7 Best Paint for Styrofoam & Foam Board: 2023 Reviews

Are you looking for an affordable option to do some crafts or create a diorama base? In this case, Styrofoam would be the best choice. They are lightweight. Also, making different shapes is quite effortless using them. Moreover, this is a versatile material to be used for a variety of applications.

When making crafts with it, you will be required to paint this material properly. But you can’t use any paint on Styrofoam. In order to get the best result, you have to use the best paint for Styrofoam.

Best Paint for Styrofoam

Save yourself some time by reading this article. We researched extensively to find the best paint for you to make arts & crafts items with Polystyrene foam board & styrofoam balls.

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7 Crafting Paint for Styrofoam – Comparison:

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1# Apple Barrel PROMOABI Acrylic Craft Paint Set

Acrylic Craft Set matte finish apple barrel
  • Set of 18 vivid colors

  • Bold, Bright Colors Dries to a Brilliant Matte Finish

  • Easy & Smooth Application on Variety of Surfaces

2# Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set Value Pack

Craft Smart Acrylic set artist quality
  • 16 Assorted Classic Colors for Variety of Arts & Crafts

  • Provides Artist-quality Matte finish acrylic paints

  • non Toxic, water based acrylic paint

3# Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint

Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint
  • 20 Vivid colors dry with a Beautiful Matte finish

  • wonderfully smooth consistency

  • Vibrant colors and very much opaque

4# Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set

Crafts 4 All Canvas, Painting Decorations, Wood, Ceramics Fabrics
  • 24 pcs Vibrant color acrylic paint set

  • Finish Type: Satin (water based)

  • non-toxic formula, Vivid, long-lasting colors that dry fast

5# Liquitex Professional Acrylic Spray Paint

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Spray Paint
  • Matte finish; Color brilliance, lightfastness spray paint

  • Artist quality pigments for durability

  • No clogging and non-bleeding

6#U.S. Art Supply 18 Color Bottles for Arts, Crafts, and Posters

U.S. Art Supply 18 Color Bottles for Arts Crafts Posters
  • 18 Colors Multi-purpose tempera paint (Matte finish)

  • have a Creamy consistency & excellent coverage

  • Ideal for Creating Crafts & Arts on almost any surface

7# Krylon KSCS08500 Short Cuts Aerosol Paint

Acrylic Spray Paint Foam Board craft
  • Acrylic Spray Paint specially designed for Styrofoam

  • Elegant, Smooth & Matte finish

  • Fast dry, Safe for Craft Foam Board

Type of Paint to Use on Polystyrene Foam Board:

You can use different types of paint on polystyrene foam and Styrofoam balls. But you will not get efficient results with all types. Here are some of the paints that go efficiently with Styrofoam.

a) Acrylic Paint:

When painted directly on Styrofoam, acrylic paint offers the best result.

Moreover, it is easy to apply and delivers a consistent result. It would help if you kept in mind that you may need to apply several coats to get the expected color.

Styrofoam is a porous material, so it is particularly true when painting. As a result, its craters and crevices sip a considerable amount of paint which means, you will need a lot of paint.

Another drawback of this paint is, acrylic can make Styrofoam a bit worse over time.

b) Spray Paints:

Often, spray paint is a good option, but not always. For this, you will barely find that people are using spray paints over Styrofoam.

Most spray paints are not ideal for Styrofoam because they damage this material faster than other paint types. Also, these paints are not best-suited to paint on small things.

Spray paints have benefits as well. It minimizes the negative impacts that can have on brittle materials.

c) Tempera Paint:

Characteristically, tempera paint is pigment-heavy and water-based, making it suitable for foamy materials like Styrofoam. It gets well-adhered by foamy and porous objects.

It is of utmost susceptibility to water. As a result, it is wrong to paint to be used in Styrofoam projects most of the time. Although it is versatile, it doesn’t blend well on Styrofoam.

7 Best Paint for Styrofoam Board & Balls – 2023 Reviews:

All the reviewed paints for polystyrene foam in this section are specially formulated for foamy materials. Read the reviews carefully and buy the best-suited one to paint styrofoam balls or foam boards.

