8 Best Degreaser for Heavy Equipment [Industrial Strength] 2021 Reviews

When it comes to heavy equipment, it works like a beast, and that’s why it gets dirtier fast too. Because of the uncleaned dirt, the equipment looks ugly, and the efficiency drops as well.

However, this is not something you expect, do you? As for the solution to it, you need a degreaser to handle heavy equipment and serve you perfectly by keeping it neat.

Out of so many options, it isn’t easy to find the suitable one. To help you out, we have done an incise research on the options available and came up with a list of choices you may look up to.

So, let’s dig in deep and choose the best degreaser for heavy equipment to keep your tool clean and ever efficient!

Best Degreaser For Heavy Equipment

Top 8 Industrial Degreaser Comparison:

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1# Simple Green 19128 Crystal

Simple Green 19128 Crystal
  • Perfect degreaser for heavy equipment

  • Crystal clear in appearance and smel

  • Highly concentrated

2# Chemical Guys CLD 201 Signature Orange Degreaser

Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser
  • Highly concentrated, faster performance

  • Works great on engines, machinery, tools

  • Made with citrus-based

3# Spray Nine 26901S Marine Cleaner

Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Removes all sorts of dirt, oil, grease, debris, bug and insects,

  • Control mold and mildew on vinyl, carpets and hard surfaces

  • Rated no.1 vinyl cleaner [USDA approved]

4# Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser

Meguiar’s Super Strongest degreaser
  • Strongest degreaser of the market

  • Can fight with any sort of greasy surfaces quickly

  • Residue-free formulation

5# Purple Power Industrial Strength Degreaser (4320P)

Industrial Strength Degreaser by Purple power
  • Penetrates grease, dirt, toughest stains just seconds

  • Doesn’t get the stone surface yellow over time

  • Effective cleanning auto, home, marine, farm shop

6# Gunk SC3 Super Concentrate Degreaser

Gunk SC3 Cleaner for metal
  • Able to clean toughest stains on metal surfaces

  • High Concentrated degreaser for parts , engines & floor

  • Available at cheap affordable price

7# WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser

WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner
  • Powerful Grease & Rust Remover

  • Non-flammable, Non-corrosive, non-abrasive

  • Safe  to use [Biodegradable Formula]

8# ZEP ZU0856128 Industrial Degreaser

ZEP Industrial Purple Cleaner Degreaser
  • Clean toughest dirt within a few minutes

  • Deep Cleanning Shop Grade Degreaser

  • works on heavy machinery, equipment, floors

Which Types of Degreaser Works Well for Heavy Equipment?

Degreasers are essential for cleaning heavy, industrial, and commercial equipment. With the help of a degreaser, you can easily remove stubborn oil, sticky chemicals, and of course, grease to ensure the best look and efficiency.

Now, there are different types of degreaser available in the market for different purposes. Therefore, you should learn about the types of industrial degreasers available so that you can figure out which degreaser you need. Here is the list of four types of industrial degreaser:

1. Butyl Degreaser:

The butyl degreaser is one of the most common water-based degreasers, which is more often used for cleaning petroleum-based chemicals and greases like motor oil.

When you apply it to the oily dirt, it will transform the stubborn oily dirt into a liquid that is easier to clean. That’s why it is mostly used in automotive and in related fields.

2. Non-butyl degreaser:

Non-butyl degreaser is known for its usage in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and bathrooms too. It is very high in Alkaline, which removes stains and debris of animal fat-based grease and soap scums.

The non-butyl degreaser doesn’t have any aroma or soapy vibe, and that’s why it can be used when people are using the places like restaurants, cafeterias, or bathrooms.

3. Heavy-Duty Degreaser:

Well, this is the type of degreaser we are looking for. As we all know, industrial and commercial equipment requires regular cleaning, and it isn’t that easy, like scrubbing dishes with a scrubber.

Instead, it requires something stronger that can fight harder with stubborn elements like greases and oily elements.

A heavy-duty degreaser is one of the strongest degreaser and it’s mostly available as a liquid-based degreaser in the market.

As you already know, it is really strong and it’s not good for your skin that’s why, we highly recommend you to use protective gear while degreasing with heavy-duty degreaser.

