5 Best Liquid Sander Deglosser 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Sanding the wood using paper-like abrasive sandpaper is a lengthy and hard-working process. Instead of using paper-like sandpaper, we can use some liquid formula that can remove the glossy paint or wood finish from the wood surface. Also, it can prepare the wood piece for re-paint or re-finish.

Like any traditional literal sandpaper, these liquid sandpapers also work to strip away the old paint/varnish layer and finally increase the adhesion of the same surface to new paint or new varnish.

So if you want to strip away the old paint or varnish fast, find the best liquid sander Deglosser first before you start your process.

Best Liquid Sander Deglosser

Follow our article about some best liquid sandpaper. It will help you to choose the best deglosser product without any bla bla assumption!

Let’s start the journey!

Product Comparison Table:

Deglosser Type=>




Klean-Strip Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser

Klean-Strip Easy Liquid Deglosser
  • Water-based formula.

  • Non-flammable.

  • Non-corrosive.

KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation, [32-Ounce]

KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation
  • Robust cleaning agents.

  • Water-based formula.

  • Versatile use.

  • Low odor.

  • Non-corrosive.

All-in-One Paint Deglosser

All-in-One Paint Deglosser
  • Ideal both for indoor and outdoor work.

  • Safe.

  • Compatible for all finishes.

  • Eco-friendly.

Sunnyside 2-Minute Remover Advanced Paint & Varnish Remover Liquid, Quart

Sunnyside 2-Minute Remover Advanced Paint & Varnish Remover
  • Methylene chloride free.

  • Remove multilayer

  • Can remove the automotive finish.

  • Immediate action

  • User safely.

MAX Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper [1 Qt]

MAX Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper
  • No toxic fume.

  • Versatile.

  • No NMP.

  • Skin-safe.

  • Nice fragrance.

Top 5 Best Liquid Sander Deglosser Review 2023 list:

1. 2-Pack Klean-Strip Quart Easy LiquidSanderDeglosser

Product overview:

Klean Strip Quart Easy Liquid best Degreaser and Deglosser
Klean Strip: Easy & Best=>

2-pack Klean-Strip Quart Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser is the easiest and efficient way to remove the glossy layer of the wood. It is one of the best alternatives to paper sanding or wood sander.

It is a water-based chemical, and it is biodegradable. If you use this liquid Deglosser, it will successfully increase the adhesion of the old wood to the new paintings.

It works better on paint, varnish, polyurethane, lacquer, enamel, and wood stain. This product is made in the USA and works as a degreaser and a Deglosser. This water-based liquid sandpaper has a relatively low odour, and it is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

2-pack Klean Strip Quart sized containers offer you a bundle of two packs Klean Strip liquid sandpaper.

2-pack Klean Strip Quart sized containers are ideal for remodelling of the kitchen cabinets, Wood moulding, and Door facings.


  • Water-based formula.
  • Both Degreaser and Deglosser.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Non-corrosive.


  • May contain carcinogenic chemicals.

2. KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation, 32-Ounce

Product overview:

KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation is an instant one-step formula that can easily use before painting the wood surface.KRUD KUTTER KRGloss Off Prepaint Surface Preparation

Either a high gloss surface or a hard-to-stick-to surface, both you can clean and prepare using this liquid sandpaper if you intend to re-painting or re-finishing that wood pieces.

You don’t need even to rinse this liquid before you use it.

It’s a unique liquid sandpaper work better on varnish, paint, etc. This product can easily remove any dirt, grease, grime, crayon, smoke, wax, wallpaper paste, and other adhesion inhibiting causes from the wood surface, metal surface, and also from vinyl wallpaper.

KRUD KUTTER is one of the most robust cleaning agents which are capable of cleaning any type of tough dirt or stain.

Moreover, it is a water-based and biodegradable formula that is safe and non-toxic for the user. It is a non-flammable and xylene-free chemical formula.

This is also one of the most concentrated liquid sandpaper you can use both in your home and workplace and prepare the wood pieces for paint or re-paint.


