7 Best Metallic Paint for Walls: That Add Sparkle to Home

According to a scientific experiment, painting cures mental illness. Painting is not only a way to transform a wall into something gorgeous and brilliant, but also it refreshes our mood. Latex stains have always been a traditional choice by many homeowners for interior and exterior walls. But the time has come to break the norm. Why don’t we choose the best metallic paint for walls?

Metallic paints are the blended form of metal powder or flakes. It provides an extra gloss on the surface. At the same time, it protects the surface from all odds.

In fact, metallic paint offers a warmth, light, and ultra-glamorous look to the walls. Compared to traditional paints, it has numerous advantages.
Analyzing all its benefits, we presented metallic wall paint reviews in this write-up.

Stay with us until we finish off the painting.

Best Metallic Paint for Walls

Top 7 metallic Paint for Interior & Exterior Walls – Comparison:

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1# Modern Masters ME150 Water-Based Metallic Paint

Modern Masters ME150 Water-Based Metallic Paint
  • Delivers a Glossy Exciting finish

  • Non-toxic, Durable & long lasting

  • Contains real metal particles, pigments

2# Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint
  • Mica bread Elegant  metal look finish

  • Creates a Rich, iridescent finish

  • Paint offers a one-step application

3# Modern Masters ME200 Water-Based Metallic Paint

Modern Masters ME200 Water-Based Stain Finish
  • Offers a top-notch Decorative Finish

  • Delivers a classy semi-opaque satin metallic finish

  • Low odor & low VOC water-based

4# Modern Masters ME-149 Water-Based Metallic Paint

Modern Masters ME-149 Water-Based Copper Paint
  • Create beautiful, authentic rusted iron finishes

  • Contains Original Copper Metal Flakes

  • Provides an Extra Shiny look

5# Rust-Oleum 240287 Painter’s Touch Satin

Rust-Oleum 240287 Painter’s Touch Satin
  • Gloss Finish Provides a fresh new look

  • easy use, effortless application

  • Water-based acrylic formula

6# Jacquard Products Lumiere Acrylic

Jacquard Acrylic Metallic gold paint
  • Offers secret design effect

  • Brilliant Metallic acrylic gold paint

  • Efficient in hiding imperfections

7# Modern Masters ME149 Copper Metallic Paint

Copper Metallic beautiful glossy look Modern Masters
  • Provides a beautiful and authentic glossy look

  • contains real metal flakes

  • Water-based and low odor formula

Types of Metallic Wall Finishes that Make Your Home Wall Shine:

Generally, metallic wall finishes come with 2 formulation types: alcohol-based metallic paint and water-based metallic paint.
Let’s learn more about both types so that you can decide how you want your walls to look when you’re done.

a) Alcohol-based Metallic Paint:

From the name itself, you might have got an idea about type is that it uses alcohol as the thinner medium. Most of the time, manufacturers use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.

The finish of alcohol-based metallic paint is magnificent and bright for the wall. This is because the used pigments contain the highly reflective metal ingredient. But, these pigments are prone to oxidation.

The pigments are liquid stuff that gets rust and degradation when exposed to oxygen.

You will love to know that this type dries quickly from its alcoholic characteristics. The most important thing is, you need to dilute alcohol-based metallic paint using alcohol, not water!

Never think of diluting it using water, as the inner metal will rust if you do so. Finally, you will end up with nasty colors.
Simultaneously, you can’t use regular brushes to apply alcohol-based metallic paint. Nylon synthetic would be the best option to apply these paint types.

b) Water-based Metallic Paint:

For so many useful reasons, water-based metallic paints are popular among homeowners. They are effortless to use and simple to apply.
Moreover, you can use water for thinning, mixing, and cleaning them. As a result, your workflow becomes simplified.

You may hear that; this type is not glossier or shiner compared to its counterpart alcohol-based metallic paint. But finding the difference is not easy, mainly when applied on small miniatures.

Although when you apply alcohol-based metallic paint on larger miniatures, you will get the metallic look. But in terms of ease of use and application, water-based metallic paint is much better than alcohol-based metallic paint.

