7 Best Picture Frame Clamps 2024 Reviews – Durable & Reliable

Whether you are a small picture frame builder working in a small woodworking shop or a professional, you can’t deny the importance of a good clamp. It is a practical and small tool that pushes together bits of wood at 90° angles.

Picture frame clamps are similar to extra hands to assist you out in your projects. They hold wood pieces tightly for proper drying of the glue. These can also be used to stop the moving of objects when chiseling, drilling, or assembling multiple pieces.

However, don’t assume that all picture frame clamps offer the same result. They also come in grades, and you should buy the best picture frame clamps to get the best result.

Best Picture Frame Clamps

We reviewed 7 products that are best in terms of versatility, durability, and reliability. So, continue reading and buy the best-suited tool!

Top 7 Picture Frame Corner Clamp Comparison:

Before going to the review section, read the short features of each picture frame band clamp from the below comparison table. you can also visit Amazon to check details:

Clamps Name=>



Check Price=>

1# Can-Do Clamp

Can-Do Clamp framing
  • Allows you to make precise adjustment

  • Can-Do Clamp Can Do It All! A Clamp And A Vise

  • Sets Up Instantly; Secures Quickly

2# Bessey Tools VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp

Bessey Tools VAS-23 Variable Angle Strap Clamp
  • This clamp is great for ensuring tight glue joints

  • Versatile and easily adjustable with the handles

  • Maintains 90°corners for a perfect shape

3# Relitec R Right Angle Clamp for making wooden Picture Frame

Relitec R Right Angle Clamp for making wooden Picture Frame
  • Made of high-quality, impact-resistant material

  • Creating precise 90° right angle is effortless

  • Comes in a Variety of Sizes & Projects

4# Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit for Woodworking

Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit for Woodworking:
  • Uses industrial-Grade Expensive Steel

  • Pliers will not be get deformed for a prolonged time

  • Better holding power

5# POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp
  • Suitable for Any Clamping Projects

  • Easy to install and remove with quick-release feature

  • Constructed with a Durable Plastic

6# Evwoge 90° Positioning Squares Right Angle Clamps

Evwoge 90° Positioning Squares Right Angle Clamps
  • Made of CNC machined high-quality aluminum

  • Eligible with wide applications

  • Designed for professionals

7# HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder

HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp ideal to use square round pieces
  • Non-marring 1-by-1-inch jaws

  • Quick-release levers rapid adjustments

  • High-strength nylon webbing

Which Type of Clamp Would Be Best When Making a Picture Frame?

Woodworking clamps are available in different types, and each of them is used for different purposes. Here we look into the types of clamp that would be best for making a picture frame.

Right Angle Clamps:

Right angle clamps are suitable for making boxes, cabinets, picture frames, dowelling, joinery, drilling, and many more projects. In fact, handling the mentioned projects is nearly impossible without a right-angle clamp. This tool keeps the things together as long as you want for a perfect joining.

Strap Clamps:

Clamping unusual or irregular-shaped objects gets much easier when you have strap clamps in your hand. This is an all-rounder that can solve nearly all clamping problems.

You can create any circular tasks like making a picture frame using strap clamps.

Bar Clamps:

If you need to handle heavy-duty and massive clamping projects too frequently, buy bar clamps without hesitation. It will tackle 90% of your massive clamping projects quite efficiently. Every time you will get the expected result from it.

Edge Clamps:

Edge clamps will help you to keep all the corners or edges of your wood piece in one place. As a result, you can make the required shape conveniently.

Spring Clamps:

The design of spring clamps will remind you of pliers. This tool consists of a spring that provides decent pressure to keep the objects attached. Springs clamps are effortless to use and ensure fast with efficient working.

7 Best Picture Frame Clamps of 2024 Reviewed:

Carefully read the in-depth reviews of the enlisted products of this section. All these tools will give you comfort and a good experience when using them.

1# Can-Do Clamp:

Can Do Photo frame Clamp

For people looking to handle different projects like framing, doweling, drilling, and so on, the Can-Do Clamp would be an ideal choice. Also, when you are engaging yourself in accomplishing different DIY projects, this offers the best result. You can completely make high-quality picture frames regardless of your skill level using this clamp.

It is an extremely durable clamp that works perfectly in joining wood pieces. Your picture frame gets the accurate alignment and the best recognition when you use it. It is hassle-free to use, and you can mount it on your workbench whenever required because it has a built-in oblong hole.

Working with a durable and lightweight picture frame clamp is significantly essential because it ensures flexibility when working. Being an aluminum constructed clamp, it is lightweight, and you will not face any problem carrying it in your toolbox. Also, it is durable enough to give you long-term service.