With the help of the degreaser for heavy equipment, you can keep your equipment clean and pieces of machinery efficient. So, if you are looking for a super-powerful degreaser for your commercial or industrial setup, then this is the perfect choice for you.

4. Everyday Degreaser:

See, we should keep our equipment clean every day to avoid stinky oil and greasy buildup, and that’s why an everyday degreaser is a perfect solution. This is a mild, non-toxic, and friendly type of degreaser you can use every day without worrying about any damage.

8 Best Degreaser For Heavy Equipment 2021 Reviews:

1. Simple Green 19128 Crystal:

Simple Green 19128 Crystal industrial cleaner degreaser

When it’s about the perfect degreaser for heavy equipment, the very first choice that comes to our mind is Simple Green 19128 for it’s unique features.

Just like the name, it is crystal clear and transparent, has no odd smell, and gives you the best washing experience you need.

Because of its crystal clarity in odor and appearance, it shows up from all other Simple Green degreasers. Also, it performs well, and it opens many cleaning options for you too.

When it comes to cleaning, it performs great, and after cleaning, you won’t have any awkward smell on your equipment.

Another great thing about it is that where you need to degrease you can use it even if it’s your heavy equipment to kitchen equipment, you can use it everywhere.

The Simple Green 19128 can easily remove stains from ceramics, fiberglass, metallic items, enamel, hospital equipment, heavy equipment, restaurant or kitchen equipment, dirt, grease, oil, fat, grime, and it can clear all type of surfaces.

However, we recommend you watered-down it properly so your surface won’t get damaged.

Even after being so versatile, it’s still managed to be non-toxic, which means it’s not harmful to your body. And it’s also non-corrode which means it won’t make your equipment rusty as well.


  • It’s crystal clear in appearance and smell.
  • The degreaser is versatile, and you can use it anywhere. (If it requires degreasing)
  • Non-toxic and non-corrode.
  • Highly concentrated


  • To get the best performance, it has to be used in a larger quantity.


The Simple Green 19128 is the perfect one if you need a degreaser for multiple purposes. From heavy equipment to kitchen equipment, it can degrease everything.

2. Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser:

Chemical Guys CLD 201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser

Here is a degreaser that is perfect for your automobile solution. The chemical guys CLD_201 signature series is widely known for its performance in the automobile industry and cars.

This degreaser’s specialty is it has the power of citrus-based formula, which works professionally and performs great too. Also, it’s available in a small bottle of 16 oz.

Well, when it comes to degreaser, most of the packages are available in one gallon or the bigger size.

But this one is almost eight times small than that, and it’s available in a small package of 16 oz. Only which makes it quite affordable than other degreasers.

When it comes to performance, it’s a small beast indeed. The degreaser is made with a professional strength of citrus-based formula, which works powerfully when it comes to removing tough to toughest grease, grime, debris, and so on.

Even if you are worried about cleaning your car’s engine, tools, tires, garage floor surface, undercarriages, rims, and other equipment, then this works outstanding.

You’ll see tough to tough greasy equipment becomes easily washable after implementing it. That’s why, when it comes to degreasing performance, the Chemical Guys CLD_201 is unbeatable.

You can mix it with water and use it as it’s super concentrated.


  • Made with citrus-based
  • Highly concentrated, which assures faster performance.
  • Make stubborn dirt and grease weaker and easy to rinse off.
  • Affordable price range


  • Available in a smaller package.


The Chemical Guys CLD_201 is a great deal for those looking for a degreaser that works great for automobiles at an affordable price. We highly recommend it for any degreasing automobile equipment.

3. Spray Nine 26901S Marine Cleaner:

Spray Nine 26901S Marine Heavy Duty Cleaner

If you are thinking about skipping by seeing its name, then you are doing it wrong! It’s not only about a marine cleaner, and it’s way more than that. Well, it’s a multi-purpose cleaner and a disinfectant too.

The specialties of this degreaser are it can remove stains remove bacterial strains and smells without any or little effort.

When you are getting a degreaser, undoubtedly, the purpose is cleaning and degreasing, and that’s where the game changes.

As an ideal marine degreaser, it can clean both above and below the boat, and the degreaser can clean the motor and the engine of the boat.

