8 Best Sanding Block for Autobody & Woodworking [2021 Reviews]

Sanding is essential for woodworking, motorcycles, auto bodies, drywall sanding and many other areas. For sanding, you need a perfect hand sanding tool; otherwise, it will be difficult for you.

You can either choose sandpaper or wooden sanding block, depends on you. But using sandpaper is way more time-consuming and, most of the time does not create an even surface due to its’ uneven pressure. While sanding block is less time consuming and gives the convex surface an even amount of pressure.

However, there are many hand sanding tool out there. But you need to find the perfect sanding block as it will save your time and money. But first, you must know the details about the hand sanding block. Here, you will discover all the answers to your questions, and also, we will let you know about the top 8 best sanding blocks. Don’t go anywhere.

Do you Really Need a Sanding Block [Benefits]:

You might wonder why you would even need a sanding block. But the reality is, there are many benefits of the sanding block. Let’s see.

We often got a rough or uneven spot on the surface or anywhere else of our furniture. It usually seems full and old furniture. However, swipe the sanding block a few times on the uneven surface and see the magic. It will smoothen the surface right away.

The edge of your card stock become raggedy when you use a dull blade to cut it. Hand sanding tool solves this problem easily as it is a solid block. Moreover, it connects the sandpaper and card stock consistently and smooths the rough area quickly.

best sanding block

Types of Sanding Block

You can find various types of hand sanding tool in the market. Each of them is unique and different. Before you start sanding, you should know about the types well. It will make your sanding hassle-free.

a) Hand Sanding Block:

Hand Sanding Block
Hand Sanding Block=>

The hand sanding block is basically used to hold the sandpaper by hand. It is made of wood or cork, and one side of it is smooth and flat. This site is used for sanding. Before using, you have to warp the sandpaper around it. Moreover, these types of a hand sanding tool are useful for wood sanding and strip paint off from auto body or wall.

b) Rubber Sanding Block:

Rubber Sanding Block

Rubber sanding block compactly comprises sandpaper during both wet or dry sanding. While sanding, apply a back and forth pace to forbear tearing of the sandpaper.

Rubber sanding block does similar work as a hand sanding block. But it is not made of wood. The main feature of this is you can sand do both wet and dry sanding by this. Also, it holds the sandpaper securely.

c) Curved Sanding Block:

Round Hand Sanding Block
Round Sand Block=>

A curved sanding block is usually shaped in a round size and can be held by hand. It helps to sand the round objects as other sanders cannot reach every side of round objects, hard to reach areas or convex areas.

d) Contour Sanding Block

Contour Sanding Block
Contour Block=>

A contour sanding block is made of rubber, which is easily flexible. It is usually used for sanding curved, grooved, or round periphery. The great thing about this tool is it does not ruin the detail. Moreover, you just have to wrap the sandpaper around it, and you are ready to sand.

 e) Flexible Sanding Block

Flexible Sanding Block for curved surface
Flexible Block=>

Sanding your desired piece of furniture with sandpaper or old-fashioned sand block is much harder than it seems. Instead of these, you can use a flexible sanding block, which is bigger in size and flexible and also gives a perfectly smooth finish. It is perfect for complex curves. Usually, it is used for sanding the door, roof, or hood. You can sand a lot faster with this huge sanding block.

f) Profile Sanding Block

Profile Sanding Block
Profile Block=>

It is hard to find a perfect match for sanding your project. Profile sanding blocks make it easier. Just take a plastic wrap and put it over the profile, and then place a two-part filler on it. After that, close the wrap and wait for around 30 minutes, and you are ready.

How To Choose the Right Sanding Block:

a) Rigid Sanding Block:

When people do initial shaping, they usually use low grit sandpaper and a hard-sanding block. Sometimes they use a power tool. It depends on the thing that you are shaping. For initial sanding, a rigid sanding block is perfect.

b) Semi-Rigid Sanding Block

A semi-rigid sanding block is ideal for contouring, crowned, fine-shaping, and curved periphery. When the initial shaping is done, you have to go for further shaping, which requires a semi-rigid block. It is usually used for shaping and smoothing the curved body panels.

c) Soft Sanding Block

If you are sanding a curved or complex surface, then you must need a soft or flexible sanding block to do the sanding job quickly. Soft sanding block gives a smooth finish and requires less time.

