6 Best Adhesive Remover for Concrete Floor [2024 Review]

Removing adhesive from a floor is not an easy-going task. There are always problems and uncertainty in stripping the main floor while attempting to remove the stubborn adhesive. Things get harder when the floor type is concrete. As you all know an adhesive comes with great adhesion and it is used before painting. It works like a magnificent glue and holds paint for a long time. But when you need to change the paint, you face trouble in stripping this old mastic.

In a situation like this, we suggest the best adhesive remover for the concrete floor.

Best Adhesive Remover for Concrete

But how will you find the best one that will not affect your floor and also do its job properly? Seems quite a tough job, right? Well, it is not tough anymore because we are concerned about the problem and dug out some serious solutions for it.

Though the selection of the best mastic remover depends greatly on the condition of your concrete floor, there are still hopes that you can get over the problem once you follow our information.

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s take a thorough glance at what we are going to provide you today about adhesive removers so you can enlighten yourself with the right information.

6 Concrete Floor Adhesive Remover – Comparison Table:

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1# BLUE BEAR 500MR Mastic Remover

BLUE BEAR 500MR Mastic Remover
  • Pulls out toughest adhesive by penetrating deep

  • Removes asbestos, vinyl glue, ceramic mastic, carpet adhesives

  • Works efficiently

2# Krud Kutter AR01 Clear Carpet Glue Remover

Krud Kutter AR01 Clear Carpet Glue Remover
  • Lifts off most glues and adhesives

  • Provides immense safety with its non-toxic, ready-to-use

  • Coverage large, 50 sq.ft. per quart

3# Adhesive Stripper Super Remover

Adhesive Stripper Super Remover
  • Remove 5 layers of adhesive within 15 minutes

  • No toxic formula & still, sustains its high quality

  • Ultra-fast action & water cleanable

4# Zep ZULFFS128 Heavy Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate

Zep ZULFFS128 Heavy Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate
  • Removing layers of wax and adhesive

  • Provides a shiny and brighter finish after the clean

  • Heavy-duty formula for instant action

5# Goo Gone Pro Power Professional Strength Adhesive Cleaner

Goo Gone Pro Power Professional Strength Adhesive Cleaner
  • Comes with a formula that works on various surfaces

  • Pro strength to remover stubborn adhesives

  • Versatile adhesive remover

6# Klean-Strip Green Floor Adhesive Remover

Klean-Strip Green Floor Adhesive Remover
  • Comes with a deep cleaning formula

  • Pulls out the toughest adhesive with efficiency

  • Non toxic & easy to apply

Types of Adhesive Remover [Remove Carpet Glue From Concrete Floor]:

There are actually many ways and types of removers with which you can get rid of mastic and carpet glue from your concrete floor. As a concrete floor comes with a solid structure, it has great endurance ability. Therefore, you can apply more than one way to remove the stubborn adhesive from your floor and restore its old clean look. However, not all types of adhesive removers are effective. They largely depend on the condition of the floor with adhesives.


This is a very well-known method as it is also cost-effective. But there are different types of scrapers in the market. If you have some serious kind of adhesives on the floor to strip off, then a quality scraper is needed. However, scraping is not a soothing job.

You need to put some labor to get an effective ending. Besides, it requires time-based on the situation of the adhesive of the floor. If the adhesive is not so old and scraping can break down the bond, then using it is the best way. This way you don’t have to meet any toxic chemicals as well. You must need a Concrete Floor Scraper to remove the carpet glue.

Here are our 8 Best Floor Scraper 2023 Reviews: Sharp & Durable Tested.


Sanding is required in the same way as scraping. Both require labor and patience. You will find several grits of sandpaper in the market. Sanding a hardened adhesive asks for a coarse grit of sandpaper at first. With the grit, you need to sand the floor real hard until the bondage of the adhesive breaks down.

Before starting the job of sanding you need to prepare yourself well with gloves and goggles. However, you need to ensure the fact that the adhesive will react against sanding or not at first. Otherwise, your hard work will go in vain. For the toughest situation, an industrial floor sander will be your go-to option.