1# Apple Barrel PROMOABI Acrylic Craft Paint Set:

Apple Barrel PROMOABI Acrylic Craft Paint Set of 2022


Paint Type: Acrylic

Finish Type: Matte

Item Form: Liquid

Unit Count: 36 FL oz.

Specific Uses for Product: Interior

The Apple Barrel PROMOABI Acrylic Craft Paint Set will let you create impactful crafts and art on Styrofoam. This high-quality 18-pcs paint set is fully compatible with plastic. It includes a wide range of vivid colors that can be used to create attractive and eye-catching miniatures using Styrofoam.

After drying, these colors offer a brilliant bright matte finish. This set is compatible with many surfaces such as the floor, plaster, wood, terracotta, Styrofoam, and many more. More importantly, the application process is effortless. Simply use a brush, sponge, stamp, or stencils to apply these colors.

This set of colors is suitable for all ages. As it uses a water-based formula, its consistency level is remarkable. When applying on Styrofoam, you will get a smooth and easy covering all the time. Each color glides over Styrofoam and other surfaces smoothly to deliver an exceptional finish.

After applying, you will not face much hassle in cleaning the used components. Use a mixture of soap and water when the color is wet. These paints are non-toxic, and they are appropriate for older children. Besides using vivid colors, you can make hundreds of options, resulting in various color options in your arsenal.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the highest-quality paints for Styrofoam boards. Non-toxic ingredients are used in this formula, making it safe to use. It delivers consistent results on different surfaces. Additionally, the whole paint set comes in a slim flip-lid cardboard box that is great for storage and safekeeping. Grab this paint set and start painting your dreams.

The Good:

  • It is a set of 18 vivid colors
  • Vivid color options
  • Safe to use for kids and adults
  • Compatible on a wide range of surfaces

The Bad:

  • A bit pricey than its rivals

2# Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set Value Pack:

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set Value Pack


Paint Type: Acrylic

Finish Type: Flat / Matte

Item Form: Liquid

Unit Count: 32 FL oz.

Specific Uses for Product: Interior

You may need to create crafts and arts on a different surface. For this, without versatile paint, accomplishing different painting projects will be challenging. The Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set Value Pack is an all-rounder that will allow you to paint on several surfaces like Styrofoam, floor, rock, etc.

Once you start applying, you will be simply impressed with its performance. These 16 pcs assorted classic colors are ideal for illustration, fine arts technique, hand lettering, calligraphy, animation, novelty projects, doodling, etc. Also, you can make your custom colors which will be appealing as well.

The paint increases the material’s durability once dry, which means the Styrofoam will retain its physical integrity for many days. Non-toxic ingredients are used to manufacture this paint. As a result, when applying, you don’t need to take extra precautions. Moreover, it doesn’t create fumes or odors.

Using this paint, you can produce high-quality finishes for your art projects every time. It is formulated keeping both beginners and professionals in mind. Every level of painter will get an artistic and matte-quality finish using these acrylic paints. Additionally, the application process is straightforward for being a water-based formula.

In terms of cleanup, it will not give you a hard time. Soap and water mixture is enough for cleaning. You will also love to know that it covers a large area with ease. With all the above features, we can say that the Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Set Value Pack is worth giving a try.

The Good:

  • It offers a durable protective finish
  • The paint dries so quickly
  • It comes with protected seals
  • Water-based paint is easy to apply on a variety of surfaces

The Bad:

  • The paints are not that much thick

3# Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint:

Arteza Craft Acrylic


Paint Type: Acrylic

Finish Type: Matte

Item Form: Liquid

Unit Count: 40 FL oz.

Specific Uses for Product: Exterior

Effective and Precise – these 2 words perfectly go with the Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint. You will be able to produce professional-grade results with this paint. This set includes 20 pcs of high-quality acrylic paint. These are soft body acrylics that blend easily and dry with a matte finish.

It features a fast-drying formula, allowing you to add multiple coats within a short time. This quick-dry formula lets you add detail to your artwork like layering, sponge painting, stone art, etc. Moreover, It offers excellent coverage and can be used for many acrylic painting techniques.

Both beginners and professionals can enjoy using this multi-purpose craft acrylic paint on wood, Styrofoam, glass, ceramic, canvas, and so on. Regardless of the surface type, they dry in no time. It is a water-based paint, making the cleanup process straightforward—clean up your work area with a bit of soap and water when you are finished.

