8 Best Floor Scraper 2022 Reviews: Sharp & Durable Tested

Ever scraped a floor once in your life? Anyone who has ever done a scrapping job knows how tough and tedious the task is. It becomes much tougher when you choose the wrong tool.

Floor scraping is a necessary process for your floor preparation. So, it is significantly essential to choose the best floor scraper, which will help you change your house’s entire look.
But, buying the best-suited tool is also challenging, similar to the scraping task as different models are available in the market.

In order to save your valuable effort and time, we researched and presented 8 top-notch floor scrapers for you in this article.
Continue reading this guide so you can learn how to select and buy the ideal floor scraper for your project.

Best Floor Scraper

Top 8 Floor Scraper Comparison Table:

Scraper Name=>



Check Price=>

1# SDS Max Floor Scraper

SDS Max Floor Scraper
  • Sharp and powerful scraper removes tile in less time

  • Forged Steel Construction and Polished Blade

  • Ideal shaft length that fits perfectly in an SDS max

2# Red Devil 2108 Long Handle Heavy Duty Scraper

Red Devil 2108 Long Handle Heavy Duty Scraper
  • 4” double-edged reversible and sharp blade

  • Non-slip handle prevents injury

  • 4ft. tall floor scraper, letting you work comfortably

3# Bully Tools 91300 Flooring Scraper

Bully Tools 91300 Flooring Scraper
  • The blade offers unique performance and covers a large area

  • Fiberglass handle serves better and longer

  • It can handle every scraping task

4# AMES 283100 Forged Steel Sidewalk Scraper

AMES 283100 Forged Steel Sidewalk Scraper
  • 7-Inch Forged steel scraper head makes it versatile

  • Steel ferrule for a stronger connection

  • Hardwood handle with 10-Inch cushion end grip

5# BOSCH 6” X 25” SDS Max Floor Scraper

BOSCH 6” X 25” SDS Max
  • Performs faster than other floor scrapers

  • ideal choice for removing laminate and other flooring

  • higher durability

6# Sabre Tools 4” SDS Plus Floor Scraper Tool:

Sabre Tools 4” SDS Plus Scraper Tool
  • High Quality Vibration Resistant Washers, ensuring longest working

  • built with high quality hardened steel construction

  • easily removes thinset, glue, other floor adhesives

7# Warner 5” Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Warner 5” Heavy Duty
  • Delivers maximum leverage on wall and floor surfaces

  • Carbide made 5” wide blade

  • Easy to work and convenient with a 48” long handle

8# Unger – UNGLH12C Floor Scraper

Unger – UNGLH12C
  • Standard razor-sharp blade

  • Easy to use with the 48" long handle

  • Versatile, suitable for multiple applications

8 Best Floor Scraper Reviews in 2022 to Remove Concrete Flooring Faster:

The enlisted floor scrapers are efficient enough that the manual labor will not be hard on your muscles. You can remove old flooring effortlessly with any of the floor scrapers on this list.

1# SDS Max Floor Scraper:

SDS Max Floor Scraper

The SDS Max Floor Scraper is promised to simplify floor scraping tasks and save valuable time. Dimension of the blade is width 6″, Length: 7″, Thickness: 2.5 mm. The blade is polished, chamfered, and sharpen. Moreover, the flexible blade helps you to remove tiles and thin-set effortlessly.

Also, it can remove thin-set and tiles together in one pass when used at a 45° angle. At the same time, it also offers effective outcomes when removing ceramic tile, epoxy, vinyl, carpet, and other stubborn adhesives. Besides, if you want to remove glue from wooden or hardwood floors, it also delivers great results. Even in rough conditions, this scraper will not show poor performance.

Forged steel is used to manufacture this scraper, giving it a rugged and robust look. It can efficiently remove tiles from a large room and never show an ounce of wear and tear. The hardware is top grade, and aside from tightening every once in a while, this scraper worked flawlessly. More importantly, it proficiently scraps large areas in short times.

You will love to know that the shaft length fits well in an SDS max machine. As a result, you will be able to put extra weight into the blade to pop off the hardest tile. The steel is so tough that it doesn’t require any maintenance. This scraper is well-constructed, and you will get many years of service. Additionally, it is small in size, allowing you to do the corners without much hassle.