7 Best Metallic Paint for Walls Reviews of 2024:

Our team of experts researched 48 hours to craft this review section with the market’s best-in-class metallic paints. We looked at every aspect of our selected products so that you can distinguish the specific paint among them.

1# Modern Masters ME150 Water-Based Metallic Paint:

Modern Masters ME150 Water Based Metallic Paint

The Modern Masters ME150 Water-Based Metallic Paint for wall is formulated for large-scale architectural sites. Its solvent silver shade will allow you to give your interior an ambient look in no time. You can rely on this water-based metallic paint to apply on a wide range of surfaces. This paint is long-lasting and durable enough for commercial applications. Also, easy to apply for DIY projects.

It is made of high-quality pigments, and being a water-based formula, it has a low VOC rate. Plus, traditional and pearlescent pigment is used with its metal pigments. This way, your interior or exterior surface will get a shiny look after applying. More importantly, the paint provides extra protection regardless of the weather condition.

Although the paint is a blend of multi-chemical, it doesn’t consist of any toxic components. Moreover, you will not be disturbed by its odor as it is odor-free. Applying this paint is so effortless with a roller brush. Furthermore, the drying time will impress you most because it takes only 30 minutes to dry between the coats.

Besides, it delivers 3 levels of coverage which are semi-opaque, sheer and opaque. No more than 2 – 3 coats are necessary to get the required coverage. You can paint in one direction, not back and forth, and you won’t have brush marks. The more coats you apply, the deeper the color. After using, you will get the same finish on doors, walls, ceilings and trims.


  • Delivers a glossy finish
  • The water-based formula takes only 30 minutes to dry
  • All-purpose metallic paint
  • Resistant to rust, oxidation, and fading
  • Non-toxic components are added


  • Need to mix well to avoid an uneven look

2# Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint:

Rust Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint

Some painting projects require a paint that can go a long way with little use. The Rust-Oleum 253537 is the best metallic paint for walls and such paint that comes with wide coverage. Also, it resists water and rust effectively, making it ideal for both exterior and interior use. Additionally, you can use it for small, medium and large projects, allowing you to spice things up.

The impressive feature of this paint is, it consists of genuine mica beads. It ensures a shine that doesn’t wane off. For maximum reflection, 2 coats are more than good enough. However, the first coat will not give a good look. After applying the first coat, you will need to provide 30 minutes to dry to the touch. Then use the next coat after 3 – 4 hours and get an expected result when dried.

Generally, many customers are dissatisfied with the application process of their selected metallic paint. But with this paint, it is not the case. It is super easy to apply and clean. Using a regular roller, you can apply it and after application, wash the surrounding with soapy water. In addition, due to its water-based formula, it doesn’t come with a scent.

The paint is great to work with, nice and thick. Its sheen is just amazing. The soft gold color is great, and the paint goes on smooth and solid. The metallic sheen is enough to look elegant without seeming overly gaudy. Once you apply it to interior walls, give it the right lighting condition, you will be impressed with the result.


  • Mica bread finish metal look finish
  • The paint offers a one-step application
  • Weather-proof water-based formula
  • One bottle covers 105 sq. ft.
  • 30-minute dry to the touch


  • 1-coat is not enough to give the expected coverage

3# Modern Masters ME200 Water-Based Metallic Paint:

Modern Masters ME200 Water Based Metallic Paint

Want something exceptional? Don’t look further; buy the Modern Masters ME200 Water-Based Metallic Paint. Although it takes the 3rd position in our list, all its features offer the best metallic paint effects on walls. You can use it on several surfaces like ceilings, trims, furniture and obviously on walls. It delivers optimum performance on the exterior and interior surfaces.

This paint will meet all the requirements of every painter. Many customers complain that their metallic paint delivers a rough coating. So, getting the right finish becomes challenging for them. We recommend you use this gold metallic paint for its solid and smooth coating after application. Moreover, its water-based formula assists it to deliver outstanding performance.

In order to give a glossy finish, this metallic paint is a CHAMPION! The metallic gold flakes of the paint allow you to achieve a smooth and subtle semi-opaque result. You will love to know that this smooth appearance has remained shiny for many years. This paint is a little high in price but worth every penny. It does look metallic in the end.

