7 Best Brad Point Drill Bits Set for Wood [2023 Reviews]

The best Brad point drill bits offer several benefits in drilling projects. This widely used woodworking tool allows you to save valuable time, delivers straight and accurate drilling holes, and prevents splinters from developing.

But the accuracy of the tool depends on its quality. Undoubtedly, an inferior quality Brad point drill bit will surely deliver poor results. So, how to choose the best brad point bit set?

You will get an in-depth review, buying guide, FAQ section, and other necessary information about different Brad point drill bits for wood in the following sections.

So, let’s start noting down the required information.

Best Brad Point Drill Bits

Top 7 Brad Point Drill Bit Set Comparison Table:

Drill Bit Name=>



Check Price=>

1# DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361 high quality
  • 21-piece High Quality drill bit set

  • Creates burr-free, neat, & clean hole

  • made of Titanium material for the highest durability

2# FISCH FSF-364757 Imperial 29-Piece Brad Point Drill Bit Set

FISCH FSF-364757 Brad Point Set maximum durability
  • 29 Cr-V constructed Drill bit set for max durability

  • Optimized outer spurs insure fast & easy wood cutting

  • Use in soft & hard wood, exotic, laminated, MDF

3#Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Premium Drill Bit

Viking Drill Tool 42031 Premium Drill Bit Molybdenum build durable
  • 14 pc drill bit Set Premium Jobber Burrout Brad Point

  • High Molybdenum build for the superior longevity

  • offers ultimate accuracy and clean holes, performance

4# FISCH – FSF – 134893 FSF 328094 3 -10mm Set of Chrome Vanadium Brad Point

FISCH FSF 134893 10mm Drill Bits fast & easy cutting
  • 8-Piece, 10mm Set of Chrome Vanadium drill Bits

  • Optimized spurs insure fast & easy cutting

  • Provides error-free & accurate results

5# FISCH FSF – 364740 Metric Brad Pt. Drill Bit Set

FISCH FSF – 364740 Chrome-vanadium Brad Point drill bit
  • Chrome-vanadium steel lasts longer between sharpen

  • includes all the required sizes for drilling project

  • Extremely Sharp point Offer highest level of accuracy

6# Fulton Store 12” Long Drill Set 4 Drilling Wood, Plastic, Drywall & Composite

Fulton Store 12” Long Wood, Plastic, Drywall Composite Materials
  •  7, 12” Long Brad Point Drill Set is an efficient & sharp drill bit

  • Extremely durable with a high-steel build

  • 12” length is good enough to drilling precise holes.

7# WoodRiver 29-piece Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bit Index Set

WoodRiver Fractional  Drill Bit for wood craft & woodworking
  • 29 piece True brad point on bits 1/8" (8mm) diameter

  • well-made of high-quality carbon steel, highly robust

  • excellent option for precise and accurate drilling

Which Types of Brad Point Drill Bits should you use for Woodworking?

Various types of materials are used to manufacture Brad point drill bits. The material ranges from softest to hardest, which are regular steel, high-speed steel, chrome vanadium, polycrystalline diamond tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc.

Depending on the wood type, you have to choose the brad drill bit material. Let’s look at the most used ones.

a) High-speed Steel:

This is commonly used and preferred by many woodworkers. With high-speed steel brad point drill bits, you can drill fiberglass, PVC, aluminum, woods, and many others, which means this is a highly versatile brad point drill bit. In terms of sturdiness, it is the KING which will never bend!

b) Carbide:

Carbide-tipped drill bits are ideal for drilling masonry or concrete tiles. Characteristically, tiles are brittle when they come in contact with heavy impact. Carbide-tipped drill bits are incredibly sharp that they drill through tiles without breaking them. Also, these Brad point drill bits are durable enough to give long-term service.

c) Black-oxide:

It is a highly versatile Brad point drill bit. At the same time, black-oxide drill bits are so durable that they rarely break down. Most importantly, they are rust-proof. This material is compatible with fiberglass, hardwood, PVC, and softwood.

d) Polycrystalline Diamond:

The other name of Polycrystalline Diamond is boron carbonitride or heterodiamond. It is considered one of the hardest known materials.
PCD is a heat-resistant material, making it suitable for a drill tip designed to drill through a solid material.

7 Best Brad Point Drill Bit Set Reviews for Woodworking:

When buying an ideal drill bit, make sure that the bits are firm on the contact point along with durable construction. Tackling slipping issues is the main challenge of woodworkers when drilling. This way, we selected 7 products which will impress you in the end for sure.

1. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361:

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361

When a Brad point drill bit offers ease of use, grab it without thinking twice. That is what the DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361 drill bit sets provide. It is made of durable material for the highest durability. Also, these drill sets feature heavy-duty titanium pilot points that prevent slippage.

Moreover, it is equipped with all the necessary features, making it a suitable drill set for plastic, wood, and metal. The DEWALT DW1361 has a built-in bit-bar design which ensures convenient removal of bits. Moreover, the lid is also clear, which lets you see the contents easily at a glance.

These drill bit sets also feature safety features. The clip latch feature confirms secure closing when not in use. You will love to know that the chance of breaking the bit is less with this set for its patented web taper that enhances the rigidity of the bits.

The created hole by this drill bit sets will be neat and clean, free from burr due to the Proprietary Pilot point tip. In fact, you will find the expected holes all the time. The drill bits also have a sharp tip in the center of the bit, making drilling a centered hole precisely much easier than a standard spiral drill bit.

What did we like most?

  • 21-piece drill bit set
  • It is compatible with plastic, wood, and metal
  • Creates burr-free, neat, and clean hole
  • High-quality drill bits at an affordable price range

What could be better?

  • It can’t enlarge existing holes.

2. FISCH FSF-364757 Imperial Brad Point Drill Bit Set:

FISCH FSF 364757 Imperial Brad Point Drill Bit Set

The FISCH FSF-364757 Brad Point Drill Bit Set is a versatile one eligible for making holes on exotic, hard, soft, laminated, and veneered wood. Additionally, it allows you to drill in acrylic Plexiglas and MDF as well. With a set of bits in imperial sizes, it is a well-worth drill bit set.

1/16” – ½” is the range of drill bits in this set, which means you can accomplish a wide range of drilling projects quite conveniently. Many customers complain that their drill bit sets become dull over time. The good news is that it is made of Cr-V steel, keeping it sharp for many years, and you don’t need to sharpen the bits between drilling projects.

Another essential feature is; the cutting edge of the bits is beveled, which leads to clean holes without deviation when feeding the bit into the material. The diameters are accurate, the shafts are straight, and the points very sharp. They are definitely worth the higher price over other sets.

This 29-piece drill bit set comes in an easy-to-carry-around case with a handle in the top for comfortable carrying. All in all, you can make clean, efficient, and fast holes in both softwood and hardwood due to its optimized outer spurs.

Why did we like most?

  • Cr-V constructed drill bit set for maximum durability
  • Suitable for both softwood and hardwood
  • Clean drilling for its beveled outer edge
  • Compatible with drill press machine and cordless drill

What could be better?

  • The points of a few drill bits aren’t ground to the center

3. Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Premium Drill Bit:

Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Premium Drill Bit

It is another set of drill bits that comes with a sturdy case. Moreover, the sizes of the bits are precisely marked so that you can conveniently find them when working. The 14-piece Viking Drill and Tool 42031 Premium Drill Bit is specially designed for drilling into woods.

In terms of quality, it is a KING, compared to its price range. It doesn’t wobble at all when drilling, and with tear out, it creates precise holes. Additionally, the smaller bits (under 1/8”) are brads with a tip, unlike other sets.

The most satisfying feature is its durability. It is promised to deliver long-term service with its Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel construction. The high-graded construction makes it an incredibly durable drill bit set. Moreover, its clearance and drill diameter for superior performance and accuracy.

Consistency is another exceptional feature of this drill bit set that will amaze you the most. Exclusive features offer efficient and expected drilling every time. The precision of drilling into wood will never be a dream anymore when you have this drill bit set in your toolbox.

What did we like most?

  • It is designed to give you the expected drilling outcome
  • High Molybdenum build for the superior longevity
  • It offers precise and clean holes all the time
  • Sturdy case with the numbering of the drill size for convenient storing

What could be better?

  • The tip gets dull over time

4. FISCH – FSF – 134893 FSF 328094 3 -10mm Set of Drill Bits:

FISCH – FSF – 134893 FSF 328094 3 10mm Set of Drill Bits

Another versatile drill bit set from the manufacturer FISCH is also a premium quality product like the other products of FISCH. The FISCH – FSF – 134893 FSF 328094 3 -10mm Set of Drill Bits is a good choice for someone who just started woodworking projects and looking for an affordable option.