The Good:

  • Sharp and powerful scraper removes tile in less time
  • Suitable for wooden and hardwood surfaces
  • Ideal shaft length that fits perfectly in an SDS max machine
  • Forged steel construction and polished blade
  • Durable and low-maintenance scraper

The Bad:

  • The blade requires sharpening over time

2# Red Devil 2108 Long Handle Heavy Duty Scraper:

Red Devil 2108 Long Handle Heavy Duty tile removal

When choosing the best floor scraper, you must look for an item with a sharp blade to lift tile, glue, and paint without damaging the surface. The Red Devil 2108 Long Handle Heavy Duty Scraper is one of the best tools that come with a 4” double-edged blade.

The best thing about this scraper is, it is approximately 50” tall. This means you don’t need to bend to lift tiles or adhesives from the floor. Also, the handle is foam-padded. So, when working on a large project, you will not feel hand fatigue or strain in your back. It has a nice weight to it, so it is easy to use. Overall, it makes the floor scraping task comfortable from every angle.

There are two handholds for booth hands which are non-slip. At the same time, the non-slip feature reduces injury. Thus, working with it will always be comfier, even if your hands are wet. Furthermore, since it requires manual arm power to perform, it can build character and help you know how to work hard. In fact, you will feel so comfortable when scraping floors with this tool.

Its 4” blade is another impressive part. It is so sharp and wide enough to tackle construction leftovers. Additionally, the blade is so strong that it helps you to lift tiles within a short time. This floor scraper is upgraded in value and quality compared to its rivals. You will be satisfied with its performance once you have it in your workshop.

The Good:

  • 4” double-edged reversible and sharp blade
  • Lightweight, allowing you to work with it easily
  • Non-slip handle prevents injury
  • Foam padded handle reduces hand fatigue
  • 4ft. tall floor scraper, letting you work comfortably

The Bad:

  • Too sharp blade, work carefully

3# Bully Tools 91300 Flooring Scraper:

Bully Tools 91300 Flooring remover

The Bully Tools 91300 Flooring Scraper would be a nice selection for floor scraping task that delivers the commercial-grade outcome. It is designed in such a way so that you can handle every scraping task conveniently. Also, it is so powerful that you don’t need to put a lot of pressure on getting the job done.

When doing a floor scraping task, a convenient handle is a must. The expected result will not come with poor handling. For this, it comes with a long telescoping handle, offering better hold. Due to the long handle, you can lift tiles in hard-to-reach areas as well. The handle is made of fiberglass, which ensures the longevity of the tool.

The extra-thick 11-gauge steel blade is another worth mentioning feature of this floor scraper. Moreover, the blade edges are sharp and beveled in such a way as to make it easy to get under the tiles. Periodic re-sharpening is mandatory to get the expected result, and the sharpening process can be done using a file or grinder.

This tool is the best choice for removing the vinyl, old hardwood surface, and partial board flooring. It can also be used as a snow chipper. Since it is a highly efficient floor scraper, it assists you in saving valuable time, money, and effort. In addition, this is sturdy and heavy enough to do the job without a lot of effort.

The Good:

  • Fiberglass handle serves better and longer
  • Long telescoping handle
  • The blade offers unique performance and covers a large area proficiently
  • It can handle every scraping task
  • Heat-treated blade increases the blade hardness

The Bad:

  • Without periodic sharpening, this will not deliver the required output

4# AMES 283100 Forged Steel Sidewalk Scraper:

AMES 283100 Forged Steel Sidewalk Scraper

Are you planning to change the whole interior of your house? Well, to do so, you will require to remove the tiles, which is troublesome work, undoubtedly. To make the floor scraping task effortless, buy the AMES 283100 Forged Steel Sidewalk Scraper. This gets the job done as per expectation using its outstanding features.

The manufacturer used top-grade materials to build this tool. Its flawless performance will simply impress you for sure. The 7” forged steel scraper head is fastened to the wooden handle with a steel ferrule for added strength and durability. This way, the wooden handle lets you provide extra force when lifting the most complex tile. It is a solid and well-made piece of equipment.

