10 Best Paint For Cardboard – Reviews & Buying Guide

Certainly, cardboards are the most versatile, affordable, and easiest choice for an art project. But admit it, painting on them is a little bit tricky as well, isn’t it?

Eventually, it comes true when you use the wrong painting material that won’t suit the cardboard you are painting on. Wrong paints can make your cardboard wrinkling, warping and bleeding therefore, the color effects aren’t always what you expected.

So, finding the best paint for cardboard is more than crucial! Based on the quality, versatility some paints can make your boring cardboard in your dream. And we have disclosed these paints are best available for your cardboard.

Hopefully, you’d find out the desirable one from our list!

Best Paint for Cardboard

Top 10 Paint for Cardboard – Comparison Table:

Paint Type=>



Check Price=>

1# Apple Barrel Promoabi 18pc Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set

Apple Barrel Promoabi 18pc
  • 18 Vivid Colors – 2 oz bottles

  • Paintable with all types of the paintbrush

  • Formulated color is usable indifferent surfaces

2# Mont Mamont Marte Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors

Mamont Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors
  • 24 Vibrant Colors in Convenient 36ml Tubes

  • Artwork appears bold with super color mixability

  • High quality pigments offer great covering

3# Arteza Acrylic Paint, Set Of 60 Colors/Tubes

Arteza Acrylic Paint 60 Colors Tubes
  • 60 Acrylic Artist Quality Colors in 22 ml Tubes

  • Rich pigments give a vibrant color to your art

  • The color gives a non-fading texture to the painting

4# Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors By Crafts 4 all

Crafts 4 all Set 24 Colors
  • Premium raw material ensures high quality color

  • work for most mediums canvas, wood, ceramic, paper

  • perfect gift for beginners

5# Rust-oleum 331181 Spray Paint

Rust-oleum Ultra cover Spray Paint
  • Oil-based formula resists odor during paint.

  • able to cover 12sq—ft. Of area

  • It is suitable for all sorts of surface

6# Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint

Aqua Spray Paint for art and craft
  • Perfect for Arts and crafts [water based

  • Ultra Mate Colors

  • Repay your money if the paints don’t come useful

7# Krylon K02732007 Fusion

Krylon Fusion all in one primer
  • Paint & Primer in One [interior+ext]

  • Black matte paint offers a modern, cozy finish

  • Appropriate for hard and soft painting surface

8# Zenart Professional Oil Paints Set – (8 pcs x 45ml Tube) Large

Zenart 8x Large Oil Paints
  • Pure & Vivid Colors Large 45 Ml Tubes

  • The palette is used as the foundation for the painter.

  • international standards paint

9#Arteza Oil Paint, Set Of 24 Colors/Tubes

Arteza Oil Paint set 24 Colors
  • 24 Individual 12ml Oil Paint Tubes

  • The mixability make you have desired proportionate

  • ACMI Certified Safe - Sustain quality

10# Liquitex Basics Gesso [Primer for Cardboard]

Liquitex Basics Gesso Primer
  • Good quality base coat primer; one coat is enough

  • Value Acrylic gesso Primer  for acrylic and oil paint

  • Intermixable with regular paints that ensure durability

What Type Of Paint Do You Use On Cardboard?

You want to paint on cardboard and facing problems to match the color, shades, and tone you need. Use acrylic paint to get rid of all the hazards of painting.

To have a vibrant painting with acrylic, you should pick up a formulated and efficient acrylic color set. Give less effort to experimenting with all sorts of acrylic and choose the right one for you quickly.

There are three types of paint that you can use for your cardboard painting. These are :

1. Acrylic Paint:

Acrylic paint is a water-based paint that requires priming with gesso before painting on cardboard.

It can be used directly on the cardboard without dipping the paintbrushes or sponge in water before and after paint.

2. Spray:

You can apply to spray paint on cardboard, but before using spray paint, you must need to apply primer.

Use a non-toxic paint to save your face and nose from inflammation. To cover a large cardboard spray painting is the most useful painting.

3. Oil / Gesso:

The moisture can warp your cardboard while using a thick layer of oil paint on cardboard. To use oil paint, you must prime your cardboard with gesso with several layers of code.

10 Best Paint for Cardboard Reviews:

Regardless of whether the cardboard decor is ready for a school project or an attempt has been made to turn a waste box into an amazing asset, the paints will give this project an extraordinary look.

That’s why you should pick the best acrylic or spray paint for your project. Here is the detailed review for your convenience to get details about the best sets of acrylic or spray paint for your cardboard painting. Let’s dive deeper!