The Spray Nine 26901S also works on disk, fiberglass, canvas, rubber, plastic, carpet, cushions, lifejacket, inflatable boats and chairs, swimming pool, and other equipment.

Now, if you also own an RV or a car trailer, then you can degrease it with the marine cleaner as well.

Not just that, it can also take care of the garage floor, sheds, workbenches, pet houses tent, and camping equipment as well.

Also, this amazing degreaser is non-inflammable as well, and it has no smell at all. It is available in two sizes in the market.


  • It works faster and performs effectively.
  • Can work as a disinfectant.
  • Rated no.1 vinyl cleaner and top-rated general cleaner and USDA approved.
  • Removes all sorts of dirt, oil, grease, debris, bug and insects, and other harmful viruses and bacteria.


  • It’s quite expensive.


The Spray Nine 26901S is a perfect choice for those looking for a degreaser that can focus on marine equipment and can be used for multiple purposes.

4. Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser:

Meguiars D10801 Super Degreaser

When it comes to the fastest yet toughest grease remover, the first thing that comes to our mind is Meguiar’s D10801 super degreaser. Meguiar is a brand that is widely known for its promising and high-performing products.

This product is full of degreasing power, and that’s why, where all the degreaser gives up, it stands out.

You can get tough to toughest greasy surfaces got cleaned like new easily with the help of it. This degreaser is made with a very different formulation.

It assures you a residue-free performance which helps you to prevent unappealing white remaining stains. So, once you wash your equipment, there will be no remaining that can cause marks and stains.

When it comes to its performance, it’s quite simple. You have to use it on the toughest greasy surface and wait for a few minutes until it breaks down, and once it’s done now, it’s the perfect time for you to wipe it off.

The degreaser has to be mixed up with water properly and as it’s very powerful which is harmful to your skin, don’t forget to wear protective gears.

Finally, the degreaser has an herbal odor to offer, which some people like, some don’t, and some people can’t even feel it.

However, it shouldn’t be your concern as long as you get the toughest greasy surface cleaned in a few minutes.


  • Strongest degreaser of the market.
  • It has a residue-free formulation.
  • Easy to use
  • Can fight with any sort of greasy surfaces.
  • Herbal fragrant.


  • You have to dilute it properly.


If you have a greasy surface that can’t be cleaned with other degreasers, then the Meguiar D10801 is something you should look up to.

We can assure you that no matter how greasy the surface you have, it will be done with this industrial degreaser’s help.

5. Purple Power (4320P) Industrial Strength:

Purple Power 4320P concentrated industrial strength degreaser

When it comes to the best industrial degreaser for heavy equipment, almost everyone looks for a multi-purpose one.

That’s why we have come up with another multi-purpose industrial-grade degrease that can do wonders which is Purple Power (4320P).

It’s very effective in cleaning dirt and grease, and it’s mostly known for getting the toughest degreasing job done.

Also, it has a concentrated formula that cracks the stubbornness of the grease, oil, dirt, and so on, and this is how the degreaser creates a hurdle between stain and the surface you are cleaning.

Once the hurdle has been created, now it’s a matter of a few seconds for you to wipe up all the stains and marks. It’s super strong yet easy to use.

You can use it on automobile, farm, home, marine, and industrial surfaces, making it extremely versatile choice. It is a highly concentrated degreaser, and that’s why we recommend you to use protective gear while using it.

However, this product isn’t good with aluminum and plastic. So if you are cleaning something made with it or cleaning your car, be very careful. Otherwise, you will turn up to damage the equipment.

This degreaser is eco-friendly, smooth, phosphate-free, and non-flammable, and it’s available within an affordable price range.


  • It’s eco-friendly, non-flammable, and smoother
  • Works faster and effectively
  • When it comes to cleaning the toughest greasy, oil, and dirty surface, this one is highly preferable.
  • Works great on multiple surfaces.


  • Requires you to wear safety gear
  • Not good around plastic and aluminum.


If you are looking for a degreaser that can perform on multiple surfaces and can give it a new look within an affordable price range, then undoubtedly, Purple Power (4320P) is the perfect solution for you.