Ammonia and Acetone

Ammonia can impact strongly on hardened and old adhesives and is one of the best concrete floor adhesive removers so far. Besides, their penetrating ability crosses the limits of some commercial adhesive removers. Yet using and applying ammonia requires carefulness to a great extent. But as concrete floors are hard to damage, applying ammonia to remove layered adhesives can really be effective. But there are some downsides to using this product. It affects the health badly and heats strongly to the nose.

Then again, acetone comes in almost as the same quality as ammonia. But acetone is more effective because it carries solvents that dissolve the adhesives no matter how old they are. Using acetone is 100 percent effective. However, for indoor floors, using this remover is a little risky as it emits toxic foams. For outdoor deep cleaning concrete floors, this is a perfect adhesive remover. But there is no doubt that this is one of the best carpet adhesive removers for concrete floors.


If you want a mild wash and the adhesive on your floor is not cured yet, then you should apply the easiest remover. Detergent is a remover fills with less abrasive components. Besides, their foamy texture helps to break down and loosen the non-cure adhesives.

If the adhesive is one day old, still this detergent can be effective on it. In some cases, you just need to use a bristle brush or scrubber, to just scrub it and pull out the loosened particles from the floor. Most of the detergent comes with a nice smell and they can be easily cleaned with fresh water.

Boil Water

Sometimes a very old adhesive starts to lose its grip on the surface. In cases like that, you have to use any harsh chemicals. If you see the adhesive is already loosened, then pour some boiling water on the surface, and before the water starts to cool down, scrape the glue with great effort.

At a point, the old adhesive should come out, though it will leave a residue. You can get over the residue using soapy water or some commercial cleaning product later. Be careful during the process and don’t let the hot water splash back on you.

6 Best Adhesive Remover for Concrete Floor to Remove Carpet Glue Fast:

There are many concrete adhesive removers available in the market. But definitely, there is a huge difference from one remover to the other. Among this huge collection, you might get puzzled if you don’t know the clear description of some adhesive removers. Learning will always help you anywhere and in the case of finding the best adhesive remover for concrete floors as well. Once you learn about the best floor adhesive remover, you know which one you should bring home from the collections we are going to provide now.

1. BLUE BEAR 500MR Mastic Remover

BLUE BEAR 500MR Mastic Remover for Concrete Floor

We found this BLUE BEAR 500MR Mastic Remover as our best pick for its ideal components and safety assurance. As petroleum solvents are toxic to human health, this mastic remover is free of that component to provide a concrete floor without any toxicity. On top of that, it has a great ability to fight clingy layered glue and old adhesives on the floor.

Besides that, you can get rid of asbestos mastic to adhesives of traditional carpet to vinyl glue using just this single product. Once you apply this remover properly and get rid of strong adhesives from your floor, there is no chance that your concrete floor will show any negative effect. In one word, this remover is great at protecting the floor by fighting the adhesives.

Also, you don’t have to put enough effort to clean the mess on your concrete floor. The remover loosens the bond of the adhesive to such an extent that there is very little work left for you. Moreover, it carries not more than 3 percent VOC which is great for your health and the environment. Unlike other ordinary mastic removers, this remover has no odor virtually.

This feature makes it easier for you to breathe properly. With the 100 percent Grown Soybeans, this remover can pull out even the 50 years old glue from the concrete floor. If you want an effective result and save the environment as well, then this strongest concrete adhesive remover is your perfect go-to product.


  • Works efficiently and provides a fruitful result
  • Pulls out the toughest adhesive by penetrating deep
  • Saves your time and saves you from hard work
  • Restores your concrete floor without putting any bad impact on it


  • Comes in a great price range

2. Krud Kutter AR01 Clear Carpet Glue Remover

Krud Kutter AR01 Carpet Adhesive Glue Remover

This Krud Kutter AR01 Clear Adhesive Remover comes with this amazing formula of working within minutes on any stubborn adhesive. Not only for concrete floors, but this remover also works just as fine on wood, masonry, and metal surfaces. Its ready-to-use formula penetrates right into the old jammed adhesive and dismisses the adhesion ability greatly pulls out marks of the heel, wax on the floor, dirt, and many more.