1. Apple Barrel Promoabi 18pc Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set:

Apple Barrel Acrylic PROMOABI Assorted
Apple Barrel=>

The solution to all your issues with painting is in your hand now. You can use this specially formulated colors on all sorts of surfaces like wood, styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta, and so on.

What Apple barrel offers you the most is the longevity of color. The matte colors dry quickly and stay for a long time. It ensures the longevity of the painting’s beauty and smoothness of the texture like the day of painting.

The colors of the set are brushable and stampable. Moreover, you can stencil or sponge the colors.

So there is no restriction on using any paintbrush to color your painting. You can use your desired paintbrush to paint wherever you want.

You can easily clean up the painting colors with water and soup that specify your concern about washing your painting. Moreover, water-based and non-toxic formulas ensure the protection of your favorite artwork.

The set contains 18 different shades of colors. Whatever you want to paint, the colors will reduce the efforts of your choosing and matching colors from various places.

To create a masterpiece of your painting, apply the best paint for cardboard and enhance the beauty. It will also lengthen the durability of the freshness of your art!


  • Formulated color is usable indifferent surfaces
  • Matteness of paint makes your painting last long
  • Paintable with all types of the paintbrush
  • Lots of colors to choose your desired one effortlessly


  • Not portable everywhere.
  • Colors variations make you confused and mislead paintings.


If you are a passionate painter, then the apple barrel promoabi serves you the best. It is also suitable for beginners who have just embarked on the painting journey to explore the vast ocean of it.


2. Mont Mamont Marte Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors:

Mont Marte Acrylic Colours Cardboard
Mont Marte=>

A vast combo set arrived with vibrant mixed colors to resolve all your worries about traditional painting. And it’s the mont mamont marte acrylic paint set providing awesome portability!

The giant set of 24 bright colors is made by maintaining the art and art methodology. Interestingly, the 36ml color tubes occur in 2 separate plastic trays.

The tubes and trays are mostly made for your convenience to reduce your effort while applying the color on canvas, paper, wood, or ceramic.

Besides, the color has an excellent lightfastness and gloss finish. It can glide the paint smoothly and dry fast on the surface of the canvas, paper, wood, ceramic, and what not!

If you want to have adequate details and give a high-quality creamy texture to your painting, it has no better substitute.

The color has super mixability. Your painting becomes clear and bright with that, and you can give the art piece a fantastic color combination with a range of broad color palettes, tones, and shades.

To give your artwork a versatile outlook, use these acrylic paints suitable for use on different surfaces like fabric, leather, cardboard, mdf, and crafts.


  • Vast color combo reduces the effort of color selection.
  • You can carry the color in the given plastic trays.
  • The creamy texture helps you to enlarge the covering area
  • Your artwork appears bold with super color mixability.


  • The colors don’t have any double shades.


For a professional painter, mont mamont marte will be the most trustworthy painting partner. The set is perfect to play in canvas with different shades of paint!


3. Arteza Acrylic Paint, Set Of 60 Colors/Tubes:

Arteza acrylic paint set of 60 colors
Arteza acrylic=>

You may want to do something new with color and visualize your dream, and that’s where the arteza 60 colors set can serve you.

The selection of artist-quality colors like lemon yellow, phthalo blue & crimson red color will give your imagination a vibrant image.

These acrylic paints are organized with rich and vivid pigments. It is specially made for canvas surfaces to give a smooth finish with consistent shades, ensuring color sustainability for years.

Imagine you are painting and don’t find out the color you want beside you. You won’t need to feel annoyed as the set organized the 22 ml/0.74 oz colors in a sturdy box to ensure easy access.

The colors are made with a non-toxic formula for maintaining safety. You can paint without the fear of any toxic inflammation.

The color is made for not only creative adults but also for beginner kids and teenagers. Most importantly, you will get your money back if the color fails to satisfy you.

To experiment with colors and explore a new artwork era, use the delightful acrylic partner of painting and create a mindblowing art!


  • Portable, sturdy box helps you to carry the color everywhere.
  • Rich pigments give a vibrant color to your art.
  • The color gives a non-fading texture to the painting.
  • The color is changeable if you don’t find it useful.


  • Not appropriate for all sorts of surfaces.
  • The colors don’t have any double shades.


Well, it is the most appropriate choice for the hobby painter, fancy adults, or contemplative kids as it is formulated non toxically. To enjoy the new dimension of art, these paints will be your best guide!

4. Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors By Crafts 4:

Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 all
Crafts 4 all paint=>

If you want to gain success in making a premium quality painting, this acrylic paint set is the most trustworthy mate for you.