Additionally, the used blade is too thick, sharp, and rounded. This Ames Forged Sidewalk Scraper, 7-Inch, is sturdy enough for professional use. Simultaneously, the cushion grip adds comfort that reduces strain in hands during long-time use. Moreover, due to the sturdy and robust handle, controlling it becomes much more comfortable. All in all, you will be utmost pleased with the quality.

This is a versatile tool. It effectively eliminates concrete, ice, and anything else from the floor. Also, this delivers the required outcome when used for removing the roof, floor, chopping, roots, or clearing garden debris. It will work great as a yard tool! Additionally, being a lightweight scraper, it is easy to use. Also, because of the quality construction, it offers years after years of efficient service.

The Good:

  • Cushion grip adds comfort and control
  • Forged steel scraper head makes it versatile
  • Steel ferrule for a stronger connection
  • Hardwood handle offers great maneuverability
  • Robust construction for improved durability

The Bad:

  • Less sharp than its competitors

5# BOSCH 6” X 25” SDS Max Floor Scraper:

BOSCH 6 X 25 SDS Max Floor Scraper

The BOSCH 6” X 25” SDS Max Floor Scraper is capable enough to remove the previous floor and give a new look to your interior floor. If you want to take your floor scraping task to another level, without hesitation, buy it. It is an ideal choice for breaking the tiles and lifting glue from different surfaces.

It is so quick and fast that you can remove tiles from large areas in no time. Also, due to its small size, working in the corners becomes much more convenient. This scraper is one of the best options for different scraping projects which will satisfy you most. It is so fast in peeling off the stubborn and old glue. The length is also ideal for working with the Bosch SDS Max power hammer. It is worth every penny and way cheaper than its rivals.

It is a contractor-grade floor scraper that delivers consistently great performance. Furthermore, the 6” X 25” size provides the expected leverage for lifting time without compromising the performance.

Its blade is well-fastened with 4 bolts, and these can be loosened when sharpening. Once you sharpen the blade, install it again accurately. It is compatible with the SDS hammer, and when these 2 are combined, you will hardly find a flooring material that can’t be removed using it. So don’t hesitate to give it a try if you are frequently handling heavy-duty tasks.

The Good:

  • Performs faster than other floor scrapers
  • 6” wide blade is made of steel
  • Lifts tiles from the large area quickly
  • An ideal choice for eliminating laminate and other flooring surfaces
  • Compatible with every SDX hammer

The Bad:

  • The blade gets overheated when used for a long time without a break

6# Sabre Tools 4” SDS Plus Floor Scraper Tool:

Sabre Tools 4 SDS Plus Floor Scraping Tool

Comfortable and accurate – these 2 are the prime requirement of every professional while tackling a floor scraping project. If you require these 2 features, simply rely on the Sabre Tools 4” SDS Plus Floor Scraper Tool. It is ergonomically designed to remove odd sealants conveniently.

Also, people prefer to choose an easy-to-use scraper. Keeping this point in mind, it features user-friendliness. The chisel is fastened with premium quality vibration-proof washers, preventing quick loosening of the bolts. For this, frequent tightening becomes unnecessary. Also, the blade is thin, and the edge is razor-sharp. That is how it performs proficiently.

Versatility is another worth-mentioning feature that will save valuable money. This tool removes glue, floor adhesives, and thin-set pretty comfortably. Thus, you don’t need to buy a separate floor scraper for different purposes. Similarly, the compatibility of this scraper will surely put a smile on your face. It can be used with rotary hammer drills of Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, etc., with its shank length of 4-1/2”.

Many customers appreciate its quality construction as well. It is 4” wide, and the overall length is 10”. Since it is wider than other floor scrapers, you can remove more tiles per pass. In addition, high-quality hardened steel makes it a highly durable tool. Moreover, because of the construction, it becomes a rust-proof tool. Overall, it performs really good.

