7 Best 1×30 Belt Sander 2023 – Reviews & Guide

A compact, handy tool for home projects or even professional jobs is always welcomed. Ask me!

I love doing refinishing jobs, experimenting with DIY wood crafting, and more. So, I always keep some handy tools at my house.

Maybe a year ago, when I was struggling with splinters of wood and jagged edges of furniture and similar stuff, I got to know about mini 1×30 belt sanders.

Best 1x30 Belt Sander

Without required sanding, the aesthetics of a project can never be impressive, whether it’s something wooden or metallic. Hence, I started analyzing the mini belt sanders. And if you have smaller projects to work on, I wouldn’t prefer anything other than this.

While working with these sanders, I found some of the best machines in the market. And this article is all about giving you enough information about the best 1×30 belt sander and the things you need to keep in mind when you are planning to purchase one of these.

You don’t want your money to go in vain!

Why do you need It?

A belt sander can offer you multiple uses of it. Now, if we are talking about the 1×30 belt sanders, they are ideal for smaller projects mostly.

The belts come with heavier grits for removing hard materials from any surface and lower grits for smoothening any surface.

These small gadgets allow versatility in sanding work. After every project, small or large, you need to do a refinishing job. The sanders perfectly work for sharpening knives, home decoration projects, photo-frame refinishing, jewellery, and intricate designing as well.

Once you get hold of one of these, you will find a lot more reasons to use them more often.

Top 7 Belt Sander Comparison Table:

Sander Name=>



Check on Amazon=>

WEN 6515T

WEN 6515T
  • Two-in-one sander

  • Sturdy base for efficiency

  • Easy storage and portability

  • Mess-free operation

  • Maintains precision work

  • Low-priced

RIKON 50-151

RIKON 50-151
  • Sturdy and robust beveling tables

  •  Quiet operation

  • Ensured safety

  •  Reducing hassle

  • No wobbling

  • Clean operation

POWERTEC BD1030 1-Inch by 30-Inch Belt Sander

  • Powerful 1/3HP Induction motor

  • Easy to change sanding belts

  • Dust Port to Remove dust!

  • Easy Tilting Bed Adjustment


[1 x 30 Inch Belt with 5-Inch Disc Sander]

POWERTEC BD1502 belt disc sander woodworking
  • 1/3 HP & 2. 3 Amp Induction Motor

  • The Dust Collection Works Great

  • Pretty Accurate as in 90 Degree from Base to belt or disc

  • can Sand Hard to Reach Places Easily

EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander 3400 RPM

POWERTEC BD1502 belt disc sander woodworking
  • Powerful

  • Vacuum Diameter: 1-3/4"

  • Stable operation

  • Minimized hassle

  • Motor: 1/3 HP @ 3400 RPM

  • Table Size: 5" x 5" ; Table Tilt: 0 ~ 45º

RIKON 50-161VS Variable Speed Sander

RIKON 50-161VS
  •  Durable

  • Safe to use

  • Powerful

  • Lightweight

  • Versatile

  • Adjustable belt

  • More flexibility and Control

Grizzly Industrial H6070 1x30” Belt/ 5” Disc Combo Sander

Grizzly Industrial H6070
  •  Standard parts

  • Safe to use

  • Ensured stability

  • Adjustable belt Tracking

  • Clean use

5 Best 1×30 Belt Sander for Knife Making & Woodworking [Reviews 2023]:

WEN 6515T 1×30 Belt Sander:

WEN 6515T 1x30 mini Belt Sander
WEN 6515T 1×30 mini Belt Sander=>

If you are looking for a versatile sander, you can entirely rely on sanding anything you want? Look no further; the WEN 6515 Mini Sander is everything you’ve been looking for! We will talk about the step-by-step features, and you will know I’m so impressed with the gadget.

Up to the mark performance:

The motor is about 2.3 amp supplying a good speed of 3160 FPM for the belt. As it is a combo sander, the disc also has a remarkable rate of 3450 RPM. That is not all that makes it a high-performing tool.

Switching the belts can be done in a breeze with the tool saving you time and effort.


Along with the addition of the 5” disc, you can expect to sand what you want, including smoothing edges, removing splinters of wood, etc. sanding even the tightest corners and the most irregular shapes is no more big deal!

Stable operation:

For making the machine stationary and well-adjusted, the beveling table has been designed wonderfully to provide the necessary support for your workpiece. The heavy-duty base can prevent any unexpected movement or wobbling while you work with the machine.