The colors are made of raw materials of premium quality. It will ensure all skill level artists’ ultimate performance, whether it is a beginner or a professional.

The specially formulated color aims at the consistency of color mixing and blending to bring out a bold painting with clarity.

These colors, both liquid and dense, maintain great consistency to retain brush or spatula marks. It will give your artwork an eye-catching bold finish.

You don’t need to hesitate to use these colors on any sort of medium. The paints are suitable for canvas, wood, glass, and card decorating.

Moreover, you can apply it in plastic, craft foam, ceramic, blackboard easel, and paper also. For your convenience and safety, the colors are made by maintaining a non-toxic formula.

Besides, they appear vivid and profound texture and with enlarged durability that dries quickly. Moreover, they will provide you with three bonus paintbrushes to reduce your expense of purchasing paintbrushes.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, the colors dare you to draw your dream. This kit gives a kickstart to step forward to the way of illustration!


  • Formulated color ensures the consistency of paint.
  • Premium raw material ensures quality performance.
  • Additional gift of paintbrush help you to paint
  • Non-toxic formula keeps your hand safe during paint


  • Not easy to carry everywhere.


For a professional painter, acrylic paint set 24 colors will be the perfect choice because it is usable in all types of surface. Both the expert and the beginners can experience the best feeling of painting with the kits!

5. Rust-oleum 331181 Spray Paint:

RUST OLEUM White spray paint

You may want to mark something on a plastered wall or a wooden sculpture and choose to identify the right spray paint for you. Well, this Rust-oleum 331181 arrives to reduce all your worries about spray painting.

First of all, it’s perfect to decorate the house’s interior surface, auditorium, or exterior wall of any building or wooden artwork like sculpture.

Additionally, you can paint plastic, plaster, metal, masonry, and unglazed ceramic with the painting spray.

As the spray is prepared with oil-based formula, it doesn’t create any foul odor. To odor-free paints, it doesn’t irritate your breathing when pain with the spray.

The spray paint prevents chips and makes the painting enable of lasting long. To increase durability, you don’t need to give much effort. The spray provides the painting with an exceptional smooth ultra-matte finish.

You don’t need to wait a long time to dry the spray painting as the painting gets dried within 20 minutes.


  • Oil-based formula resists odor during paint.
  • By preventing chips, the paint increase durability.
  • A can is able to cover 12sq—ft. Of area.
  • The paint is suitable for all sorts of surface


  • The paints are not shining paint.
  • Not appropriate for the use of kids.


Rust-oleum 331181 is the most suitable paint for the student to do all colorful projects. It contains all sorts of benefits that will make a painter step forward.

6. Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint:

Pintyplus aqua spray paint
Pintyplus aqua=>

You will be delighted to know that this water-based Pintyplus aqua spray paint arrives as the perfect mate for arts and crafts. The color has a controlled spray that minimizes odor and overspray.

The environmentally friendly color is uniquely formulated for the user. It has a great variety of color combo.

Though the paints can be used in plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, it gives the perfect matte finish to the craft paint.

The 4.2oz cans are filled with the varieties of color pink bubble gum, light orange, yellow chick, apple green, ice blue, lavanda violet, and the vital black & white color.

There is some caution that you have to maintain before using the color. The cans need to be shaken vigorously for a while and test on paper. Before applying the paints you should prepare the surface so that it will be free from contaminants.

To use the colors, you should keep a certain distance from the painting. Let the color be set to for one or two hours and repaint after 30 minutes of drying.

As the color is water-based, it can be erased with water and soap just after completing the painting. So, you should keep the craft aside to be dried.

The aqua spray paint set can be a perfect gift for crafts enthusiasts, fancy passionate painters, and zealous kids.


  • Water-based color is most suitable for craft paint.
  • Varieties of color to choose from here.
  • They repay your money if the paints don’t come useful.


  • Easily removable with water and soap.


The Pintyplus aqua spray paint can be the most useful friend for creative persons because it is free from odor, and easy to maintain.

7. Krylon K02732007 Fusion:

Krylon K02732007 Fusion Spray Primer

If you want to explore something new in painting. the Krylon k02732007 provides you the most suitable class adhesion. It will keep the color-safe in a rough environment.

The pain has the special ability to adjust to difficult surfaces like plastic, wood, cardboard, metal, and pvc without having the protection of primer.

The colors are made for inside and outside use at the same time. The satin black spray paint provides you the ultimate rust protection. You can apply it to the metal furniture to give it a decorated dry finish.