Top 8 Best Sanding Block for WoodWorking & Autobody [Reviews 2021]:

1. Dura-Block AF44A Black 6-Piece Sanding Block Set

Highlighted Features

  • Contains six-piece of sanding kit
  • Sands both contour and flat surface
  • Can be used with both dry and wet sandpaper
Dura Block Sanding Block Set

This product includes six pieces of sanding kit, which are different than each other in size and shape. Due to its’ different size and shape, you can sand both contoured and flat surfaces, which seems like a professional. The rubber of this product gives the perfect amount of sturdiness. Also, it let you sand with wet sandpaper as well. Dura-Block AF44A Black is easy to hold because of its’ shape.


  • Includes six-piece of kit
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to hold
  • Can use wet sandpaper
  • Durable
  • Has different shapes


  • Small in size
  • Costly

2. Preppin’ Weapon Sanding Block

Highlighted Features

  • Available in different colors of red, yellow, purple, and green.
  • Clips of stainless steel
  • Hardware provides secure clamping
  • High-impact ABS plastic body
  • Structural foam sanding periphery
Preppin Weapon Sanding Block

The preppin’ weapon makes sanding a lot easier on your arms and hands when sanding for a long time. This sanding block is ergonomically shaped, which fits perfectly in your hand and reduces fatigue. Moreover, You can conduct it both wet or dry. It is made of ABS plastic and padded on the ground side.

That’s why it doesn’t break when dropped. You can load four sheets of sandpaper at a single time. It has a stainless-steel mechanism that prevents it from rusting. Also, it has four different colors, which is praiseworthy.


  • Easy to use
  • Can load four sheets of sandpaper at once
  • Perfect for wet sanding
  • Easy to grab
  • Don’t break easily
  • Don’t get rusted


  • Dense foam rubber might break off sometimes

3. Tockrop Round Hand Sanding Block and Mouse-Shaped for 5 Inch Hook and Loop discs [2 Pack]

Highlighted Features

  • Includes two sanding blocks
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Has hook and loop system
  • Flexible PU backing plate
  • Made of soft rubber and plastic
Tockrop Sanding Blocks Ideal For Wood Furniture Arts Crafts

This product includes one round 1.5-inch hand sanding block and one mouse-shaped 1.5-inch hand sanding block. This tool is ergonomically designed, and also, the design is so simple. Fits in our hands perfectly and feels familiar. Moreover, these are made of a sturdy material that is flexible enough. It has a loop and a hook base. These bases can hold orbital sanding discs.

It also accepts the hole pattern and no hole pattern sanding discs. You can effortlessly affix your loop and hook paper. Also, you can take it off easily when the time comes. The sanding block is designed perfectly, which helps it to sand the corners of anything. This is perfect for sanding auto body, woodworking, drywall, etc. You can conduct it for both wet and dry sanding.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to hold
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Durable
  • Can be used for wet sanding
  • Affordable


  • Only compatible with small tasks

4. WaterLuu Dry & Wet Sandpapers, Assorted Grit Sandpapers with Sanding Block

Highlighted Features

  • Made of carbide silicon abrasives
  • electro-coated technology
  • Includes 42 sandpapers
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Full range of grades
WaterLuu Wet Dry 120 3000 Grit Sandpapers Sander Furniture Finishing Glass Metal Automotive Polish

This product is perfect for wet sanding and dry sanding both. Also, it doesn’t need to switch sandpaper. It is usually used for dent finish, clear coat blending, feather edging, paint defect removal, fine feather edge, paint preparation, rust finish, and primer sanding.

It provides an exquisite package for the kits. Moreover, this product gives you 42 sandpaper pieces and a block sander. The grit number is written on the brown side.

Also, the backing is waterproofed. The sandpaper helps you to sand the side and corners. You can use the sandpaper with or without the sand block.


