7 Best Nail Hole Filler for Wood Trim & MDF: 2023 Reviews

If you own a home, you must have experienced nail holes on your wood trim and MDF. Even the small hole patch-up costs more than 80 dollars which is not everyone’s cup of tea. But why bother when there is available the best nail hole filler in the market! These fillers have made filling the holes way easier within no time. Also, doing the task won’t require any expert help.

Till now nail hole fillers are the best invention ever. They are useful and more importantly, diverse substances. These nail hole fillers may look like putty but actually, they are not wood putty. These fillers are more than that and offer a professional repair of the holes. They can fill the holes of wood, MDF, drywall, and also plaster.

However, the properties of nail hole fillers can vary according to different needs. Hence, for your convenience, we have come up with a guideline of the best 7 nail hole fillers for wood trim and MDF. Continue reading.

Best Nail Hole Filler

Top 7 interior & exterior Nail Hole Filler Comparison:

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1# FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

Famowood Latex Wood Filler
  • Professional Quality Solvent free, water-based filler

  • Never Shrinks, Crumbles, or cracks

  • Fast dries (within 15 minutes)

2# Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler

Bondo interior & exterior Wood Filler
  • Make quick, durable repairs to damaged and rotted wood

  • Water resistant, designed for interior & exterior

  • Accepts paint and stain beautifully

3# PC Products – 163337 PC- Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste

Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste exterior
  • Offers a work time of 30-40 mins in 70-degree F

  • Resistant to dry rot, UV light, fresh and salt water

  • Can be painted, stained, machined after fully cured

4# Elmer’s E914 Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler

Elmer’s E914 Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler
  • Sandable, stainable, and paintable

  • Ideal for interior cracks, holes, and gouges

  • Excellent for the color-changing

5# 3M SHR-32-BB High Strength Small Hole Repair

3M SHR-32-BB High Strength Small wall Hole Repair
  • Three times faster spackle for repairing

  • For hole Repairs up to 3" in diameter

  • Primer Enhanced spackling for great hiding power

6# Timbermate Maple/Beech/Pine Hardwood Wood Filler

Timbermate Maple Beech Pine Hardwood Wood Filler
  • Versatile, used for all interior repairs, including repairing edges

  • Protects wood and doesn’t harm it

  • Easy preparation& Fast Drying

7# Goodfilla Wood and Grain Filler

Goodfilla Wood & Grain Filler
  • Solvent-free water-based wood filler

  • Does not shrink, sink, or crack, excellent adhesion

  • Versatile and great for woodworkers

Which Types of Nail Hole Filler is ideal for Wood Trim, MDF & Drywall Filling?

Since not all nail hole fillers have the same texture and consistency, you should choose carefully before buying. For wood trim, MDF, and drywall, you need to buy nail hole fillers that are meant for them. However, some specific types of fillers are available that are ideal for these purposes. Their in-depth discussion might help you to choose one.

Cellulose-Based Nail Hole Fillers:

These wood fillers are the most common fillers in the market. They are versatile and ideal for hole filling. Also, for staining purposes, these fillers are used. They are also easily available and come at a reasonable price rate. They are also available as premixed solvents and they are quick-dry.

To talk about the quality, these nail hole fillers are long-lasting and have a longer shelf-life. They offer a great finish and a long-term patch-up. Moreover, the fillers come in a powdery formula that is mixable with either water or alcohol.

Gypsum-Based Nail Hole Fillers:

For indoor applications, gypsum-based nail hole fillers are one of the best. These wood fillers literally deliver a shiny surface. Their powdery formula includes several crystalline minerals. With solvents, the powder is mixed and patch up the holes. They add an aesthetic look to the wood surface.

However, the fillers come with a drawback which is they are prone to stain easily. Therefore, you might have to paint over the wood again to make it effective for the long-term. Nonetheless, their overall functionality and other properties have made the wood fillers a great choice.

Vinyl-Based Nail Hole Fillers:

These are some of the least durable nail hole fillers. These fillers area mixture of calcium carbonate and poly-acetate. They work great on small coats. These wood fillers are also used for added protection. It includes emulsion for increased binding.

However, for use on MDF, these vinyl-based nail hole fillers are hugely used. Since the fillers come with plastic consistency, they help in making excellent outside products. They are also fluffy and lightweight.

Epoxy-Based Nail Hole Fillers:

These nail hole fillers are also great for outside use. They are highly resistant to water and have fast-drying properties. Also, these wood fillers are performative and effective for having outstanding binding substances.