Another worth-mentioning feature of his clamp is the T-handle. This design allows a woodworker to adjust the handle according to preference. At the same time, firm gripping is confirmed since you can turn the clamp strongly. Besides, the clamp jaws open up to 2-3/4″; you can clamp anything up to that thickness.

The Good:

  • Allows you to make precise adjustment
  • It consists of 2 swivel points
  • Both sides of the frame it has clamps
  • T-handle offers the highest clamping pressure
  • Hassle-free installation and quick grip

The Bad:

  • T-handle keeps hitting the table when it sits on the table

2# Bessey Tools VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp:

Bessey Tools VAS 23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp

Bessey manufactured a versatile strap clamp that provides enough clamping pressure to join several wood pieces together. The Bessey Tools VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamps are woven polyester fabric, so they should form whatever shape you’re doing. This strap clamp will allow you to take full control of a setup just in your palms.

It is an ergonomically designed strap that ensures comfort when handling. More importantly, you can get them done efficiently. You will love to know that this tool will let you work with a wide range of shapes such as square, round to a typical shape.

The high-strength woven polyester fabric effectively resists extreme tensile force to provide a secured clamp without compromising the quality. Also, it is scratch-proof and glue-resistant. Moreover, 4 pivoting corners provide even pressure to make secure clamping.

This clamp is excellent for ensuring you get tight glue joints when clamping up. The pads that make contact with whatever you are gluing up the pivot to glue up angles at different angles easily.

A great feature is the strap holder that maintains the extra strapping. Dealing with this strap clamp is entirely hassle-free. This will allow you to make the frame of the shadow box door and picture conveniently.

The Good:

  • This clamp is great for ensuring tight glue joints
  • Versatile and easily adjustable with the handles
  • Maintains 90°corners for a perfect shape
  • It provides uniform pressure all the time
  • Ergonomic design

The Bad:

  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks

3# Relitec R Right Angle Clamp for making wooden Picture Frame:

Relitec R Right Angle wooden Picture Frame Clamp

For fans of the brand which provides premium quality products, Relitec has your back. The Relitec R Right Angle Clamp Corner Clamp is efficient enough in handling wide clamping tasks like picture, cabinet, wardrobe, box, adjusting power tool blades, marking perpendicular lines, sharpening plane blades, and many more. This is very useful to have in the shop.

It is made of high-impact plastic that ensures superior durability along with lightweight usability. Generally, with other affordably priced corner clamps, creating a precision 90° right angle woodwork is quite challenging. Be sure that, with this clamp, precise work becomes a breeze.

You will surely love the versatility of this clamp. It is handy that your clamping task will be easier than before. Also, usability is highly effortless with this clamping tool. It serves correctly, whatever projects you throw at it.

These clamps come in a wide range of sizes: 3”, 4”, and 6”, allowing you to tackle several woodworking projects at a time. You will also find notch leveled with 45° and 22.5° angles to confirm accuracy.

Moreover, you can attach wood pieces of any thickness quite comfortably. Additionally, for accurate clamping, it has embossed gradation in millimeters and inches on both the inner and outer edges.

The Good:

  • Made of high-quality, impact-resistant material
  • It comes in a variety of sizes to let you finish multiple projects
  • The perfect measurement is confirmed since it has embossed markings of inches and millimeters
  • Creating precise 90° right angle woodwork is effortless
  • Lightweight and portable

The Bad:

  • A few customers are not convinced about its quality because of the plastic construction

4# Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit for Woodworking:

Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit for Woodworking

You can’t avoid using glue when making picture frames, wood trim work, moldings, etc. The glue can easily be opened if you don’t use the right picture frame clamp. The Feiyang Miter Spring Clamps Kit for Woodworking is an ideal one that helps you get your clamping project done efficiently. Compared to its rivals, spring is used in these pliers for automatic closing. Thus, your work gets easier.

It has very sharp points that pierce the wood without cutting wood fibers. Moreover, sharp points and perfect alignment keep the material where you want it. The tool can be used indefinitely. They have plenty of clamping force and a sharp enough point to bite at any angle.

Surprisingly easy to use, even with these arthritic hands. It has wicked holding power. The holes left when they are removed are very small because the end that bites into the wood comes to a point. However, don’t worry, thinking that it may leave holes in your wood. The hole is no bigger than a pin nailer would leave.

Due to the miter clamps no gap design, you can use them for pocket-sized projects. The jaws spread up to 2”, making them compatible to work with most trim sizes. Overall, it is a great spring clamp kit appreciated by many contractors, carpenters, woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts.