Thus, it helps in loosening the particles of the adhesive and eventually you can get rid of it by just scraping or scrubbing the floor. Besides, this remover is free of solvents as these affect the environment and its surrounding cruelly. This is the best alternative to any hazardous mastic remover. No mastic, hardened grease, or carpet seam sealer can be saved once you apply this magical product. Even it can save your stained fabrics too.

Besides, this product is immensely eco and environment-friendly. With its non-toxic and biodegradable formula, you can grab 100 percent positivity from this mastic remover. Because of its water-based formula, it does not take much time to penetrate and thus you can do your job within a very short time. But it also differs based on the situation of your concrete floor.

The non-abrasive characteristic saves your bare floor from scratches or damage as well. However, it provides a mild odor which can be tolerated. Then again, you can have a wide range of coverage using a single bottle of this product and keep your whole floor free of uneven adhesives and grease.


  • Comes with an easy application method and assures maximum workability
  • Provides immense safety with its non-toxic, ready-to-use formula
  • The non-flammable feature comforts your eyes while doing the job
  • The guarantee of getting 200 sq. ft. adhesive removing coverage of the floor per gallon


  • You’ll need some time to get along with the mild odor

3. Adhesive Stripper Super Remover

Adhesive Stripper Super Remover All Types of Glue

No matter what kind of substance you want to pull out from your concrete floor, if it has a gluey characteristic, bring Adhesive Stripper Super Remover for a very fast result. This product is so capable that you can use it on wood and even on foam also without any doubt. No wonder, it is recognized as one of the strongest mastic removers available in the market.

The brighter side of this strength is it is not the result of any highly toxic chemicals like NMP and methylene chloride. But its performance is impressively as similar as any remover filled with toxic chemicals. Its super-fast workability attracts more professional-grade customers. For the cleaning of big industries and constructions, this remover is mostly used.

This remover can enter into the toughest layers of adhesive, damage all the bondage of the particles, and free them from the floor dramatically in just 15 minutes. It even defeats epoxy primer and frees the concrete floor from all kinds of coating. Just one proper application of the stripper and all you can expect is that more than half of your job is done.

The versatility of the remover is to some extent inexplicable until you experiment with it by yourself. However, there are some downsides that you need to keep in mind that it carries components that are flammable and it might cause itching or irritation to your eyes.


  • Assures 100 percent workability by removing 5 layers of adhesive within 15 minutes
  • The pleasure of getting an effective result with only one application
  • The ultra-fast action and water cleanable formula enhance the demand for the product
  • Filled with no toxic formula and still, sustains its high quality


  • Need to wear eye goggles and take other precautions before starting the job

4. Zep ZULFFS128 Heavy Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate

Zep ZULFFS128 heavy duty floor stripper concentrate

This Zep ZULFFS128 128-Ounce Heavy Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate comes with its deep-penetrating formula to fight with hardened adhesive. To get a promising result, you can trust this reliable product big time. Its heavy-duty formula fastens the penetrating job so you don’t have to wait to get a satisfying result for hours.

This product is friendly with almost all types of floors and tiles including ceramic tile, asphalt tiles, VCT, rubber tiles, and so on. At the same time, you will see this remover working on a concrete floor with a similar energy. The fast-acting feature and workability on all kinds of surfaces have impressed many professional cleaners of big industries.

Also, the low-foaming effect has a great impact on both flexible and non-flexible floor surfaces. You don’t even have to use a neutralizer to get rid of this floor stripper. Just rinse it with clean water and the floor is all set. Another good thing about this stripper is it is free of ammonia. So, it becomes easier for you to breathe properly without getting any strong heat to your nose.