Unlike the usual paints, the black color offers an elegant, sleek outlook to any object. The color would a unique asset to the tool kit of your painting.

The can have a big push button spray tip that can be used upside down also. It can cover up 25 sq. Feet flawlessly.


  • The shinny texture to make your painting bold.
  • Appropriate for hard and soft painting surface.
  • You will get ultimate rust protection for painting.
  • The color will ensure flawless consistency to 25 sq. Feet


  • The spay can not create different shades
  • Using only one color makes your painting monotonous.


For expert painters, Krylon k02732007 is the most trustworthy paint to leave a significant impact on panting. To make a signature painting with bold and sustainable paint, it will be the best choice.

8. Zenart Professional Oil Paints Set – 8 x Large:

ZenARTs Portrait Palette Oil Paint
ZenARTs Palette=>

If you are an artist to resolve all your painting issues, zenart professional arrive in a large combo set, providing a palette to organize the color harmonically.

First of all, it offers you great mixability. As a result, the perfect mixture of colors helps you to create whatever color you want to prepare.

Besides that, it will also play a vital role to prepare a greater balance of color. Most of the artists use the palette as their foundation during painting.

The colors are made for the professional-grade oil-paints that contain the finest linseed oil. Also, the non-toxic methodology is maintained to secure your hand and painting as well.

With these color, you can get a super soft and buttery consistency in the painting. The 45 ml tubes are filled with pure and vivid colors that thin out nicely. It is specially made to bear load lightfast with high pigment.

The toxin-free and eco-friendly oil paint are formulated to reduce the risk of harmful driers. It also has solvents fumes hey that are suitable for vegans.


  • The palette is used as the foundation for the painter.
  • The non-toxic, eco-friendly color secures your hand.
  • Able to tolerate the load lightfast
  • Remain intact in a rough situation.


  • Prepared mainly for canvas painter.


The professional’s first choice Zenart professional serves the artist in many different ways. It maintains the international standard that rescues the painting from the troublesome wether texture.

9. Arteza Oil Paint, Set Of 24 Colors/Tubes:

Arteza Oil Paint Set Of 24 Colors Tubes
Arteza Oil Paint=>

Painting is always an inspiring craft for all generations. If you are a hobby painter or an art teacher of kids, you may prefer the right and safe color.

And in that case, the Arteza oil paint is right up there as it’s one of the most orgazied paint available. It has 24 individual colors in12ml tubes. With the storage box, you can easily carry the colors wherever you want to paint.

The color contains rich pigments that provide you the thick and flexible texture of the painting surface.

The vibrant colors will make your paint bold. You can experience the best output of color with these unique sets of colors.

The colors have no similar competitor at their sustainability. It has a super mixability that helps you to blend the colors in your desired consistency.

Moreover, the color is designed to give a lustrous and luminous, eye captivating effect to your drawing. With color sustainability, the color ensures the longevity of your favorite painting.

You have to keep the painting dry for some periods. It will take a little bit more time to get dry. But patience always makes us prepare for beautiful things.

As the colors are certified as safe, it is suitable not only for the adult but also the curious kids. You don’t need to worry about any sorts of security issues to allow your child to use the paint.

This set of oil-paints can be the timeless partner of your painting journey to create a masterpiece of a generation!


  • Easily portable with the storage box
  • Thickness of color give bold texture to the painting
  • Certification of acmi ensures safety for all kinds of the painter.
  • The mixability make you have desired proportionate


  • The colors are not made for all sort of surface


For a curious kid or an expert painter, Arteza oil paint opens a wide window to learn anything about painting. It is the most organized color that reduces the confusion of selection.

10. Liquitex Basics Gesso Surface Prep – Primer:

Liquitex BASICS Gesso Surface Medium

Sealing paint is the most important thing to take care of during painting. Your painting will get a high-quality finish look if it is sealed with a premium quality primer.

The gesso is inter-mixable with Liquitex professional acrylic paint colors. You can easily mix the color with it to get a vivid vibrancy of the painting. Moreover, the gesso is safe for the students, and also used for educational purposes.

This primer maintains good quality to coat the painting. Though a painting needs several coating, the primer ensures final texture with one single coat.

The 8.5-oz / 250ml bottle of the standard acrylic gesso is used to ready the painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paints. It will give a very stable texture to the paintings.

Choosing the best primer is the first and the most vital task for a painter. So use the best sealer for your painting to bring out a great blast of paint.


  • Good quality keeps the delicate texture of the painting.
  • Standard gesso confirms the stability of the painting.
  • Intermixable with regular paints that can ensure durability.
  • Only one coat is enough to ready the painting surface.