The Good:

  • It uses industrial-grade expensive steel
  • The pliers will not be get deformed for a prolonged time
  • Thick rubber is used in the plier’s handle
  • It doesn’t leave any visible scratches or dents on the wood
  • Better holding power compared to its competitors

The Bad:

  • Too small for extensive crown molding

5# POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp:

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp

The POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp uses a log strap to fasten and firmly hold wood pieces together. A high-grade nylon webbing band and durable plastic frame are used to manufacture this band clamp. This way, it becomes a versatile one. It is effortless to use and designed to make your clamping task easier and effective.

It comes with non-marring clamping jaws, allowing you to work with unusual, circular, and square-shaped materials. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for making birdhouses, picture frames, cabinets, barrels, chair frames, etc. This tool is so good and practical both to mend broken frames or assemble a frame with difficulties creating the 4 X 90° corners.

The product weighs only 1lbs. and is ergonomically designed to make all your gluing tasks straightforward. Band tension and micro-adjustments can accurately be done because of its hand thread screw. Also, you can make rapid adjustments without wasting much time by taking assistance from its quick-release levers.

After looking at its design, you may think that the installation and removal process might be challenging. The truth is, this will let you work with it without any trouble. All in all, this is a unique, streamlined, and durable band clamp that comes at an affordable price range.

The Good:

  • It is suitable for any clamping projects
  • Easy to install and remove with a quick-release feature
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Robust plastic clamping jaws
  • Affordable price tag

The Bad:

  • Griping is a bit unstable compared to traditional clamps

6# Evwoge 90° Positioning Squares Right Angle Clamps:

Evwoge 90° Positioning Squares Right Angle Clamps

Many people think that a professional-grade right angle clamp is extremely expensive. But this is not true for all clamps. You can buy the Evwoge 90° Positioning Squares Right Angle Clamps at a wallet-friendly price. These affordably priced right-angle clamps are full of impressive features to make a wide range of clamping tasks convenient.

The best features of these right-angle clamps are the beveled edges and rounded corners. The combination of both features protects fragile wood pieces from damage. At the same time, it ensures the user’s safety. Additionally, this L-shaped corner clamp is so simple to use.

Each square has 4 holes, allowing you to clamp easily. Using this tool, you can enjoy the achievement of accomplishing different clamping projects. The convenient screw maintains the required tension on the band. More importantly, it is designed to hold joints securely at an exact 90° angle.

Thanks to its manufacturing quality, as it is CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum. The surface is also anodize-treated, which makes it a long-lasting tool for woodworking. These professional-grade clamps are best for different small and large DIY tasks.

The Good:

  • Made of CNC machined high-quality aluminum
  • Easy to handle
  • Eligible in accomplishing wide applications
  • Designed for professionals
  • Protects fragile wood pieces from damaging

The Bad:

  • No prominent cons are available

7# HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder:

HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder

Sometimes, we don’t want to invest much in picture frame clamps. At the same time, we look for an efficient tool. The HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder would be the best choice that offers fantastic results at an affordable price. Despite its inexpensive price tag, it doesn’t compromise on the build quality and performance.

This clamp strap holder uses 4M high-strength nylon webbing and is ideal for most clamping shapes. Its excellent construction and quality build permit glue work on picture frame clamping, work pieces of a square, round, and other irregular shapes with ease. When working with irregular shapes, remove the corner braces. This will make your task easier.

The tension is maintained through a handle that tightens the 4M long woven canvas strap attached to the tension unit. You can adjust the clamp pressure according to your requirement by turning the handle. Rapid adjustment and release are possible using its levers.

Don’t worry, thinking that it may spoil your projects by leaving dents or scratches. You can easily wrap it around the wood piece, object, or furniture without marking. Its handle is rubberized and covered with an anti-slip grip. Besides, the straps are threaded through the clamps that prevent slippage.

The Good:

  • Non-marring 1-by-1-inch jaws
  • Quick-release levers for rapid adjustments
  • Electroplating rust-resistant rotating spindle screw
  • High-strength nylon webbing
  • Solid TPR anti-skid soft handle

The Bad:

  • You will require too many hands to make them work perfectly

Things to Consider When Buying the Right Picture Frame Corner Clamps:

Many brands are manufacturing picture frame clamps, but all of them will not satisfy you for sure. Some may break down after a few uses, while others will give you an extended period of service.

Here are some of the considerations that we used when making the above-reviewed products.

Clamping Power:

One of the crucial factors that you need to look at when buying a right-angle clamp is the clamping power. For this, you must look for a good brand of 90-degree clamp that ensures firm and decent enough holding power.
The clamping power depends on the constructed materials.

