • Give maximum protection from sunburn, water damage, and other difficulties that might cause for water.
  • It will provide durability over years and a perfect finished look results.
  • It has excellent and consistent coverage.
  • It is giving outstanding results and an almost new look to old decks.
  • It gives long-term cost savings.

Cons :

  • According to some reviewers, It could be faded or peeled after a few years.
  • Sometimes it takes a longer time to dry, which means a minimum of 72 hours is needed to dry entirely.

4 #SEAL-ONCE MARINE [Penetrating Wood Sealer, Waterproofer]:

Brand Name: Seal-Once

SEAL ONCE MARINE Penetrating Wood Sealer Waterproofer Stain to protect wood docks decks

Seal-Once is water-based and no toxic products you will find it easy to use. In my view, the most heart-melting attribute of it has no poisonous ingredients that might hamper plants or animal’s life. These are safe for citizens, pets, plants, and top marine life. Furthermore, they offer more than six years of guarantee on horizontal surfaces and ten years on vertical surfaces.

The impressive nanotechnology formulation defense from water smash up by penetrating from the wood surface. These products inevitably give long-lasting protection, unlike nearly all waterproofing deck stains on the market these days.

I use it to seal a worn and unmaintained deck in a damp area prone to fungi growth. It creates a bendy and breathable barricade, which increases, alleviates, and protects the wood. You probably have to apply the product at the same time to all areas. Otherwise, you may face for streak and need to overlap.

Pros :

  • It provides non-toxic, eco-friendly benefits.
  • Offer high-end performance of waterproofing.
  • Their more incredible nanotechnology infiltrates deep and coats wood fibers at the root level.
  • Provides weather-resistant longevity includes sun, snow, and rain.
  • These Oil-based sealers have no harmful chemicals or side effects on the environment.

Cons :

  • These products might not hold up on outdoor bar surfaces.
  • According to some critics, they didn’t see any perfect color when it dried.

5# TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy:

Brand Name: TotalBoat

TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer Stabilizer for Rot Repair Restoration

It is another top-notch brand that provides quality products to satisfy consumers.

Pros :

  • The using process is straightforward.
  • You can use it multiple times and increase productivity.
  • In cold temperatures, it also gives you an impressive result.
  • The thickness of the product is low enough to inject or spray on the wood surface easily.
  • The price is reasonable, so easy to afford.

Cons :

  • It may not penetrate smoothly into the surface.
  • The product might not within one hour. It might take twenty-four hours to dry at 75 degrees.

6# 100% Pure Tung Oil Finish [Wood Stain & Natural Sealer]

Brand Name: FDC Chem

100 Pure Tung Oil Finish Wood Stain Natural Sealer for All Types of Wood

To get a rich, warm, and delicate looking, 100% Pure Tung Oil Finisher appends depth for an antique-style finish.

Pros :

  • It provides a hand-rubbed look on Redwood surfaces.
  • Without using solvents or additives, they present a perfect wet look.
  • They contain some beneficial ingredients such as food oil, acid, alcohol, grease to protect the wood surface from water damage.
  • It might be used as a boundary marker.

Cons :

  • It might be too dense to soak in properly.
  • You might have to face penetration problems in some areas of the wood surface.

7# Roxil Wood Protection [Instant Waterproofing Decking, Fences, Furniture, Sheds]

Brand Name: Roxie

Roxil Wood Protection Cream Waterproofing Treatment Fences Decking Furniture Sheds

The Roxie Redwood guard cream will coat just about 120 – 200 Square. Ft. per gallon. It provides a no-drip formulation, and you can stain one application either roller or drip.

Pros :

  • It has two key features, such as colorless protection and breathability.
  • It reduces redwood’s cracking and algae growth.
  • It is efficient on weathered hardwoods and softwoods.
  • It helps to progress safely.
  • It’s easy to apply and correctly uphold the actual wood color.

Cons :

  • Some consumers complained that it did not protect the wood from rain adequately!

Which types of Oil are better for Redwood Fence?

Picking the right finishing Oil for the Redwood fence might be a challenge. Most peoples love to use Tung oil, Danish Oil, Teak oil, linseed oil on Redwood, etc. The most delicate finish for your conventional Redwood venture might depend on your preferences for appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance.

However, the best wood finish defines that it will shift water and not fragment or shed like paint. I would suggest applying Linseed or vegetable oil to postpone moisturizer and minimize wood pores for the Redwood fence.