Moreover, the wood fillers are made from petroleum. Hence, they are super effective at sealing MDF and any wood. Even at high temperatures, these wood fillers are resistant to tear and wear.

7 Best Wood Filler for Nail Holes in MDF & Painted Trim – 2023 Reviews:

For your new home or old home renovation, the necessity of wood putty, spackle, or filler is undeniable. So, you need to choose them wisely. Let’s have a look at our list that we have made after a great deal of research.

1. FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler:

FamoWood Latex Wood Filler for filling nail holes

For the best wood filler, the FamoWood brand stands in the top position. For fulfilling the constant demand for the best wood filler, this product is our first choice as well. This FamoWood latex Wood Filler is a water-based filler and it includes all eco-friendly ingredients. For retaining professional quality, this wood filler is also the best wood filler for nail holes.

Moreover, this FamoWood wood filler is absolutely odorless for its users’ convenience. They are also non-toxic. You can use this filler both indoor and outdoor. It offers a great finish and the finish looks like real wood.

The more convincing part is that it takes only 15 minutes to dry completely. Thus, it boasts quick-drying properties. Its application is also easy. You can even paint or stain over the surface after applying it and you won’t see any sign of cracking or shrinkage after it dries.

With a 4.5-star rating, this product has also great reviews from its buyers. They are satisfied with its quality feature. Though some claimed that it dries late yet its quality backs up this situation. So, better do not use this filler if you are in rush. Take time and see the result finally.

Also, you can drill or sand over the area after applying this wood filler. It is a solvent-free filler. Also, it is easy to clean. Using water and soap, you can clean this filler. Overall, with every best quality, this wood filler comes in 24 Oz. size.


  • Suitable for sanding or drilling
  • Fast dries (within 15 minutes)
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior use
  • Easy to apply and never shrinks, crumbles, or cracks


  • In many cases, it doesn’t take stain
  • The lid of the container is tough to open

2. Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler:

Bondo 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler

This is our second-best choice for the best nail hole fillers for MDF and paint trim. To speak the very truth, this Bondo 20082 wood filler is the ultimate go-to solution for your home. You get this product and all your nail holes are fixed and vanished.

All your home wall crack or wood hole problems are solved within no time if you get this Bondo wood filler. This wood filler is capable of repairing even rotted and damaged wood. It can make a quick change to your property.

Moreover, with its fast-curing properties, the filler also dries within 15 minutes. It also allows sanding after 15 minutes. Again, within 25 minutes, it is paintable or stainable. In total, once it dries you can literally do anything on it including drill, sand, shape, saw, route, plane, and all.

For having a great finished edge, this wood filler also works amazing. You can apply it to the plywood for making furniture. If you are up for a budget renovation of your damaged wood, go for this wood filler instead of replacing the whole wood.

Moreover, from the users’ experience, it can be easily predicted that they are mostly using this filler for this specific purpose. For the damaged part of any of their fences, doors, or windows, this filler works like a life savior.

Though some users have a complaint about its short hardening time yet its easy applying helps you to fasten the process. Overall, coming in one quart, this wood filler from Bondo is an all-purpose putty that offers a natural finish.


  • A great solution for interior home use
  • Easy to apply and dries fast
  • Ideal for damaged wood and large areas
  • Fixes holes naturally and allows other rough applications


  • Not suitable for water-based stains
  • Hardens fast before applying

3. PC Products – 163337 PC- Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste:

PC Repair Epoxy Paste exterior nail hole filler

Coming to the best epoxy paste, we have selected this model from PC Products. This is an amazing and the best exterior nail hole filler. It is made from real wood. Hence, it boasts several wood characteristics. Its formula also offers a structural strength more than most wood can offer. That is why the epoxy paste is mostly popular for fixing rotted and missing wood.

Moreover, its formula also offers an extended period for working properly. Thus, it allows you to take time for jobs that are hard and critical. It also offers time for jobs that require changes or repositions. Also, for its high tack or wet grab properties, this PC-woody contributes to reducing sags or any drip when hardening.

So, you get a sidewall and overhead easily. Again, it has many other convincing factors, and resistance against weather-related contamination is one of them. PC-Woody is highly resistant to UV light, mildew dry rot, salt, and fresh water, and all. It also resists the chemicals of pressure-treated wood.

