Best Nails for Fence Pickets: Reviews & Buying Guide

Nails are an integral part of fence pickets, and most people look for the answer to a question: what nails do you use for fence pickets? Make sure to buy efficient and durably made nails for your fence picket project.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay attention when picking the best nails for fence pickets. The aesthetic look and long-term performance of a new or old wooden fence rely a lot on the fence pickets nail type.

Best Nails for Fence Pickets

The wooden fence is an investment of valuable time and money. It ensures the safety and privacy of your home, garden, front yard, and back yard. This means picking the wrong, and fragile nails for fence pickets will cost you more.

So, how to pick the best nails for fencing? Which nails ensure the long-term performance of your wooden fence?

Since a wide range of nails for fence pickets are available in the market, finding the best item is a daunting task. Read this article, my intention is to make the daunting task easier for you. Let’s dive right in.

Top 6 Nails for Fence: Comparison Table:

Nails Name

Nails Image


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#1. Metabo HPT Siding Nails

Metabo HPT Siding Nails
  • Galvanized-coated siding nail

  • Great holding power

  • No jamming or deformation

2# Grip Rite Prime Guard GRO4HG1M Collated Framing Nail

Grip Rite Prime Guard GRO4HG1M
  • Roundhead framing nails offer effective results

  • Approved by ASTMA 153 Class D Standard

  • Compatible with most 21 degree framing nailers

3# Hitachi 2 in. X 0.113 Ring Shank Nails

Hitachi 2 in. X 0.113 Ring Shank Nails
  • Hot dipped galvanized and made of a combination of steel, plastic, and stainless steel

  • Works well with cedar fences and provides a smooth result

4# NailPro 2” by 0.113 Full Head Nails

NailPro 2” by 0.113 inch
  • Extreme holding power

  • 304 Stainless Steel & Ring Shank Nails

  • Easy to use and load

5# Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62878 2” Ring Shank

Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62878 2” Ring Shank
  • 2-Inch by .113-Inch 21-Degree, 304 Ring Shank, Stainless Steel

  • Rust-proof and durable nails

  • excellent in terms of performance and quality

6# Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62875 Stainless Steel Siding Nails

Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62875
  • 15-Degree Wire Coil 1-3/4-Inch by .09-Inch Ring Shank, Stainless Steel Siding Nails

  • Performs efficiently and allows you to save time

  • No miss fire

Which Types of Nails is Best For Different Types of Wood:

As stated earlier, all nails are not suitable for all wood types. When installing fence pickets, the right kind of nail will ensure that they are holding together expectedly.

a) Cedar Wood:

Polymer-coated, double hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel-made nails are the best nails for cedar fences. Use of zinc-plated steel is entirely prohibited in cedar fences because zinc may react with the cedar’s acid, and a corrosion streak will be created.

b) Pressure-Treated Pine Wood:

It is significantly essential to use well-suited nails for pressure-treated pine fences. The pressure-treatment procedure uses preservatives, and adverse reactions may happen with specific materials, and the nails can get corroded. Fasteners made of copper, Hot-dipped galvanized, silicon bronze, polymer-coated, or stainless steel deliver the expected result with pressure-treated pine fences. However, these nails’ prices and durability are not the same, so choose the best-suited nail for your project.

c) Non-Pressure Treated Pine Wood:

Non-pressure treated pine fences accept zinc-plated steel or other nails. Since the wood is non-pressure treated characteristically, you can stay worry-free because the nail will not react below par to the wood.

6 Best Nails For Wood Fence Pickets 2021 Review:

You can’t choose any nails for fence pickets. Cheap and inferior quality nails are not longer-lasting, and the fence will get damaged within a short time for sure. Below listed nails are the best of the best in terms of performance and durability.

1. Metabo HPT Siding Nails

Metabo HPT Siding Nails

The Metabo HPT siding nails are designed to improve your efficiency by reducing downtime. So they are manufactured using high-grade material and workmanship. These 15°+/- nails are suitable to be used for a wooden fence installation.

These nails are compatible with Makita, Bostitch coil nailers, and other 15° coil nailers that can handle a 2 1/4″ nail. They work well with nail guns, and you will never experience jamming. The nails stayed in the 2x wood quite comfortably, and no splitting of wood happens. It performs quicker to save valuable time.

Galvanized-coated siding nails are ideal for cedar fences. When working with it, no misfires happen too. Even you will never experience the deformation of the nails when driving to fence pickets using a gun.

The benefits:

  • Galvanized-coated siding nail.
  • Manufactured following the highest standard.
  • Great holding power.
  • No jamming or deformation happens when driving.

The drawbacks:

  • No significant cons are available.