The most annoying thing of pain is odor and fumes. Your annoying days will end soon due to its eco-friendly characteristics. This odor-free metallic paint comes dry to touch within 30 minutes and a 1 qt. gallon covers 100 sq. ft. quite conveniently. The price is also reasonable because you don’t need to break your bank to coat a whole room.


  • Low odor and low VOC water-based formula
  • It contains actual metallic particles
  • Delivers a classy semi-opaque satin metallic finish
  • This paint is beautiful for crafts, furniture and walls
  • It offers the right amount of glow for many years


  • A little bit thick

4# Modern Masters ME-149 Water-Based Metallic Paint:

Modern Masters ME 149 Water Based Metallic Paint

This is another water-based and premium quality metallic paint from the manufacturer Modern Masters. MM is the pioneer of metallic paint, and they formulated several metallic paints that can be used on multiple surfaces without hassle. The Modern Masters ME-149 Water-Based Metallic Paint for wall is also no exception.

In the field of metallic painting, copper is a preferable color. Everyone prefers to buy a long-lasting and durable painting, and we hope that this paint will surely meet all your requirements. Copper metal flakes will give your interior wall an extra shiny and gorgeous look that your family and friends will praise about your choice. Who doesn’t want to hear praiseworthy words?

This warm and gentle color is designed for DIY projects especially. So, you will not have a hard time applying on surfaces. 1-gallon liter will cover approximately 320 square feet. A minimum of 3 mils dry film thickness is required for hiding and full color development. It works amazingly well, and you will love the final result.

Most metallic paint leaves harmful odors and fumes, which is bad for health. Keeping this point in mind, MM formulated it with low-odor. With this feature, MM guarantees product safety concerns. Many professional painters prefer this paint to use on bedroom surfaces and other interior walls. Overall, this stuff, along with the activating solution, works really well!


  • Safe to use
  • It doesn’t fade away too quickly
  • Dries quickly
  • Provides an extra shiny look
  • It contains original copper metal flakes


  • The paint is very thick and lumpy

5# Rust-Oleum 240287 Painter’s Touch Satin:

Rust Oleum 240287 Painters Touch Satin

Rust-Oleum has a reputation in the paint industry for manufacturing quality paint. The Rust-Oleum 240287 Painter’s Touch Satin is another high-quality metallic paint for walls that offers long-lasting performance. Along with extra shine, this metallic paint ensures protection to your home’s interior surface. This paint has become a favorite to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts due to this feature.

This paint would be your best choice for applying on all kinds of surfaces. You can use it on any wall, and it will deliver the best result regardless of the weather condition. As it features a low odor, you will not be annoyed in the field of application. It resists chips and goes smooth on surfaces like metal, masonry, wood, unglazed ceramic, etc.

The color is highly reflective and bright. When you apply it over a smooth surface, the final output will be a bright polished metallic gold look. Paint coverage is amazing; it covers a maximum of 30 sq. ft. Also, it dries to touch within half an hour so that you can finish the project with the given time. One quart is more than good enough to cover a small piece of furniture.

We highly recommend this metallic gold paint because of its easy use, effortless application process, durability, fantastic coverage, and versatility. With all these impressive features, you will surely get the expected result. If you want to get the glossy and gorgeous finish on different indoor surfaces, don’t hesitate to give it a try.


  • It’s extremely drippy paint
  • Provides fairly oily results
  • It comes with a light smell
  • Incredibly easy to apply with a regular paintbrush
  • Highly durable


  • Coverage isn’t great on the first coat

6# Jacquard Products Lumiere Acrylic:

Jacquard Products Lumiere Acrylic

Undoubtedly, metallic paint can immediately change the look of your interior appearance. The Jacquard Products Lumiere Acrylic can provide a glamorous shimmering glow on the painted surface. This is an actual gold color formulated to deliver true gold tone on multiple interior surfaces like walls, furniture, metal, bronze, brass, copper, and many more.

This paint has excellent spot hiding capability. To hide spots, apply 2 mere thin coats and get the maximum opaque. It provides excellent coverage, and it also has an excellent consistency to put on a small brush for tiny detail work. It’s also easy to clean if you happen to spill or drip any. You can run it under warm water, and the paint will peel, so no messy palette!