The Good:

  • Blade diameter is 4”
  • Loctite is applied in all 3 bolts
  • Compatible with different manufacturer’s rotary hammers
  • The blade doesn’t bend or warp
  • It is made of quality materials

The Bad:

  • It would be nice if a little longer

7# Warner 5” Heavy Duty Floor Scraper:

Warner 5 Heavy Duty Flooring Scraper

When buying the best floor scraper for a wooden surface or tile, ensure that your selected model is sharp enough to handle multiple jobs. The Warner 5” Heavy Duty Floor Scraper is such type of tool that will let you remove any tough materials. In addition, as the scraper is incredibly lightweight, you can use it with ease.

It is a 48” floor scraper that guarantees a practical floor scraping session without hurting your arms and back. On top of that, it consists of a 5” blade that cuts down the time of completing a large project. Furthermore, due to the wide blade, it removes a huge area in a single pass. The truth is, you will not feel tired of scraping the floor with this tool. If the blade gets dull, simply replace it. Moreover, the replacement process is convenient.

The tool receives several positive reviews for its user-friendly feature. A high-quality razor edge lifts the stubborn adhesives without hassle. The PVC handle ensures a secure hold and prevents injury. It is a multipurpose remover that you can use to remove paint, stripping wallpapers, and glue from glass or wooden surfaces. The handle is made of stainless steel that resists rust effectively.

With this beefy floor scraper, you can take on every scraping project. More importantly, it delivers the expected result every time. Due to its long leverage, you can loosen all the materials from a surface. This feature makes it a great tool in its class. The entire scraper is sturdy, robust, and lets you handle professional-grade tasks quite effortlessly.

The Good:

  • This floor scraper is exceptionally lightweight
  • It is easy to work and convenient with a 48” long handle
  • Allows you to handle multiple tasks
  • The long handle provides ideal leverage to remove tiles proficiently
  • Carbide made 5” wide blade

The Bad:

  • The blade dulls quickly

8# Unger – UNGLH12C Floor Scraper:

Unger – UNGLH12C tile Scraper

Do you need to handle tile or paint removal services frequently? Then grab the Unger – UNGLH12C Floor Scraper, keeping your eyes shut. Its blade is thick enough that it withstands extreme pressure and doesn’t break easily. Also, it is like a standard razor blade.

One side of the blade is designed with a razor-sharp edge, while the other side has a blunt edge. Both are very practical in use but for different applications. The blade is easily reversed to change the edge. The blade measures 4.5” and works great; the handle and blade are just right and perform according to the user’s requirement.

The floor scraper focuses on making your day-to-day tasks easy. The entire tool features robust construction that confirms its longevity. In fact, it is worth every penny, even taking hard water build-up off windows and shower doors and walls. Great for garage floors and tile. It performs significantly to remove linoleum flooring and its sticky residue.

Many customers express that it makes their life so much easier. Getting the wax off from the floor is so breezy with this tool. It is a powerful, durable scraper, so that it will last a very long time. The blade is high carbon steel, subject to resist rusting. It is handy for multiple applications. This tool’s unique feature is that a blade cover is available, which protects the blade from damage.

The Good:

  • Easy to use, especially with the long handle
  • Effective and a good value for the price
  • It comes with a blade cover
  • Versatile, suitable for multiple applications
  • Standard razor-sharp blade

The Bad:

  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks

Buying Guide – What to Consider Before Buying High-Quality Floor Scraper:

The market is full of several floor scrapers, and you must consider a few factors to buy the best-suited tools.

Hopefully, you can pick the best floor scraper for the adhesive after reading this section.

Safety Features:

Floor scraping is a tedious and dangerous task, undoubtedly. Wearing safety gear is a must when accomplishing a floor removal task. But things can go wrong anytime if you buy the wrong product.

A scraper will not break when it is made of quality materials. Similarly, performance and comfort also rely on the construction.
Generally, most floor scrapers are constructed with hardened steel. Before buying an item, look at its built quality. Once you are satisfied with the construction, invest in it.

Blade Quality and Size:

As stated earlier, the performance of a floor scraper significantly depends on the blade quality and material.

You should opt for a wide blade rather than a narrow blade. A wide blade will let you remove more tiles with a single pass. Thus, completing a project becomes faster, and you can save valuable time. Moreover, you don’t need to apply more pressure.