This stripper is a go-to product for both residents and commercial places. But you need to be careful of its use as it cannot be applied on wood, marble or natural stone floors. With hot water, the performance of the remover becomes more effective.


  • Great product for removing layers of wax and adhesive
  • Provides a shiny and brighter finish after the clean
  • Ammonia-free product eases your performance of cleaning
  • The heavy-duty formula for instant action and fruitful ending


  • Damages wooden floor and some other material-based surfaces

5. Goo Gone Pro Power Professional Strength Adhesive Cleaner

Goo Gone Professional Strength Adhesive Cleaner

Goo Gone Pro Power Professional Strength Adhesive Remover is efficient enough to tackle hardened adhesive with its promising professional formula. Besides defeating adhesive, this remover can remove stickers, tape, sealant, silicone caulk, asphalt, soot, and whatnot! Any unnecessary marks on your surface, try out this versatile remover.

This remover has promising workability to pull out every gluey substance from your floor and that within some minutes. It is even an expert solution for removing grease, no matter how layered it is and how hard it has become. This is a go-to solution for residents and other bug places. It provides equal service to your grout, floor, and carpet.

The citric formula works instantly in loosening the bond of the glue and provides a nice citric scent at the same time. Thus, you can easily get along with this product while using it. Besides serving your concrete floor, Goo Gone remover works safely on a painted surface, glass surface, finished wood, plastics, and so on.

You can use it even on fabric if you need to efface any stain of stickers or glue. It comes in a sprayer bottle as well to make your job more convenient and for easy application. After using it, you can expect to have a brighter surface as it carries no abrasive content.


  • Comes with a formula that works on various surfaces
  • The pleasure of getting a versatile adhesive remover for both inside and outside purposes
  • The professional strength of the remover dissolves stubborn adhesives efficiently
  • Restores the glaze of the surface and leaves a very nice citric smell


  • Forbidden to use on bare wood surface

6. Klean-Strip Green Floor Adhesive Remover

Klean Strip Green Floor Adhesive Remover

Our last pick for this session is this Klean-Strip Green Floor Adhesive Remover. This remover puts a great impression with its amazing capability of removing glues with great adhesions. It is totally safe to use this remover on surfaces like concrete and metal. Besides, the remover is enriched with biodegradable formula and this is very helpful for the environment.

It also makes the remover less abrasive and after using it, your floor will feel light and free of dirty stains. You can even use it on masonry surfaces with safety. This product provides reliance based on its non-toxic formula. It is free of all kinds of toxicity that methylene chloride provides.

Besides, it emits no VOC and dismisses any petroleum distillates. Making the environment free of toxicity is their ultimate motto. On top of that, the chemical it carries is not harsh on the skin of the user as well. However, the remover emits a very low odor but you can cope with it easily.

This feature makes it easier to use this product for indoor and outdoor surfaces. The more you let it soak the floor, the better it will work. It can be active and wet for a whole day. If you just pour the remover on the spot where it needs a deep cleaning of stubborn adhesive and let it penetrate overnight, there is a huge chance that you will get a successful result.


  • Comes with a deep cleaning formula and actively plays for 24 hours
  • Pulls out the toughest adhesive with efficiency and restores the surface
  • Contains no toxic chemicals and is 100 percent environment-friendly
  • Easy instruction steps make your job quicker and easier


  • Takes time to work effectively

How to Remove Yellow Carpet Glue from Concrete Floor

Yellow Carpet Glue removal floor

You must feel bored at a time to see the same floor with carpet for years. And then when you try to remove the carpet from the floor, you face yellow carpet glue sticking to your concrete floor stubbornly. This makes your floor look ugly and damaged. Also, you cannot refurbish your floor until you get rid of those old layered- adhesives. They become jammed and it requires some process and chemicals to be fully removed. Let’s check out the process shortly.

Step 1: Know Your Materials

First thing first, collect the materials that you are going to need for this job of removing yellow carpet glue from the concrete floor. This step quickens your job and makes you more prepared.