Though it is great for exterior purposes, yet you can use it indoors as well. You can apply it even at a 35 to 115-degree F temperature.The whole product comes in two parts. One is PC-Woody part A and the other is PC-Woody part B. both the parts should be mixed in equal volumes. You need to mix it on a flat surface. The mixing should be done with a putty knife.

Overall, offering 30 mins to 40 mins work time, this putty is user-friendly. But unfortunately, some tried to mix the putty with gloves. It is a bad idea since there are chances you will lose half of the epoxy paste.


  • Offers a work time of 30-40 mins in 70-degree F
  • Comes with a 90mins tack-free cure time
  • Great and effective for damaged wood
  • User-friendly and comes with two parts


  • Prepping takes time
  • Needs to be careful while mixing

4. Elmer’s E914 Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler:

Elmers E914 Carpenters Color Change Wood Filler

Elmer’s has always been a famous name for great adhesives. This product from Elmer’s is also not an exception. Its E914 Wood Filler is one of the best till now. To fill gouges, holes, and scratches, on the wood surface, glue with the orange cap.

Among all of its properties, the most surprising one is that it has color-changing properties. Due to the natural drying action, it changes the color after applying. This wood filler comes with a purple appearance when applied and then dries naturally. Afterward, it blends with the wood color.

When it dries, the wood filler makes a matter white or pinkish appearance. It indicates the surface is ready to be sanded and finished. So, for interior use, this color change wood filler is an amazing pick. It is solvent-free and also non-toxic. You can also sand, paint, or stain over it as well.

Overall, this patented wood filler from the USA has made life easier for many home DIYers out there. Most of the users of this product have given positive reviews. They loved its smooth texture and easy application process.

However, many of the users also didn’t like the filler entirely. They felt trouble filling very small nail holes. Again, they have also claimed about the cracks the filler produces when dries. Nonetheless, it all depends on its proper use. This tool is not for exterior use at all. Also, let it dry properly then sand it.


  • Excellent for the color-changing formula
  • Ideal for interior cracks, holes, and gouges
  • Easy maintenance and cleanup
  • Solvent and toxic-free


  • Not suitable for outdoor uses
  • The formula doesn’t include sufficient wood fiber

5. 3M SHR-32-BB High Strength Small Hole Repair:

3M High Strength Small Hole Repair drywall

3M is another popular brand from the USA for providing the best nail hole filler they are also on our list. We have picked the 3M SHR-32-BB Hole repair for its superior strength and great properties. This product is a great solution for the serious DIYers out there. It has three times faster repairing capabilities.

Unlike the traditional types of vinyl spackling, this hole repair is not only faster but also easier. It ensures no sagging, cracking, or shrinking. For repairing small holes or cracks of plaster, wood, and stucco, this filler is great. Also, it is the best nail hole filler for drywall.

If you fill a hole of 1/8-inch deep and 1/2-inch diameter with this spackle, it will take thirty minutes to dry. However, holes up to 3-inch diameter can be filled with this 3M spackle. Again, its primer enhanced properties for spackling also offer great hiding power.

Long story short, the spackles is a great filler for small holes although not all of its users have found it great. They found this product is irritant. Otherwise, with a fast-dry feature, and everything else most users have uttered its benefits.

Moreover, this spackle comes with some optional kits as well. They are a putty knife, compound, screen, and sanding sponge. These kits have made the filling process easier. With the putty knife, you can easily fill any smaller holes. So, overall, the whole package of the 3M High Strength Hole Repair is a great deal for the price.


  • Three times faster spackle for repairing
  • Comes with primer enhanced compound
  • Doesn’t create any flashing of paint
  • Lightweight and includes additional tools


  • Not suitable for repairing larger holes
  • The substance is a bit irritant

6. Timbermate Maple/Beech/Pine Hardwood Wood Filler:

Timbermate Maple Beech Pine Hardwood Wood Filler

If you are looking for the best wood filler for beginners out there, you have a look at this pick of ours. This Timbermate Hardwood Wood Filler works great on the white hardwood. Also, it is a water-based wood putty that is not easily printable.

In nature, the wood filler is absolutely non-toxic. Moreover, with its easy application, the putty also comes with easy cleanup. You only need some water to get it rubbed off. Also, this solvent-free tool is latex-free. Hence, you can get a finish that would not contain any acrylics or yellowing.

This wood filler is also environmentally safe. After its application, it dries fast as well. nonetheless, since is a water-based wood filler, it is only best for interior use. All cracks and dents in your pipe or bench and holes or scratches in your furniture can be repaired using this Hardwood Wood Filler.