Drilling on MDF and acrylic glass will be much easier with these drill bits. What is more? Yes, it can also be used for drilling laminated, exotic softwood and hardwood without any trouble. Additionally, this is suitable for cordless or drill press speeds from 2,000 – 3,000 RPM.

This will give you many years of service with the required efficiency and more minor errors. This handy set comprises common metric sizes from 3mm – 10mm in 1mm increments so that you can complete any given project comfortably. A quality plastic stand case is used to store these bits, which protects them from damage.

The center point is precisely ground that helps you make a correct placement and start accurate drilling applications. From start to finish of a drilling project, precise guidance is confirmed because of the optimized spiral design.

What did we like most?

  • Highly versatile drill bits that make holes in softwood, hardwood, exotic and laminated woods
  • It provides error-free and accurate results for many years
  • Deviation-free result due to its beveling edges
  • Quick cutting performance because of the outstanding optimize of the spurs

What could be better?

  • Fast dulling may happen

5. FISCH FSF – 364740 Metric Brad Pt. Drill Bit Set:

FISCH FSF – 364740 Metric Brad Pt Drill Bit Set

Every drilling project requires accuracy, and this FISCH FSF – 364740 Metric Brad Pt. Drill Bit Set will allow you to achieve it without much hassle. This product stays firm on the contact point and delivers a decent performance to make your day.

You can never go wrong with the size when picking the required drill bit for your project because the size is mentioned accurately. The construction of these drill bits will surely please you. Chrome-Vanadium build guarantees its longevity.

The sharp point prevents slippage when working. As a result, you are saved from a potential accident. Simultaneously, every drilling application becomes accurate and precise. So, you are buying precision, accuracy, efficiency, and durability at a wallet-friendly price tag.

These drill bits are much more consistent and offer clear holes compared to other drill bits. A great set of bits with every size you can imagine. An excellent case for easy storage. Sharp bits that cut through wood with ease. It is sturdy and well-manufactured to make your drilling tasks easier.

What did we like most?

  • It includes all the required sizes to make your drilling project successful
  • Offers the highest level of accuracy
  • An extremely sharp point eliminates the chance of slippage
  • The drill sizes are precisely marked that you can’t go wrong

What could be better?

  • The plastic case is not sturdy

6. Fulton Store 12” Long Brad Point Drill Set:

Fulton Store 12" Long Brad Point Drill Set

The Fulton Store 12” Long Brad Point Drill Set is an efficient and sharp drill bit right out of the box. This set contains 7 common size ranges from 1/8” – ½” and all of them are 12” in length. They fit any drill with a chuck-style closure, which opens and closes by turning the outer edges of the drill end.

It is very sharp and drills through 4 by 4’s in a matter of seconds. Also, this is an excellent product for working with rough construction. These LONG bits make short work of projects that need a deep opening or when you want to align a hole through 2 surfaces.

Several professional woodworkers appreciate its precision and accuracy. The sizes of every bit are precisely engraved, so that you will pick the right size every time. The 12” length of this set assures that you will get the perfect hole when you are of utmost strict in shaping the holes.

Drilling in the right place is always possible due to its sharp and pointed tip. Besides, high-steel is used to manufacture it, making it a rust-proof and durable Brad point drill set. Overall, this is a great drill bit set that is much more accurate than its rivals.

What did we like most?

  • 12” length is good enough when drilling precise holes
  • Extremely durable with a high-steel build
  • No slippage when drilling because of its sharp contact point
  • Much more accurate when working with woods

What could be better?

  • The blade can become dull over time

7. WoodRiver 29-piece Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bit Index Set:

WoodRiver 29 piece Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bit Index Set

You will be astonished by the final product of this list because it is an award-winning drill bit for its outstanding performance. The WoodRiver 29-piece Fractional Inch Brad Point Drill Bit Index Set is well-made of high-quality material and highly robust.

Now, you might be wondering what type of drilling project it can handle? Using its included sizes of 1/16″ – 1/2″ in 1/64″ increments, you can handle a wide range of woodworking tasks. More importantly, the holes will be incredibly error-free, undoubtedly.

Another impressive feature of this drill bit is, it does what it tells. Yes, with Full diameter shanks on bits 3/8” (10mm) and smaller, it serves the purposes effectively. Due to its exclusive design, you can effortlessly use it in most drills.

The sharpness will remain the same between multiple drilling applications. It is an excellent option for precise and accurate drilling. Due to its pointed and sharp contact point, it doesn’t move from the actual contact point, and thus, you will get a clean hole. This is an ideal choice for different DIY projects and professional uses.