  • Perfect for wood sanding
  • Helpful for DIY
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for wet sanding
  • Durable


  • Cheap sandpaper

5. Festool 583129 Pocket Stick Fix Hand Sanding Block

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a loop and stick fix hook
  • Made of molded plastic parts
  • Very lightweight
Festool Pocket Stick Fix Hand Sanding Block

This German product is well known for its quality products. Though their products are a bit costly, this Festool 583129 is not that costly. This is a premium quality product that is also affordable. And we suggest you have this one in your toolkit.

Moreover, This product is very lightweight.  The weight of this is only 1.6 ounce. That’s why you can sand comfortably for a long time.

This product is also lengthy, which lets your job finished quickly. The best feature of this sanding block is its’ stick fix hook system. Moreover, It helps you to sand the tight spaces.

This amazing tool is made of molded plastic parts. The two parts clip together. Also, this product is versatile and works perfectly on paintwork, timber, MDF, and plaster.



  • Not found
  • Not perfect for demanding jobs due to its’ lightweight

6. Aouker HS85180- Hand Sander with Perfect Sponge Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable hand grip
  • Structural foam with clamp sandpaper and metal clips
  • Includes sponge pad
  • Different colors of sponge pad
Aouker Hand Sander for drywall sanding flat surface of wood metal

Aouker is one of the best blocks. The look of this sanding block is very aesthetic. Also, this product is long-lasting and affordable. Because of the inexpensive cost, it is very exoteric among people. This block is very lightweight as it is only 2.4 ounce in weight. Because of it lightweight, you can use it for a long time without getting your arm hurt.

This product is ergonomic and allows you to sand a large area. Also, the soft button helps you sanding contoured periphery. This amazing product also provides a padded handle, which is easy to grip and Comfortable.


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Large in size


  • Difficult for wet sanding

7. 3M Rubber Sanding Block 9292

Highlighted Features

  • One rubber sanding block
  • The reliable grip which gives
  • better sanding control
  • Gives smooth result
3M Rubber Sanding Block Gives better sanding control

A 3M rubber sanding block is comfortable and very easy to hold. It includes heavy rubber, which gives you better sanding control. You can use this with regular sandpaper. It also provides a reliable grip, which also gives a comfortable sanding control.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to hold
  • Comfortable
  • Includes heavy rubber
  • Reliable grip
  • Gives you better sanding control
  • Durable


  • Leaves black stains
  • Heavy

8. Mirka MVHB35 Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block

Highlighted Features

  • The firm pad is designed especially for levelling surface contours and block sanding.
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Dust extraction
Mirka Multi Hole Vacuum sanding Block flat surfaces uneven surfaces small bumps

The Mirka grip faced multi-hole vacuum block is kind of similar to the Festool block. But Mirka is affordable than Festool. This block is specially designed for flat surfaces. But it can also manage uneven surfaces and small bumps.

You can find Mirka in two different sizes. They are 6.6 inches and 8 inches. 8-inch Mirka block is perfect for larger surface while 6.6 inches block is ideal for a flat surface and needs more control.

This product contains the “multi-hole grip face,” which allows you to use all sandpaper. Moreover, this the most celebrated feature of this amazing product. Other amazing features of this amazing product are its’ dust extraction and ergonomics. Mirka grip faced block makes your cleaning easier.

Read Also: How to Sand Trim & Baseboards to get a smooth finish.


  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Durable
  • Will stand abuse


  • Might be expensive as it doesn’t work well with standard sandpaper

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hand Sanding Tool:

There are many good sanding blocks out there in the shop and online as well. Before buying a sanding block, you should check upon some essential things. Here they are.

a) Utilization of Sandpaper:

Many hand sanding tool waste sandpapers a lot, which costs a good amount of money. Even if the product is affordable but wastes sandpaper, then in the long run, it will cost you more money. That’s why it is important to buy a product which utilizes the sandpaper even if it cost you a bit. Moreover, a good sanding block will utilize the Inexpensive sandpaper just the same it utilizes the expensive sandpaper.

b) Surface:

The surface is an important thing to consider when it comes to sanding. There are many sanding blocks that are perfect for the wood surfaces but bad when it comes to drywall or auto body. Also, check the shape of the surface. Nowadays there are many sanders that match different shapes which will make your work easier.

c) Weight:

A perfect sanding block should not be too heavy to too light. It must be medium-weighted so that you can handle it easily.

d) Cost-Effective:

You should keep in mind how long you are going to use the product before buying it. If you want to use it for the long term, then spending a little bit of money will be beneficial for you. Low-cost sanders look tempting, but they don’t last long. That’s why it is wise to buy a long-lasting product even if it cost a lit much.

e) Durability:

Always invest money in a product that is long-lasting.