These paints come with a handy, secure snap-on cap. This convenient cap protects the acrylic from leaking and drying out. Moreover, due to the squeezable bottles, you will always get the required amount of paint. Furthermore, the number and color name are labeled on each bottle for easy understanding. Thus, mistakes will be avoidable when picking the color.

Overall, this set would be an excellent option for those serious about crafting Styrofoam projects. These are effective in delivering the required result. They are thick, highly pigmented, have no smell, and a great selection of colors at a great price.

The Good:

  • It is a wonderfully smooth consistency
  • This paint set gives good coverage
  • They don’t get sticky
  • Vibrant colors and very much opaque

The Bad:

  • The paints are too thick than expectation

4# Crafts 4 All Acrylic Set:

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Set


Paint Type: Acrylic

Finish Type: Satin

Item Form: Liquid

Unit Count: 80 FL oz.

Specific Uses for Product: Interior

When discussing the great quality paint for foam board, the Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set will surely take its place. These paints are effortless to clean and come with a quick drying time. For cleaning, you don’t need to buy specialized cleaning chemicals. Only soapy water can do the cleaning task.

It is a 24-pcs acrylic paint set, made of non-toxic ingredients and safe to use. The most important thing is, that these paints receive a certification of ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE), which ensures that these can be used safely on several surfaces.

This acrylic paint set is a pack of 20 vivid color options. They help to bring artistic ideas to life. You can add a pop to any craft or art project as it consists of all the required acrylic colors along with special additions. Moreover, you can try different painting techniques without hesitation with the paint set.

The set works flawlessly on multiple surfaces like glass, plaster, fabric, Styrofoam, etc. It uses a water-based formula, making it the best choice for both beginner and seasoned artists. The paints are not watered down and keep you from applying several coats. Moreover, they don’t leave stray bristles along with your work.

In terms of coverage, it is pretty good. If you need to produce unique hues, tones, and shades, simply mix and blend the colors. Moreover, The colors blend well, and you will get your expected shades and tones quite easily.

The Good:

  • Straightforward cleaning with soapy water
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • You can create unique shades and tones by blending the colors
  • Water-based formula

The Bad:

  • Cracks may appear when dried

5# Liquitex Professional Spray Paint:

Liquitex Professional Spray Paint


Paint Type: Acrylic

Finish Type: Matte

Item Form: Spray

Unit Count: 12 FL oz.

Specific Uses for Product: Interior & Exterior

Don’t you like to paint on Styrofoam using a paintbrush or sponge? Then choose this Liquitex Professional Spray Paint as it is a paint sprayer that doesn’t require anything to apply on a surface. Simply open the cap and start spraying in your designated area.

Most customers appreciate its performance and results. This fine art tool is made of lightfast artist-quality pigments. Also, water-based technology is used in this spray paint to avoid hassle while cleaning the working area.

Another great feature of this paint is the compatible binder. Due to this feature, you can mix it with Liquitex acrylic paint for a stable, medium, and archival finish. Moreover, it is versatile enough for roughly any surface, ideal for spraying on glass, wood masonry, canvas, Styrofoam, rock, etc.

Being a water-based formula, it is low-odor featured. This way, wearing protection in the eye and skin is entirely unnecessary. The spray paint is weather-resistant, making it suitable for use on both exterior and interior surfaces. If you are looking for paint for your kid’s educational purpose, buy it without thinking twice. The colors are non-toxic too.

You can achieve a multi-coated surface effect using this paint because of its permanent and non-bleeding characteristics. Moreover, it leaves a beautiful acrylic color when appropriately dried. While wet, it will look like high-gloss paint. When it finishes drying, it will be a gorgeous matte finish.

The Good:

  • Artist-quality pigments for durability
  • Water-based technology for low odor
  • Compatible with acrylic
  • No clogging and non-bleeding

The Bad:

  • Spraying on small crafts is quite challenging

6# U.S. Art Supply 18 Color Bottles for Arts, Crafts, and Posters:

U S Art Supply 18 Color Bottles for Arts Crafts and Posters


Paint Type: Tempera

Finish Type: Matte

Item Form: Liquid

Unit Count: 36.36 FL oz.