Versatility is one of the outstanding features of this paint, which ensures the highest utilization of this paint. Whether you want to use it for screen print or stencil, it works efficiently on both. When you dilute it properly, you can use it on fabrics, wood, canvas, etc. You will love to know that it has the highest compatibility rate with other materials.

Its unique pattern will impress you the most. Once you learn this design secret, it will be challenging to choose other metallic paints over this paint. It doesn’t leave a brush mark on the surface. Also, it is pigmented and dries fast. Overall, this best metallic gold paint is true to its color name and is excellent for both interior and exterior walls.


  • Offers secret design effect
  • Multi-layer paint for durable performance
  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • Efficient in hiding imperfections with sheer
  • Compatible with most surfaces


  • The paint is a little thin that may provide a poor result when applied on canvas

7# Modern Masters ME149 Copper Metallic Paint:

Modern Masters ME149 Copper Metallic Paint

The metallic paints of Modern Masters are widely used throughout the world. This ME149 Copper Metallic Paint for wall dominates most painting sectors. From professional to DIY painters, everyone praises the performance and quality of this paint. Although it is the final product on our list, it has all the features to compete with other paints.

Rust activator is one of the unique features of this paint. This feature speeds up the oxidation process to give a beautiful and authentic finish over metal particles. It is also worth mentioning that the water-based formula enhances the durability of the paint. Whether you apply it on the interior or exterior surface, the finish will remain shiny for many days.

When the discussion comes about color accuracy, this color will take the top position indeed. It is ideal for different commercial and multiple home painting projects. With real metal flakes, it provides durable coats that retain its color and shine for many years. This is very easy to apply, and the results are spectacular. It gives a fantastic look.

The easy-to-apply features make it suitable for DIY projects. Also, its quick-drying formula ensures that you will be able to use several coats upon thoroughly drying. However, give it some extra time to dry properly. Also, you will not sweat while cleaning it with soapy water. Even you will not feel any breathing problem when applying it because of its low odor formula.


  • Water-based and low odor formula
  • It contains real metal flakes
  • Rust activator improves the oxidation process
  • Provides a beautiful and authentic glossy look
  • It doesn’t fade away quickly


  • No prominent cons are available

How to Buy the Best Metallic Wall Paint:

Metallic paints are not regular paints; buying them will not be a simple task. Most buyers opt to buy the best product without knowing the whole idea of the best products. As a result, they buy an inferior product and later regret the decision.

Through this section, by sharing several important factors, we are here to help you find the best metallic interior and exterior wall paint.

a) Indoor/Outdoor Uses:

Providing the same level of performance when applying on indoor and outdoor surfaces is quite tricky.

Outdoor walls are continuously exposed to different weather conditions. A higher level of shielding protection is necessary for outdoor walls. On the other hand, indoor walls are not much exposed to sunlight or rain.

When selecting metallic paint for walls, learn whether the product is compatible with outdoor and indoor walls. Compatibility with the different surfaces will ensure the maximum utilization of the paint.

The good news is that; most metallic paints are formulated with versatile characteristics. Our reviewed metallic paints are of high-grade quality, ideal for both cases.

b) Shining Objective:

This is a crucial factor that most customers consider before buying. Metallic paints are mainly used to provide extra shining on surfaces. It is possible for the available metal flakes that are used to manufacture this paint type.

In simple words, more metal flakes mean more shining.

So, before making a buying decision, it is significantly essential to check the feature.

c) Multi Usability:

Metallic paints are compatible with several materials; you can use them on multiple surfaces. This feature makes them different from regular paint.
However, these paints are formulated for specialized use.

So, when buying metallic paint, choose a model that goes perfectly with several materials unless you select this paint type for specific uses.

d) Color Intensity:

All metallic paint doesn’t come with intense color characteristics. For this, it would be best if you check the color intensity of the paint before buying.
In this case, you need to know whether you will be applying the paint in commercial or DIY projects. At the same time, for the betterment of the painting, more color-intense paints are a good option.