The convenience of usage and storage:

You can rely on this small gadget for ease of portability and storage. The compact design does not affect the performance in any way; instead, it benefits you by taking less space for storing it.

When it comes to cleaning, it has two individual dust ports for minimizing dust generation in the surroundings. No cleaning hassle!

Added features:

The additional features are equally necessary. These include- a miter gauge, the 100-grit sanding belt that will suffice your requirements, and a bonus 80-grit sanding disc.


  • Two-in-one sander
  • Sturdy base for efficiency
  • Easy storage and portability
  • Mess-free operation
  • Maintains precision work
  • Low-priced


  • A bit fragile beveling table
  • The disc sander is glued on which makes it hard to remove


Can I screw it to a workbench?

Answer: Yes, but for that, you will have to place it on board first. Then screw the board with your workbench.

Can I grind knife blades with it?

Answer: No, it is not for serving such aggressive purposes.


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RIKON 50-151 1×30 Belt Sander:

RIKON 50 151 1x30 Belt Sander
RIKON 50 151 =>

A practical yet affordable sanding machine to get your basic sanding jobs done. Yes, the RIKON 50-151 has been a popular choice among users due to the advantages you can get out of it at a relatively lower price.

Well, you’ll know yourself when you read the details.

Satisfactory performance: For a motor of 2.3 amps, it will do just fine for the lighter to medium sanding jobs. You can rely on it without hesitation for sanding on metal surfaces. It is not something you can expect from typical belt sanders!

Combo sander:

It not only has a belt sander but a 5″ disc sander for supporting it with more power and quality. I consider it one of the best belt-disc combo sanders because both of the sanders give equal performance quality and, on top of that, have separate vacuum ports! How cool is that?

Adjustable angle:

For precise work, sometimes you need good angling of the belts to do the job correctly. And so, the sander belt table that tilts from 0 to 45 degrees for getting most work done.

On/Off Switch for safety:

If you are tired of unplugging the device again and again or you’re just too forgetful to do that every time, the RIKON belt sander provides the best solution.

It comes with an on and off switch. Hence, no more unplugging several times during operation.

Keep it clean:

The dual vacuum ports ensure a clean and healthy environment even though you do heavy-duty work with the machine.

Minimizing vibration:

Since it has a heavy-duty base with the rubber feet, you can take a sigh of relief to have prevented all the unnecessary wobbling and walking.


  • Sturdy and robust beveling tables
  • Quiet operation
  • Ensured safety
  • Reducing hassle
  • No wobbling
  • Clean operation


  • Due to the adhesive back of the disc, may face difficulties in changing sandpaper
  • The belt tracking system is not up to scratch


  • Can I use it to sand metal objects?

Ans: Yes

  • Does the machine make too much noise?

Ans: On a scale of 1 to 10 of making the least to most noise, I’d say I will give it a 5

POWERTEC BD1030 1×30 Belt Sander

POWERTEC BD1030 1 Inch by 30 Inch Belt Sander

Are you searching for a sander that is compact, portable, easy to store, but no less in performance as well? No, it’s not too much to ask for because the POWERTEC BD1030 mini belt sander has the exact qualities!


If we want your sander to do flawless sanding, go for the POWERTEC BD1030. You will not be disappointed! The motor with 3 amp and 1/3 HP will deal with any of the jobs quickly. It has multiple adjustment options that ensure versatility and convenience.

The convenience of usage:

The benchtop is customizable with an adjustable belt tracking system to make sure you follow the right alignment. It also consists of an easily removable back-plate so that you can work on irregularly shaped surfaces without any difficulty.

Precise angled sanding:

The tilting of the belt table is adjustable, so you can tilt the machine for precision and optimizing the performance. The table angle can be changed from 0 to 45 degrees when working with angular stock.


The sturdy rubber feet allow the natural absorbance of vibrations of the machine, keeping it stationary and preventing the generation of noise.

Ease of cleaning:

The dust chute does an excellent job of extracting the dust and wood shavings for mess-free usage.


  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • Stable operation
  • Minimized hassle
  • Easy to use
  • Effective result


  • Comparatively more vibration
  • Belt tracking lacks adjustment


Does it come with a belt, if so, what is the grit?

Answer: Yes, it has a grit of 100

What is the power drawn by the machine?

Answer: About 300 watts


RIKON 50-161VS Variable Speed Belt Sander

RIKON 50 161VS Variable Speed belt Sander
RIKON 50 161VS Variable Speed Sander=>

The RIKON 50-161VS is a must-have addition to your workshop for the smaller projects or DIY home projects. Its variable speed feature is an exciting inclusion to the gadget, which makes it more accessible to the users along with the other essential elements as well. Take a look.