  • Not being a sealer, used as a surface modifier
  • Not appropriate for all sorts of the painting surface.


Above all, it has no suitable substitute to seal your beautiful painting. It will provide the best texture long durability to the painting surface with a single coat.

How To Paint Cardboard Furniture & Boxes For Storage?

Painting is a passionate job that pacifies the craving mind of an artist. To paint cardboard furniture & boxes for storage, you have to use acrylic or spray paint, a paintbrush, and a paint tray.

Paint Cardboard Furniture

You have to follow three easy steps to modify a plain box into a colorful asset. These are –

Step 1. Applying Primer:

First of all, You should use a primer so that your paint gets stability in the cardboard. apply more than one coat of gesso on the painting surface.

Step 2. Mix The Color To Paint:

Secondly, make a mixture of colors and apply it to the cardboard or the boxes. Color it carefully so that it doesn’t get much wet.

Step 3. Setting The Time To Dry:

Then let the box dry for a few hours. To give the box a decorated makeover, put your art imagery on the cardboard box and set it to dry.

After a while, the cardboard craft is ready to get a new look with the cardboard box. Now the package is ready to use as a fancy jewelry box, gift box, toy box for children, or an attractive storage bin.

Sealing Cardboard For Painting:

Painting can give a special look to a normal cardboard box. As cardboard is a perforated surface, it is not easy to stick paints with its surface.

But without sealing the color, you don’t get the desired texture of the painting. So it would be best if you seal the painting with a primer like gesso.

Now, let’s see how to seal cardboard for painting with and without Gesso –

Sealing Cardboard With Gesso

a) Sealing Cardboard For Painting With Gesso:

Primer is the substance that prepares a surface to absorbs paint. In that sense, gesso is a primer, not a sealer.

Gesso will give a matte finish to your painting. But during sealing, it requires multiple layers to seal cardboard with gesso.

If you paint directly on the cardboard, your paint will be smashed in the wet cardboard. So you need to seal it with double coats gesso.

To achieve an opaque look to the cardboard painting, you have to paint several times, in one place. That’s why you should seal the cardboard by using gesso previously.

b) Sealing Cardboard For Painting Without Gesso:

Oil paints require a primer most of the time so that they could protect the canvas from the linseed oil. You can also seal your canvas without gesso priming.

If you don’t have gesso, you may use the acrylic mediums for sealing a painting.

When you work with acrylics, you can paint directly on the raw cardboard without priming with gesso. It also works not to wet your cardboard during painting.


Question: How to Prepare Cardboard For Acrylic Painting or Oil Painting?

Answer: To prepare cardboard for acrylic painting or oil painting you have to :

  • Apply gesso on cardboard and let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Apply a second coat to get the best output.
  • To avoid roughness use sandpaper.
  • Use a dry brush or sponge to paint.

Question: How to Paint Acrylic or Oil Paint on Cardboard?

Answer: There are three easy steps to apply acrylic or oil paint on cardboard. The procedures are:

  1. Apply the primer or gesso to the cardboard.
  2. Wet to dry them for a while.
  3. Paint what you desire to art.

Question: How to Spray Paint on Cardboard?

Answer: To spray-on cardboard, you should coat with the spray several times. You have to wait for a while to dry. Otherwise, the board may get saturated, and the paint will start to seep.

Question: How to Prevent The Warping and Curling of Cardboard?

Answer: To prevent the warping and curling of cardboard you should:

  • Store cardboard in a dry place and take care so that the board doesn’t get wet.
  • You shouldn’t rely on foam core to fill the cardboard
  • Try to use a polymer or nitrocellulose glue to prime the board.

Question: How to Prepare Your Gesso?

Answer: Firstly cleanse your surface from dirt and oil. Dip the primer brush into the gesso. Mixed it well before applying it on the board. Put more than two or coats to get a sustainable texture.

Question: How to Make Cardboard Glossy?

Answer: To make a cardboard glossy you have to cote the board with primer. Moreover, silver acrylic and metallic spray paint also give your painting a glossy finish.


Painting is the only medium that reveals ancient culture and tradition to us. It draws the perfect picture of civilization towards the modern world.

Choosing the right instrument and ingredients is a must to bring out timeless art. And the best paint ensures the comfort, durability, and safety of your favorite cardboard painting.

Hopefully, as we reached the end of this guide, you now know what you need according to your needing’s and choose the best paint for cardboard boxes, painting furniture & home use without any hesitation!

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