2. Grip Rite Prime Guard GRO4HG1M Collated Framing Nail

Grip Rite Prime Guard GRO4HG1MCollated Framing Nail

Unlike other poorly manufactured framing nails, the Grip Rite Prime Guard GRO4HG1M Collated Framing Nail is well-constructed to be used with 21° round head framing nails. It comes in a box and 1000 pcs of framing nails is available in the box.

Customers are much satisfied with the performance of this framing nail. As a result, they bought this item over and over again. This item helps them to accomplish projects without any trouble. You will never face any problem in the collation as well as it will never miss fire. The nails have incredible holding power too.

Price is another worth-mentioning feature of these nails. These good quality nails come at an affordable price. Compared to other nails, which jam or double feed like crazy, these are definitely the easiest collated nails you will ever use. Use it on exterior applications and with all treated lumber without any hesitation.

The benefits:

  • Roundhead framing nails offer effective results all the time.
  • Well-constructed 21° nails come in a nice box.
  • Approved by ASTMA 153 Class D Standard.
  • Suitable framing nails for exterior use and other lumber.

The drawback:

  • Bad packaging from the manufacturer.

3. Hitachi 2 in. X 0.113 Ring Shank Nails – 20171S

Hitachi 2 in X 0 113 Ring Shank Nails – 20171S

Are you looking for an alternative to hammer and nails to install the fence around your front yard? Well, this Hitachi 2 in. X 0.113 Ring Shank Nails – 20171S is an ideal answer for sure. These nails are promised to make your fence installation task a lot easier than before.

These nails work like a champion on a cedar fence. Holding power is simply exceptional, and when you drive it on the cedar fence, it goes through wood smoothly. It will not damage the wood and provide a superb finish. Hot dipped galvanized nails were perfect for repairs to salt-treated fencing and shed siding. Simultaneously, these are great for trim on the garage.

These items are simply easy to use. No jamming or no miss fire when used in a machine. Hits smoothly on wood. Combo of steel, plastic, and stainless steel is used to manufacture this item, and it comes with a galvanized finish, which makes it a rust-proof item.

The benefits:

  • A great alternative to hammer and nails when installing a fence.
  • Works well with cedar fences and provides a smooth result.
  • No damage happens to the wood when driving.
  • Hot dipped galvanized and made of a combination of steel, plastic, and stainless steel.

The drawbacks:

  • Some customers find infrequent feeding problems.

4. NailPro 2” by 0.113 Full Head Nails

NailPro 2” by 0 113 Full Head Nails

The NailPro 2” by 0.113 Full Head Nails feed flawlessly in a 21° plastic collated framing nailer. These nails are easy to use, load and they are durable too because of the stainless steel construction. These 2″ stainless steel nails will work according to your expectation.

They are designed to perform zero jams, zero miss-fires, and just promised to deliver quality professional results. Generally, full head nails don’t go deep into the wood, and retrieving is also pretty much comfortable. These full head nails are also no exception. Moreover, more scrutiny is ensured in a finished project.

The most satisfying feature of these fill head nails is the holding power. Compared to other full head nails, it has tremendous holding power in the woods. These nails will keep the fence firm in case of different natural calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, or tornadoes.

The benefits:

  • Extreme holding power.
  • Easy to use and load.
  • Durably made to provide an extended period of service.
  • Helps the fence stay firm in natural calamities.

The drawbacks:

  • The coating of the nails is not good in quality.

5. Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62878 2” Ring Shank

Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62878 2” Ring Shank

This Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62878 2” Ring Shank is excellent in terms of performance nd quality. Use themin a framing nail gun when you are handling a large privacy fence project. These nails performance is unquestionable.

We all know that 304 stainless steel is a premium quality material. These nails are made from stainless steel, which makes them much durable, and it confirms the longevity of the item. This is an excellent item for the price. You can use it instead of hot-dip galvanized on a picket fence. Being stainless steel construction, these nails are rust-proof, so no damage happens to your fence.

Using these nails is ideal for cedar fences too. Galvanized nails hold wood strongly. A plastic bucket is used to package it nicely, thus the nails stay in their position tightly and don’t get smashed.

The benefits:

  • Suitable nails for a larger fence project.
  • No discoloration happens over time.
  • Galvanized nails perform well with cedar and picket fences both.
  • Rust-proof and durable nails made of 304 stainless steel.

The drawbacks:

  • Holding power is not much stronger compared to its competitors.

6. Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62875 Stainless Steel Siding Nails

Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62875 Stainless Steel Siding Nails

The Grip Rite Prime Guard MAXC62875 Stainless Steel Siding Nails are a must for cedar and picket fences. Bright coated or galvanized nails don’t leave marks because they are rust-proof and don’t react with the cedar.