Optimum power and undeniable versatility:

With a massive 4 amp and 3/4 HP motor, it will never disappoint you no matter what you want it to do. Since the engine is so efficient, it runs both the belt and disc sander effectively.

It also offers the scope of variable speed with its variable speed dial system. Hence, you can do the intricate works with finesse

Extra rigidity:

The frame of the machine is a significant factor. This gadget has a sturdy metal base and durable frame to provide guaranteed rigidity while you operate the tool.

Worktable adjustment: The work table not only comes with 0-45 degrees tilting adjustment but also large handles for locking the workpiece in place. Apart from that, the tracking knobs let you position the belts correctly on the frame.

Belt and Disc properties:

With removable platens, the 1×30″ belt to sand the hard-to-reach areas. Also, it provides a good speed of 1900 to 3300 SFPM.

Now, the disc also features useful properties. It allows attachment of PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) backed sandpaper instantly with a varying speed of 2000 to 3400 RPM.

Efficient dust removal: It contains dust port and hood to minimize your efforts in cleaning the mess.


  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable belt
  • More flexibility and control


  • The locking of the beveling table may not be expectedly secure and stable


  • How much does it weigh?
  • Only about 14.79 lbs
  • Does the table include a miter gauge?
  • Yes, it does

Grizzly Industrial H6070 1×30” Belt/ 5” Disc Combo Sander:

Grizzly Industrial H6070 Belt Disc Combo Sander
Grizzly Industrial H6070 Belt Disc Combo Sander=>

Want an efficient sander for intricate parts, detailing, sharpening, and contour sanding? No worries! The Grizzly H6070 belt sander will serve all the purposes with outstanding performance. Wondering how? Read the features below!

Robust tool:

With 1/3 HP, 3450 RPM speed, and 110V, can you even doubt its strength and robustness? I can’t. And I’m glad I didn’t because it is a smooth machine for working.

Again,  the combination of a 1″x30″ belt sander and 5″ inch disc sander for offering the versatility of work doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.

Table properties:

Both the sanding belt and disc belt table tilts to an angle of 45 degrees for maximum efficiency in your sanding job. So tick all the boxes of the different sanding tasks, because this tool will do it all with no-struggle!

Dust collection:

For extracting dust properly, it has two dust ports of 1-3/4 inches.

Efficiency and safety:

The lock levers with universal positioning, the well-built tracking system for alignment, direct drive system, and the toggle safety switch- everything has been infused in this tool to optimize its performance, quality, and ensuring safety.

Additional features:

Includes idler roller guard and easy-to-remove belt platen for maximum effectiveness.


  • Standard parts
  • Safe to use
  • Ensured stability
  • Adjustable belt tracking
  • Clean use


  • The beveling table is not sturdy enough


Does it arrive pre-assembled, or do I need to assemble the pieces?

Answer: No, it arrives completely assembled.

Can I grind metal with it?

Answer: I certainly do not recommend it.

Buying Guide: What are the things you need to know before purchasing?

What qualities make a benchtop belt sander desirable? Well, by reviewing the considerably best ones, I’m sure I’ve given you somewhat a good idea of what factors you should be looking for in a belt sander.

A belt sander can become a convenient tool in almost all kinds of projects. So you cannot deny its usage and necessity at all.

Hence, if you are going to purchase one after all, then why not analyze the tool’s features and properties thoroughly? Also, make sure of its purposes.

To make this process even more comfortable, I have included all the possible factors that not just me, but the regular users also look for in the sander. I hope it is of good help to you!

Different types of 1×30 belt sanders:

You can find two possible options when you are going for the best rated 1×30 belt sanders. One would be the stationary belt sander, with the other one being the handheld belt sander.

All the products I’ve talked about previously are stationary ones. These belt sanders are placed on a surface to make use of them.

“What is their purpose?” you may ask. These are the best suited for refinishing any small projects, including the refurbishing of smaller tools, jewelry, home décor, toys, and even better for sharpening knives. They supply enough power to work on various surfaces and materials.

On the contrary, if we talk about the handheld ones. They are mostly used on more significant projects that are immovable. Possibly, these sanders do not suffice your needs like the stationary ones. Though they are made for the heavy-duty job on more prominent objects, you cannot make use of them on regular stuff.

So if you ask me, I’d say I prefer the stationary belt sanders because of their convenience of operation, versatility, durability, and regular use.

The efficiency of the motor:

In any type of device or tool, the one thing that I give the most priority is its motor power and quality. The same is with the belt sander.