What did we like most?

  • Total number of drill bits: 29
  • It comes with a durable and robust case
  • Manufactured by the USA’s leading saw supplier
  • It is made of carbon steel

What could be better?

  • You may need to put a bit of pressure to make a hole in the woods

Buying Guide – What Should I Consider When Buying any Drill Bits:

You might be wondering how we come up with the Brad as mentioned above point drill bits. Here we shared it briefly.


Brad-point drill bits are made of different materials. The most common drill bit materials are Chrome-Vanadium and high-speed steel. These 2 materials are widely used because they allow you to complete general woodworking tasks.

When buying a Brad point drill bit set for woodworking, make sure that the material is durable enough to deliver many years of service.


Drill bit sets are available in both metrics and imperial settings.

The range of metric drill bit sets is 3 – 13mm. While 1/16” – ½” is the diameter range of imperial drill bit sets.

Moreover, the number of pieces in the drill bit set vary and you need to choose it according to your drilling project.

A 6-piece set is good enough for casual or beginners. On the other side, a 25-piece set allows a professional woodworker to handle a wide range of tasks for professional drilling applications.

Walking is Disallowed!

Every woodworker is familiar with the term “walking.” Now, how to make sure that you selected a drill bit set free of a walker?

For this, intently look at the tip of your bits. If you find that the tip is pointed out sharply, be sure that the bit is walker-free. This is the reason; woodworkers prefer brad point drill bits than other bits.

The benefit of a sharp tip is, drilling becomes effortless. At the same time, accuracy will be confirmed. Convenient and accurate drilling is the 2 prime requirements of a woodworker from their selected drill bit sets.

Cutting Edges:

A precise hole is significantly essential when drilling wood. Don’t assume that making an accurate hole in wood is straightforward; it is only possible when your drill bits have.

Without an accurate and expected hole, you will never be able to achieve a successful drilling application.


When you need to handle a professional drilling project, you must avoid deviation. You can omit deviation easily if your selected drill bit is available with the right beveling. Your confidence will undoubtedly improve after making a super-smooth cut.

Optimized Spurs:

This factor is crucial in order to have an excellent drilling result. With an optimized spur, you can drill through wood quickly and easily. More importantly, making a hole becomes convenient as per the expected efficiency.

So, always look for drill bit sets with accurately optimized spurs.

Carrying Case:

Storing all your drill bits in a typical tool case helps a lot in productivity. If you don’t store the drill bits safely, the chance of losing any of them becomes higher.

In the worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to identify the required size of the drill bit easier if you don’t store it in a size labeled slot at the bottom, which is a waste of effort and time.

For this reason, buy a Brad point drill bit set that comes with a carrying case.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question: Are Brad point drill bits worth it?

Answer: With sharp cutting spurs and center points, Brad point drill bits offer the below advantages:

  • You can make neat and clean holes on wood using Brad point drill bits accurately and quickly.
  • The wood will never get splintered when they initially make contact.
  • Brad-point drill bits are versatile as you can make holes on a wide range of materials like metal or other solid materials.

That is why Brad point drill bits are worth the money.

Question: Are black oxide or titanium drill bits better?

Answer: Black oxide and Titanium drill bits are suitable for different wood types. To decide which drill bit material type to choose, let’s look at the differences first.

  • For drilling soft and hard materials, black oxide drill bits offer the best result. You can drill into PVC, fiberglass, metal, and wood quite conveniently using Titanium drill bits on the flip side.
  • The heat resistance rate of Titanium drill bits is better compared to black oxide drill bits.
  • In terms of durability, Titanium mad drill bits are higher than black oxide drill bits.

Whether you choose black oxide or titanium drill bits, the most important thing is to choose according to your project preference.

Question: What makes the Brad Point Drill Bits as fast as they are?

Answer: Due to the optimized spurs, Brad Point drill bits are faster than other drill bit types. That is the reason every manufacturer makes a point on the design of the spur.

Final Words:

The best Brad point drill bits are efficient enough to drill through soft and solid materials effortlessly. For beginners, buying the best item is always challenging. Even professionals can also buy the wrong product if they are unaware of the crucial factors of the best brad point bits.

We enlisted Brad point drill bit set for wood in this article from different categories so that you can buy the right item as per your requirement. Also, don’t forget to read the customer reviews of your selected set. This will help you in making a precise decision.

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