Moreover, for professional use, you must choose metallic paint of high intensity. While for DIY projects, color intensity level depends on personal preference.

e) Health Concerns:

Usually, metallic paints are made using a complex formula. That is why they can create harmful odors and fumes.

Fortunately, most manufacturers consider this health concern a severe issue, and they don’t use toxic chemicals in their manufactured paint. As a result, most metallic paints are odor-free and don’t create fumes.

But, before making a buying decision, you need to make sure that your selected product is free from all toxic components and made for safe use.

f) Durability:

Needless to say, metallic paints are a lot more durable compared to regular paints. Thanks to this feature because you can use them indoor and outdoor.

But all metallic paints are not built the same. Some paint won’t resist severe weather conditions efficiently. You must consider this feature as crucial and check whether your selected item can withstand the odds effectively or not.

How to Get Smooth Metallic Finish on Interior and Exterior Walls:

Metallic paints can bring endless beauty to your interior and exterior walls. This paint type requires special attention than other paint types when applying.

Here we will share the application process of metallic paint. We use water-based metallic paint as it is so simple to use and apply.

Step 01: Surface Preparation:

Preparation of the surface is the key to get a smooth painting result. Make sure to follow the below points when you prepare the surface.

  • Use mild soap to wash the wall. After washing, give it air dry.
  • Check whether the wall consists of power outlets, switchboards, etc. or not. Remove and keep them separately with the screws.
  • Cover the ingredient that you don’t want to paint using painter’s tape or masking tape.
  • Use plastic to cover the furniture. Cover the floor with tarps.

Step 02: Application Process:

It would be best to buy enough metallic paint for your project. Get the surface dimension in sq. ft. and coverage of your selected paint. Then calculate how much paint you need to complete 2 coats.

Using a regular roller, you can get a high-quality finish of water-based metallic paint.

Start applying the paint from the top corner. A good result will come when you use “W” and “V” patterns.

You will get a textured look after completing the 1st coat.

Step 03: Dabbing the Edges:

Grab a small sponge to dab the edges. This way, the edges will get more metallic paint than the rest of the wall.

Step 04: Apply the 2nd Coat:

In this case, we will use a specialty faux finish sponge roller instead of a regular roller. Thus, a dimension will be added to the surface, which will allow the metallic paint to capture light and reflect it.

Follow the same application process as you did in the 1st coat.

Finally, dab the edges using a small sponge.

Step 05: Final Touch:

The trim needs to be brushed in one direction. Next, according to product direction, allow ample time to dry the paint.

Once the paint is dried, you will see a gorgeous metallic finish for sure.


Question: Can you mix metallic wall paint with regular paint?

Answer: Yes, you can. Blending 2 different paints will not be an issue until you follow the right technique. As pain types are unique in their characteristics, the blending requires the correct technique to follow.

Question: What is the best way to apply metallic paint?

Answer: Find the below points to learn the best way of applying metallic paint.

  • Clean the surface with soapy water. Then let the surface dry.
  • Apply the first coat using a regular roller. Give it enough time to dry before applying the 2nd coat.
  • For the 2nd coat, use a specialty faux finish sponge roller to add dimension to the wall.
  • Trim the painted surface. Next, allow the paint to dry.

Question: Does metallic paint need a primer?

Answer: Well, metallic paint doesn’t always require a primer. Using a primer is mandatory if the surface will come into any contact with moisture.
What is the difference between metallic paint and normal paint?

Metallic paint holds up better than normal paint. It maintains a nice glossy finish, offers extra protection to the surface by resisting fading, and is long-lasting compared to normal paint.

Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, you have overcome all your doubts regarding metallic paint. It is because we shared enough on this paint type. Now you know how to choose the best metallic paint for walls and its proper application process.

Metallic paint provides the same benefits as other paints offer. In some cases, the benefits are more than normal paints. If you want a shiny, glossy, and long-lasting interior and exterior wall appearance, you should opt for metallic paint. Its high performance will put a smile on your face, and you will never regret applying them to your home or office walls.  That also adds sparkle to your home. Hope you will be enjoyed this review of 2022, which may be helpful for you.

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