On top of that, a thick blade is always beneficial. They withstand extensive force quite well and provide many years of service.
A blade of 4” – 6” wide will allow you to complete multiple scraping projects such as floor removing, tile lifting, roofing, eliminating wax from the floor, etc.


User-friendliness is also an essential factor. Due to this feature, you will handle a floor scraping task pretty easily, regardless of the floor size.
It would be best to choose an item that eliminates adhesives and residues with no time at a single pass.

A lightweight item will ensure user-friendliness as controlling, and maneuvering becomes a breeze with it. Moreover, with less effort, you can finish a task. Furthermore, your arms and shoulders will remain fatigue-free when you have a lightweight scraper in your hand.

All the enlisted tools come with the user-friendly feature to let you finish with less hassle.

Handle & Grip:

Don’t forget to choose a model of medium to large handle. A better grip means better leverage and control. A better angle is also confirmed with these handle types.

At the same time, you can get to hard-to-reach areas without trouble. This means your work will be much easier with a floor scraper of the medium or large handle.


Don’t think that high price means high quality. Unfortunately, this is a wrong conception of many customers, and it needs to be changed. At a high price, you will not always get a top-notch product.

If you review our products, you will notice that all the floor scrapers come with a reasonable price range, that breaking your bank is entirely unnecessary. Also, they are the best in their class and performance.

So, you can buy a premium quality product at an affordable price with a bit of research.

How to Remove Linoleum Flooring?

Answer: Removing a linoleum floor is not as easy as installing a new one. Here is how to remove linoleum flooring.

Step 01: You will need to cut the linoleums into strips using a utility tool. The strip’s width has to be 6” – 12”.

Step 02: Start lifting each linoleum strip with a narrow or flat putty knife. Next, pull every strip, take assistance from the putty knife, if required.

Step 03: Don’t stop removing the strips until you finish lifting the whole linoleum surface.

Step 04: Get a floor scraper. Then, scrape off the adhesive and glue. Remember, this step is challenging and time-consuming as well. It will help if you scrape off section by section.

Step 05: if there is any stubborn adhesive, apply chemical solvent to remove it. When using solvent, make sure to follow every instruction of applying it meticulously. Also, proper ventilation is necessary.

How to Remove Carpet Glue?

Answer: Removing carpet glue is effortless when the right tool is used. Follow the below steps to do the task easily.

Step 01: Use a 4” – 6” floor scraper to scrape away the glue from the carpet as much as possible.

Step 02: Then, apply boiling water on the stubborn glue.

Step 03: If necessary, you can use a reciprocating saw along with a scraper blade.


Question: What is the best tile scraper?

Answer: The best tile scraper includes the below features.

  • User-friendly
  • Has robust, powerful, thick blade to remove tiles
  • Promises to make the tile scraping task effortless
  • Comes with a comfortable grip
  • Versatile that can be used for multiple scraping tasks

Question: What is an SDS-Max Floor Scraper?

Answer: SDS-Max floor scrapers are a heavy-duty tool, ideal for a wide range of floor scraping projects. The bits of these floor scrapers are bigger compared to regular scrapers. The major advantages of SDS-Max floor scrapers are functional, more durable, and highly powerful.

Question: How do you take care of scrapers?

Answer: You may not require to use the floor scrapers all the time. For this, it is significantly essential to take care of it when not in use. Follow the below rules to improve the lifespan of your floor scraper.

  • Store the floor scraper in an oil rag to help resist corrosion.
  • Rub linseed oil on the wooden handles as it will ensure the drying out of the handle. If you notice any splinters, sand the handle down.

For plastic handles, maintenance is not required.

Last Words:

Oftentimes, it is necessary to prep the floor before laying a new floor. In addition, it is significantly vital to remove unwanted adhesive and glue from the surface to get the floor installation done perfectly.

The prime purpose of this article was to help you find the best floor scraper by providing valuable information. With the above-discussed information, we believe you can now choose the best-suited item wisely for your next project.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with our conception? Feel free to share your opinion in the below comment box. Happy scraping!

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