How To Use A Hand Sanding Block:

You will need three types of sandpaper for sanding. They are 80, 120, and 240 grit sandpaper. You have to use them with the block. For using them, tear them in half first. Then, put the block on the sandpaper and fold it over. Hold the slake side of the sandpaper tightly while sanding.

How to Sand with Sanding Block:

sanding wood projects with hand sandpaper

It is important to sand if you want to make your furniture look good. Nowadays, there are many types of sanding blocks, which make sanding a lot easier.

For sanding perfectly, first, make sure that the periphery that you are going to sand is tidy.   Remove all the paint particles if there is any. Sanding with sanding block also requires your hand as you have to push it by your hand against the wood.

You have to prepare the sanding block after cleaning the area. Attach sandpaper around the sanding block, and it will be ready. Then, sand slowly and carefully all over the area. Do not rush or push it harder; otherwise, it will cause trouble. Sand gently.

sanding direction 101

However, many of the hand sanders does not cover every corner of your wood surface. To resolve this problem, conduct a swollen knife.

People often change the sandpaper often, which is not required. It only slows down the whole sanding process. That is why only change the sandpaper when it is required. After finishing, don’t forget to clean the surface.

This process is so easy that even beginners can do it. Also, it does not claim a lot of money.


A sanding block is an ideal product for sanding. It makes our work easier and gives a smooth finish as well. But it is a bit time consuming than other sanding tools. For instance, electric sander or sanding machines are a lot faster than sanding block.


1.Why should I conduct a sanding block?

There are many purposes for conducting a sanding block. But the main reason is the sanding block distributes an even amount of pressure to the whole area that it covers. Also, the sanding block is time-saving and gives you a quality job.

2.Can I make a sanding block?

Though it is not a great idea to make a sanding block on your own, you can do it yourself, however. Just take a piece of rectangular wood and wrap sandpaper around it. Then glue it with the wood or staple it.

3.What is the fastest way to sand wood by hand?

The fastest way of sanding wood by hand is by using a sand block. A sanding block is less time-consuming.

4.Can you wash sanding blocks?

No, you cannot wash the sanding block unless it is a sanding sponge.

5.Can I send a table by hand?

Yes, you can naturally sand a table by hand. Power sanding tools can harm the wood. That is why it is better to sand by hand.

6.How do you put sandpaper on a sanding block?

Place the sanding block on the paper and wrap the sandpaper around the sand block. Then staple the sandpaper or glue it to the block.

7.What sandpaper is the smoothest?

Ultra-fine sandpaper grit gives you another level of smoothness. However, the more the grit number is, the smoothest the surface will be. For example,  240 grit sandpaper is way smoother than 80 grit sandpaper.

8.What is the way to know when you are done sanding?

Take a look at the wood from a long angle. If you see it smooth, then you are done sanding. Also, touch it with your hand after cleaning it. You will feel the smoothness when you are done. If you don’t see any flaws or scratches, then your sanding is done.

9.What are the two safety precautions that you should take before sanding wood?

The two safety precautions that you should take before sanding is wearing hand gloves and eye goggles. So that you don’t damage your hand, and the dirt and dust cannot get into your eyes.


It does not matter what piece of wood furniture you are working on; you will definitely need sanding. Though sanding machines are quick, hand sanding is more authentic and gives you an aesthetic and good finish. The best Sanding block of 2021 makes your hand sanding easier and less time-consuming.

However, we suggest you select any of the above-mentioned products. However, our top pick is the “Festool 583129” sanding block.

Finally, if there is anything about the hand sanding tool that you want to know, let us know.

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