  • Tough task cleaning.
  • Best liquid sander deglosser.
  • One-step formula.
  • Ideal for home and work


  • It can cause eye and skin irritation.

3. All-in-One Paint Deglosser 16oz

Product overview:

All-in-One Paint Deglosser 16oz is ready to use the formula which can use both as a Deglosser and a degreaser. We suggest using this liquid to clean any indoor or outdoor surface before you are going to re-paint or finish them.

All in One best Paint DeglosserLike any other best deglosser, this product also water-based and non-flammable. It is an eco-friendly formula that needs one step to use on the wood surface.

This chemical formula you can apply even onto the hard dirt or paint wood surface, which seems harsh to clean by any ordinary sandpaper. Before you use this solution onto the wood surface, you will don’t have to rinse it.

Even you don’t deactivate this solution using clean water onto the wood surface. It is a very safe formula and compatible for use as a pre-painting solution of All-in-one and Finish-All paint.

You also can use this tough most cleaning agent to clean any oil residues from any leather or vinyl surface.


  • best degreaser for cabinets.
  • No odd odor.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Robust cleaning agents.


    • A little bit pricy.

4. Sunnyside 63432 2-Minute Advanced Paint & Varnish Remover Liquid, Quart

Product overview:

Sunnyside 63432 2-Minute Remover Advanced Paint & Varnish Remover Liquid can remove any stain or wood adhering dirt in two minutes.

Sunnyside 2 Minute Remover Advanced Paint Varnish Remover Liquid 1

It can efficiently remove a multi-layer of wood finish or wood paint before you are going to re-paint the wood piece. This solution doesn’t contain any Methylene chloride.

It is a semi-solid formula that can deeply cling any rounded or vertical surface to remove any paint or other wood finish. This formula can smoothly go in action to remove the old wood paint or wood finish.

Though it can immediately lighten the old paint/wood finish interestingly, it never harms the wood or metal.

This liquid sandpaper can use on wood, marine, automotive finish, and on metal as well.

It is ideal to remove any automotive wood finish, oil-based painting, lacquer, shellac, varnish, paint, and epoxy and on polyurethane wood finish.

Also, It is a safer semi-solid pre-paint preparation that can use to treat any horizontal or vertical wood surface.


  • Safe for the user.
  • Immediate action.
  • It can remove multi paint or wood finish layers.
  • Easy cleaning by water.
  • Non-flammable.


  • The high price may not attract all customers.

5.MAX Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper 1 Qt

Product overview:

MAX Strip Paint & Varnish and stripper can take a challenge to release the tough most wood dirt and a variety of wood paint or wood varnish from different types of surfaces.

MAX Strip Paint Varnish StripperThis formula contains no poisonous fumes, nor does it contain any Methylene Chloride or any NMP. It is the safest pre-painting formula successfully can remove the paint or wood finish at any time anywhere.

As it is the safest formula, you even don’t need to work in a well-ventilated area with this product. This formula cares about your skin, which is the remarkable feature of this product.

It is ideal for removing any paint and finishing coating from the wood surface, glass surface, laminate, fiberglass, metal, wood, porcelain, plastic, furniture, windows, brick, ceramic, flooring, granite, marble, concrete, stone, tile, carpet, rugs, upholstery, clothing, antiques, and so many other surfaces very smoothly and efficiently.

This pre-painting formula has a unique fragrance and thereby can attract the user very quickly.


  • It has a pleasant fragrance.
  • No toxic fumes.
  • Skin-safe.
  • No Methylene Chloride no NMP.


  • Cannot remove an automotive finish.

Buying Guideline for the best degreaser for wood& kitchen cabinets:

We offer to buy the best liquid sandpaper observing the below factors.

1. Renowned Brand:

Renowned brands do their business in a promising way to provide the best product to their customer. A famous brand never breaks the customer’s believes. So buy the liquid sandpaper form a renowned brand. A famous brand will ensure that you are getting the right product with high quality.

2. Features & Specifications:

Liquid sandpaper with water solubility, less odor, less toxic, biodegradable, and skin-caring, etc. enhances the product efficacy in a specified way.