Why should you use Tung oil, Danish Oil, Linseed oil, Teak Oil?

Tung oil :

  • Tung oil offers a silky and matte finish that brings out the original color of the wood.
  • It gives a more sustainable and convenient finish for Redwood.
  • This natural oil keeps the look to a more natural feel.

 Danish Oil :

  • For fireplace mantels and shelves, most of the clients prefer Danish Oil.
  • It is a mixture of varnish and tung oil that preserves the wood’s natural color and original character.
  • It is effortless to maintain, and you can reapply it when needed.

Linseed oil :

  • Linseed oil put off moisture from attacking wood and thereby displacing water.
  • It’s mineral spirits assist in disappearing the pores of the wood.

Teak Oil :

  • Teak oil averts water stains from forming.
  • It is perfect for treating thick wood.
  • Teak oil does not splinter over time.
  • It can happen in wooden defense from ultraviolet rays.

How to Stain and Seal a Redwood Deck for Lasting Longer?

  • Firstly, let the new redwood deck alone in the weather for a few months to allow Oil to dry out.
  • Secondly, arrange it by removing dust with an eminent wood cleaner and wood brightener.
  • Thirdly, you can sand the wood again once it dries to soften the surface and eliminate any leftover mill varnish.
  • Fourthly, apply semi-transparent penetrating deck stain as much as it can absorb.
  • Finally, after 15-20 minutes, smear the surplus stain off the surface.

Tips :

  • When Redwood is staining, I recommend applying stain significantly so that the wood can grip it. If the paint is not immersed within 15-20 minutes, clean the surplus off the outside. Before applying the stain, take away the prior finish by sanding, paint, or varnish removers.
  • Perhaps you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, although the standard rule is that you might stain Redwood decks within five years, and sealers probably are applying every two to three. Of course, you can seal or stain alternatively.

FAQs :

Why is Semi-Transparent Stain color Perfect for Treating Redwood?

Ans: The semi-transparent stain color will eradicate weathering and improve Redwood’s natural beauty. That’s why semi-transparent stain colors are perfect for treating Redwood.

Question 1: Oil- vs. water-based finish, which is good for redwood furniture & outdoor?

Answer: Well, both finishing is durable, well & useful, have noteworthy pros and cons. So, you might not found an accurate answer. It depends upon that you think what works preeminently for your redwood furniture & outdoor. However, in terms of Oil vs. water-based finishing, oil-based stains are still judged to be more long-lasting and the best finish for Redwood than water-based paints. You need to bear in mind that if you think concerning outdoor furniture, no matter what type of finish you pick. You have to reapply the finishes when it looks like it needs it.

Question 2: How do you preserve Redwood?

Answer: By checking for any structural damage, removing wreckage, repairing loose boards, cleaning, and on top of applying a protective Sealer, you can preserve Redwood.

Question 3: Should I seal my redwood fence & deck?

Answer: Certainly, yes, it would be better for you if you seal your Redwood fence & Deck with UV(Ultra Violet Rays) protective,oil-based, or alkyd-based tinted penetrating sealer.

Question 4: How long should a redwood fence last?

Answer: If you properly maintain your Redwood fence, it will last years after years. According to Jourdain, a typical Redwood fence lasts 25 years or more with modest maintenance.

Question 5: Does Redwood need to be primed?

Answer: Ideally, Redwood needs to be the primed coat. It includes tannins that are probably drained through latex or acrylic stain. An oil finishing primer is chosen conventionally to seal in these water dissolved tannins.

Question 6: Should you paint Redwood?

Answer: I have mentioned that Redwood has proved to be an appealing and resilient fencing material choice and longer lasting you better to paint. Now the choice is yours.


Before grabbing the best Sealers of Redwood fence & deck, you need to consider three things. Whether it resists water, protects the wood with a mildewcide, and finally prevents UV rays.

You might have seen some Sealers are only waterproof. You can pick Tung Oil, Epoxy, Woodstain, or Waterproof sealers based on your expectation. Some will provide you with charming colours, and some of them might a long time duration.

If you want an appealing fence color, you may pick wood stain sealers. And also, for durability, you can use Epoxy sealers after using Woodstain. Selecting the perfect sealer or stain, delicate finish, and proper maintenance can turn your Redwood appliances new after years of wear and tear.

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