Generally, brands use high-quality materials to make corner clamps. Top-graded materials have enough power to hold an object in its place firmly. These materials are durable as well.

If your selected frame clamp comes with insufficient holding power, the main purpose of using a picture frame band clamp would be lost.

So, make sure to buy a corner clamp with decent holding power.


Buy a large corner clamp for handling heavy-duty clamping projects. Make sure to choose from a brand that meets your project requirements.

Smaller wood projects can easily be handled using medium-sized corner clamps. While buying, inspect the throat depth of your selected model. The throat depth has to be sufficient enough so that you can comfortably accomplish your tasks.


Corner clamps should come with a 90° angle, without fail. You may look at the product description to learn it, but don’t trust all models.

For this, inspect the angle intently.

The accuracy of a clamping project is significantly essential, and it relies on the angle.
The final output of your drilling, welding, and trimming task will get affected by the picture frame clamp’s angle.


Clamps are designed to make holding projects easier for a woodworker or carpenter. In a clamping project, clamps need to bear lots of pressure. For this, high-quality materials such as aluminum, nylon, polyester are used to manufacture corner clamps based on their design.

These materials withstand extreme pressure, high tensile force, and roughness quite comfortably and allow you to get the job done efficiently. At the same time, durability is confirmed.


Most picture frame clamps come with a handle. Before buying, make sure to check the handle quality carefully.
Handles play an indispensable role in clamping tools. The handle determines the efficiency. Also, comfortability during the project is dependent on the handle quality.

Therefore, the handle should be ruggedly and robustly built. Enough grip is also necessary. You can handle a larger project comfortably if the handle is ergonomically designed.

How do You Clamp a Picture Frame by Using a Framing Clamp?

Working with framing clamps may seem challenging when you first take it in your hand. But you will not experience any challenge to work with this effective tool.

A correct working process will make a laborious clamping task more comfortable than before and reduce your workload also.

We will be working with the right clamps in this process because picture frame making is uncomplicated with this tool.

Step 01:

Place the 4 wood pieces of the picture frame, and right angle clamps closer. Ensure that you place both things on a flat surface.

Step 02:

Twist the clamps handle counterclockwise to open the clamp. Continue twisting until the clamp’s throat reaches at its highest depth.

Step 03:

Now, the first wood piece needs to be slid into the clamp. Then, line the edge with the arched corner of the clamp. Next, put the second piece too and align it with the first piece. No overhanging edges should be there.

Step 04:

Then, you will need to tighten the clamps. Turn the handle clockwise at this point. Ensure that you have tightened the jaws firmly.

The most significant benefit of right-angle clamps is, they will not leave spots, marks, dents, or scratches on fragile wood pieces.


Question: How do you clamp two pieces of wood at 90 degrees?

Answer: You can do this using different types of clamping tools.

Grab a clamping tool to join 2 pieces of wood at 90°. Simply place one end of the wood piece to another, make sure they are well-aligned. Use glue and apply decent enough pressure with the clamping tool to join.

Question: What is the best corner clamp?

Answer: According to your project, there seems to be nothing worse than failing your project because you did not use the right clamping tool. The best corner clamp comes with the below features.

  • Made of durable materials like cast iron, aluminum, nylon, or polyester
  • Provide enough pressure to butt objects together

So, when buying, make sure your selected item has the features mentioned earlier and meets your requirement.

Question: How do you clamp an irregular shape?

Answer: Irregularly shaped materials do not fit the flush into the clamp’s flat jaw; this prevents the piece from holding enough. In order to solve the issue, a brace needs to be created out of the scrap wood that fits between the materials and jaws of the clamp.

The brace can be single pieces or several pieces, consisting of a flat side that fits the flush near the jaw and an irregular side that fits the flush on the piece. The brace eliminates the gap between the irregularly shaped material and clamp jaws.

Question: How do you clamp and glue a picture frame?

Answer: While making a picture frame, gluing is one of the primary jobs. You can use right-angle clamps, strap clamps to do this job. Both clamps are efficient in keeping picture frames in one place after gluing. There is a procedure to keep the pressure on the frame pieces to stick together.

Full Stop:

An inferior quality tool will deliver a poor result for sure; even the most experienced hand will fail to get the expected result when you use a poor quality clamping tool.

If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t buy a tool that spoils your projects. It will surely discourage you from continuing. On the other hand, professionals have no choice except to use the best picture frame clamp for their projects.

Don’t invest carelessly in the worst product. Could you read our review section carefully? Our enlisted products are durable, reliable, and efficient to accomplish your jobs with ease. End with a smile by buying any of the above-mentioned professional picture frame clamps.

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