Specific Uses for Product: Interior

Are you looking for Styrofoam paint for all ages? Look no further and buy the U.S. Art Supply 18 Color Bottles for Arts, Crafts, and Posters. This set consists of 6 primary colors, 6 neon colors, 6 pearl colors, perfect for art and craftwork. More importantly, using them on any surface is a breeze.

It is formulated to be washed easily. You can use soapy water to clean the equipment and working area after applying. Moreover, being made of non-toxic ingredients, you can use your hands while washing. It is safe to use and doesn’t leave any allergic reaction on the skin. In fact, it is fun to use.

Like all other standard colors, it is also made of high-quality ingredients to leave a matte finish. Hence, to get a beautiful coat, you don’t need to apply several coats on Styrofoam because of its good coverage feature. Moreover, its drying time is less compared to other acrylic paints and offers a glossy finish.

Although 18 colors cover approximately all the required colors, if you need more colors, simply blend and mix them well to get a new tone. The colors last long for many days when dried. It is all-purpose colors, from kids to adults. These paints are bright and of high quality.

This is one of the high-quality paint for polystyrene foam. If you are looking for acrylic paint that can be used on versatile surfaces, this would be worth trying. Overall, the paint is infant-friendly, the colors are beautiful, super easy to clean, have reasonable consistency, and have good coverage.

The Good:

  • Multi-purpose tempera paint
  • Ideal for creating crafts and arts on almost any surface
  • Safe for kids
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water

The Bad:

  • Less thick

7# Krylon KSCS08500 Short Cuts Aerosol Spray Paint:

Krylon KSCS08500 Short Cuts Aerosol Paint


Paint Type: Acrylic

Finish Type: Matte

Item Form: Spray

Unit Count: 6 1

Specific Uses for Product: Styrofoam

The Krylon KSCS08500 Short Cuts Aerosol Paint is the final product on our list. It is specially designed for Styrofoam. This particular aerosol paint produces a matte finish, and you can use it on wood, Styrofoam, wicker, metal, and many more surfaces.

In terms of efficiency and consistency, no other aerosol paint can beat it. Similar to other affordable paint for Styrofoam, it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. Moreover, this aerosol paint is well-suited to other materials.

Generally, other spray paint gets clogged when working. The good news is that you will always get smooth and consistent spraying since it will never clog. Another worth-mentioning thing is, it coordinates with shortcuts, brush-on paints, and pens.

Another important thing is, regular spray paint might be eaten by your Styrofoam. But this quick-drying acrylic-based paint stays well on Styrofoam as well as Polystyrene. Additionally, you will find 34 different color options, allowing you to choose your color as per your requirements.

Plus, you can use it for the trim, and it will only need a single coat. It covers very nicely, be sure to shake it up well, and you’ll be pleased. The color comes out really beautiful and almost looks like a metallic color.


Quick-drying formula

Free from toxic chemicals

For different surfaces

Reasonable price tag


  • It runs out quickly

Things to Consider When Buying:

Buying quality paint for Styrofoam is not an easy job at all if you don’t know what factors to consider when purchasing.

Following are a few factors that will help you select the best-suited paint for Styrofoam board.

1. Type:

By now, you already understood that Styrofoam is a porous material, and you can’t choose any paint to apply to it. Acrylic paint is the best solution at this point. So, when buying paint for your Styrofoam art and craft project, check whether the paint is acrylic or not.

2. Ease of Cleaning:

Art and craft projects are creative work. So, a change of mind can happen from time to time. That is why you should look for a paint type that is easy to clean.

The great thing is that many paints are available in the market, which are effortless to clean with soap and water mixture. Also, you will get other benefits if you buy an easy-to-clean Styrofoam paint.

3. Durability:

Unarguably, you don’t like to see your paintings fade after a few days or months.

So, select a paint that holds the surface strong and remains its glossy look for many days. To learn about durability, read the customer reviews. Also, buy paint from brands named Krylon, Crafts 4 All, Arteza, etc.

4. Non-toxic:

Skin irritation will happen if your paint contains toxic ingredients. To avoid these unwanted issues, buy paint that is made of natural ingredients.
The good news is; all acrylic Styrofoam paints are made from non-toxic materials. Double-check the label before you buy.

