Belt Sander vs Disc Sander vs Oscillating: Which is Better

To sand small crevices, carved surfaces or sand in a rounded edge, we use different types of the sander. Also, there are lots of wood sanders now available in the market to sand your wooden work smoothly. As an example, you can sand the wood with a belt or a disk sander, or a combination of belt and disk sander.

Probably, you may not able to make the decision which sander is perfect for sanding your wooden work in the best way. because you may not want to buy all types of those sanders.


Let’s resolve your dilemma. We hope this article will help you to pick the correct types of sander for your wooden project, that make faster and smoother your sanding work easily. As a result, we discuss most 3 common types of sanders [belt sander vs disc sander vs oscillating sander] with their specialty, features, price and more.

Also, in this article, you will find out more about the combination of disk and belt sander. So you can decide which sander is perfect for your professional or personal needs.

Each Type of the sander present into the market features some such distinct technology and functions, many often people may fall in a dilemma which wood sander they actually should buy and use.

So, let’s go for the details-

belt sander vs disk sander vs Oscillating

What are Belt Sanders [and its usages]?

You can call them a strip sander as well. These best sanders use an electric motor, which causes a rhythmic movement of a pair of drums into this machine. This pair of drums contains some sandpaper loop mounted onto them.

Belt sander again may of two types; they are stationary. That is, you can operate it onto your wood slice, and another is stationary. That is, you have to move your wood slice onto the sanding belt.

what is Belt Sander makita 9403
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A Belt Sander is ideal for:

  • Trimming the edge of the wood slice,
  • Rounding of the wood log.
  • The shaping of the wood log.
  • Sanding any rough wood plate, also
  • Levelling of the wood log for making any platform like furniture (Like, table)

What is Disc Sanders [& It’s Usages]?

This high-powered wood sander uses electric power or air to rotate. This sander rotates a circular platter rounding the centre axis.

Moreover, an abrasive disc may present by bolting on the platter, or it may be adhering to the plate. This abrasive disc containing platter is capable of removing any rust paint or wood debris from the wood slice.

disk sander uses woodworking
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A disc sander is ideal for-

  • Sanding the wood slice.
  • Remove the wood debris adhering to the wood slice.
  • To remove the paint of the wood.
  • Able to Remove the wastage from the wood or plastic surface.
  • For Sanding the plastic materials as well.
Dewalt disk rotary sander
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What is oscillating sander [& It’s Usages]?

These sanding tools are most often termed as a benchtop or as floor-standing woodworking counterparts. They can use to sand the edge of any wood board or to sand spindles area of the wood

However, these sanders contain a tabletop and have a sanding drum.

Oscillating Bench Spindle Sander usages in woodworking
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This sanding drum continuously spins, moves ups and downs, etc. The upper portion of the drums is adhering to an abrasive surface, which easily sands the rough surface of the wood.

The maximum portion of this drum is exposed in such a way so that it can sand the wood board easily. This specially designed wood sander efficiently gives some precise wood sanding.

An oscillating sander is ideal for-

Belt Sander vs Disc Sander vs Oscillating Sander:

Let’s see the difference between the Belt sanders, disc sander, oscillating sander in the followed table-

 Table-1: Belt sander vs. disc sander vs. oscillating sander:


Belt sander=>

Disc sander=>

Oscillating sander=>


They are moving wood sander. You can run this handheld wood sander onto the wood slice.

They are stationary type’s wood sander. So, you have to run the wood slice onto your wood sander.

Special for smoothening  the 

Wood piece for making any woodcrafts or wood ornaments.

Mechanism of action

Works by moving the abrasive surface containing drum pairs up and downs on the rough surface of the wood slice.

They have circular shaped abrasive sandpaper adhering on to a wheel. 

You can run this circular wheel either by an electric motor or by the compressed air.

Double motion wood sander. Both spin around the central axis and oscillate ups and downs accordingly.

Ideal for

Sanding of any Flat space.

Sanding of the edge.

For Sanding of curvy edge or odd corner.

Price range

You will get the best belt sander within a price range of 50 to 200 dollars. Pricing may increase in some models if you want to buy them with some extraordinary upgraded technology.

You will find a disc sander minimum at a 5-dollar price. However, within 5o to 300 dollars, there are many disc sanders available with a variety of features and performance.

From 99 $ to 179 $, you will get some good oscillating wood sanders. Exceeding the 200 $ range, you can buy this smart wood sander also at 500 $ to enjoy some fantastic features of the wood sander.

Presenting the dust extractor

This electric wood sander has a dust collecting system. A dust collecting bag is present with the machine to suck the dust from the machine.

Dust extractor presents in the disc wood sanders.

The dust extraction system has become well modified in this wood sander. 

You will enjoy superficial co2 extraction in many updated Oscillating sander.

 Which categorized     wood sander

Heavy-duty sander

Light to medium duty wood sander. Some upgraded models may able to accomplish heavy-duty wood sanding as well.

Medium duty sander

 When to use the combo of belt and disk sander?

The combination of both the belt sander and the disk sander in one tool is defined as the combo of belt and disk sander. This combo wood sander is mandatory for every woodworking shop available anywhere.

The belt portion available in the combo set works to levelling the platform like structure, edge, shape contours also smooth inside the structure of the wood piece.

belt and disk sander usages in woodworking
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And the circular disc present here works to smoothen any waved corner, odd edge, also work good in case of fitting the miter joints along with truing the outside curvy structure of the wood pieces.