These nails do precisely what they should do exactly the way they should. They feed and fire flawlessly, and the ring shank grips like crazy. Jamming and misfiring is a common problem of cheap siding nails. But the good news is these nails will never jam or miss fire which means you can comfortably use them without much hassle.

It allows you to save time and accomplish your project in the required time. This is a roll of nails that loads as a coil. Quite efficient. Works extremely well. Overall, it is a great siding nail that fulfills all your project requirements.

The benefits:

  • Performs efficiently and allows you to save time.
  • No miss fire.
  • Galvanized coated nails don’t react with cedar fences.
  • Provides a smooth finish.

The drawbacks:

  • It is incompatible with a few Bostitch and Hitachi siding nails.

Type of Nails do You Use When Building a Fence?

Nails are used for specific purposes, and one nail type can’t fulfill other nail type’s requirements. By learning about the different nail types, you can select an ideal nail for the job at hand.

Standard steel, ordinary steel, aluminum, zinc, brass, and copper are used to manufacture fence pickets’ nails. However, most nails for fence pickets are made from steel, and a thin layer of vinyl coat is also used on the surface.

Now, let’s look at the type of nails that offers the best result when building a fence.

a) Common Nail:

common nails

Common nails are widely used in general construction sites, especially for woodworking projects. You can easily identify them with their thick shank, wide head, and diamond-shape point. Due to their thickness, they become strong and can comfortably split wood.

However, some carpenters dull the nail tip to prevent the wood tip from splitting. Although this way, the wood fibers will tear by the tip, resulting in a slight reduction in holding strength.

b) Box Nail:

Box Nail

Characteristically, you will not find much difference between box nails and common nails. But box nail shank is thinner and best suited for thinner wood materials like ¾” thick lumber.

Holding power of box nails is less compared to common nails. So, they are unsuitable for structure projects.

c) Duplex Head Nail:

Duplex Head Nail

When your project requirement is to do temporary construction, the duplex head nail will be the best choice for sure. When installing this nail type, continue hammering it until the lower head gets flushed with the wood. When disassembling the project, hold the top head using a pull bar or hammer claw and remove the nail.

d) Ring Shank Nail:

Ring Shank Nail
BOSTITCH Ring Shank=>

This nail type is also known as the annular ring. In order to ensure additional gripping, it has rings on its shank. They are generally used for installing subflooring, where shrinking of the floor doesn’t happen due to the additional holding power.

Deck board nails or drywall nails also have rings in their shank to improve the holding power.

e) Brad Nail:

Brad Nail

Brad’s nails are suitable for light finish woodworking projects, and they are minimal in size. These nails head and shank diameters are small; as a result, when you install them in a hardwood, splitting gets prevented.

The best result of the general joinery task is confirmed with brad nails. After installing brad nails, you will find holes, and this needs to be filled with putty to get a smooth look.

f) Siding Nail:

Siding Nail

Siding nails are helpful when working on the siding. These nails are rust-proof and corrosion-proof because of the galvanized coating on their surface. A specialized siding nail gun is required to drive siding nails into the wooden surface.

g) Lost Head Nail:

Lost Head Nail

Sometimes, the project requirement is to hide the nail head, and for this type of project, the lost head nail is beneficial. Actually, they don’t have a head.

Following the usual way, you can drive them into wood using a hammer. Once you drive them into a plank of wood, simply use a punch to drive them slightly below the surface. These nails offer the best result when fixing laminate to wood.


Question: What size nails for fence pickets?

Answer: Long screws of 1-1/4 in. – 1-3/4”, 8d – 10d nails, ring shank nails of 1-1/2” are suitable when attaching individual pickets to the backer rails.

Question: How many nails per fence picket?

Answer: To provide proper support to the fence, 2 nails per fence picket is good enough.

Question: How many screws per fence picket?

Answer: At least 6 galvanized screws of 2” per fence picket will offer the best support.

Question: Can I use a framing nailer for fence pickets?

Answer: 8d nails are suitable for fence pickets, and framing nailers are the only tool that can drive nails of this size. Remember to choose nails with heads instead of straight because the boards can’t move away from the boards due to the heads.

Question: Should I leave a gap between fence boards?

Answer: Characteristically, wooden boards expand when they become moist, so the board gets warped. So, avoid installing fence boards too tight together. At least put a ½” or more gap between 2 fence boards.

Summing Up:

Without the best nails for fence pickets, you will not get a sturdy fence around your home or garden. You must choose the best item because natural calamities can happen at any time and if the fences are not installed sturdily, they can get damaged.

The above-reviewed nails are well-constructed, and they are good enough in delivering the best result. Choose any of the items, and you will never regret sure.

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