Try to choose the liquid sandpaper deglosser with some such features and specifications, which can allow you to enjoy a more accurate and more precise performance.

3. Versatility:

Do you want to use this liquid sandpaper only to strip away the paint or finish from the wood surface, or you have a desire to use it in a versatile way?

There are several liquid sandpapers, which are available in the market capable of stripping away the layer of the dart or multi-layer paint form lather, plastic, ceramic, or other surfaces. So you can select those if you need it.

4. Customer Reviews & Ratings:

Do a little bit of research to observe the customer reviews and ratings in Amazon or other e-commerce sites. It will help you to select one of the best liquid sandpaper, which got a useful customer review also a good rating.

5. Quality:

A quality product may sometimes be a little bit pricy then a low-quality product. If you do not want to compromise about the quality of the product, afford a little bit higher. A quality formula will help you to accomplish the removal process efficiently.

Tips and Safety Precaution to use Deglosser:

  • Before applying the formula, clean the wood surface with warm water and mild soap.
  • After applying the formula, cover the surface with a poly cover for a while.
  • Apply the formula towards the wood grain direction.
  • Once you have wiped excess formula from the surface, apply wood conditioner before applying wood stain on the surface.
  • Wear proper safety gear before you start the wood sanding.
  • Use chemical resistant hand gloves.
  • Instead of using a soft brush, you can use a lint-free fabric to apply the sandpaper onto the surface.
  • Know all cautions and all safety precautions before starting work.
  • Liquid sander is not intended to use on the freshly prepared wood surface.
  • Do not use an expired liquid sander. Dispose of the expired formula container in the nearest household waste.

FAQs (frequently asked questions):

FAQ-one: Do I need liquid sandpaper before staining the wood?

Answer: It depends actually. If you are going to stain fresh wood, you don’t need to use any liquid sandpaper.

Use liquid sandpaper to strip away the old paint, old varnish, or other wood finish from the wood surface if the wood needs to re-paint or re-varnish.

FAQ-two: How to strip away the old paint from the wood surface?


  • At first, clean the wood surface using hot water and soap.
  • Wrap the portion; you don’t want to treat further.
  • Take the sandpaper formula.
  • Apply it onto the surface gently toward the wood grain.
  • As per the manufacturing instructions, let the formula soaked by the paint layer.
  • Rub the paint and strip it.

FAQ-3: Is liquid deglosser as good as sanding?

For Light Surface Preparation: If you need to remove light gloss, oils, or contaminants from a surface quickly, liquid sandpaper may be sufficient.

For Heavy Finish Removal or Surface Imperfections: Sanding is typically the better choice when you need to remove thick layers of old paint or finish, smooth rough surfaces, or address deep imperfections.

Combination Approach: In some cases, a combination of both methods might be ideal. You can start with liquid deglosser to remove gloss and contaminants, then follow up with sanding for more significant surface preparation.

FAQ-4: Does liquid sander really work?
Yes, liquid sanders can be effective for removing gloss and improving paint adhesion on surfaces, but their effectiveness may vary depending on the product, surface, and the specific finish you’re working with. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consider the surface condition and your project’s requirements when deciding if a liquid sander is suitable.

Winner product:

Winner product Why the winner

2-Pack Klean-Strip Quart Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser

Klean Strip Easy Liquid Sandpaper

Less odor
Versatile use
Water-based formula

Final verdict:

Liquid sandpaper gets the preference over any other stripping agents due to its effectiveness, immediate response, performance, accuracy, and precision.

However, one thing we want to inform you lastly, liquid sander Deglosser only can dull the paint or varnish layer from the surface.

It cannot smooth any surface. So if you are using this liquid formula for a light sanding job, then it is superb!

But smoothening the old painted surface, you will need to think of a robust alternative (literal sandpaper). I hope you have got explicit instructions on the best liquid sander deglosser and degreaser for kitchen cabinets and wood surfaces. As usual, if you like my article please don’t forget to share it. Thank you.

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