6. Gunk SC3 Super Concentrate Degreaser:

Gunk SC3 Super Concentrate Degreaser

When it comes to metal degreasing, we need a dedicated metal degreaser. That’s why we have come up with a powerful and efficient one named Gunk SC3 super concentrate degreaser.

It is a high concentrate degreaser that performs best when it’s efficiently diluted with kerosene and other petroleum diluters.

When it comes to metal parts degreasing, the requirement of degreaser is extra than usual times, and that’s why Gunk SC3 degreaser is available in a package of 5 gallons. Even after being so large quantity, the price of it is quite inexpensive.

This degreaser works great on machinery, engine, floor, and metal parts as well. It works faster in fact; we have seen people have cleaned 80+ years old metal pieces of stuff with the help of this degreaser.

However, as it is highly concentrated, we would highly recommend you to use protective gear. If you feel irrational about your eye and skin, follow the instruction written behind the bucket.

After using, please keep it in a safe place so that your kid and pet can’t reach it as it’s harmful to them.


  • High concentrated degreaser.
  • Works faster and efficiently on metal surfaces.
  • Available in an inexpensive price range. (Even though it’s a package of five gallons)
  • It’s able to clean tough to toughest stains from metal surfaces.


  • It’s only available in a package of 5 gallons.


If you are looking for a dedicated degreaser for your metal-made equipment or engines, then the Gunk SC3 is a perfect choice available. It performs like a beast indeed!

7. WD 40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser:

WD40 Specialist cleanner Degreaser

When it comes to a powerful degreaser, it’s always reactive on weak surfaces like aluminum, plastic, and so on.

That’s why we have come up with a degreaser that can perform powerfully on any weaker surface, which is WD40 company 30063 specialist degreaser.

For more than five decades, WD-40 is a trusted brand for protecting, cleaning, and degreasing metallic products.

It’s a super-powerful grease remover and stain fighter. Also, it is eco-friendly, durable, and made with bio-solvent formulas.

It comes with a sturdy, smash-resistant prompt and suitable refill port, which means you don’t have to use a funnel and assures no mess at all in your cleaning space.

The degreaser is also known as non-acidic, non-abrasive, non-flammable. Most importantly, it produces a very low smell which makes it usable in public places like restaurants, cafés, and hospitals.

The WD40 company 30063 has been made with the biodegradable formula, which is certified by U.S. EPA safer choice standards, and it is also 50-state VOC compliant.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is also registered under A1, A2, A4, A8, and B1 acts.

This degreaser is safe to use on multiple surfaces. It’s useable on glass, aluminum, copper, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, granite, stainless steel, paint, and many more surfaces without any fear of reaction.

Moreover, it is available in five various sizes: 24 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons. So, you have a variety of options which allow you to choose according to your need.

The degreaser works great when cleaning greasy, dirty, and stinky tools, shop floors, automotive parts, industrial machinery, commercial appliances, and other heavy equipment.

Last but not the least, without worrying, you can use this degreaser cleaning equipment like a power washer, etc.


  • Non-flammable, Non-corrosive, non-abrasive, and so on.
  • It can be used in sensitive platforms that a powerful degreaser cannot.
  • It can be used in public places and the kitchen as well.
  • Bio-degradable.
  • Works faster and effectively.


  • A bit pricy. (However, the quality worth it)


When it comes to an all-rounder industrial degreaser that can perform on everything, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

From hard to weak, it can cover all sorts of surfaces. Also, the variety of sizes makes it more versatile. So, for everyone who is quite worried if degreaser damages their equipment surface, it’s a great option available for them.

8. ZEP ZU0856128 Industrial Degreaser :

ZEP ZU0856128 Industrial purple cleaner

Do you want to give your heavy equipment a newish look? If yes, then ZEP ZU0856128 Industrial Purple Cleaner and Degreaser is a great option for you.

ZEP is a renowned and old company, and it’s very famous for degreasers. So, let’s see what this degreaser has to offer.

It’s a highly concentrated degreaser that performs like an industrial or commercial grade degreaser which can easily remove heavy grease, dirt, and carbon soils.

The ZEP ZU0856128 can be used on heavy pieces of machinery, engine and engine parts, construction equipment, fiberglass, masonry, unfinished concrete, asphalt, and so on.