So, you better not use this product for outdoor uses. Otherwise, it will wash up within no time if bad weather occurs. Thus, to maintain the integrity of your interior furniture, get this filler. Even according to its users, the wood filler is something out of the world.

People actually like how you can revive the filler even after it dries. It takes all stain and surprisingly, the filler matches the wood pretty well. Yet some didn’t like the product since it comes with a bad odor. Otherwise, with a good chunk of positive reviews, this Timbermate Hardwood Wood Filler is awesome.


  • Natural and environmentally friendly
  • Beginner-friendly and non-toxic
  • Best for interior usages
  • Dries fast and easy to use


  • It is not printable
  • Smells bad

7. Goodfilla Wood and Grain Filler:

Goodfilla Wood and Grain Filler mdf

The very last wood filler we have got on our list is this one from Goodfilla. This is also a water-based grain wood filler and is meant for professionals out there. hence, this filler is the best wood putty for filling nail holes. It comes with a walnut color and happens to be a great product for indoor use.

This putty is promised to be used in a large number of patchwork and repairs. Its application is easy and it dries fast. moreover, its removal is also quick and easy. Just splash some and water and rub it out.

However, the manufacturers do not suggest using this product outside since it still absorbs water even when it is fully cured. Hence, consequently, it causes some humidity issues. But if you want a long-lasting solution for your indoor project, give this product a try.

It is resistant to changes in temperature hence it holds the quality for a long time. Its consistency and hardiness properties are also remarkable. This wood filler can be reconstituted with water since it has a limitless shelf-life time. Also, its formula is stable.

Moreover, this product is a great help to the woodworkers and handy-person out there. It can manage to repair your furniture, design an instrument, complete a craft, or finish a floor. You can do literally anything including sand, seal, prime, stain, or tint, after applying the filler.

There are also some bonus points such as this Goodfilla Wood and Grain Filler is an eco-friendly product. It is a hundred percent non-toxic and also comes with full satisfaction or a money-back guarantee. Overall, with every good possible thing, the wood filler is worth buying.


  • Solvent-free water-based wood filler
  • Money-saving and high in quality
  • Versatile and great for woodworkers
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee for one year


  • Not recommended for outdoor uses
  • Not able to hold up against humidity

Difference Between Wood Filler and Wood Putty:

Answer: Yes, wood filler and wood putty are not all the same. They have differences. However, what differs them most from each other is their composition. Whereas wood filler comes with a water-based formula, the wood putty has oil-based compounds and includes plastic chemicals.

Therefore, wood fillers can be sanded but wood putty is not suitable for sanding. So, for unfinished wood trim, wood filler is a good choice. On the other hand, for finished wood, choose a wood putty instead.


Question: What do you use to fill finish nail holes?

Answer: There are several wood filling substances available for filling finish nail holes. Wood putty, spackle, wood and grain fillers are some of them. Most of the best wood fillers come with wood color texture hence when you use them, they deliver an excellent finish. Also, the best wood fillers allow sand or stain over them.

Question: How do you fill small nail holes in drywall?

Answer: To fill the small nail holes in drywall, you will need the best spackle, 1-1/2-inch putty knife, and a fine-grit sanding sponge. Grab some spackle on your putty knife, then fill the holes. Remove the excess spackle around the holes and then let it dry. When it dries, sand it with a sanding sponge. Then you are set to stain over it to give it a good finish.

Question: How do you fill nail holes in painted trim?

Answer: Filling nail holes in painted trim can also be done using spackling. Just fill the holes with a spackle with a putty knife. wipe away excess spackling. Let it dry for 2 to 3 hours then sand off with sandpaper. Vacuum the produced dust and then apply a spot primer on it. Then finally, using a paintbrush, paint them.

Question: How do your cover nail holes in MDF trim?

Answer: You can cover nail holes in MDF trim just like the way we have mentioned in the case of painted trim and drywall. Wood filler or putty is considered the best solution for filling the holes. However, you need to be careful while choosing the wood filler for MDF trim. Make sure the putty or filler has the same color as your MDF.

We reviewed 7 Best Nail Hole Filler Wood Trim, MDF & Drywall nail hole Filling. All those products’ quality is very well. so you don’t need to hesitate to purchase any one of them as your need. You may need any wood filler for exterior purposes, drywall filling, MDF, wood trim, painted trim, PVC trim, or another purpose. So let’s enjoy any one of those wood filler or wood putty for filling nail holes to lasting a long time.

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