So, this combo set is like an all-rounder player in the cricket team. It can give you all the activity which belongs to by a belt and a disc wood sander separately.

The price range of this wood sander varies by up to 500 dollars.

This best wood sander mainly lunched thinking of any professional use (Like any professional wood shopper, furniture maker, or wood crafter).

But no problem, instead of buying two separate wood sanders for your personal use, you can afford for one combo of belt and disk sander.

belt and disc combo sander ideal for-

  • Ideal for any professional wood finishing in any woodshop.
  • Levelling the platform and odd edge of any rough wood piece.
  • Shape contour.
  • Smoothen of the curved corner or edge.
  • Fitting the miter joints.
  • Trueing the outsider wavy structure.

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Which sander should you buy?

Well, it is very tricky to choose one useful wood sander among the belt sander vs. disc sander vs. oscillating sander.

However, it depends on several issues practically. Let at first choose one wood sander among all of them.

1. Woods condition which will be sanding:

You cannot use one sander to sanding any type’s wood. Suppose you are going to sanding any hardwood, so a light wood sander will not cover the 100 percent wood sanding in that case.

2. Size and shape of the would-be sanded wood piece:

Sanding wood for any wood ornament rather than sanding wood for making critical furniture is not the same for each other. Think about the size and shape of the wood piece.

If you are prone to sand some flat square wood slice, you can buy one belt wood sander. If you are willing to smooth any complex wood corner or any curvy face, you can purchase a disc wood sander.

To work with all types of wood sanding from one wood sander, you can go for the combo of belt and disc wood sander.

3. Type of job:

For heavy-duty wood sanding, belt wood sanders are best. And for medium-type wood sanding, you can use one oscillating wood sander.

4. What type of sanding exactly do you need?

An electric wood sander can provide you the best surface quality where in contrast, some others will not offer you that much smoothness.

Which wood sander you would like to prefer?

Ask yourself. Which wood sander you loved most! Don’t bias seeing only the exterior design of any wood sander. There are lots of unknown brands available in the market, a trend to bias you by only the out looking of the sander.

5. What is your budget?

Finally, what is your budget? Though it is not always true that quality depends on the price but you probably may not always able to buy a good quality wood sander at a minimum cost.

-So based on the top concern, take your decision which wood sander you should buy. Our suggestion in that case is –

If you are a beginner at the wood sanding process, you can start with a low-price disc sander. Once you have earned some experience, you can go for one of the more critical best wood sanders.

If you want light to medium wood sanding, buy an oscillating wood sander.

For any heavy-duty wood sanding, bring one belt or disc wood sander. There is no alternative option of using an electric wood sander for sanding any substantial or massive amount of wood.

If you are going to use a wood sander for your woodworking shop, buy one combo of belt and disc wood sander.

How to Choose the best wood sander from different Feathers:

So already you may have decided which type of wood sander you should buy from the market.

Now among the hundreds of models decide how you should pick the correct model-

1. Power of the wood sander:

Make a rough calculation about the total amount of power you need to complete the sanding and the full time you need to complete the process. The power of the wood sander depends on these two factors.

The different model consists of varying power, separately research all of them and pick the perfect one.

2. Durability

You will not buy one wood sander in every month. So, if any wood sander offering such features that can increase the longevity of the machine, don’t hesitate to pick that one.

Also, see the warranty and guaranty of the product. An extended warranty will also ensure a durable product you are going to enjoy long term.

 3. Anti-vibration system of the sander:

Running of any wood sander obviously will produce some vibration in the machine. A massive wave for a long time not only unsafe for your device, but it also can cause hand fatigue for the user.

So, to enjoy a comfort sander handling with a minimum vibration sees in which brand or model, it contains an effective anti-vibration system.

4. Dust collection system:

Carefully observe all wood sanders available around you. A good wood sander must have a wood dust collector bag attaching with the machine.

If the dust extracting bag is large, that means you don’t have to use your vacuum dust collector repeatedly here.

5. Ease of use and maintenance:

Firstly, if you are determined to buy a cheap wood sander, then forget to have this feature onto your wood sander. Wood sanding a relatively rough function and needs a hard-working from the users.

However, in some comfort-enhancing featuring (like, low weight, ergonomic design, the switch is near your hand, etc.) wood sander, you will able to use and maintain them easily.

6. Other features:

There are some additional features like a corded or cordless wood sander, an upgraded cleaning system, a handy handles, a well-defined measuring system, etc.

You can give priority to contain into your wood sander model.

So, our suggestion in that case-

  • Makita 9403 4 inches by 24 inches Belt Sander as a belt wood sander.
  • Metabo SXE 450 as a disc wood sander
  • Delta Woodworking 31-483 Heavy-Duty Oscillating Bench Spindle Sander as an oscillating wood sander.

Final Verdict:

Wood sanding is not a new topic for us. From the very ancient time, people were prone to using a manual wood sanding process to giving the exact finishing on their wood slices.

As technology has increased tremendously, we have habituated on using an automatic wood sander now a day.

So far the question may knock you repeatedly-

Which wood sander is going to give you a user demand function in between the belt sander vs. disc sander vs. oscillating sander?

So hopefully, you already got the answer to this tricky question.

One more thing I would like to tell you before saying goodbye-

Do you think I have missed any mandatory info regarding our today’s article? If you feel so, please don’t hesitate to share this in our comment box.

Finally, if you like our article, please doesn’t forget to pin it or twit it. You can share it on your Facebook as well.

Happy wood sanding! Thank You.

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