As it’s a high concentrated degreaser, it must be diluted before using. For light dirt, five fl. Oz. Per gallon of water and for heavy dirt 20 fl. Oz. Per gallon of water.

As it’s a powerful and highly concentrated degreaser, don’t forget to wear protective gear while using it and keep it away from your child and pet as it can be harmful to them.

By now, you know where you should use it. However, you should also know where you shouldn’t use this degreaser for your equipment’s safety.

The degreaser shouldn’t be used in aluminum, painted surface, brass, chrome, marble, granite, natural stone, wood, alkaline sensitive surfaces, and copper.

On these surfaces, if you use ZEP ZU0856128, then you may face damages. To get the best performance, apply it on the surface and wait for a few minutes (up to five minutes).

After that, you can wash it and wipe it down. Because of the deep clean formula, it gives you a newish look within just a few minutes.


  • Works faster and smoother
  • It can clean from tough to toughest dirt within a few minutes
  • Affordable price range


  • It requires you to wear protective gear.


Zep is a well-known company, and they are operating for the past eight and a half decades.

That’s why, if you want to give your heavy equipment a newish look within an affordable price range, then this is an ideal deal available for you.

Two ways to clean heavy equipment:

Well, there are several ways available to clean heavy equipment. However, we will share the two best ways to work when it comes to cleaning heavy equipment. So, let’s get into it.

Way No-1: Professional Cleaning:

This cleaning process requires a hot water pressure washer. Here is the step-by-step guideline:

  • Wash the entire heavy equipment with a hot water pressure washer and focus on the greasy and dirty area.
  • Now apply some degreaser (commercial/industrial grade) and wait for a couple of minutes. (At least for 15 minutes or more)
  • To give it a new look, you can apply a degreaser that is high in Alkaline; after that, spray with a high gloss wax finish and rub it with a clean microfiber fabric.

This is how professional and heavy equipment should be treated to keep it like new.

Way No-2: cleaning construction equipment:

To clean construction equipment properly, you also need a pressure washer. So, here is the following guideline:

  • Wear your protective gears.
  • Remove all the dry chunk and dispose it.
  • Set the pressure washer properly and make sure it’s flawless and have both hot and cold water washing features.
  • For cleaning heavy equipment, hot water pressure washer is required as warm water can work better with. Also, heavy equipment can’t be cleaned with detergent or degreaser than cold water.
  • Remove all the removable parts and start washing simply.
  • Focus more on areas that have stains and stubborn marks and areas that can’t be reached easily.
  • Apply some detergent or degreaser for the best cleaning.
  • Let all the components dry.
  • Reassemble all the parts.

Now, you have clean and sharp-looking constructional equipment in front of you.


Question: How do you get grease off heavy equipment?

Answer: At first, we apply the degreaser, then we wait for several minutes. And after that, once the stubborn grease, oil dirt melts, we rinse it. Then, we keep it for drying.

If the grease isn’t off yet, then we reapply the whole procedure, or else we use the hot water pressure washer for better performance.

Question: What is the best heavy-duty degreaser?

Answer: The Meguiar’s D10801 super degreaser is the best heavy-duty degreaser on the market because of its faster, efficient, and always winning performance.

It’s a liquid based heavy-duty degreaser that can chop off all sort of grease and dirt from your industrial equipment.

Question: What is the best commercial degreaser?

Answer: The WD40 Company 300363 Specialist Degreaser is the best commercial degreaser available in the market because of its versatility and cleaning multiple sensitive surfaces that aren’t possible for a heavy-duty degreaser. It is a liquid based non-butyl degreaser.

Question: What is the strongest engine degreaser?

Answer: The Chemical Guys CLD_201 Signature Series Orange Degreaser is the strongest engine degreaser because of its citrus-based formula and faster performance; it works faster and better.  It is a butyl-based degreaser that works great on engine.

Final Words:

See, we know, for a beginner, using a degreaser isn’t easy, but everything has a start, and that’s why we will encourage you to choose the best degreaser for heavy equipment and start implementing it and enjoy the result.

In the end, don’t forget that your heavy industrial/commercial equipment’s performance depends on how you maintain it. So, don’t forget to keep it clean and maintain it properly. Happy Degreasing!

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