5. Affordable Price Tag:

Before buying, you should make a budget and mustn’t surpass it. Look for a reasonable paint option that offers the required result. Typically, you will need to cost $30 – $50 to buy a high-quality Styrofoam paint.

6. Good Blending Quality:

According to your craft and art projects, you may need to mix several paints to get the expected shades and tones. For this, the paint type should come with good blending quality so that you can get your desired shades and tones within a short time.

How to Paint & Waterproof Styrofoam:

Painting Styrofoam is not as effortless to paint like other materials. Following the below steps, you can efficiently apply paint and a waterproof Styrofoam ball.

Step 01: Choose the Required Paint:

apply acrylic with a paintbrush

Selecting the correct type of paint is crucial. For painting Styrofoam, acrylic is the best paint. Although you can use other colors, they will cost you more, and the expected result will not be achievable. Select any of the paint from the above review section. All of them are efficient enough to deliver the required result.

Step 02: Paint Preparing:

Once the right paint is selected, paint preparation is the next step. Now you might be thinking, how to prepare paint? Well, the paint preparation process is described in the user’s manual of your selected paint.

Since we are dealing with acrylic paint, grab a container and pour a small amount of every color in it. Then mix them all.

Step 03: Applying the Paint:

start applying from the corner

Get a brush or sponge, or foam brush if the paint type is liquid. While for aerosol acrylic paint, it is not always necessary to use a brush or other equipment.

Start from the Styrofoam corner, don’t start applying paint from the middle. This way, you will get precise applications. Be steady and slow while applying color in the corners or edges.

Once you finish applying the edges and corners, then start painting the surface.

Step 04: Give the Paint an Air Dry:

After applying a coat of paint, allow it to dry. Look at the paint label; you will get an idea of your selected paint drying time.

Don’t dry the paint by using a fan. If you do so, the thickly applied areas can spread. Moreover, dust or dirt can stick to the surface, which will ruin your hard work.

So, it would be best to give the paint and air dry.

Step 05: If Necessary, Apply Extra Coats:

You may need to apply additional coats of paint to get the required result after drying. Usually, Styrofoam doesn’t give the expected result with a single coat; you can’t avoid applying extra coats.

To do so, follow Steps # 2 and 3 again. Give the required drying time between several coats; it is mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What paint works best on foam?

Answer: Acrylic paint is the best option to apply to foam. This paint type spreads evenly on Styrofoam when you use a paintbrush. It is thick enough that it doesn’t sink into the foam. Besides, acrylic paint is long-lasting on foam compared to other paints.

Question: What kind of spray paint works on a Polystyrene Foam Board?

Answer: You must use acrylic spray paint to get the best result. It won’t damage the Styrofoam and stays well on the foam. Moreover, this paint will deliver even results for its thick nature.

Question: Can you use latex paint on Styrofoam?

Answer: The latex paint has to be water-based, and you can’t use oil-based latex paint over Styrofoam. In fact, latex is made of acrylic resins, which makes it compatible with Foam, polystyrene foam, and any type of foam board.

Question: Will Mod Podge melt Styrofoam?

Answer: Not at all; mod podge will not melt Styrofoam. It is generally used to add strength to Styrofoam. However, you should not apply too much Mod Podge as a small amount will help you get the required result.

Is it better to paint or spray paint styrofoam?

It is generally better to spray paint styrofoam because it provides even coverage, dries to a smoother finish, and is less likely to damage the delicate surface compared to brush painting.

Is acrylic paint safe for foam board?

Acrylic paint is safe for foam board when used properly. It adheres well, dries quickly, and provides good coverage. To enhance durability, consider sealing the paint with a clear varnish or sealant spray. Adequate ventilation is essential when working with acrylics on foam board.

Final Thought:

Styrofoam is a rough and unpolished material. Luckily, it is pretty easy to make them polished; simply apply paint. However, selecting the right paint type is crucial because all paints don’t offer the best result with Styrofoam and foam board.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will not face the challenge of picking the best paint for Styrofoam and foam board. Also, we believe that you are now ready to apply paint on Styrofoam of your own without hassle. We encourage you to share your opinion in the below comment box.

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