But there’s a slightly more consideration in case of a motor of this kind of sander. Now, what is it?

It is not enough only to have a dominant or over-powered motor in this case. Ask me why? Because these are smaller gadgets, you cannot expect them to perform well with an overpowering engine. It will just burn out and eventually a significant loss for your hard-earned money!

I would suggest a 3-5 amp motor that will suffice your needs well. But apart from that, do keep in mind the durability, quality, strength, running power, and maximum running time of the motor.

Another vital point is the sound of the motor, including the intensity of the sound it is making.  You do not want to pressurize your ears or that of your neighbors!

Durable frame:

How do you know if one of these tools is durable? It’s not just about power anymore but also it’s capable of holding and working with the supplied power.

Yes, I’m indeed talking about the sturdy structure of the gadget. Though being small devices, these may cost you a good amount of money. So what do you expect in return? longer life of the tool, right?

If the frame is robust, sturdy, and stable, it can hold the shape and function well even after years of usage. I should mention that the top-quality belt sanders offer an incredibly durable structure for making it last for years after years.

On-point belt tracking system:

A widespread disadvantage or issue faced by many users in faulty belt sanders is that the belt moves away from its position.

Why does this happen? You can say it’s a glitch in the quality. In the faulty sanders, the tracking system is not well adjusted.

This problem can be very annoying, can hamper your work, and you may even struggle unimaginably to get your job done with precision.

My advice would be to look for a belt sander with a well adjusted tracking system so you can finish the projects with ease and finesse.


The speed of these tools comes in two variations- the single-speed ones and the variable speed ones.

The single-speed sanders allow working in only a one-speed range. If you are a professional in woodworking or sanding jobs, then this speed type is preferable. Why not? It will surely save you some good money.

But if you are a beginner or desire to do your job maintaining quality and precision, you can go for the variable-speed type.

The one with the variable speed will let you adjust the speed, contact, and pressure of sandpaper. It will make the task easier for the newbies and offer versatility as well.

Easy belt changing:

Belt changing can be a regular task when working with belt sanders. You do not want to spend too much time or effort in carrying out this straightforward activity. Hence, look for the gadget that offers flexibility and ease in this regard.

Keeping the surroundings clean:

Sanders releases tiny wooden particles or small bits of whatever material you are working on. It generates two issues- it makes you surrounding dusty, but most importantly, it can raise health concerns.

For solving this problem, yes, you can wear breathing masks. But that’s not an ideal solution, is it? Hence, most of these sanders come with an in-built dust collecting mechanism.

Most belt sanders come with a dust port or shop vac port, which allows attachment of your shop vacuum. So, it can just suck all the wood shavings or dust particles, maintaining a clean environment for working.

The dust and wood shavings can hamper the productivity of the machine as well by creating friction. Thus, why take so much risk when you can simply purchase a tool with a dust collection mechanism?

Good value:

Getting the product for the best value can be both a confusing and challenging job to pull off. Why is that? Let me explain.

Different models are manufactured in the market with apparently the same features but sold for different prices. It is not ideal to look for the cheapest model offering satisfactory properties seemingly. On the other hand, buying a machine for a high price without actually knowing the purpose you are going to use it for would be a stupid act too.

So, I would suggest you have a better understanding of its uses for you and also do a comparative study of the price, properties of the machine, and effectiveness. If you find a machine that ticks all the boxes, then go for it!

Precautionary tips!

As I’ve mentioned before, belt sanders can be a dangerous tool to work with. Especially if you are an amateur, you need to make sure of the safety!

For maintaining safety, you need to be more cautious and keep a few things in mind.

  • Do not forget to wear your safety goggles
  • If necessary, wear a breathing mask
  • You need to do the sanding belt inspection beforehand
  • Secure the belt properly before use
  • Before you connect with the power supply, remember to turn off the sander
  • Replace sanding belts at the right time
  • Do not bring your hands near the sanding the belt
  • For safe operation, use both hands. Keep one hand on the front handle knob and the other one on the switch
  • Make sure to clean vents and motor after 1-2 uses

Final thoughts:

After all the discussion and all the reviews about the best 1×30 belt sander, I hope it will not be a tough job for you to find the suitable one for yourself.

If I talk about user preference, I’ve seen the RIKON 50-161VS top most lists as a great belt sander and the WEN 1×30 belt sander as the best-valued one. Now, it’s totally up to what you choose.

Want to experiment with DIY stuff, home repair, or new ornaments, get started with the top-rated belt sanders for knife making or woodworking! What’s stopping you?

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