  1. Scraper
  2. A bucket
  3. Hot water
  4. Freshwater
  5. A quality adhesive remover
  6. Soapy water or a good cleaning product
  7. A bristle brush

Step 2: Scrape the Floor

As the carpet was stuck to the floor for a long time, while pulling it out, it leaves layers of adhesives behind. There might be some uneven spots of adhesives. If you see any spot with the loose adhesive that can be removed using scraping, you should target those spots at first.

Then pour a bucket of boiled water on those spots carefully so it does not splash back to you. After that, give the spots some time to soak in the water and then start to scrape the floor vigorously. Don’t let the boiled water get cold while soaking because this will provide a chance to become harder for the adhesive.

Step 3: Apply an Adhesive Remover

The next step is to give a deep cleaning to the hardened and layered adhesive that lied on your concrete floor for more than 50 years or so. To remove those adhesives, using boiled water or a scraper is not an easy method. Therefore, we will use a commercial and quality adhesive remover to get an effective result.

You can choose an effective and best adhesive remover from our top selections as per the condition of your concrete floors. To get a good result select a deep penetrating remover. It will help in dissolving the layers and loosening the bond with great proficiency. Apply the remover on hardened adhesives and give an hour or day to penetrate deep.

Step 4: Clean Residue of the Remainder

Once you let the remover penetrate properly, the rest is easier to do. Just use a bristle brush to pull out the adhesives. You will notice that the maximum part of the adhesives is coming out from the floor. What will be left is some residue on the floor.

To remove this residue you need to use soapy water, or you can use a commercial cleaning product as well. This is the best way to remove sticky residue from concrete. Give the floor a thorough cleaning with the cleaning product and then clean the floor with fresh water. And then your concrete floor will be ready to have new decoration on it, or you can keep it bare and clean as it is now.


1. What is the best way to remove adhesive from concrete?

There can be several ways to remove adhesive from concrete. As it depends on how old the adhesive is, the ways differ likewise. For example, if the adhesive on the floor is not dried, then using a mild solution like detergent or boiled water will do the job perfectly. But if the adhesive is in a wide range and an old one, then you need to use a heavy-duty commercial adhesive remover.

2. How do you remove vinyl adhesive from the concrete floor?

As the vinyl adhesive is not an easy way to get rid of, it needs a robust mastic remover. You cannot just apply boiled water and scrape away vinyl adhesive. To remove this adhesive you need acetone. It is a solvent-based remover and guarantees you a clean concrete floor again.

3. Does vinegar or muriatic acid remove concrete floor adhesive?

As vinegar carries almost 5 percent acetic acid, it can clean or affect a low range of adhesive, grout, grease, and so on. But you cannot expect vinegar to clean those effectively because it cannot fight an old carpet glue from the concrete floor efficiently. Besides, you will face residue after using it. On the other hand, muriatic acid carries mineral acid. It is also corrosive and provides a more fruitful result than vinegar. But you cannot totally rely on them to remove a massive range of mastic.

4. Will ammonia remove adhesive from concrete?

Yes, ammonia can help remove adhesive from concrete. To use it, mix equal parts of ammonia and water, apply the solution to the adhesive, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, scrub the area with a brush or scraper to remove the softened adhesive. Rinse thoroughly with water afterward.

5. Does acetone remove adhesive?

A: Yes, acetone is effective at removing adhesive residue from many surfaces. It’s particularly useful for removing adhesive left behind by stickers, tapes, or labels. Apply a small amount of acetone to a cloth or cotton ball, then gently rub the adhesive until it softens and can be wiped away. However, exercise caution when using acetone on certain plastics or painted surfaces, as it can potentially damage them. Always test in an inconspicuous area first and use acetone in a well-ventilated area.

Final Thought

Your concrete floor should not be warped with ugly-looking adhesives. As there is an immense option for you to use the best adhesive remover for concrete floor to give it a better look, then you should grab the chance instantly.

Choose one of those fine mastic removers that we’ve mentioned elaborately above and restore the fine shiny look of your concrete floor. This way, you can save your precious time and energy big time.

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